Ninja Theory wants Heavenly Sword 2

June 21, 2010

Heavenly Sword 2 could have happened. If Sony had allowed Ninja Theory to make the title multi-platform.

Heavenly Sword was one of the early PS3 exclusives which kept owners of the Sony console happy while they waited for bigger and better titles to arrive. It’s a good, but not great, game which I enjoyed, despite it being too short.

Unfortunately, the chances of a sequel are remote, although the developers Ninja Theory would have been happy to produce Heavenly Sword 2. The problem: Sony. Studio boss Tameem Antoniades told CVG:

I don’t know if Sony made any money on Heavenly Sword but we didn’t.

There are pros and cons, if you’re exclusive you get more attention but when you’re multi-platform, at this stage in the cycle, there’s more competition. You’ve got to weigh it against each other.

But we couldn’t do Heavenly Sword 2 as a multi-platform because it’s owned by Sony, the tech we developed for that game is also owned by Sony. Probably, I think we would have [wanted to make it]. We want them [our game] to be multi-platform so we had to come up with a new idea.

In the early days of any console generation, exclusives make sense, persuading people to choose one platform over the other. But at this stage in proceedings, multi-platform releases are much more worthy and likely to make money. Unless, of course it’s a triple-A brand such as Gran Turismo or Halo.

Heavenly Sword 2 clearly isn’t going to happen. Which is a shame because I think it would do well.

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