3D gaming is a health risk for kids

June 29, 2010

Watching a 3D movie once a month is fine, but bringing a 3D TV into the house and using it for watching television and playing games on is, it appears, not a great idea.

This feels a little like scaremongering but there is scientific evidence to back up the claims that 3D video and 3D games can seriously harm the eyesight, particularly in children under seven.

None of us are immune to the threat, but young kids are particularly so as they are still developing the nerves and muscles behind the eyes which they’ll need to see the world through for the rest of their lives.

This is according to a report on Audioholics, which details a condition called strabismus (commonly known as lazy-eye). This is when stereopsis, a human’s ability to see in 3D, doesn’t develop properly. And the increasing use of 3D in our homes is likely to put young kids in more danger of developing the condition.

This is rather worrying, particularly as Sony is pushing the use of 3D in a big way. If 3D is found to be harming people’s eyesight then I foresee lawsuits aplenty in the company’s future.

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