David Jaffe is a PS3 fanboy, Twisted Metal not coming to Xbox 360, Wii, iPad

November 30, 2010

Is the new Twisted Metal game coming to any platforms other than the PS3? No, because David Jaffe is a PS3 fanboy.

OK, so there’s also the fact that Sony owns Twisted Metal, but even if he could bring the game to other platforms, Jaffe wouldn’t. As he informed Twitter user ‘mayham_stone050′ when he asked just that on Twitter. Jaffe replied:

No, we will not be making it for the 360. The only thing we’d love more than getting the game out there to as many players as possible — via putting it on new systems — is to continue helping Sony differentiate their box from other boxes. We love our 360s and Wiis and iPads but TM is Sony owned and made just for PS3 users.

So there you have it. Twisted Metal will always be a PS3 exclusive, partly thanks to copyright ownership, partly thanks to Jaffe’s allegiance to the PS3.

A very cool caveat to this story? A few hours after the discussion on Twitter occurred, Jaffe announced that the Xbox 360 owner who originally asked the question was getting given a PS3 so that he could play the new Twisted Metal game after all. Which is nice for him.

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