Rumor: Rockstar to announce Grand Theft Auto V: Vice

June 1, 2010

Rumor: Rockstar to announce Grand Theft Auto V: Vice There is a new rumor doing the rounds today about Rockstar and a new Grand Theft Auto game in the works. It wouldn’t be pre-E3 without a ton of crazy rumors flying around.

According to Game Reactor a source has sent in a snapshot of an alleged ESA (E3 organizers) internal document that shows a schedule of games to be announced at the show.

In the list a game is listed for Rockstar titled, Grand Theft Auto V: Vice. Many in the industry have predicted that Rockstar would be teasing a new GTA game at E3. However, several things about this rumor doesn’t jive with me.


First of all, the snapshot of the document is not a traditional PDF or Word doc but an image file. Also, the title of the game is questionable as Rockstar rarely puts a subtitle for a proper sequel. Rockstar has done spin-offs such as Liberty City Stories or San Andreas. I suppose we will find out in a couple weeks at E3.

14 Responses to “Rumor: Rockstar to announce Grand Theft Auto V: Vice”

  1. Liquid:

    fake. i couldnt give a fuck about gta anymore. theres bigger and better games out there now.

  2. FahKinSuPah:


    When it comes to games like that no one does it better than GTA. The next GTA is sure to be an awsome game…

    Unless of course Rockstar just totally fucks up.

    Of course they usually don’t dissapoint

  3. Ivan_PSP:

    Not happening. I’m later to Rockstar Games here in Manhattan where is located is like 40 minutes away from me.

  4. Roca.:

    “Unless of course Rockstar just totally fucks up.”

    just like they did with GTA4..

  5. FahKinSuPah:


    GTA4 was not a fuck up. It was a great game.

    If your going to refer to the whole “DLC timed exclusive thing” then your just going to have to forget about it.

    DLC doesn’t make a game.

    Plus that was MS’s fuckup anyway

  6. Roca.:

    I didnt care for the DLC, I was talking about GTA4 the game… was a dumbed down version of the previous two GTA game. Vice City and San Andreas were much better and the fun factor was there. I could make a list of features that they took out for GTA4 but I bet most of us already know them.

  7. ncaissie:

    ” I could make a list of features that they took out for GTA4 but I bet most of us already know them.”
    And we all know why. LOL

  8. Roca.:

    Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures MMO announced by SOE

  9. SW:

    I think the major issue with GTA is that we’ve all played how many iterations now?

    I love RDR but even it shares ideas hugely with the GTA series. How many goto X kill A,B, & C can you go thru without feeling a little burnt out.

  10. Liquid:

    a GTA MMO would be cool if it was done like that APB game for PC. . .that game looks class. btw does anyone know if that is going to consoles?

  11. phranctoast:

    I know I may take some heat from this, but so far I’ve enjoyed Assassins Creed 2 more than RDR. It’s still early. I’m just pissed that Rockstar gets away with having games which such poor controls. Other developers would be crucified.

  12. Roca.:

    “I’m just pissed that Rockstar gets away with having games which such poor controls”

    that’s the same issue I have with RDR, I only played about 2-3hrs but the controls feels just like the old GTA games on the PS2.

  13. undeadparade:

    siiiiiiiike. i think everybody that has commented on this page has been smoking crack ( cept FahKinSuPah )
    GTA4 is a complete fucking masterpeice. yeah ill agree that they did dumb down certain aspects of the game but for such an obvious reason: A REALISTIC GTA with realistic physics and graphics. i cant believe someone actually said vice city and san andreas were “better”. not even close. and assassins creed? that game blew dick ( the free running aspect is the only fun part) the horses were HORRIBLE on that game and i think any game that attempts to have horses should take notes from RDR, they did that shit right.

  14. undeadparade:

    oh and APB? that game fucking BLOWS! worst attempt at a sandbox style city game ever. i guess rockstar is the only company capable of pulling off realistic car physics. i have yet to see a game come close. ( other than racing games of course)

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