New DC Universe Online story trailer is hot

July 26, 2010

New DC Universe Online story trailer is hot After what seems like ages, DC Universe Online has finally been dated by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). The story around DC Universe Online has been shrouded in mystery until recently.

The game may be the first of its kind to hit the home consoles on the PS3. At Comic Con, famed DC artist Jim Lee stated that the MMO will launch on Nov. 2, 2010.

There was some confusion over the game’s subscription model earlier today. Initial rumors of needing a PSN+ account to even play the game have been debunked.

SOE released a six minute long story trailer that does an excellent job of framing the overarching plot of the game. The trailer shows off a host of characters from the DC Universe. Comic book fans will definitely eat this up as has everything one could ask for in a game. Stay tuned for more information on the game soon.

59 Responses to “New DC Universe Online story trailer is hot”

  1. Roca.:

    Trailer is awesome!!
    The cast is top notch and the DC Universe looks cool again (like it once did).

  2. ncaissie:

    “November 2, 2010.”

    Sorry GT5 :( My money is on DC.

  3. Roca.:

    I know Sony has their hand full of exclusive and all but they needs to spread out their game releases a bit more..last year was the same shit, and this year they have 2 AAA titles coming out the same day and 3 AAA titles coming out in span of 14 days with LBP2 coming out 2 weeks later.

    That’s one of the reason initial sales are usually low for some of their titles, because sales are most likely spread out on multiple titles.

    I’ll be getting both on November 2nd just because they are already paid for. I reserved them long time ago and have been paying them lil by lil. I still have to switch my GT5 reservation to the Limited Edition version.

  4. twilight:

    I have to get the limited edition of GT5 as well. I just missed out on the G0W3 limited edition last time. I’m still looking forward to playing GT5. I just wish they would get the game out already.

  5. ncaissie:

    I can’t play both games at the same time so I will only get one and GT5 will have to wait. I’ll probably get LBP 2 for the kids as a Christmas gift.

  6. ncaissie:

    “I have to get the limited edition of GT5 as well. ”
    Why? You don’t even have a “Working” PS3? Are you making shit up again?

  7. phranctoast:

    LBP2 collectors edition seems cool.

    * A copy of LittleBigPlanet 2 – duh.
    * Your own little “Sackboy” – 7″ of plushie-goodness for you to accompany you on your journey thru LBP2.
    * Exclusive LBP2 “game ends” – keep your PS3 games in a tidy, organized and `Sack-ured” within these unique bookends
    * One stop shop for exclusive DLC + more – regarding in-game content, the LBP2 Collector’s Edition comes packed with 11 different pre-order costumes, including:
    o Disney / Pixar’s Toy Story 3′s “Aliens” Sackboy Costume
    o Disney’s TRON: Legacy “Clu” Sackboy Costume
    o The Muppets’ “The Great Gonzo” Sackboy Costume
    o PlayStation’s “Ratchet” Sackboy Costume
    o PlayStation’s “Clank” Sackboy Costume
    o Even More Animals’ “Crocodile” Sackboy Costume
    o Even More Animals’ “Vulture” Sackboy Costume
    o Even More Animals’ “Cobra” Sackboy Costume
    o Even More Animals’ “Mandrill” Sackboy Costume
    * And exclusive to the LittleBigPlanet 2′s Collectors Edition:
    o PlayStation’s “Jak” Sackboy Costume
    o PlayStation’s “Daxter” Sackboy Costume
    o 5 exclusive LBP2 PSN Avatars – Lastly, complete your PlayStation experience with a new identity on the PlayStation Network with these new avatars.


  8. twilight:

    Lol. Are we doing this again? I returned the free standing blu ray player I had.

  9. Roca.:


    oh yeah, LBP2 is another reservation I need to switch from regular to Limited Edition.

  10. phranctoast:

    I want those damn

  11. Barnabe Jones:

    Wow I’m really impressed. That trailer was amazing.

  12. SW:

    That was a pretty smoking trailer.

  13. ncaissie:

    I can’t see it from work. :( I’ll look tonight.

  14. ncaissie:

    “I returned the free standing blu ray player I had.”
    Then how can you play GT5? On your 360?

  15. CAD:

    Last time I checked you can’t play PS3 games on a Stand alone Bluray player. LOL It would be cool if you could.

  16. ncaissie:

    She said that because it stopped reading game discs and not movies.

  17. Roca.:

    DC Universe Online trailer looks so Epic that I hope the make a movie out of it.

  18. ncaissie:

    I can’t wait to see it.
    I will watch it at home on the big screen. Is it on PSN?

  19. Roca.:

    It might be on the PSN store later on today.

  20. Roca.:

    does anyone else find this a little odd?

    Feb 7, 2010 ================================
    Molyneux: “Fable 3 Will Upset Some People”

    July 25, 2010 ==============================
    Joystiq: Fable 3 gameplay footage is very, very upsetting.

  21. twilight:

    The one I got rid of just stopped reading discs. I just returned the free standing blu ray and got the system over the weekend.

  22. FahKinSuPah:


    Yeah I saw that video and I think that the whole “Joystiq: Fable 3 gameplay footage is very, very upsetting.” is a crock of shit. What’s so upsetting about it? That the player grabs a person and excutes a deadly fart attack in their face? Thats not upsetting at all.

    Sounds more like the whole upsetting thing is just some trolling bullshit

  23. phranctoast:

    If I was Consumer Electronics Equipment, I’d be scared as hell living in Twilights house. ;)

    Yeah, I think the joystiq thing was a joke. It cracked me up a bit so I hope that was the intention.

  24. Roca.:

    you will see plenty of critical opinion here too.

    I was just trying to point out that finally one of Molyneux’s prediction came true ;)

  25. ncaissie:

    The one I got rid of just stopped reading discs. I just returned the free standing blu ray and got the system over the weekend.”

    Hope you kept the receipt.

  26. Roca.:

    watch the trailer here:

    let me know what you think

  27. FahKinSuPah:


    The link to the video you just posted is the video featured in the article you posted earlier.

    Trolling today?

  28. twilight:

    Lol. Yes, I did. I put both receipts in the gaming boxes and put the boxes in the top of the closet. I learned my lesson very well.

  29. Roca.:

    So you have a PS3 now?

    I know it’s the same video, I was talking about the reader’s comments..

  30. ncaissie:

    “let me know what you think”

    Bye, bye social life :(

  31. FahKinSuPah:


    I actually think it is too soon for Fable 3. It’s probably built on a some-what improved Fable 2 engine… so I can only hope that alot of the bugs will be ironed out.

    The preview vid did look kinda sweet though, But I still have my doubts. I’m sure that when F3 is released it will have its share of bugs like F2 did

  32. ncaissie:

    Some fuckin prick got into my truck and stole my GPS Saturday night.

  33. Roca.:

    “FUCKIN EPIC!!!”


    it does look epic, Superman look badass…
    who’s the nuke guy?

  34. ncaissie:

    Captain Marvel by the looks of it.

  35. ncaissie:

    Only bad for some reason. He said Shazam so it has to be him.

  36. Roca.:

    what are his powers? is he a living nuke?
    he seems pretty powerfull….almost as powerfull as Superman.

  37. ncaissie:

    He has the same powers as superman.
    YouTube superman vs capt marvel

  38. twilight:

    I do.
    That really sucks. I hate thieves. These people want material stuff yet they don’t want to work for it.

  39. Roca.:

    I thought you were done with PS3…


    here is the list of characters in the game:
    *note* this character wil not be playable as the game is based on you creating your own Hero/Villian. You can fight along these character though.

  40. Roca.:

    I’ll look it up on youtube when I get home.
    does he have any weakness like Superman?

  41. Ultima:

    this trailer looks awesome, I’ll get this game :)

  42. twilight:

    I went through several blu ray players between the $150 and $250 price range and I didn’t like the picture quality of any of them. None of them could match the Ps3′s blu ray picture quality. Even though some purists claim you shouldn’t do this, I play blu ray movies through the rgb setting on full rgb as well. I can’t speak for higher end blu ray players but in this price range I couldn’t find a blu ray player that showed as well as the Ps3.

  43. Ultima:

    Roca is like North America top model on Blorge rofl

  44. ncaissie:

    Not realy except he is a kid that isn’t mature.
    He turns into him when he says shazam and turns back to a kid if he gets beat down to much.
    Not sure why lex called him Adam. Maybe I heard him wrong. There is nod guy called capt. Adam but he doesn’t say shazam.

  45. ncaissie:

    Lol roca and phanc are true gamers.

  46. Ultima:

    Bet they are, but roca is a blorge’s top model lolol

  47. phranctoast:

    don’t let happy hear that… ;)

    thankyou but my modeling career ended years ago.

  48. ncaissie:


  49. twilight:

    Lol. It’s the truth. I tried out several blu ray players but I was never happy with the picture quality or performance of the players. In fact, I even had a player that struggled to play one of my blu rays( Avatar) even with an update. I thought these playback issues were resolved. Besides, I probably need a back up system anyways. Like Ncaissie said, I tend to have bad luck with systems lately. This way, I will be covered both ways in case something happens.

  50. oldschool1987:

    That Fable 3 flatulent thing is fucking hilarious lmao! I’m fed up of boring fuckers complaining about fuck all.

  51. FahKinSuPah:


    Yeah I thought the farting was pretty damn funny too. I think that has to be the first time I ever saw a fart kill someone. Unless of course you count Kenny lighting his fart on fire and burning to death in South Park Bigger Long and Uncut

  52. Barnabe Jones:

    I don’t think the Joystiq article was meant to be negative. They were trying to be funny.

  53. SW:

    @BJ – Awesome gravatar.

  54. Barnabe Jones:

    Thank you sir. It’s a little bit hard to make out, but I like it.

    I was getting bored of the gay Mario.

  55. phranctoast:

    Finally caught the trailer. That was pretty bad ass!

  56. ncaissie:

    “Finally caught the trailer. That was pretty bad ass!”

    I never see you online anymore. Busy for the summer or tired of games?

  57. phranctoast:

    I took a break after RDR. Been busy around the house lately also with my next project. My GF has been slowly moving in too so when I finally get a break it’s usually to watch the Yankees game (which she is a big fan as well). I’ll try and reserve Sat/Sun mornings for games.

  58. ncaissie:

    I’ll be gone from Sat to Sun the next week.
    We should play RDR some time. It is a lot of fun.
    And we need to get Roca to try. I’m sure he would like the online if he tried it and we played as a group.

  59. phranctoast:

    I’m game.

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