Final Fantasy XIII-2 officially announced and Versus gameplay revealed

January 19, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 officially announced and Versus gameplay revealed At a press conference today Square Enix revealed two major surprises that should have Final Fantasy fans excited. The first bit of news is the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2, and the second piece of info is a lengthy trailer with gameplay footage for Versus.

Square Enix just revealed the existence of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The publisher promises that the sequel will “exceed Final Fantasy XIII in every aspect.” Apparently the company will be making lots of changes to the game.

The publisher stated that the battle system will get an overhaul. Hopefully the complaints around the game being too linear will also be addressed.

Square Enix stated:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is currently in production with an aim for producing high quality game content which exceeds Final Fantasy XIII in every aspect; namely, a brand-new story which stems from the previous title as well as a battle system which has evolved further since XIII – and more.

The game is confirmed for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Another surprise Square Enix dropped at the event was a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The trailer shows lots of gameplay action that has many gamers very excited.

The first few minutes of the trailer shows some beautiful cut-scenes from the game. You will find bits and pieces of gameplay scattered throughout the video.

Clearly the action is real time, similar to Rogue Galaxy or Kingdom Hearts and there is even a third person shooter mechanic in the game. It has been revealed that players will be able to control airships around a massive world map. You will also be able to roam around the world map in an open world manner.

Since the world will be massive in size, players will have to rely on driving a vehicle or flying an airship to traverse vast fields. There will be towns to visit and NPCs to talk to leading to various quests. It’s great to hear that the open world map will finally return.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been confirmed exclusively for the PS3.

35 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII-2 officially announced and Versus gameplay revealed”

  1. dans303:

    Anyone want to translate that?

  2. PS3 RULEZ890:

    need to finish FFVII, FFVIII and FFXIII first before I think about buying FFXIII-Part 2. I must also get FFIX, FFX, FFX-Part 2 and FFXIIas well before buying more RPGs.

  3. FahKinSuPah:

    FFXIII-2… What in the world is SE smoking?

  4. ncaissie:

    Are they giving it free to everyone that purchased the POS XIII? To say Sorry we fucked up?

  5. PS3 RULEZ890:

    FFXII-Part 2 has to be better than the first one anyway. oh and guys how about I review FFXIII-Part 2 and tell us guys how bad/good it is then?

  6. FahKinSuPah:

    Given how SE totally fucked up FFXIII to begin with…. It’s hard to give them the benefit of the doubt with a direct sequal to it.

    How the fuck would FFXIII even call for a sequal anyway? The ending wasn’t as open ended as FFX. I could see why FFX got a sequal, and playing through FFX-2 was actually worth it! The ending was awsome.

  7. Roca.:

    “FFXII-Part 2 has to be better than the first one anyway”

    I don’t think they can go any lower than FF13

  8. Roca.:

    “How the fuck would FFXIII even call for a sequal anyway? The ending wasn’t as open ended as FFX”

    I guess Square Enix figured out that 90% of the ppl who bought FF13 didn’t finish the game… Most of us didnt even get past chapter 8 lmao

  9. Roca.:

    Final Fantasy Versus 13 is a game that will ONLY exist in trailers..

  10. FahKinSuPah:


    FFXIII wasn’t even hard, so difficulty certainly wouldn’t have been much of a factor in people not finishing the game.

    But rather it was so friggin linear, and repetitive. And they removed so much of what makes most RPGs fun. There was almost no NPC interactions… no towns, nothing! Not to mention it barely had any sidequests and the few it did have happened so late in the game.

    I know several people here, including myself, finished up FFXIII.

    I honestly hope that SE does better with 13-2, although as I said I can’t see how the storyline would even call for a sequal. I’m gonna end up getting it anyway cause its an FF game. As I said before, FF13 was good in its own way, but its WAY down on the FF scale for me.

  11. oldschool1987:

    Why ain’t no one talking about Versus XIII? That game clearly looks amazing! I lost all faith in FF after XIII but I think Versus can win me back, I’ve been wanting what they are doing since FFX: Worlds map, Towns and NPCs.

    Might be a good enough reason for some trolls/slugs to grab a PS3 finally.

  12. PS3 RULEZ890:

    guys read this bit from the article again.

    “Final Fantasy XIII-2 is currently in production with an aim for producing high quality game content which exceeds Final Fantasy XIII in every aspect; namely, a brand-new story which stems from the previous title as well as a battle system which has evolved further since XIII – and more.”

    see it will be better than FFXIII oh and Roca I didn’t know FFXII is getting a sequal as well?

  13. Roca.:

    ” Roca I didn’t know FFXII is getting a sequal as well?”

    I was quoting FahKin, that was probably a typo tho

  14. PS3 RULEZ890:

    on top of the final fantasies I’ve got to get though I have Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope
    Elder Scrolls 4: Cblivion
    Enternal Sonata

  15. Roca.:

    ^ goog luck with that..

  16. PS3 RULEZ890:

    well guys what about my offer to review FFXIII-Part 2 for you lot so you know what it’s like before you buy it then?

  17. PS3 RULEZ890:

    well FFXIII-Part 2 can’t be that bad bacause i have played some really shit games before like Lair and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 The Video Game (Wii Version) and I found FFXIII was a far better game than HP.

  18. Roca.:

    don’t waste your time. I doubt that in less than a year they could’ve made part 2 any better. A few mino changes is all we’re going to get.

  19. PS3 RULEZ890:

    FFXIII-Part 2 might come out spring 2012 because SE didn’t state when it would come out so I’m guessing they’ll spend 2 to 3 years making this next installment.

  20. Roca.:

    PS Blog stated that it will come out by the end of the year.

  21. Godless:

    Been over 10 years since I played a FF game on the PS. .Didn’t really get into it.

    I have too many RPGs to get on with for now, ES 4 oblivion, lost odyssey, and Dragon age, if I can put up with the graphics,
    Problem is I just got Assassins creed 1 & 2 and having just started AS1, I prefer it to the RPGs and I’ve been told the AS2 is much better still, though I’d kind of like to resist playing it until completing the first.
    I’d need to play a demo of any new FF game before I’d ever consider buying it.

  22. Roca.:

    Buy Killzone 3 and get Socom 4 Multiplayer Beta

  23. The Future of Sega:

    Too little too late…I’ve never played Final Fantasy before but heard so many wonderful things about it from friends. I was going to play Final Fantasy for the first time on the 13th edition but found out it sold out to Xbox 360. I’d said….nah I’ll pass. :D

    I don’t support sellout companies. Companies that whore out for money are useless to me “Final Fantasy, GTA 4, etc.” You won’t be getting my money bitches. :D

    Can you say….ownage??

  24. FahKinSuPah:


    “I don’t support sellout companies. Companies that whore out for money are useless to me”

    Then why is your name The Future of SEGA?

  25. The Future of Sega:


    Unlike these fragile minded companies Sega hung in there until the end. It was because of easily persuaded minds “PS2 craving fans” that drove sales away from the Dreamcast….which led to it’s unexpected death.

    But in the future that will all change. We will become a dominant force in the video game hardware department once again. That is why my name is The Future of Sega because we don’t quit. We may only be able to sell software at the moment but nonetheless we are determined to stay in business.

    I bet your so called XBOX couldn’t do the same if they shared the same fate as us. Microsoft would just give up and quit on gamers….they could give two shits less about dispersing software. They’re only in it for the money.

    And Sony is just as bad…with their arrogant attitude towards hackers, Sony wouldn’t even think twice about sharing software with other companies to stay in business. At least Sega has a heart and provide gamers with games.

    That is the display of a true company! When Microsoft/Sony/& Nintendo exit the hardware division of video games let’s see how many of them remain to make titles for all platforms…or if they just fade away to handle their own aspects of business.

  26. FahKinSuPah:


    Bullshit. PS2 did not kill the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was an amazing system that had 1 flaw, a very fatal flaw. It was incredibly easy to pirate games for it. You didn’t even have to chip it! You could just burn a disc and bam! instant pirate games.

    Given that the Xbox was very easily hacked MS hasn’t given up and instead is still racking up nice software sales figures.

    Sega doesn’t have the heart you want to say they do. Sega has failed for years now to consistantly put out good games. Every Sonic game for years now was a failure (Cept maybe 4 but its too soon to tell). Sega doesn’t have much of anything anymore.

    If Sega really gave a shit they would not have fucked up Shining force, and they would have continued Shenmue.

  27. The Future of Sega:

    If the Sega Dreamcast had dvd functionality, stronger protection against piracy, and more developer support then PS2 would not have been so successful. Sega was the first one to introduce online game play which is glorified on Xbox 360.

    Also to note Sega developed a sleuth of 1st party games for the Dreamcast…something you rarely see with modern video game systems now. Playstation has it’s exclusives but the 360 only has Halo and Gears.

    Uh anyways the next Sega console that arrives will be called Sega Dreamcast: Vortex. I’ve been a fan of Sega since 1992 and have no intention of leaving them. :D Sega in…Sega out…we’re coming back baby!!! :D

  28. FahKinSuPah:

    Sega can’t even do a good enough job of making theird party games. How they hell would they even manage jumping back into the hardware business?

    R&D is very costly. I don’t see how Sega could afford that risk

  29. The Future of Sega:

    The PS2 stabbed Sega in the side when it came out! And yes I agree that piracy ruined the Dreamcast…Since I was loyal Sega fan I absolutely refused to buy a PS2 and to this day I still resent the PS2….

    Ah I’m done talking to you! I need to fill up my car’s gas tank at the gas station anyways…brb :p

  30. FahKinSuPah:

    lol your done talking to me because you know what I said is true!

    Look, I am always going to have fond memories of Sega too. The Dreamcast hurt, but Sega couldn’t blame anyone but themselves for making the console so easy to crack. Not even the PS1/PS2 disc swapping tricks are that easy!

    I’m still upset at Sega years later… Sega defined several generations of RPG’s. Shining Force series, Lunar Series, Popful Mail, Dragon Force, Albert’s Odyssey. These are some of the most amazing RPGs ever made. I want to see these games ported over to PSN/XBLA. (Lunar is easy. Just release the PS1 remakes over to PSN. Skip the shitty PSP remake)

    In the end the PS2 was just a better system and your just hatin.

  31. The Future of Sega:

    Well…technically I have no edge in this debate. I was only a kid when Sega Genesis arrived in 1992 I believe. I can only recall a few of the titles from Sega. Sega was so fun growing up! But poor choices were made that ruined the company’s image (Sega 32x, Sega CD, & Sega Saturn’s marketing strategy).

    I chose the name Future of Sega hoping one day they’ll rectify that. Dreamcast was like Heaven to me in 1999!! lol. The system boot was outstanding! The only other console boot that came close to being as good as the Dreamcast’s was the PS2′s.

    Hopefully when I make $450 million dollars annually I’ll purchase Sega and reboot it’s franchise to get new consoles going. :D I’m going to need to win 6 lottery tickets in a row though….lol.

    But hey it’s possible ;)

  32. FahKinSuPah:

    I was born in 82, and by the age of 2 I had an Atari 2600 paddle in my hand (I still have that 2600 too), so I have had YEARS of gaming lol.

    During the 8 bit era Nintendo’s NES ran wild on Sega’s little known Master System. Master System did have its memorable games though. And I do believe that the master system was the first system to utilize 3-D. It’s amazing that an 8-bit system was capable of so much! Master System clearly had much better hardware. It just didn’t have the star power NIntendo did.

    I had both Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, but I definately chose Genesis. It wasn’t as powerful as Super Nintendo but it had some awsome games. I was very fond of the Sonic games on Genesis. Sega CD and 32x weren’t really poor choices though. Sega CD had some great games of its own. Its where Popful Mail and the Lunar Series were born. The 32x, well i still have mine and some games around here lol. It was pretty powerful for its time. It just had a lack of games. Virtua Racer Deluxe was awsome though.

    Saturn is a tough one… it went head to head with Sony’s PS1 and ended up pulling in much better 3rd party support. But Saturn still had its share of awsome games too. Nights, Mega Fighters, Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter, Alberts Odysey, Dragon Force.

    I think you might need more than $450 mil to purchase Sega lol. And get a plastic surgeon to make you look japanese while your at it lol

  33. Godless:

    Anyone here ever get a CD32 by Commodore.
    I still have mine, but the SX1 add-on is screwed
    It too died a death and signalled the end for commodore, who made the greatest home computer ever the C64.
    it was so easy to copy games for the CD32 it was laughable, you could even make your own bootable disks and have compilations of games on it Via your own menu system.

    Lots of good hardware falls flat due to a combination of bad marketing and poor software support, usually brought about by piracy.


  34. The Future of Sega:


    There’s a guy by the name of Angry Video Game Nerd who did a review of the Sea 32x. Here’s the link:

    You have 7 years under your belt over me. I was born in 87. :D I remember growing up playing the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. Playing Sega Genesis made me feel like a cool kid. ;)

    Anyways, instead of the plastic surgeon I’ll just hire a team of Inceptionists to infiltrate their minds for a corporate espionage :D lmao. That movie was great.


    Here’s a list of all video game consoles I’ve ever owned:

    Super Nintendo
    Sega Genesis
    Sega Gamegear
    Nintendo Color Gamegear
    Sega Dreamcast
    Playstation 3
    Xbox 360

  35. phranctoast:


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