Edge: Natal to cost $150 and Arcade bundle $300

May 27, 2010

Edge: Natal to cost $150 and Arcade bundle $300Microsoft’s biggest showing at E3 will center around “Project Natal.” One of the biggest mysteries about Natal is the pricing information. According to reports the device may have a steep initial price point.

Executives at Microsoft including Ballmer have indicated that not only will Natal be like a re-launch of the Xbox 360; the company will treat it as such. Microsoft bought out a company (3DV Systems) and has partnered up with Israeli company, PrimeSense in order to create ‘Project Natal.’

There is no doubt about it, Microsoft is definitely putting a lot of stock in Natal. That is why it came as a shock to most when Edge reported that the sticker price of the Natal cam will be $150. According to Edge, the “trusted source” is the same person that spilled the beans on Gears of War 3 details.

The source also revealed that there will also be an Xbox 360 Arcade Natal bundle for $300. This pricing seems to support earlier reports of several Swedish sites pre-selling Natal for $200 USD if you take into account of the currency exchange rate. I wouldn’t get upset just yet as Microsoft may change its mind once it gauges public reaction.

Here is your chance to relay your thoughts below in the comments section.

100 Responses to “Edge: Natal to cost $150 and Arcade bundle $300”

  1. Ivan_PSP:

    $150 Is a lot of money but $300 for Xbox 360 bundle with NATAL is a good deal for anyone $50 off LoL.

    PlayStation Move would cost less then $100 and if you already own a PlayStation Eye that price could go down by like half. This is the reason why PS3 will be better so far Sony has shown a lot of videos and awesome games supporting PlayStation Move and and also Sony has controller has buttons which will be useful later on. Microsoft is gambling too much.

  2. harry sachz:

    $150 for Natal, and $300 for the 360 and Natal bundled? They won’t be selling many stand-alone units at that price, and I am sure they know that. I think I might wait and see before making disparaging comments about this.

  3. harry sachz:

    @ ivan,

    I read somewhere that the Move probes will be $80 and you have to buy a PS Eye as well.

  4. Ivan_PSP:

    harry sachz:
    I agree this really can’t be true. $300 for Xbox Arcade with Natal and $150 alone hmmm the different is too big. But it will be more expensive then PlayStation Move that’s a sure bet.

  5. Ivan_PSP:

    harry sachz:
    Sony said everything will be less then $100.

  6. CAD:

    Would I pay $150? Maybe but I would prefer under $100. Lets see the E3 conference and I’ll tell you after that if I would pay that much.

  7. Ivan_PSP:

    I don’t think it will be that much but i bet is going to cost a lot more then PlayStation Move for sure.

  8. gravufo:

    I think it’s a pretty decent price IF and only IF it does everything exactly as it was promoted. I mean it looks pretty good, and seems to add fun functionality to the Xbox to gather a bigger audience, such as family, kids, girls and so on. Reason for bundle price being so low is obviously to sell way more units of xbox; as it was said in the article, this is almost a “relaunch” of the xbox.

    Although, most current xbox owners will not care about this thing since it is pretty much useless to hardcore games.

    btw, I doubt PS Move will become the new “big thing” since it’s pretty much a complete copy of the Wii with a few differences, such as the PS eye being used…still pretty much crap. Natal seems to offer more by not having to use any type of device on you. Obviously, my comment only stands if Natal actually works as it was said.

  9. Ivan_PSP:

    $150 cost will make NATAL a instant failure miserably. So have no clue about business it shows. PlayStation Move is way more advanced then Wii’s motion controller. Plus PlayStation is going to be less then $100. Your are really stupid wow.

  10. gravufo:

    Lol, am I? No.

    Look at the facts, playstation Move costs maybe less than 100, but add the machine itself and you get quite a good amount of money. There probably won’t be any bundle of PS3 with the Move.

    Whereas, if you look at the new wii, it comes with a controller, the motionplus attachment, a nunchuk, the whole console in black and two games… all that for barely 230$ (or around, I can’t remember exactly)

    and I think YOU must be stupid enough to think Move is “way more advanced” than Wii’s controls. It is exactly the same principal, but added their old PS Eye technology that they simply finetuned. Not even worth 40$ if you ask me…

    PS: Learn English correctly you douchebag

  11. jojo29:


    Meet ivan

    Welcome to blorge :)

    You have many more “interesting” charcters to meet ;)

  12. CAD:

    Ivan no matter what the situation Move will cost more just because I’m sure most people will end up buying 2 or more controllers. Natal is one camera and that’s it. Does the second hand held device come with Move as a package or is it a separate cost? Then their is the cost of the camera. If Natal has a robotic head like the dude in Italy showed off then maybe it’s worth the cost.

  13. gravufo:

    @jojo29 Lol yeah I have noticed how awful these comments tend to become…they should definitely hire some moderators for these posts xD

    Anyhow, thanks for welcoming me instead of bashing ;)

    Can’t wait to see these “interesting characters” as you say =D

  14. CAD:

    “You have many more “interesting” charcters to meet”


  15. jojo29:


    Actually grav, its because there’s no moderator we all tend to get pretty vile with one another, but in the end “the board” weeds out whose contributing and whose not..

    I’ve been on both ends, mostly the contributing side..I’m a fanboy, but not blind…if that makes sense

    Don’t be surprised to be at the firing side of my comments/rebuttals…and me vice versa with you ;)

    All in all its a very diverse and opinionated group here…we will not only test your patience…but tech knowledge as well…just be ready for it and again welcome ;)

  16. jojo29:

    Bottom line we all have a role:

    Apparently I’m the long winded one

    HH is the asshole

    Ivan the hated

    And many many others like roca, phranc, liquid, thefutureofsega, and even CAD has a niche here ;)

  17. gravufo:


    Heh don’t worry mate, positions are positions, arguments are arguments, as long as there is respect, everything is fine ^^

    btw, I am pretty much like you: a fanboy, but a smart and not blind one. For instance, I pretty much love Nintendo, mostly for being a big part of my life (I started with their first console up to the last) but I simply disliked the super NES and the DS and i started hating how they make several versions of portable consoles on purpose simply to sell more units. Anyways, I diverge.

    Patience, I don’t have lots of it; knowledge: depends on what, I’m mostly very techy on the hardware and all since that is what I’ll be doing in life ;)

    Anyways let’s stop spamming this topic more than it needs ^^ thanks again and let’s wait for another constructive comment on this :D

  18. gravufo:


    Haha yeah I see, everyone has a tag, eh?

    I’m eager to see which i will get (6)

  19. Ivan_PSP:

    Delusional idiots.

  20. Ivan_PSP:

    Sony to announce premium PSN at E3?

    “Sony also has plans to announce a streaming music service, although it’s not clear if this will be part of the premium service.”

  21. Andrew_DS:

    Hey Gravufo, a fello Ninty fanboy. Welcome.

    Ivan, you got the lube ready for testing your sony pleasure wand? Silly me. You don’t need lube. sony have already “conditioned” you for it!

  22. Ivan_PSP:

    Wow you so lame pathetic.

  23. Roca.:


    R.I.P off!!!

  24. Roca.:

    “There probably won’t be any bundle of PS3 with the Move.”

    Wrong, Move will have 2 bundles:
    -Move + PS Eye + Game for less than $100
    -PS3 Slim + the previous bundle

    “I doubt PS Move will become the new “big thing” since it’s pretty much a complete copy of the Wii with a few differences”

    is Natal the new “big thing”?, last time I check the PS Eye had similar features (link below)….so in a way the PS3 will be the best of both worlds offering Wii-like and Natal-like experiences.


  25. CarlB:

    No menu nav with Eye via gesture/voice recognition.

    I’m guessing Natal will be priced between $49-$79 by itself. Initially the cost may be higher, while Arcade and Elite Natal bundles are introduced at the same price as they are now without Natal.

  26. ToshithegreaT:

    Anybody here getting Alan Wake

    I just got the alan wake limited edition, its awesome

    Chk out the video


    unboxing Alan wake ltd edition

  27. phranctoast:

    Until the price is officially announced this is all still rumor. Although the source already got one “insider info” news break under their belt with the Gears 3 announcement. Given MS’s price of the wifi adapter and the HDD’s, the price doesn’t appear to be that far fetched.

    I think Natal will be cheaper than Move if you need to buy 4 controllers +(which you’ll need for two player boxing) the camera and the sub controller. My estimate puts all Move devices at $29.99.

  28. Liquid:


    hi im liquid, im Sony’s great warrior in the console war. . ivan is just one of those 3 legged retarded stray dogs you see on the street. .Sony just felt sorry for the ugly cunt.. what are you? you aint an xbot are you? BTW i cant stress this enough. . .i dont take what i say seriously. . .im not really in love with Sony but i have to play the role of liquid. . .get me?

    Gamer.blorge should be made into a soap opera. . .Ivan can be the gay village whore! LMAO

  29. b0xel:

    be4 natal
    Net worth: 14.5 bilion USD
    after natal
    Net worth: 20.4 milion USD
    minus taxes
    Net worth: jail.

  30. ncaissie:

    “Would I pay $150? Maybe but I would prefer under $100. Lets see the E3 conference and I’ll tell you after that if I would pay that much.”

    Just wait two months after launch. There will be a fire sale. Just like the HD DVD. ;)

  31. ncaissie:

    Isn’t the Arcade only $99 now?

  32. Roca.:

    Project Natal once again reported to cost R1500 [Swedish]

  33. ncaissie:

    They must be the referbs I seen everywhere.

  34. ncaissie:

    LMAO Ivan found a new friend.

  35. ncaissie:

    “Bottom line we all have a role:

    Apparently I’m the long winded one

    HH is the asshole

    Ivan the hated

    And many many others like roca, phranc, liquid, thefutureofsega, and even CAD has a niche here ”


  36. Roca.:

    MS charges for Wifi, a pretty cheap device, $100 dollars…….so $150 for a new camara seems likely, and rumors right before E3 all seems to become a reality.

    remember the rumors about Sony and MS coming with a montion sensing device last year? that became a reality…..the rumors about the a new PSP and a PS3 slim…..also became a reality. MGS on Xbox?? that too

  37. ncaissie:

    “Ivan, you got the lube ready for testing your sony pleasure wand? Silly me. You don’t need lube. sony have already “conditioned” you for it!”

    That wasn’t Sony. It was his uncle.

  38. ncaissie:

    “R.I.P off!!!” Good one

  39. ncaissie:

    “Gamer.blorge should be made into a soap opera. . .Ivan can be the gay village whore! LMAO”
    and the village idiot.

  40. Happyhockum:

    $150 for the unit and $300 for a bundle?

    I don’t believe it.

    Not long to find out for real tho.

  41. Roca.:

    “I don’t believe it.”

    I said the same what I heard about wifi for 360 cost $100, when I saw MS charging $50 for a 512MB memory card I also said the same.

  42. phranctoast:

    A 50% price reduction for Natal from standalone to bundle seems the most unrealistic aspect of this pricing structure.

    Given the already excessive pricing of MS’s peripherals, why do you having trouble believing this?

  43. phranctoast:

    damn you roca ;)

  44. Roca.:


    LOL….and for the bundle is a 33% price cut, which sounds pretty normal.

  45. SW:

    So unless MS is going to ignore their bread and butter audience I am going to speculate that there will be some kind of ‘button’ device you’re going to be able to buy. Kevin Butler ain’t just a pretty face, & to quote the awesome dude ‘who wants to pretend their hand is a gun?’. And the thing can’t recognize finger movement well/at all can it?

  46. phranctoast:

    yes..not 50%

  47. phranctoast:


    I speculated the same thing.

  48. Barnabe Jones:

    A $300 Arcade bundle sounds reasonable, but the $150 standalone is way too much.

    Then again, people buy Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Tony Hawk type games. Those games are all over $100 and the controller is only used for the game it came with.

    People spend over $100 for a plastic skateboard that can only be used for one game. So, $150 for Natal might not be out of the question.

  49. SW:

    You make a good point BJ.

  50. ncaissie:

    $150 is over priced but people will buy it anyway.

  51. phranctoast:

    It could be a number leaked as to make people feel better when it’s announced as $100 instead. Kind of takes a way a bit of the sting of it being $20 more than suggested originally, and they can alway back away as edge released the rumor.

  52. ncaissie:

    bj is right. I think it will be $150.
    Move will be cheaper because you need to buy one for each person.

  53. Wylie77:

    I’m not interested in either one. But I think we all can agree, although price will effect some sales, if people really want it they will pay the high price. Look at me, I payed 500 bucks for a PS3. The price was high, but I really wanted one.

    To tell you the truth, I would have waited longer for the price of the PS3 to come down, but I really wanted the 60 gig so I picked one up when they discontinued them.

  54. Barnabe Jones:

    I waited until the first price drop. I did the same for the PS2. I’ll do the same thing for the PS4.

    The way I see it, both Move and Natal will see a price drop after a year. I’ll wait to see what happens and if they actually catch on.

    As it stands right now, they sound promising. But I still haven’t seen the must buy game for either. E3 is right around the corner though.

  55. ncaissie:


    I responded to your email but the 3g on my phone seems to be down so it hasn’t sent out.

  56. Roca.:

    cool….. I just place the order to get intertnet installed at my girls place so we can play over the weekend.. its going to cost me $60/mo :(

  57. gravufo:

    @Andrew_DS thanks for the welcome mate ^^

    @Roca Well I would’ve thought of the game bundle, but the system bundle wasn’t so sure about it…I hadn’t done research so you probably are right. But honestly, viewing it on a price point, Wii is the crappiest (as it offers less features and you have to buy 4 of em) then it’s the Move (since it offers better features but you still have to buy 4) and then Natal (because you only buy one and it offers very decent features)

    Obviously, I don’t expect the Natal to work so well, I mean how precise can you be using only a camera? You probably won’t be able to play FPS games. The PS move will probably show better performance on these kinds of games…The Wii already has great performance on these types of games since it came out, since that was actually the goal of the console…They even improved it with MotionPlus

    Nevertheless, I still feel like the Natal is gonna bring more “fun” to the xbox and will help make it a “media” console.

    @Liquid yeah i perfectly understand what you mean ;)

    @Barnabe Jones you are pretty right, I bought a Guitar Hero game (the World Tour one) on Wii and it cost me a damn huge amount of money… I mean I could’ve bought a new computer motherboard or even a cheap (but better than mine) graphics card… I still did and am still happy to have it, but I regret the price by a lot. In the end, people will always waste their money for useless stuff, that’s how life goes!

  58. Roca.:

    in the long run the Wii will cost more than a PS3 and a 360…..but consumers tend to off the initial price and that’s one of the reason the Wii has been selling well this gen but in really then end up spending much more with the Wii console.

    now lets face reality, Natal might $150 for up to for player……but this generation is pretty much all about online multiplayer and the chances of having 4 friends on a couch is very rare….so Natal will still be $150 for 1 player.

    PS Eye can track body motions and do voice recognition…so whats the big deal about Natal?

  59. JofaMang:

    Camera only = massive amounts of software overhead for interpretation of input because of the variations present (Lighting, distance, Race/Size of player, colors and materials in environment etc etc). The removal of the onboard processor from Natal may be its most limiting feature because of the overhead needed.

    Controler with standardised target + camera = no variables. The only thing the camera has to do is calculate distance and location based on the size of that single target, which is the same for every user. The use of an acceleromerter augmets the accuracy of this system: Correcting each input against each other (Accel. + Controller target) improves accuracy and response time, as they compensate each for each others weaknesses. For example visual depth charting accuracy is weaker than horizonital/vertical tracking, accel works well for initial movement in 360 degrees. Aceelerometers are weak in accuracy of extended movement where actually acceleration falls off, where visual tracking has no problem in that regard.

    Lighting isn’t an issue with move, and I can’t see Move needing as much physical space as natal. I predict Move being compatable with more graphically intense titles, while Natal will be competing with the Wii and will have a much simpler interface.

    While Move might be a stronger technical device compared to the stereoscopic cam sans processor, Natal may be more competetive against the established Wii market, while Move is the answer to a question that has never been asked.

  60. b0xel:

    “I payed 500 bucks for a PS3. The price was high, but I really wanted one.”
    well acctualy 500 bucks is cheap…I read somewhere that the manufacturing cost of a ps3 back then was close to 800$… think about, a cell processor, Br player…., all new tech at the time.
    thats exactly what I want to know. WTF????

  61. Happyhockum:


    “Given the already excessive pricing of MS’s peripherals, why do you having trouble believing this?”

    Well let’s put it like this, if it works out with this being the max retail price you Pbots whine about then OK.

    …..so long as it turns out that the real street price is about 1/3rd or 1/2 less than that price.

    Like what happens now with those Xbox 360 peripherals.

  62. Roca.:

    I believe the question was:
    “why do you having trouble believing this?”

  63. phranctoast:

    so five years after Natal comes out it will be 1/3rs to 1/2 less?

  64. Roca.:

    and he will still be having trouble believing it ;)

  65. Wylie77:

    @ bOxel
    I worded that wrong. It’s not that I didn’t think the PS3 was worth $500, it’s just that was more than what I felt like spending. That price was after a price drop when they were looking to clear out the 60 gig inventory to bring in the 80 gig. I like to play games but I’m not a true gamer in the sense of others on this blorge.

  66. Wylie77:

    I can see MS selling the Natal + Arcade bundle for $300 even if the Natal sells at $150 by itself. Doing this instead of a price break sounds believable to me. Plus, they get more people to buy the Arcade which means more possible sales of their over priced hd’s.

  67. Happyhockum:

    You must work so hard at twisting this in such a dumb way.

    You Pbots love to use the max retail price to bash Xbox products despite the fact that the street retail is invariably 1/3rd or 1/2 that.

    If Natal ends up being 1/3rd or 1/2 this claimed price nobody will worry about it.

    But naturally the Pbots will continue using the max retail price to pretend that is what people are ‘forced’ to pay.

  68. Roca.:

    so why were you having trouble believing MS will sell Natal for such a high price?

  69. Liquid:

    ex-microsoft boss says natal will fail.


  70. Roca.:

    the average gamer and the casual market doesnt know shit about ways to get their products cheaper…..and even then finding it 1/2 of the retail price involves some serious digging and luck

  71. Roca.:

    “ex-microsoft boss says natal will fail”
    no surprise there…

  72. phranctoast:

    Max retail price is apparently supposed to be manufactureres suggested retail price. My bad. Next time be clearer.

  73. Wylie77:


    I don’t think any of us are worried about it. It’s just good debate material. We are debating the information given in the edge article and whether it is believable or not. Just because I find it believable doesn’t mean it is in fact going to be $150. If it is released at a much lower price than good for you 360 owners. Price won’t effect me one bit since I don’t own a 360. If you disagree on what the article says please go ahead and tell us why.

  74. Ivan_PSP:

    Wow this is lame too pathetic. Can’t wait to see what happens next year.

    PlayStation Move looks like the only winner. Come on Project FATAL is destine to fail over priced like everything Microsoft prices no button no controller too much gimmick going on there. Also FATAL hasn’t impress gamers but Sony has they shown so much playable demos not made up videos like Microsoft. Plus Sony is going to have the cheaper priced motion controller and most people own the PlayStation Eye camera so PlayStation Move would most likely cost $50 to $60 to most PS3 owners.

    Microsoft is all about money they don’t give a shit about games. Sony cares about money and their games and fans.

  75. b0xel:

    Does it even matter? really, I don’t think anyone here cares if its 150 or 2$ for that matter, no one here will buy it, its like JofaMang stated Natal’s tech specifications are very limited so we won’t be seeing hardcore games for it…. now unless pounding a red ball gives you joy, and let me borrow the words of a wise man, Lets file this away as not a problem.

  76. CAD:

    All I’m saying is lets wait until E3 because whatever Microsoft is planning it’s big enough to have it aired on Live TV. No one here has facts and therefore don’t now what Natal can do. Microsoft said Natal is for the hardcore as well as casual so lets wait and see what’s on the table come E3. I personally have high hopes.

  77. CAD:

    “now lets face reality, Natal might $150 for up to for player……but this generation is pretty much all about online multiplayer and the chances of having 4 friends on a couch is very rare….so Natal will still be $150 for 1 player.
    PS Eye can track body motions and do voice recognition…so whats the big deal about Natal?”


    Well that’s a real stupid statement. No matter what the price is it still equates to 1 price. Unlike the Wii and PS3 which will require many controllers. If someone come over or anyone in your household for that matter it’s not like you have to worry about not have the amount of controllers needed. Also the PS Eye is 2D and Natal is 3D plus much more.

  78. Roca.:

    “Also the PS Eye is 2D and Natal is 3D plus much more”

    not true……PS Eye can do 3D space recognition (was actually shown last year at E3.

    here is a video of Natal (PS Eye) on PS3

  79. b0xel:

    “Also the PS Eye is 2D and Natal is 3D plus much more.”
    I belive your talking about the eye toy not PseEye.

  80. b0xel:

    damn Roca your on fire today. slow the hell down, give the rest of us chance.

  81. Roca.:



  82. Ivan_PSP:

    Rumor: Project Natal Officially Named Wave

    Yahoo, Facebook and eBay side with Google against Viacom

    I love Google. Google should make their own video game console. I will be their biggest fan.

  83. Ivan_PSP:

    Rumor: Project Natal Officially Named Wave

    Yahoo, Facebook and eBay side with Google against Viacom

    I love Google. Google should make their own video game console. I will be their biggest fan.

  84. b0xel:

    make up ur mind is it a rumor or is it official?

  85. Ivan_PSP:

    WTF you talking about?

    I’m currently watching the stupidity going on here and also Watching “Gulf Oil Spill” on National Geographic channel.

  86. twilight:

    I will say that you certainly have diverse tastes. I watched Sin City earlier. I’m checking out the UFC game right now. The online play for this game is a train wreck. Since I got this game, I have only been able to connect to an online match once.

  87. Ivan_PSP:

    Why you telling me all that??? Oh and i have never seen Sin City film and i don’t care for UFC game or show.

    PSP systems being offered to airlines

  88. Barnabe Jones:

    2010 is halfway over. What were you favorites so far?


  89. twilight:

    “also Watching Gulf Oil Spill” on National Geographic channel.” I’m just doing like you rambling stuff off.

  90. Ivan_PSP:

    Well i cared for was happening in the world. If i was rich as Bill Gates or even less then that. I will help so many people and anything that needs help.

    I love these channels National Geographic, Discovery, History and CNBC my favorites.

  91. twilight:

    I‘m glad to see that you actually care about others. These days most people don’t care.

  92. Ivan_PSP:

    Thanks. I know most people don’t care which is very sad to see.

    Where are the people from this fucking site. I’m alone posting news here LMFAO.

  93. CAD:

    Roca you did not prove anything. I’ve seen it being used in better videos and even HipHip Gamer has a video using it. PS Eye is still 2D.

  94. Roca.:

    my video proved that PS3 can do exactly what Natal is doing……

    and the PS Eye can read objects in 3D space (shown at E3 last year)

  95. ncaissie:

    No one will follow Ivan the retard on twitter so he post what he is doing on here to pretend we care.
    Get a fuckin life Ivan_Retard.

  96. Barnabe Jones:

    You know I thought of something else…

    Wii Fit was $120 also. That came with a balance board and a POS game. So I really think $120 might end up being the price.

    I’m sure they did market research for the pricing. Considering people have bought plastic peripherals that are only used for one game – and spent over $100 – it makes total sense.

    -Wii Fit
    -Tony Hawk
    -Guitar Hero
    -Band Hero
    -DJ Hero
    -Rock Band
    -Lego Rock Band

    All of the above priced from about $120 – $200. They all sold reasonably well. And with the exception of Wii Fit, all of the peripherals can only be used for one game.

    Actually $120 for Natal is more reasonable than any of the other games above.

  97. ncaissie:

    @BJ This is MS though. You know they will charge more than any other company would.

  98. Ivan_PSP:

    Twitter is trash no one has that gay shit.

    Barnabe Jones:
    Nintendo is not making Project Natal LoL Microsoft is.

  99. CAD:

    Roca that PS Eye did nothing more then pickup a glowing dildo. LOL

  100. Ivan_PSP:

    Bitter hater FATAL already fail. CAD you such ignorant idiot.

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