Edge: Natal to cost $150 and Arcade bundle $300

May 27, 2010

Edge: Natal to cost $150 and Arcade bundle $300Microsoft’s biggest showing at E3 will center around “Project Natal.” One of the biggest mysteries about Natal is the pricing information. According to reports the device may have a steep initial price point.

Executives at Microsoft including Ballmer have indicated that not only will Natal be like a re-launch of the Xbox 360; the company will treat it as such. Microsoft bought out a company (3DV Systems) and has partnered up with Israeli company, PrimeSense in order to create ‘Project Natal.’

There is no doubt about it, Microsoft is definitely putting a lot of stock in Natal. That is why it came as a shock to most when Edge reported that the sticker price of the Natal cam will be $150. According to Edge, the “trusted source” is the same person that spilled the beans on Gears of War 3 details.

The source also revealed that there will also be an Xbox 360 Arcade Natal bundle for $300. This pricing seems to support earlier reports of several Swedish sites pre-selling Natal for $200 USD if you take into account of the currency exchange rate. I wouldn’t get upset just yet as Microsoft may change its mind once it gauges public reaction.

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