Game Boat: the most useless Kinect accessory

December 26, 2010

Game Boat: the most useless Kinect accessory The Kinect boasts a controller free experience which basically translates to no peripherals for the device. However, that won’t stop some from making some kind of useless accessory for the Kinect.

As seen before the Game Boat for Kinect Adventures is probably the most useless peripheral in the history of video game accessories. It’s basically a rubber boat you stand in to use for playing Kinect Adventures rafting mini game.


The boat doesn’t add anything to the gameplay except make the area you’re playing in confined and cramped. The Kinect in fact won’t even recognize the boat and could actually make floor recognition difficult.

As reported by Stephen Totilo of Kotaku, the boat comes with a hand pump, and is even capable of floating in real water. He does warn that the boat comes with a “powerful rubbery smell.”


More than anything a device such as this boat may be a safety hazard as two people jumping up and down in a narrow rubber boat may cause the little ones to trip over the side and fall face flat.

14 Responses to “Game Boat: the most useless Kinect accessory”

  1. FahKinSuPah:

    lol now Kev can get himself a Kinect boat to drift down the Kinect river of shame in.

  2. Barnabe Jones:

    I bet CAD bough this. He also probably also bought one for everyone on his Christmas list.

  3. twilight:

    The most worthless item is the Kinect itself• The Kinect sucks•

  4. Ivan_PSP:

    Today when i was buying Call of Duty: Black Ops the GameStop guy was asked by a couple what was better to buy KINECT or PlayStation Move. And guess shockingly the GameStop guy said PlayStation Move was the best choice which was sold out. The couple pre-order two bundles. And i told them that they made an awesome wise choice.

    Finally GameStop is getting their fanboy act together.

  5. stopstopp:

    You got CoD Black Ops too? It’s one of my first FPS games and I’m kinda excited.

  6. FahKinSuPah:

    Didnt Ivan always talk shit about CoD games? And here he bought Black Ops.

  7. CaptBirdman:

    This makes Tony Hawk’s ride look genius

  8. Ivan_PSP:

    not really

  9. CaptBirdman:

    Yeah, I think it does

  10. ncaissie:

    Ivan is just a fuckin idiot that is full of shit.

    As for the boat I bet cad preordered it.

    @ twilight thought you liked kinect?

  11. twilight:

    I do not like the Kinect. I won the device so I tried it out. I said it was an okay device for what it does. I personally do not like the Kinect system.

  12. Roca.:

    Game Boat.. too bad it wont make Kinect any more accurate lmao

  13. CarlB:

    Man, if this sells I’m surprised they haven’t made a stool for Move Kung Fu Riders lmao

  14. dans303:

    And I thought Kinect itself was a useless accessory . . . .

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