Jaffe dismisses Twisted Metal haters

July 16, 2010

David Jaffe isn’t a man who suffers fools gladly. So if you don’t like one of his games, he doesn’t really give a toss.

Jaffe has been known to be vocal about all sorts of things in the past, particularly reviewers who haven’t liked his games. Now, he’s even started taking the same line with ordinary gamers giving their views.

Jaffe, whose previous titles include God Of War and Calling All Cars, is busy at work on a new version of Twisted Metal for the PS3. After months of speculation, the game was finally revealed at E3 2010.

A Twitter user by the name of KertesD gave his opinion on the game, tweeting:

Twisted Metal looks like shit, Hope that’s not the case bud.

Jaffe’s eloquent response?

Boo Fucking hoo dude, go play something else then.

Brilliant. The man has a point. If you don’t like a particular game then don’t play it. The same as if you don’t like a TV show then change channels.

I also wasn’t exactly blown away by how the new Twisted Metal game is shaping up. But it’s nice to know David Jaffe isn’t at all bothered by what other people think. He’s clearly got a thick skin after so many years in the industry.

18 Responses to “Jaffe dismisses Twisted Metal haters”

  1. Roca.:

    “Boo Fucking hoo dude, go play something else then”

    LMAOO…Jaffe said the game is in pre-alpha. Graphics should get better.

  2. FahKinSuPah:

    ” But it’s nice to know David Jaffe isn’t at all bothered by what other people think. He’s clearly got a thick skin after so many years in the industry”

    That doesn’t really sound like the case here. Sounds more like the exact opposite, that the early critism actually started to get underneath his skin.

    I see it like this…

    jaffe has clearly expressed his excitment over this prject. Maybe even to the level of a idolizing the Twisted Metal franchise.

    When someone has that level of “love” in their minds for something then it can do no wrong and its perfect.

    Maybe he has those kinds of feelings and all the critism for the new TM game conflicts with those thoughts in his own mind.

  3. phranctoast:

    Jaffe answered my questions the other day about twisted metal on eat sleep plays forums.

  4. phranctoast:

    I believe that occured due to how the statement was presented. Telling a developer their game looks like shit is the completely opposite thing to do.

    Would you expect anyone to reply diferently?

    I’d tell tell the person to go fuck themselves personally.

  5. Roca.:

    That kind of attitude towards someone else’s work got Kev banned for life from Blorge ;)

  6. CAD:

    “Brilliant. The man has a point. If you don’t like a particular game then don’t play it. The same as if you don’t like a TV show then change channels.”

    WOW Dave pass the advice off to your PS3 Minions. If you dont’ want to pay for LIVE then don’t and don’t bother those who choose to. They constantly hate because they wish PSN was as good as LIVE!

  7. b0xel:

    this a post by a 360 fanboy from a forum, tell me what’s wrong with the picture he’s trying to paint:

    “if u love the idea of being able to play offline and online in high quality graphics go for the 360 Whereas the PS3 is more for offline gameplay as the connection is not connected to the Sony network but the developers network who btw cannot be bothered to concentrate much on their online gamers and you will often lose connection”

  8. Liquid:


    that 360 fanboy wouldnt be CAD would it?


    what did you ask him?

  9. Liquid:

    oh CAD shut up. stop being jealous of PSN and PS3! go out and buy one already. everyone knows the lagfest which is LIVE and the way you pay for your own internet! LOL. oh and with PSN you get no lag at all and first party and second party games have dedicated servers. you know PSN is better just admit it already. . .and dont get me started on xboxs crappy list of exclusives. PS3 is the Console for REAL gamers! if your a faggot you can go buy a wii or shitbox and play your dancing games or have fun with your gay kinectamals LMFAO. you know im right CAD. . .jealousy is a bitch!

  10. oldschool1987:

    Why is CAD mentioning the 360? Wtf CAD go preach somewhere else weirdo.

  11. Roca.:

    the dude have no clue about what he’s saying…you sure that’s not CADCON..

    if you have a good connection the experience will be the same on both console unless one offers dedicated servers and the other doesn’t.

  12. CarlB:

    So far my experience has been much smoother on XBL vs PSN, over the last ten months, mostly just trying to maintain a connection to download stuff off the PSN store and not even playing online. Downloading and installing Home took forever due to the server timing out or getting kicked off several times, along with updates to games most of the time, whether I was stateside with a broadband connection or here with a subpar one.

    However, just a couple of weeks ago after being frustrated with being hours on the forums trying different things suggested I reset my console (I had done this several times before with no effect), and now this has been the longest trouble free stretch I have had with it in comparison to the XBL, so apparently they fixed whatever the problem was with the latest firmware update.

  13. phranctoast:



  14. Roca.:

    You’re XP question was a great idea…

  15. phranctoast:

    Thank you.

    I hope they do change the controller input also.

  16. Roca.:

    you don’t like using the stick?

  17. phranctoast:

    I prefer the d pad for control of the vehicle. Adjustments and refinement work better for me on D pad. I feel the analog if “too loose” for steering. It’s hard to describe while not actually using both as an example. Analog give more flexibility but in given you that takes away the speed that you would be able to be more precise.

    TM black has both. Give both options a shot and let me know what you think.

  18. Roca.:

    I think I know what you mean, I could not use the stick in TM: head-on on PSP, the car were turning quicker and faster than normal, but if done right the stick can as good as the d-pad.

    offering both is the best way to go though

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