Greenberg laughs off VGChartz’s Kinect sales estimates

November 12, 2010

Greenberg laughs off VGChartz's Kinect sales estimates VGChartz recently released sales estimates for initial Kinect sell through figures. Microsoft man, Aaron Greenberg responded by laughing off the numbers while accusing the site of lacking any science behind VGChartz’s estimation.

VGChartz has been criticized throughout the years for its software and hardware sales estimation. The estimates put out by the site have either been a hit or miss with some coming very close to official numbers.

I find that its hardware estimates as well as initial software sales figures can be somewhat off at times. However, VGChartz’s historical software sales data seems to be a bit more accurate.

VGChartz reported that initial three day sales estimates put Kinect sensor sales in the ballpark of 475,000 units sold in America. Greenberg responded back by “LOL’ing” and stating that there is no source or science behind the numbers.

He tweeted:

LOL’ing at sales reports from VGChartz, why do people release info as official when there is no source or science behind the#s?

VGChartz would probably argue that there is science behind the numbers which is explained on its methodology page.

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