EA: Infinity Ward incident damaged Modern Warfare franchise

May 12, 2010

EA: Infinity Ward incident damaged Modern Warfare franchise Things are pretty dismal between Infinity Ward and Activision as Bobby Kotick recently reported that 35 employees have left the company. He also indicated that more resignations are to be expected. EA is now saying that this incident may have damaged a great franchise.

According to CVG, EA Partners boss David DeMartini believes that the future of Modern Warfare franchise may be damaged. DeMartini states, “A franchise is damaged – maybe never to be the same again. But then at the same time other things spring up. As one thing dies, you have Respawn popping up – who are going to do other great things in collaboration with us now.”

Out of the ashes a new studio Respawn Entertainment was formed by the former Infinity Ward studio heads, West and Zampella.  DeMartini feels that Respawn Entertainment will go on to achieve “great things” in the future.

When asked by CVG if something similar could have happened at EA, DeMartini stated that it’s something that hasn’t happened at the company before. He states: “But what I’d say is you haven’t seen any internal studios up and leave EA. If Infinity Ward was an internal studio at EA would things have been different? I think yes – but I’m biased.”

The damage may have been done with Infinity Ward, but I’m sure everyone will be interested to see what Respawn will deliver in the near future.

42 Responses to “EA: Infinity Ward incident damaged Modern Warfare franchise”

  1. Saber_HAHAha:

    So, no Modern Warfare 3? If so, I really won’t miss it. I put about 4 days worth into the online mode, but I never played it for about a month. It doesn’t even cross my mind.

  2. Ivan_PSP:

    Well I’m still buying the new Call of Duty it looks ten times better then MW2. For now on I’m buying any game that comes out that is a FPS or a Third Person game. Today i got paid from Google Adsense.

  3. Rhino:

    Yeah EA would have done things differently, they just would have shut the studio, sacked everyone AND kept all money needing to be paid.

  4. Ivan_PSP:

    I doubt that they would trow away a billion dollar game developer. And Activision is still has a couple lawsuit pending.

  5. CON:

    What’s with all the love for EA on blorge lately?

    People have very short memories here about EA.

  6. Happyhockum:

    Not me CON, I’ve been no fan of them for a long time.

    (I’m always given a chickle when people complain about ‘milking’ a game to death when EA barely gets a mention, they are one of the worst offenders)

    But this Activision stuff is just capitalism in action – born, grow, die.
    The staff leaving to go off & do other things or set up on their own is just the usual classic software Co. experience (although a mass exodus is rarer, but not unheard of either).

  7. Ivan_PSP:

    I bet this fall everyone is going to buy and steal COD.

  8. Roca.:

    I wasnt a fan of EA back during the PS2 era….
    But this generation, besides Sony, EA has been the one Publisher consistently putting out good quality titles (not couting their annual sports titles)…

    Dead Space, Burnout Paradise, Mass Effect, Bad Company, Sims 3, Boom Blox, Dragon Age, Skate, Brutal Legend.

    Their upcoming lineup look strong too with titles like BulletStorm, Crysis, Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, NBA Jam, Sims for Console…..EA apperantly learned their lessons

  9. Ivan_PSP:

    The only EA game i care is Medal of Honor the rest can go to hell.

  10. ncaissie:

    Brutal Legend is the last EA game I get.

  11. ncaissie:

    If I have to buy an EA game it will be used only.

  12. Barnabe Jones:

    Borderlands > COD

    Do we really need 10 CoD games? Each with a 3 1/2 hour campaign?

    Activision can suck it!

  13. CAD:

    “What’s with all the love for EA on blorge lately?

    People have very short memories here about EA.”


    They also have a short memory about Sony too.

  14. Barnabe Jones:


    EA is far from perfect, but they are nowhere near as bad as Activision. Ea has at least put forth an effort to put out some new IPs this gen. Activision has cannibalized their existing IPs in shameless money grabbing cash grabs.


    Mirror’s Edge
    Dead Space
    Danette’s Inferno


    CoD x6. +5 or 6 maps a piece
    Guitar Hero x1,000
    Tony Hawk Ride $120 with a broken motion controller

  15. jojo29:

    And short memories of MS as well…..

  16. ncaissie:

    “They also have a short memory about Sony too.”
    And apparently a lot of idiots just ignore MS BS POS.

  17. Barnabe Jones:

    Yes Sony is evil for releasing tons of free content for LPB post release.

    I’m sure if the game was on that other console it would have been free also, just like the Gears 2 DLC… oh wait.

  18. Roca.:

    I wonder where Sony stands compare to Activision or EA….just wondering!!

  19. twilight:

    It’s all about the games. EA has released some good games.

  20. JofaMang:

    EA has been on my shitlist for years. The recent announcment that a brand new game can only be validated on a single account for online play, and all other accounts (or if you buy it used) will require a purchase of an online pass, cements their location. I won’t buy EA ever again, aside from all the bullshit stuffpacks and $40 expansions that my wife insists on getting release day for her Sims3.

  21. ncaissie:

    ^ Same here. Except the Sims crap lol.

  22. Roca.:

    being able to only play the game online under one single account is a shitty move…..it won’t affect me as I dont play any of the EA Sports titles.

  23. Roca.:

    Gamestop online deals:

    *God of War 3 – $34.99
    *Uncharted 2 – $39.99
    *MAG – $29.99
    *Mass Effect 2 – $39.99
    *Bioshock 2 – 24.99
    *Dante’s Inferno – $34.99


  24. Roca.:

    ^ First 1,000 Customers ONLY!!!

  25. RomasantaMC:

    “I wasnt a fan of EA back during the PS2 era….”
    You must have never got around to 007 NightFire. God I loved that shooter almost as much as rare’s goldeneye.

  26. Barnabe Jones:

    Black was pretty great also.

  27. harry sachz:

    The sims is coming to consoles? Heh didn’t know that.

  28. Ivan_PSP:

    The Sims sucks my little is Sims addict i know the game bored me to death.

  29. Ivan_PSP:


  30. oldschool1987:

    Well done EA, you have lost yourselves a customer of Dead Space 2

  31. Liquid:

    haha ivans little dick is a sims addict. . .how is it boring? you prob got stuck on the start screen you retarded fuck hahaha

  32. Roca.:

    this won’t affect Dead Space 2 as the “pass” is only for EA sports titles

  33. Roca.:

    it might be worth it since both the accout and the theme are free and only takes a few minutes to create an account….the Make.Believe theme is nothing special though its just flashes and u see text scrolling around…u might like it though since it is a dynamic theme

  34. Ivan_PSP:

    That’s exactly what i told him only for sports.
    I need to buy a Dynamic Theme the LittleBigPlanet, & AFRIKA.

  35. ncaissie:

    “haha ivans little dick is a sims addict. . .how is it boring? you prob got stuck on the start screen you retarded fuck hahaha”

    Ivan can’t even get past most menu screens.

  36. oldschool1987:

    @ Roca: I just meant I probably won’t buy another EA title game. Not even MOH

  37. The Future of Sega:

    Ivan turns 23 in August but yet he still writes like a fuckwad. lol unbelievable.

  38. Ivan_PSP:

    I’m 23 already LoL since March 9

  39. Ivan_PSP:

    Call of Duty Has Another New Developer In Raven

  40. The Future of Sega:

    I can’t believe you’re older than me Ivan lol. UNBELIEVABLE! And I thought I had the advantage. Well I’ll be damned :-) Well no not really but you understand what I mean….Errrrm…Who wants to get OWNED in MW2??

    If so add me on xbl so I can kick your dairy airs!!! Tag: TheFutureofSega :-)

  41. Ivan_PSP:

    The Future of Sega:
    Remember to respect your eldest son. What are these so call advantage you speak off.

  42. Liquid:


    didnt you say you were 29 before?

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