PSP2 spotted in the wild?

October 27, 2010

PSP2 spotted in the wild? Someone has sent in pictures of what appears to be a PSP combined with a handheld phone. Many speculate this to be the rumored PSP2 and could be the surprise Sony Ericsson has been working on.

Sony Ericsson’s CEO teased that there would be a big surprise announcement in the coming months. The rumor is that the company is developing a PSP phone with Android 3.0.

Recently, someone sent Engadget some photos of what appears to be a PSP Phone prototype. The pictures look extremely convincing and quite possibly could be the real deal. According to the site the PSP phone hybrid will boast a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 processor with 512MB ram and 1GB of ROM.




This is significantly more robust than the PSP as the current model boasts 333Mhz processer with 32MB of Ram. It appears that this PSP Phone has a area in the middle for dual touch analog controls.

The LCD screen appears to be fully touchscreen like the iPhone and is sized at 3.7” to 4.1”.

The device does not appear to be the long rumored PSP2, but quite possibly another version of the device. The PSP phone does not appear to have a UMD tray. Sony revealed that the company won’t be pursuing a digital only route for the next PSP.

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