PlayStation Meeting: PSP2 codename NGP details officially revealed

January 27, 2011

PlayStation Meeting: PSP2 codename NGP details officially revealed Sony is currently revealing an incredible amount of information about the next gen PSP, or codename NGP at the PlayStation Meeting. The company spilled the beans on the details of the new portable hardware device.

As mentioned, the PSP2 codenamed NGP (Next Gen Portable) has officially been revealed and it looks nothing like the leaked photos of the device. Surprisingly it looks like standard PSP candybar model and unlike the PSP Go.


However, one thing you will quickly notice is that the NGP sports two actual analog sticks. Yes, you read correctly, as the NGP will not have the analog nubs found on the current PSP and will now sport tilting analog sticks.


The NGP also houses a host of hardware features such as motion sensors, front and rear cameras, 5-inch OLED display, 3G, GPS, front and rear touchpads, and an electronic compass. According to Kaz Hirai, one of the goals for the NGP is to use location based entertainment to converge reality with the virtual world.


The OLED screen has four times the resolution of the current PSP and can be viewed at any angle with crystal clarity. The UMD drive is gone, but the NGP will not be all digital like the PSP Go, as it will take a new media format.


The new physical media actually looks similar to a SD memory card. As previously rumored the NGP has 3G network capability along with Wi-Fi support. This is great news, as the device will be connected all the time now.

The device also has a new interface called LiveArea with trophy support. Gamers will be able to see other NGP gamers in area and see which games they are playing. Gamers will also be able to leave other gamers comments while playing in-game.

According to Hirai, the NGP will be released starting from the holiday season this year.

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