PS3 update kills Jailbreak and Groove

September 7, 2010

If you’ve taken advantage of the recent PS3 hack and want to carry on using it then you should avoid installing the new PS3 firmware update, v3.42.

The PS3 was finally hacked a few weeks ago when the PS Jailbreak went on sale via several Australian distributors. The mod chip enabled games to play pirated games and back games up to their hard drive.

Sony managed to secure a ban on the sale of the USB dongles containing the hack, first temporarily and then permanently. But the source code had already been released for free on to the Internet via BitTorrent sites. PS Groove was born.

Sony has now upped its game, with firmware update v3.42 reportedly blocking the PS3 hack. Sony hasn’t confirmed as much, simply stating that “this is an overall security-related issue.”

This was always going to happen, and so no one should be surprised. However, it now sets up a game of cat-and-mouse during which the hackers slightly modify the code to make it work again, only for Sony to release another small firmware update to block it again.

Which is not going to be fun for PS3 owners.

18 Responses to “PS3 update kills Jailbreak and Groove”

  1. The Future of Sega:

    There’s got to be another way to hack the PS3!

  2. Andrew_DS:

    “Which is not going to be fun for PS3 owners” – But then the ps3rd isn’t about having fun. Its about being hard core, Grrrrr!

    I think there is another way to hack the ps3rd. I hope its easy too so more people play pirated games and buy less from sony.

  3. Roca.:

    I feel bad for whoever wasted $170 for this.

  4. CarlB:

    “I feel bad for whoever wasted $170 for this.”
    Guess that’s why it’s a good thing Bit Torrent is free.

    “There’s got to be another way to hack the PS3″

    Yep, it’s called PS Groove v1.2

  5. phranctoast:

    “I feel bad for whoever wasted $170 for this.”

    Fuck em’
    Don’t feel bad for hacker losers like Andrew DS here.

    “Yep, it’s called PS Groove v1.2″
    Great. So there will be weekly firmware updates to fix it.

    Thank you assholes. That’s really what I feel like doing. Making updates to the console on a weekly basis.

    Sony will grief the software so much most people will simply give up like with hacking the PSP.

  6. Roca.:

    It’s likely that Sony only released a small part of their new protection scheme to keep hackers at bay.

    seems like PS Groove is not working anymore, whether 1.2 is going to do the trick has yet to be seen.

    either way, Sony has 2 more updates coming out this year, 3D movies next month) and Qriocity Music cloud system near the end of the year. They will most likely start shipping new console with the new update preloaded.

  7. Roca.:

    I wish Sony will banned their PSN profile or their console.

  8. phranctoast:

    Those people will likely keep their console off line entirely.

    Sony can take the Music industry way of doing thing and randomly sue individuals who are transferring games via BT to make examples of them. That way sucks but scaring the public can work.

    This brings me to another point. It has been deemed legal to jailbreak your iphone. Does anyone know the legal precedent it set up?
    Will it be legal to jail break your console?

  9. Liquid:

    andrew DS

    you are a fucking faggot. . .go back to trimming your hedges and watering your roses. . .

  10. Andrew_DS:

    Hey calm down guys. I am not a hacker, and don’t pirate games either. But it would be good for sony stuff to get hacked and pirated so they make less money. Shimples!

  11. Roca.:

    Sony will sell more consoles, controllers, etc… while companies likes EA & Activision will make less money because their maddens and CoDs won’t sell as much.

  12. phranctoast:

    You should never want developers to make less money. These people have jobs like the rest of us and need to support themselves and their families.

  13. Liquid:

    andrew why do you want to see Sony make less money?

  14. The Future of Sega:

    Well I’ll be darn, Andrew DS finally shows up again :-) Um anyways I could care less if the PS3 is hacked. It’s my favorite console thus far…It would be nice to play my old Sega Dreamcast games on it though :-(…NFL Blitz 2000, Mortal Kombat Gold, NBA 2K1, Sega Swirl, Sonic Adventure, MDKII, Rayman, Tombraider, etc.

  15. The Future of Sega:

    “andrew why do you want to see Sony make less money?”

    Because he sniffs Microsoft’s cock :-)

  16. oldschool1987:

    Ahh Andrew_DoubleShit I thought he died

  17. Liquid:


    i like the profile pic haha

  18. ncaissie:

    “Those people will likely keep their console off line entirely.”
    I have 3 PS3s so it wouldn’t take much for me to leave one offline. Not that I want a hack. I am pissed off with all this talk of charging for online play and that would help recoup some of my money if they decided to charge for online.

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