SCEA trademarks Until Dawn – competition for Left 4 Dead?

May 17, 2010

SCEA trademarks Until Dawn – competition for Left 4 Dead? Sony has been teasing a new zombie game which is apparently in development. The game is said to be a serious title and not a humorous bite sized game. Many speculate the game to be a contender to Left 4 Dead, which has not been released for the PS3.

Eagle-eyed Superannuation discovered a new trademark filing by Sony for a new game titled Until Dawn. The description for the title seems to indicate some sort of potential persistent world. The description states: “Providing a real-time computer game for others that may be accessed over global and local area computer networks by network users.”

Left 4 Dead has always been about you and a few mates battling it out against hordes of zombies. Could Sony be planning a title that falls into that genre? Its too early to say, but I’m sure Sony will have some more info next month at E3.

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