Microsoft guesses price of Kinect – $150

June 23, 2010

Microsoft guesses price of Kinect - $150Microsoft recently unveiled the newly named Kinect to everyone at E3. However, the company failed to mention how much the device would cost. It appears that the company is guessing the price of the device along with everyone else.

Despite multiple inquires regarding the price of Kinect, Microsoft execs have refused to give an answer. However, on the heel of the announcement several major retailers including EB Games, Amazon and Best Buy have priced the device for $150.

If this doesn’t seem convincing enough even Microsoft’s official online store is pricing the Kinect for $150 as well. However, Microsoft does display a disclaimer stating, “Official pricing has not been announced. $149.99 is an estimate only and subject to change.”

So, basically Microsoft estimates that Kinect will cost $150.  Its odd that Microsoft execs were tight lipped about even mentioning a ball park price for the device yet provides an estimate on its official store site. I suppose Microsoft’s guess is going to have to do for now.

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  1. harry sachz:

    They’re more than likely still deciding how big of a loss they want to take per unit sold in order to get it into the market.

  2. phranctoast:

    I’m still waiting on a Move topic so I can discuss what I don’t like about it.

    Yep. After E3 there’s been a Kinetic topic almost every day with no Move in sight.

  3. ncaissie:

    “Microsoft guesses price of Kinect – $150″

    Don’t tell the xbots this. They will call you a liar.

  4. ncaissie:

    “Yep. After E3 there’s been a Kinetic topic almost every day with no Move in sight.”
    LMAO your starting to sound like CAD there Phranc.

  5. phranctoast:

    If I was starting to sound like CAD, I wouldn’t be making any sense. ;)

  6. Roca.:

    hahaha….CAD goes nuts everytime he sees 2 or 3 PS3 articles in a row

  7. ncaissie:


  8. ncaissie:

    So how is RDR for everyone? I’m enjoying it. I talked to the sheriff of Armadillo and went out to take out a few groups of bad guys. They kept yelling at for stopping to loot the dead guys. LOL I rescued the stage hands in the cavern. That game is a blast!

    @Roca you didn’t like it?

  9. Rimmer:

    ““Microsoft guesses price of Kinect – $150″
    Don’t tell the xbots this. They will call you a liar.”
    It still shows that the official price is yet to be decided. Obviously we can be certain that it won’t cost more than $150. It is now up to MS to decide whether to bring that price down. If they stick with $149 they are overestimating the desirability of this thing, particularly as there are so few games announced for it and it will take at least another year for this to improve. A sensible price would be $99 for the device only, $129 for device and games bundle and $249/$349 bundle with a console. But then a big corporation like MS are not really known for being sensible.

  10. ncaissie:

    Anyone who thinks it will me lower than $149.99 is very naive.

  11. phranctoast:

    I will LOL if it goes up to $179.99.

  12. twilight:

    I don’t think the price will matter. The bottom line is if people really want somthing bad enough, they will buy it regardless of the price. Afterall, there are people who paid $600 for the Ps3 system when the system first came out.

  13. Happyhockum:


    “Don’t tell the xbots this. They will call you a liar”

    No, they will do what we have been doing all along, merely, and quite rightly, pointing out that this is not actually the official price.

    Nobody has that yet……so why are you Pbot lot acting as if they have?

  14. ncaissie:

    “No, they will do what we have been doing all along, merely, and quite rightly, pointing out that this is not actually the official price.”

    Would you bet against this price?

  15. Roca.:

    $150 seems like a MS type of price….MS is used to rape their consumer in the ass.

    HH knows all about it…he has spent extra money to build something that offers him a similar experience as a PS3

  16. Barnabe Jones:

    I’m by no means impressed with Kinect, but I think the pricing of $150 fair and most likely correct.

    I know I’ve said this before, but look at the pricing of Wii Fit, Tony Hawk: Ride, Guitar/DJ/Band Hero, Rock Band, etc, etc…

    All this peripheral based games are $100-$2-something. The peripherals are only used in one games also. If anything Kinect would be comparatively cheap compared to these.

  17. ncaissie:

    “I’m by no means impressed with Kinect, but I think the pricing of $150 fair and most likely correct. ”

    Not fiar but correct. Wii fit was Way over priced. I wish I could go back and not buy the POS.

  18. phranctoast:

    It’s the price on Microsoft’s own website. Lets face it, Even if anything “official” hasn’t been announced, the fact that it’s on MS’s own page speaks volumes and makes it tough to debate that that isn’t the price.

    It’s all good though. You didn’t believe Microsofts sales numbers even after I linked you to their own fiscal report.

    What I learned about you is, that even when your wrong, you can never admit it and fight it out to the very end.

    Still my favorite.
    “Halo Reach will be the best selling title this year. Alan Wake won’t be far behind”

    I wonder if Halo Reach will outsell GT5 for 2010 even though GT5 comes out a month and a half later.

    Please quit using logic. You’re going to give the xbots irreversible brain damage.

  19. Happyhockum:

    No matter how much you guys want to pretend it is, the fact remains there is no officially announced price yet.

    End of.

  20. ncaissie:

    “You’re going to give the xbots irreversible brain damage.”
    Kinda late for that.

  21. phranctoast:

  22. phranctoast:

    I love how every retailers seems to accept that this is the price. Even MS does. Still not good enough for Happy.


  23. JofaMang:

    And when It does get released for 149.99, he will still claim he was right in saying 150 was higher than the actual price. It will look something like this:

    Blah blah blah blah 150 is more than 149.99, FACT

    Blah blah pbots blah trolling 360 threads

    Pathetic blah

    blah blah blah blah blah gold is a better value than psn+ blah blah

    Oh blah Snap.

  24. Happyhockum:

    If it isn’t official it isn’t official.

    Sorry and all, & I know how you lot find yourselves incredibly amusing over this & would love it to be, but until it’s official it isn’t.

    End of.

    ….and yes once again the Pbot gang parked up in the Xbox threads whinging their BS.

  25. Roca.:

    HH will still pay $150 for it no matter what..

    Breaking News: Microsoft Officially Announce Price for Kinect

    “Microsoft has officially announced the price of Kinect – its motion-controlling games system – revealing that it will cost the same as an Xbox 360 console.”

  26. twilight:

    I think Halo Reach will be pretty big for Microsoft and Gran Turismo will be huge for Sony as well. In fact, Gran Turismo will be the biggest selling Ps3 game if it comes out this year.

  27. Roca.:

    Gran Turismo also has Go Karts and track editor mode now….this game is far beyond anything on the market right now (and probably for years to come)

  28. phranctoast:



    We have an “Official” Date.

    Maybe Happy can argue that it won’t come out then, just for shits n giggles.

  29. ncaissie:

    “Breaking News: Microsoft Officially Announce Price for Kinect”

  30. JofaMang:

    Gt5 track editor might be a risk to my marriage.

    “Hey wife, do you think I should use a decreasing or increasing radius curve for the off-camber turn4?”


  31. ncaissie:


  32. Rimmer:

    Roca – that article still only refers to the Store price, which only claims to be an estimate, so still no change and no cigar. What I want to know is: what is a “wi-fi extension cable”? isn’t that an oxymoron?

  33. Roca.:

    I was wondering the same…


  34. twilight:

    Phranctoast aka “Mr.Freeze”
    By the way, did you like your other name? I call you Mr.Freeze beacause you freeze ‘em good. I don’t know about Roca aka “Smooth Operator” but I don’t think Ncaissie aka “Navigator” liked his other name.

  35. ncaissie:

    I use ncaissie for everything.

  36. Roca.:

    I do like my nickname..specially after you said you honored me with that name because I smoothy make them xbots look like a bunch of retards ;)

    gotta thank HH for helping get that title :D

  37. phranctoast:

    I think I missed my other name.

  38. twilight:

    I gave nicknames to some guys on the other thread. I named you Mr.Freeze.

  39. Barnabe Jones:

    First in-game screens and detials of Final Fantasy XIII VS.


    All the screenshots in the interview are captured from the game running in real time.

    - The game employs an open field concept, so you can travel anywhere except into mountains.

    - Battles are seamless. The only loading in the game will occur when moving between very large areas.
    They’re aiming for the ultimate in seamlessness.

    - The game employs an open field concept, so you can travel anywhere except into mountains.

    - You’ll be able to use a car as promised. You can exit it and move on foot at any time as well.

    - Enemies will be visible on the field, and while some enemies are wandering around, others will suddenly appear and surprise you.

  40. phranctoast:

    Oh cool. pun intended ;)

    I have some suggestions.

    Shock N Awe for CarlB for his military background and sometimes too long posts. He probably won’t go for CloneB ;)

    Happy can be Tw@t-block.

  41. Barnabe Jones:

    “Gran Turismo also has Go Karts and track editor mode now….this game is far beyond anything on the market right now (and probably for years to come)”

    I totally agree. And to think, Forza is becoming an on-the-rails racing game for Natal.

  42. CON:

    PS3rd fanboys camped in a 360 article arguing about the price of something they have no intention of buying even if it was $50 lol.

    $150 seems to be the accepted price. Currently it’s in the top 5 in Amazon whereas Move is at number 66 so maybe Move is too expensive.

    If I was a betting man I would say it’ll stay at $150 upon release and probably come down within a year depending on sales.

  43. jojo29:

    I think I win the long winded posts ;) ask liquid he just loves me lol

    150 is the “official” “unofficial” price lad ;) and I don’t consider it expensive compared to rockband type of peripherals, but still a lil pricey for an impulse buy..but in bundles it could move

  44. Barnabe Jones:


    Noticed how the 360 slim already dropped down to 7th. That thing is falling like a rock.

    Looks like it won’t have the same impact as the PS3 slim revision. The PS3 slim was number 1 for months after it was announced.

    After all, there wasn’t a price cut. Just a niffty new case and Wifi (which should have been there in the first place).

  45. phranctoast:

    $150 is still cheap compared to Move in some respects.
    Of course, I’ll talk all about that when an actual E3 Move topic appears.

  46. Barnabe Jones:

    lol Mike is a Kinectimals fanboy now. ;)

  47. Barnabe Jones:


    Yeah I understand where you’re cumming from. But, Move’s pricing is comparable to the Wii-motes.

    Believe it or not, that’s exactly how much people spend to have a 4 player co-op experience on the Wii. Plus Move is more accurate with out needing to buy the Wii motion +s.

    It is expensive, but it’s also become a standard.

  48. twilight:

    You do have the longest posts but that’s okay. HH’s posts are usually shorter. He talks about how stupid the Pbots are. I used to not like the term “Pbot” but I’m used to it now. I’m now half Ps3 and half Xbox360.

  49. jojo29:

    So you’d be an “pxbot” …..

  50. phranctoast:


    As a consumer, I want that stuff as cheap as possible. Even the wiimotes are $40. I would have been Ok with all the Peripherals being $40 max.

    SC-$30 instead of $40 and
    MC $40 instead of $50.

    It won’t break the bank for me as I own the eye and only need 1 sub and 1 move controller ($80). The thing that annoys me is, at $50, I’ll still need to drop $150 for another (3) controllers, so that two players have two controllers each, for certain games.

    Maybe I’ll just do the $80 way as (1) move and (1) sub will cover most of the games I’m interested in checking out.

    If I was a stockholder, this method of nickel and dimeing would be ideal.

  51. twilight:

    Yeah, Jojo “Pxbot” is cool. Anyways, I’ve been playing the Xbox360 quite a bit lately because of the fact I get a lot of the multi-platform games much cheaper. I just picked up Prince of Persia The Forgotten Times for $37 and Brutal Legend for $10 brand new. I didn’t care for the look of the last Prince Of Persia game. I like this one better. The metalhead in me is loving Brutal Legend so far. They have Alan Wake on sale as well but I’m not too sure about getting this game.

  52. Liquid:

    $150 for an upgraded eyetoy?? . . .ouch!

    btw yeah you gotta love all the talk the xbots said about PS3′s potential. . .then it delivered with all the features and exclusives. now laughably the xbots are using the “potential” arguments as eyeto. . .er kinects defence. . . .cmon. . kinectamals!?!? yeah really aimed at the hardcore crowd. . . LMFAO

  53. Roca.:

    HH should be called “P-ussy”

  54. ncaissie:

    “yeah really aimed at the hardcore crowd. . . LMFAO”
    Just the blorge Xbot crowd.

  55. Liquid:

    . . .maybe that just dance clone will allow all those faggot halo fanboys shed a few pounds. .because all they do is play halo online, not one of them has a life and they are all freaks!! 360 fagboys always claim halo has loads of replayability etc. . .lets dig a bit deeper to thmd truth. . the 360 has no games! while those gay fucks that play halo over and over again. . .the PS3 crowd will be playing AAA exclusives one after the other. . .guess it sucks donkey dick to own a 360!!!

    fuck them flames are high!

  56. Barnabe Jones:


    Yeah that’s probably what I’ll end up doing also. Just get one to start.

    I have the camera also, but I don’t think it’s working anymore…

    Give it some time though. Nintendo is notorious for not cutting prices, but even their peripherals have come down a little bit.

  57. Roca.:

    @Jofa, ncaissie, Phranc, Twilight and BJ

  58. twilight:

    This is so sweet…

  59. ncaissie:

    I’ll look on the iphone.

  60. ncaissie:

    I will be getting that one Roca. Thanks

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