Shift 2 producer: GT5 not a game

January 29, 2011

Is GT5 fun and entertaining? Some people don’t think so and those people think Gran Turismo 5 should be reclassified as something other than a game.

I can never work out why people involved with one game feel the need to talk about rival games negatively. My only conclusion is that they feel unsure their game can compete with the one they choose to be dismissive about, otherwise they’d surely avoid even mentioning it. Keep that in mind when you read what Shift 2: Unleashed producer Jesse Abney had to say about Gran Turismo 5:

I’ve never really considered GT5 a game. A game to us equals fun, equals entertainment – and Need For Speed has always been about entertaining and fun. You play GT5, you get a scientific approach to driving. Physics simulations are often subjective, and again – we find we’re not presenting the same kind of physics simulation in the race day environment that GT5 is doing in their driving simulation. We’ve never really professed to compete against them, we’ve just said that we want to deliver a fun, exciting, visceral, entertaining racing experience.

As someone who owns GT5, is still playing through it, and (most importantly) loving every minute of it, I completely reject the notion that it isn’t a game. GT5 is fun and is entertaining. It won’t be to everyone’s taste but then neither are the Need for Speed games. Abney clearly feels threatened by Gran Turismo 5.

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