Gran Turismo 5 gets delayed… Again!

October 13, 2010

This is getting silly now. Delaying a game months from release is one thing, but not days from release. Especially when the game in question is Gran Turismo 5 and it’s already been delayed several times. What the hell are Polyphony Digital and Sony playing at?

GT5 is one of, if not the, most eagerly-anticipated PS3 exclusives, and has been since it was first announced five years ago. Maybe the continued delays are helping build anticipation levels, but announcing the release date is being put back again just 20 days before it was due out is a douchebag move of epic proportions.

What started as a rumored delay for just a few countries quickly became a worldwide delay confirmed by Sony. And the company doesn’t even know when the game is now going to be released, merely promising it’ll make it out “this holiday season.” Which gives Sony potentially another three months to get the game out.

The more devoted fans were counting down the days until GT5‘s Nov. 2 release date, and now they’re back to thinking in weeks or even months. I know Polyphony boss Kaz Yamauchi is a perfectionist but I get the feeling even Sony are getting tired of waiting. And I worry that the game will still have issues when it’s finally released, because to delay at this late stage implies there are some major revisions taking place.

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