Creative mind behind Ninja Gaiden presents Devil’s Third

June 12, 2010

Creative mind behind Ninja Gaiden presents Devil’s Third The team behind the Ninja Gaiden series has been hard at work on a new title. The game was finally revealed today during the E3 pre-show titled Devil’s Third.

Valhalla Game Studios, helmed by Tomonobu Itagaki unveiled its latest game, Devil’s Third. This new title will be published by none other than THQ in partnership with the studio.

According to Itagaki, the mastermind behind Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, Devil’s Third aims to mix brutal melee attacks with intense gunplay. The game will have both a single and multiplayer mode.


The developers are aiming to bring a more visceral experience than what the studio had worked on before. The trailer shows enemies getting sliced in half and decapitated.

According to Itagaki, the ranged weapons gameplay was not simply tacked onto a hack-n-slasher. Both gameplay styles were considered in order to deliver a seamless mix. Stay tuned for more information regarding this exciting new reveal at E3.

2 Responses to “Creative mind behind Ninja Gaiden presents Devil’s Third”

  1. Barnabe Jones:

    This looks just like WET, but with a lot more polish and multiple characters. Sounds good to me.

  2. Roca.:

    lmao… 1 single post.
    seems like nobody cares about this game! judging by the video, I cant blame them

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