Xbox 360 system update is now live with some conditions

April 7, 2010

Xbox 360 system update is now live with some conditions The latest update for the Xbox 360 is finally here and it’s packing some good stuff. As advertised the update brings the long awaited external USB drive support along with a few extra bells and whistles.

Even though Microsoft has restricted the maximum size the Xbox 360 can read to 16GB, the feature is definitely nice to have. However, many gamers rushing to plug in their USB thumb drives may find an odd message popping up.


I am not sure why my off the shelf USB SanDisk thumb drive does not meet Xbox 360’s performance requirements. Oddly enough many seem to be getting this strange message when using their USB thumb drives as well.

I wonder if we need to purchase Microsoft’s official USB thumb drives priced at 8GB for $40 and 16GB for $70 to experience the full performance needed for the Xbox 360. Despite the scary warning message my USB thumb drive seems to be running fine with no apparent “performance issues.”

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