Rumor: Rockstar to announce Grand Theft Auto V: Vice

June 1, 2010

Rumor: Rockstar to announce Grand Theft Auto V: Vice There is a new rumor doing the rounds today about Rockstar and a new Grand Theft Auto game in the works. It wouldn’t be pre-E3 without a ton of crazy rumors flying around.

According to Game Reactor a source has sent in a snapshot of an alleged ESA (E3 organizers) internal document that shows a schedule of games to be announced at the show.

In the list a game is listed for Rockstar titled, Grand Theft Auto V: Vice. Many in the industry have predicted that Rockstar would be teasing a new GTA game at E3. However, several things about this rumor doesn’t jive with me.


First of all, the snapshot of the document is not a traditional PDF or Word doc but an image file. Also, the title of the game is questionable as Rockstar rarely puts a subtitle for a proper sequel. Rockstar has done spin-offs such as Liberty City Stories or San Andreas. I suppose we will find out in a couple weeks at E3.

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