Sony confirms more remastered PS2 games – Team ICO games teased

July 4, 2010

Sony confirms more remastered PS2 games - Team ICO games teased Sony introduced its new line of retro games called “Classics HD,” which will feature remastered versions of popular PS2 games. God of War Collection was released late last year to critical success. It appears Sony could be readying Team ICO’s masterpieces.

God of War Collection sold extremely well for its second outing on the PS3. The game comes packed with the first two God of War titles premastered in HD. The game has sold an astonishing 1.3 million units its second time around at retail. This bolds well for Sony as the PlayStation brand has a plethora of classic games that many gamers would like to see in HD glory.

Sony is already planning on bringing out The Sly Collection this November under the Classics HD line. There is also a rumor that Sony will be announcing a Classics HD for Shadow of the Colossus and ICO on the PS3.


According to Industry Gamers, Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida indicated that Team ICO games are at the top of the list for Classics HD.

He stated:

As soon as we released God of War in an HD collection, there were people that were giving us suggestions. And ICO and Shadow of the Colossus is on the top of the list. And we are very aware and we want to see and play it in HD with a better framerate as well, so that’s something we are very, very aware of.

With French Amazon already listing a preorder for The Team ICO Collection, it sounds like this likely exists.

20 Responses to “Sony confirms more remastered PS2 games – Team ICO games teased”

  1. lock_down:

    Well it looks like it’s happening which is good. I think we can all list the usual suspects of games we’d like to see.

    Trouble is, most are third party games, so it’s really up to them.

  2. CarlB:

    Shadow of the Collosus, ICO, and others being remastered is good news… I still can’t see why people have a hard time considering works like these art, but it’s funny to watch what comes up in the debate, like 1UP’s whiteboard video on Roger Ebert:

  3. phranctoast:

    Have you played either game?

  4. phranctoast:

    Didn’t ebert apologize to gamers are something along those lines?

  5. SW:

    Yeah he just put out an article saying he never should have mentioned it.

    He says that he still holds the view but that he should have just kept his mouth closed ;)

    I personally enjoyed the zero punctuation video that had references to it throughout :D

  6. CarlB:

    Of course.
    Depends on what you define as an apology.

  7. phranctoast:

    Oh. My bad. I thought we talked about this and you said you never played them.

  8. Torn_Steel:

    I think Mark Kermode took it the best way, he effectively said that they don’t work for him, so he remains neutral, can’t say fairer than that really…

  9. Zoar:

    Shadow of the Colossus should be in 1080p!

  10. CarlB:

    No problem, I never played SotC, but I have played ICO, I just never dedicated the time to beating it.

  11. JofaMang:

    It wasn’t an apology for anything more than voicing the opinion and being completely ignorant on the issue. He is not choosing to become less ignorant, nor is he retracting what he said (quite the opposite, says he still feels that games are not art but may one day become art), he merely apologized for it being said.

    Games are art, no doubt about it. Interactive art is art as well (Linger in shadows) although I know that the interactive art scene hasn’t exactly exploded. What are we getting all fussed about anyhow? Its fucking Ebert, a movie reviewer for people who need someone to tell them what movies to see. He’s dry, repetitive, and a real relic of pre-internet entertainment scene. His relevance is non-existent, even more so now that he has revealed how non tech savvy he really is.

  12. CarlB:

    I just said I thought the skit was funny, I don’t see anyone here getting “fussed about” it.

  13. Roca.:

    awesome, can’t wait to get this game….
    Carlb, will you be getting this?

  14. CarlB:

    I don’t know, I own the SotC original and it’s sitting right next to me (haven’t played it yet, I’m playing RDR right now on 360)… I’ll have to hook up the PS2 and see.

    If by “getting” you mean buying, then probably not, as it wouldn’t surprise me if Sony continued the trend of games not being compatible with future consoles.

  15. Roca.:

    what about the Sly collection? will you be getting that one?

    keeping this trend is not Sony’s fault as the remastered HD version of GoW was the ppl vote by the ppl and it sold pretty well, over 1 million already.

    the HD remake didn’t let down and ppl want more.

  16. phranctoast:

    Carlb apparently is justifying to himself that it’s no longer worth it to ever buy another Playstation title.


  17. Roca.:

    ^ LOL

  18. phranctoast:

    I’d like to remind people here that the Sly collection consists of three games.

    Sly Cooper (Metacritic 86)
    Sly 2 (MC 88)
    Sly 3 (MC 83)

  19. CarlB:

    “what about the Sly collection? will you be getting that one?”

    I have never played a Sly game… I would have to give it a try, but unless it was offered via digital download, I would probably still just wind up renting it to play.

    “keeping this trend is not Sony’s fault”

    God of War collection was great, however I’m not talking about HD remasters, but rather the likelihood of not being able to play these games on future PS’s. I don’t want to wind up with 10-20 different consoles years from now just to replay the games I think are great.

    “Carlb apparently is justifying to himself that it’s no longer worth it to ever buy another Playstation title.”

    tbh, I did buy God of War III (donated it to the library here for the other Marines stationed here to enjoy) because I didn’t want to wait for the rental to come in the mail. Other than that, it’s not just “Playstation titles” I don’t think are worth buying, but other consoles titles as well, unless I am in a situation where I won’t have mail service for a while or don’t want to wait (Mass Effect 2 was another title where this applied because I was changing stations).

    Digital downloads are the exception, as I don’t see the format going away anytime soon, and I see future consoles being powerful enough to have the bc with them ;)

  20. phranctoast:

    Digital Downloads are good as long as they will be playable of course and redownloadable to the account you bought them on unlimited times.

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