Microsoft hires ex-Pandemic members for new Halo game

November 21, 2010

Microsoft hires ex-Pandemic members for new Halo game It may have been over a year ago since Pandemic Studios was disbanded, but some of the team members have gone on to bigger things. The newly formed Microsoft studio, 343 Industries have taken on a good number of former Pandemic members for its next project.

343 Industries was created by Microsoft to take over Bungie’s work with the Halo franchise. The studio has been ramping up its staff working on the next unannounced Halo title.

In a recent tweet by Scott Warner, 343 Industries game designer, he reveals that the studio has hired around 20 ex-Pandemic Studios members.

He writes:

… although the Pandemic layoffs of exactly one year ago did allow us to pick up close to 20 very talented developers.

Warner himself is also a former Pandemic Studios member with both Mercenaries game under his belt. Despite all of the technical criticisms Mercenaries 2 received, the game definitely had the fun factor down.

I would like to think that the infusion of new blood at 343 Industries will contribute in making the next Halo game even better.

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