PS3 update kills Jailbreak and Groove

September 7, 2010

If you’ve taken advantage of the recent PS3 hack and want to carry on using it then you should avoid installing the new PS3 firmware update, v3.42.

The PS3 was finally hacked a few weeks ago when the PS Jailbreak went on sale via several Australian distributors. The mod chip enabled games to play pirated games and back games up to their hard drive.

Sony managed to secure a ban on the sale of the USB dongles containing the hack, first temporarily and then permanently. But the source code had already been released for free on to the Internet via BitTorrent sites. PS Groove was born.

Sony has now upped its game, with firmware update v3.42 reportedly blocking the PS3 hack. Sony hasn’t confirmed as much, simply stating that “this is an overall security-related issue.”

This was always going to happen, and so no one should be surprised. However, it now sets up a game of cat-and-mouse during which the hackers slightly modify the code to make it work again, only for Sony to release another small firmware update to block it again.

Which is not going to be fun for PS3 owners.

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