Final Fantasy XIII-2 officially announced and Versus gameplay revealed

January 19, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 officially announced and Versus gameplay revealed At a press conference today Square Enix revealed two major surprises that should have Final Fantasy fans excited. The first bit of news is the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII-2, and the second piece of info is a lengthy trailer with gameplay footage for Versus.

Square Enix just revealed the existence of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The publisher promises that the sequel will “exceed Final Fantasy XIII in every aspect.” Apparently the company will be making lots of changes to the game.

The publisher stated that the battle system will get an overhaul. Hopefully the complaints around the game being too linear will also be addressed.

Square Enix stated:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is currently in production with an aim for producing high quality game content which exceeds Final Fantasy XIII in every aspect; namely, a brand-new story which stems from the previous title as well as a battle system which has evolved further since XIII – and more.

The game is confirmed for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Another surprise Square Enix dropped at the event was a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The trailer shows lots of gameplay action that has many gamers very excited.

The first few minutes of the trailer shows some beautiful cut-scenes from the game. You will find bits and pieces of gameplay scattered throughout the video.

Clearly the action is real time, similar to Rogue Galaxy or Kingdom Hearts and there is even a third person shooter mechanic in the game. It has been revealed that players will be able to control airships around a massive world map. You will also be able to roam around the world map in an open world manner.

Since the world will be massive in size, players will have to rely on driving a vehicle or flying an airship to traverse vast fields. There will be towns to visit and NPCs to talk to leading to various quests. It’s great to hear that the open world map will finally return.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been confirmed exclusively for the PS3.

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