Jaffe dismisses Twisted Metal haters

July 16, 2010

David Jaffe isn’t a man who suffers fools gladly. So if you don’t like one of his games, he doesn’t really give a toss.

Jaffe has been known to be vocal about all sorts of things in the past, particularly reviewers who haven’t liked his games. Now, he’s even started taking the same line with ordinary gamers giving their views.

Jaffe, whose previous titles include God Of War and Calling All Cars, is busy at work on a new version of Twisted Metal for the PS3. After months of speculation, the game was finally revealed at E3 2010.

A Twitter user by the name of KertesD gave his opinion on the game, tweeting:

Twisted Metal looks like shit, Hope that’s not the case bud.

Jaffe’s eloquent response?

Boo Fucking hoo dude, go play something else then.

Brilliant. The man has a point. If you don’t like a particular game then don’t play it. The same as if you don’t like a TV show then change channels.

I also wasn’t exactly blown away by how the new Twisted Metal game is shaping up. But it’s nice to know David Jaffe isn’t at all bothered by what other people think. He’s clearly got a thick skin after so many years in the industry.

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