30,000 pirated Xbox games confiscated

May 30, 2010

Twenty-one raids on premises across the United Arab Emirates have resulted in almost 30,000 pirated Xbox 360 games being confiscated by Microsoft Gulf.

Microsoft is seriously trying to crack down on piracy, particularly of Xbox 360 games, and particularly in the Middle East and Asia where the practice is rife.

The latest crackdown has seen stores in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah in UAE raided. In all, almost 30,000 games were seized, 25,000 of which came from one supplier, which kept the titles stored on hidden shelves. Three people were arrested and are currently facing criminal charges.

Jawad Al Redha, anti-piracy manager for Microsoft Gulf, said:

Not only do pirated games seriously affect our customers, they also threaten our partners and resellers that do business legitimately. Most pirated games don’t deliver a high quality experience. They also require the console to be modified or ‘chipped’, which voids the warranty.

I must admit I’m not a fan of pirated games. They devalue the titles and seriously harm the industry. Still, I can understand why people buy pirated copies of games, as the asking price is way too high at the moment.

58 Responses to “30,000 pirated Xbox games confiscated”

  1. Ivan_PSP:

    LMFAO never use your own internet to download illegal things always use Wi-Fi. And block your mac address. Also never keep media unencrypted or disc lay-down everywhere that’s just stupid to do. Always have a secure external HDD and your PC clean of piracy. Use what ever software you can to hide yourself. Also try not be a pirate video game company i know there’s million but they mostly died harsh eventually. If you smart enough you can’t be caught.


    Good Luck.

  2. Roca.:


  3. harry sachz:

    Next stop – Ivan’s house. Hopefully his uncle who works out won’t be there.

  4. SW:

    I wouldn’t be that concerned Ivan. If you’re just downloading ISO’s then the chances are the police really don’t care.

    The guys they caught probably had a facility of some sort (whether that be a house, or factory)and were mass pressing silvers. Its just like weed. They go after the dealers/growers and not the smokers.

  5. gravufo:

    All you guys have no clue how it works in arab countries. Myself being half Lebanese and having gone to Lebanon last summer, I can tell you that there are NO legitimate copies of games. The whole country ONLY has pre-modded consoles as well as pirated game copies. They also sell them at a VERY cheap price…there is a whole industry with that thing…it’s not like in North America where people simply download ISOs and such. Companies barely lose money with North Americans because most people are too ignorant to know about piracy or modded consoles. In Arabic countries though, EVERYONE knows about it and everyone does it…This is a HUGE, ENORMOUS loss for companies…and it’s probably because of them price tags are so big.

  6. harry sachz:

    Thank god you can’t pirate hair gel…

  7. Ivan_PSP:

    LMFAO i move to my new house and anyways if they come here they will find nothing since i have anything i sold all my shit and all had was like 20 games they won’t give a shit LMFAO.

    I know police only go after people with piracy company they will lose going after just individuals.

  8. Ivan_PSP:

    Again piracy will never end it will just get bigger the more you try to stop it the worse and bigger it gets so stop poking or you gonna get poke.

    Cya watching LOST my new fav show.

  9. CAD:

    I wonder when they are coming here?

  10. Spideydog:

    YOu will be fucked in the future Ivan when cloud based gaming will be standard …….

    I am not a fan of cloud based gaming, but you pirate pricks are forcing gaming there. You think we pay heaps now for games, wait till they do stamp out piracy with cloud gaming and they have the monopoly again …..

  11. harry sachz:

    Ivan, Lost finished. Want me to spoil it for you?

  12. Ivan_PSP:


  13. Ivan_PSP:

    You a moron.

  14. CON:

    There’s fuck all to ruin harry. Nothing from the first 3 series gets explained. Who was behind Dharma, the numbers, What the smoke monster actually was (jacob confronting the black smoke in his brothers form after he had just buried his brother was an episode in itself), who created the island, where it came from and why. Didn’t go into too much detail about the back story of the the others and then there was the other others. Just Jack Killing smoke monster and the side flashes being their afterlife.

    They made a big song and dance years ago saying the answers would come. After 6 years I feel short changed.

  15. gunstar:

    Raids, crackdowns like these are laughable jokes and just for political show.

    Piracy in America, where games are downloaded digitally, is different in other parts of the world like Asia and Middle East where they physically manufacture games and sell them.

    Southeast Asia is one the piracy and modding capitals of the world – in Hong Kong the English & Chinese working together. On top of that there are the mafia syndicates protecting the manufacturers of these cheap games. I would love to see Microsoft crack them down. XD

    Pirated games, movies, and computer softwares are like the illegal drugs of the game industry.

    Epic Games can blame piracy to death regarding developers shutting down but they won’t escape them as long as they make games on the PC and Xbox platform. PC & Xbox are the same banana.

    One would ask, Why M$ with its billions won’t spend for anti-piracy technology like Sony’s blu-ray?

    Answer: Because they won’t. They thrive in this kind of set up. Poor developers.

  16. CON:

    Why do they thrive on this kind of setup?

  17. CarlB:

    “All you guys have no clue how it works in arab countries. Myself being half Lebanese and having gone to Lebanon last summer, I can tell you that there are NO legitimate copies of games. The whole country ONLY has pre-modded consoles as well as pirated game copies.”

    Yes, I’ve spent over 3 years in “arab countries” such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Syria, and can tell you that there are legitimate copies of games, and consoles being sold that are not pre-modded. Anybody who breaks the law and steals from others finds an excuse, however illegitimate.

  18. Liquid:


    i was a bit annoyed at the ending of lost aswell. the way everything got a bit crap after the 3rd series. . .but the more i think about the ending the more i like it. anyway i read up about the numbers. . .it was explained on a viral website for lost. . .apparently the numbers are the result of an equation that predicts the probability of when the world will end.

  19. ncaissie:

    “Next stop – Ivan’s house. Hopefully his uncle who works out won’t be there.”

  20. ncaissie:

    “I wouldn’t be that concerned Ivan. If you’re just downloading ISO’s then the chances are the police really don’t care. ”

    Except I reported him for Uploading and linking the games from his site.
    And all this talk about how to avoid getting caught from a jackass that puts his picture and FULL name on the site where he shares his games.

  21. ncaissie:

    “LMFAO i move to my new house and anyways if they come here they will find nothing since i have anything i sold all my shit and all had was like 20 games they won’t give a shit LMFAO.”

    They can still get you for sharing them.

  22. Sorral:


    Please don’t generalize all the Arabian countries like that. I come from Saudi Arabia and while there are pirated games, there are legits that sell just fine as well.

    My consoles were not modded in any way and I have been video gaming since 1991~1992 or so, started with Atari and MSX as we had sort of a flood of consoles coming at once in between 1989 and 1995. (Atari, MSX, Sega Master System, NES, Sega Genises, SNES)

    If you check the US official playstation blog’s page of ideas submitted, you will see that the 4th most wanted thing in there is some Arabic language support on the PS3/PSN.

    From personal experince, I can tell you that there are more legit PS3 players over there than there are modded 360′s over there as middle eastern love Sony’s product and the PS1/PS2 were very popular. My brother-in-law runs an electronics store, VG’s included, so I get some info.

  23. Ivan_PSP:

    I agree and yes piracy hardly has any effect on sales just look at Xbox 360 sales for games.

  24. Liquid:

    have a good veterans day oldschool and carlB :)

  25. ncaissie:

    For the most part people that download game most likely wouldn’t buy them anyway.

  26. Liquid:

    harry sachz

    man your posts crack me up lol

  27. Roca.:

    In Latin America 360 is more popular becase it is 100% hackable…..all they do is buy a pre-modded 360 and buy $1 burned games even before the game is release….

  28. oldschool1987:

    Lol cheers Liquid. Oh Liquid, I see your talking to CON, your joining the forces ain’t you? Well I just thought you should know that CON will hope you die in Afghan, I’m constantly getting jibes off the prick about how it’s funny when British Soldiers get blown up. You may want to dodge convos with him now mate.

  29. Liquid:


    no prob man. yeah i sent of the application form today. applied for the royal irish regiment. been doin a 3 and a half mile run nearly every day and doin lots of weights and sit-ups etc the days i dont run. the 3 roles i picked were. .

    1. gunner light gun
    2. infantry assault pioneer
    3.infantry commando

    i hope i get past the selection. . .did you train in cattarick?

  30. oldschool1987:

    Aye I did mate, Vimy Barracks, good old days lol. Do me a favor don’t believe a single word your NCOs say about Battalion life, they lie to you to make you stay in, the more people that pass out, the more money they make lol.

    Selections a piece of piss mate, they build it up to much, you really can’t fail selection, it’s training you have to graft in. Good luck mate, you’ll have to let me know how you got on.

    BTW CONS your enemy now, he wants you dead, seriously mate lol.

  31. Liquid:

    deadly man. i heard the running in selection is like a mile and a half in 10mins 30secs so that shouldnt be to bad, its just them feckin press-ups that wear you out lol. ill be goin to enniskillen for my selection. .i heard a lot of lads from the republic of eire are joinin now.

    yeah ill defo let you know how i get on. .what are the chances of bein deployed to afghan or iraq? are you on any operations at the min? and i wont pay any attention to CON if he tries to insult me.

  32. oldschool1987:

    Well your going in an Infantry regiment so the chances of Afghanistan are 100% lmao. Iraq not so much, that place has been phased out now, last time I went there we were training the Iraqi Army to take over duties and Shaiba Log Base(Main base) has been handed over to the Iraqis last I heard mate, so you’ll probably dodge Iraq. But Afghanistan? You’ll definitely go mate.

    If you struggle on press ups just do it in groups, bang out 10 then wait, then 10 more til you hit your mark, the worst thing you can do is worry about it, just tell yourself it’s easy and you’ll be surprised how easy you’ll find it. Always worked for me.

  33. Ivan_PSP:

    Warner Brothers Accused of Using Pirated Anti-Piracy Technology

  34. Liquid:

    ok thanks for the tips man. is it still really bad out in afghan? like is there still convoys getting hit with IED’s? btw how long after selection do i have to wait to go over to cattarick? i appreciate all this help, thanks.

  35. oldschool1987:

    Afghanistan ain’t in the news much these days but trust me when I say it’s getting worse, it’s a horrible place and last time I was there I lost 4 very close friends and there was about 20 odd serious injuries. I won’t be going back because I’m out the Army soon and joining the Police, done my tours and got the medals so there’s nothing left for me to do.

    When you pass selection I got a choice of when I could go Catterick so your wait won’t be too long if you don’t want it to be. Up to you really pal.

  36. Liquid:

    okay thanks. im gona as soon as possible. could i end up going to belfast or another country instead of afghanistan?

  37. oldschool1987:

    Well I done Belfast, as well as two tours of Iraq and Afghanistan so no mate you won’t do one instead of the other. Belfast has been phased out quiet a bit as well now. I can tell you now with 100% certainty that you will go Afghanistan, the demand for the troops out there is very high, that won’t change.

    They’ll tell you in training that you might not and stuff but that’s only to stop a few of the younger lads getting scared and signing off, but you’ll all go mate.

    Don’t worry about it anyway, it might be a year or so before your deployed there, plenty of time to gain experience. If you just switch on out there you should be fine. It really depends where your based, you might get lucky and get a tour in Kabul, it’s meant to be pretty cushy there. It’s Helmand and Sangin that’s got the action mate.

  38. CarlB:

    Thanks Liquid. It’s actually Memorial Day though, to honor the fallen.

  39. oldschool1987:

    Hey Carl, long time no chat. You got yourself RDR mate?

  40. ncaissie:

    To bad we didn’t just have Jericho missals to shoot ate every cave and get it over with.
    I understand the need for the war but don’t agree our kids should be getting killed for other countries.
    Good luck guys.

  41. oldschool1987:

    They need to sort out the rules of engagement as well. This one time this Afghany (…I think it was CON lol) started firing at us. He then dropped his weapon knowing that we’re not allowed to shoot him back, no matter what he was doing 2 seconds before.

    He was about 200 meters away from our patrol, we watched him get on his mobile to phone a taxi and got picked up 10 minutes later and just drove off the cheeky bastard lmao.

    We need to fix those rules so we can shoot back once we know for a fact that person is a terrorist and fired at us first.

  42. Ivan_PSP:

    Enjoy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_methods_of_torture

  43. CarlB:

    Not yet OS, still doing the P.E.C. challenges and deniable ops in SCC.
    Thanks NC, the glass theory is tempting, but innocent women and children are worth the risk.

  44. CarlB:

    “They need to sort out the rules of engagement as well.”

    Sorted, but still classified. We got the brief last week from the brass that flew in from Quantico.

    “He was about 200 meters away from our patrol, we watched him get on his mobile to phone a taxi and got picked up 10 minutes later and just drove off the cheeky bastard lmao.”

    Why couldn’t you just snatch him? Sounds like he would have made a great detainee. Other than that, small fries lead to the big mac, UAV style, then things can go boom once the pid is established.

  45. oldschool1987:

    @ Carl: We were in no rush to run across a mine field for him tbh with ya mate lol. If the MPs weren’t there we would have shot them but what can you do eh?

    What’s classified Carl? Your American ROE are different to the brits mate so I’m not sure what you mean.

    Also there’s a lot of American Army lingo i don’t get in that as well, us Brits have different names for things.

  46. CarlB:

    Yeah, minefields tend to put a damper on things.

    Our current ROE in Afghanistan. Put them out there for everyone to see (like on nice neat little cards) and they begin to take advantage of them, like your example did.

    Lingo… well, I’m not sure what you know, so I’ll just explain it all. By “small fries” I meant he was probably low on the totem pole… erm… hierarchy… and could lead to bigger targets (i.e. a Big Mac); UAV is Unmanned Aerial Vehical (which you probably didn’t have with your patrol back then anyway), and PID is Positive Identification.

  47. Liquid:


    ooops, sorry man i got mixed up. .i feel like a tit now lol.


    ok well i suppose going into basic training knowing ill be goin to afghanistan is better than thinking i wont get deployed. i cant wait to join but im nervous as hell. lol

  48. gunstar:

    @ CON
    Pirated Software and Hardware are doing the marketing, promotions and sales for Microsoft’s Windows OS-unofficially.

    Billions upon billions of pirated software move the
    PC installed base outside America.
    In Manila, Phillipines alone you will find thousands of establishments with millions of Unbranded PC Rental Stations dedicated to pirated games like Half Life: Counter Strike, MMO RPGs like Ragnarok & Warcraft, etc.

    The PS1 & PS2 also enjoyed this set up hence the massive installed base but that was before the advent of PC Counter Strike & Ragnarok.

    Microsoft has an office there in Makati and original Windows XP SP 3 software is properly imposed by law on all of these establishments for a mere $100.00. So you get the picture.

    On a video game standpoint the PC is Microsoft’s unified console gaming standard.

    The differences with the Xbox360 is in the hardware.

    Microsoft did the prototype hardware but thousands of companies are manufacturing the hardware for Microsoft officially and unofficially. Meaning Microsoft does not loose a penny on every PC made and sold.

    Remember the defunct 3DO console? It tried to copy the PC ecosystem but somehow failed due to lack of compelling features aside from gaming.

  49. ncaissie:

    “They need to sort out the rules of engagement as well.” I will bet you they don’t follow any rules.

  50. oldschool1987:

    @ Carl: Cheers mate, the only one I didn’t get was PID, we just say ID lol. I got everything else you explained though :p

    @ Liquid: Yeah it’s better to know you’ll go than just get a surprise 2 weeks before, like I did my first tour, I even got told on my birthday lmao. You will be nervous first time, everyone is and if they say they ain’t then they’re lying to you. It’s natural to be nervous but once your out there you won’t be bothered by it.

  51. oldschool1987:

    @ ncaissie: Of course they don’t follow any rules lmfao! The Afghanis, including CON seem to think killing Brits and Americans will get them 72 virgins in the after life but if you ask me I think they have misinterpreted their religion a little bit lol.

  52. ncaissie:

    LOL you are right OS.

  53. CarlB:

    OS, suffice it to say that there are a lot of things that differentiate ID and PID… but I won’t discuss that here. As for the Afghans not playing by the rules, that means the ones you capture do not have POW status, or POW rights.

  54. Liquid:

    islam is just a rip-off of christianity imo. and islam is supposed to be the religion off peace yet they blow themselves up killing innocent women and children.

    so if the taliban doesnt hav POW status or rights, does that mean you can torture them cunts?

  55. oldschool1987:

    Yes they have rights but I don’t agree with any of them. They kill soldiers they should lose rights. I know people think that’s wrong but it’s just how I feel.

  56. CarlB:

    Detainees still have rights, but it is a detainee status vs. POW status/rights, which are higher.

  57. ncaissie:

    “I know people think that’s wrong but it’s just how I feel.”
    It’s not wrong.

  58. ncaissie:

    I don’t think they should even keep POWs if you know what I mean.

    Can you tell I’m all for capital punishment? LOL

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