Shift 2 producer: GT5 not a game

January 29, 2011

Is GT5 fun and entertaining? Some people don’t think so and those people think Gran Turismo 5 should be reclassified as something other than a game.

I can never work out why people involved with one game feel the need to talk about rival games negatively. My only conclusion is that they feel unsure their game can compete with the one they choose to be dismissive about, otherwise they’d surely avoid even mentioning it. Keep that in mind when you read what Shift 2: Unleashed producer Jesse Abney had to say about Gran Turismo 5:

I’ve never really considered GT5 a game. A game to us equals fun, equals entertainment – and Need For Speed has always been about entertaining and fun. You play GT5, you get a scientific approach to driving. Physics simulations are often subjective, and again – we find we’re not presenting the same kind of physics simulation in the race day environment that GT5 is doing in their driving simulation. We’ve never really professed to compete against them, we’ve just said that we want to deliver a fun, exciting, visceral, entertaining racing experience.

As someone who owns GT5, is still playing through it, and (most importantly) loving every minute of it, I completely reject the notion that it isn’t a game. GT5 is fun and is entertaining. It won’t be to everyone’s taste but then neither are the Need for Speed games. Abney clearly feels threatened by Gran Turismo 5.

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  1. Barnabe Jones:

    Shift 2? I’ve never heard of Shift 1.

  2. oldschool1987:

    @BJ: Nor me lol. But apparently it’s more of a game than GT5.

    If I’m being honest I hate all sport related games, except Fight Night. Main reason: because I’m piss poor at them and I hate football (English football, not Rugby with 500lb of body armour lol).

  3. JofaMang:

    And I think that NFS games are complete trash. Better Arcade racers are easily found out there (Burnout, Forza, Motorstorm etc) so really, either way the NFS series loses.

  4. The Future of Sega:

    Yeah right Need For Speed Carbon owned. Oldschool lol it’s ok dude hte important thing is that you tried. (all kidding aside).

  5. CON:


  6. oldschool1987:

    CONvicts suicide attempt in Russia:


  7. Roca.:

    good point Jofa…

  8. oldschool1987:

    EPIC fail.

  9. oldschool1987:

    @ TFOS: I did try but I just can’t find the motivation to get good at sports games, they bore me …big time. Not as boring as CONtheTerrorists attempted trolling(but him failing everytime makes me laugh).

  10. JofaMang:

    Yup, metacritic scores that mostly came in within a week of GT5 release, often less.

    Anyone who has put any time into the game, knows that its only gets better and more impressive as you go along.

    Thats like judging a diet based on the first 4 days, or a person based on their first year of life. Stupid and nearsighted. Just what we would expect from the likes of CON.

  11. JofaMang:

    I gots trolled. oh em gee.

  12. The Future of Sega:

    Hey Con it’s getting old now. Grow up!

    Oldschool, I hear you. Ever since Madden purchased the NFL license I stop playing football games. I abhor EA for that! 2K would have owned Madden football. That’s why I prefer to play old games…they’re just more fun than current games these days in my opinion. ;)

  13. Roca.:



  14. oldschool1987:

    Maddan Football is too American for me, plus I don’t understand how you cann it football, it’s not even ball shaped lmao. It’s like our Rugby, only with ALOT more protection lol. The only reason I hate football (British) is because I hate the players these days, a bunch of over paid, cheating fuckers who cry from the smallest tackle lol.

  15. oldschool1987:

    you call* it

  16. CAD:

    Hey Dave I hope you have that same attitude when Sony is slaging off Microsoft & Nintendo. You praise sony’s actions but criticise NFS Producers when they do the same. Hypocritical don’t you think. I could swear you previously agreed that GT5 Was not a game but now it’s the opposite LOL. Blorge is hilarious and a joke! It’s good to know that you agree that Sony is unsure about it’s ability to compete against it’s competitors when they decide to be dismissive and talk bad against their direct competition. Going from first to last sure brought out their nasty side.

  17. CAD:

    Well I agree NFS, Midnight Club, Burnout, Forza 3 are way better games then GT5. They are definitely more fun and entertaining. There’s no doubt about that.

  18. b0xel:

    @CAD :
    how could you possibly know that mate? you haven’t played GT5 have you? and NO, a couple of laps at a friend’s house do not count.

  19. CON:


    The dates of the reviews are posted beside the review so you just owned yourself :)


    Fuck off you racist holocaust denying scumbag

  20. twilight:

    Hello, Con. I see your back bashing Gran Turismo again. As much as it pains me to say this, I concede on this issue. I did not find Gran Turismo to be very good. I traded this game in within the same week I bought it.

  21. CaptBirdman:

    And your problem, Twilight, is that you played it less than a week.

    And Olds, footie ain’t just British mate. It’s the world’s sport. I detest the game though. Bloody boring. I much prefer basketball.

    GT 5 is a great game. There are annoying issues, but taken as a whole, it’s the best racing sim out there. If you don’t own it or haven’t played it a substantial amount of time, your opinion is pretty much bollocks.

  22. dans303:

    Football (soccer) is the best sport in the world.

    “I hate the players these days, a bunch of over paid, cheating fuckers”

    Like Ashley Cole? ;)

    Bird, basketball is way more boring. He dribbles, scores two points. The other team dribbles, they score two points. Continue for 4 quarters.

    NFL is good but there are way too many breaks/stoppages. Anyone watching Pro Bowl tonight?

    On topic:

    I got NFS: HP in a bundle wheh I bought my new PS3 in November. I only played one hour of it since and traded it in last week. I didn’t really give it a chance because I wasn’t too bothered about it tbh.

    Bird – “If you don’t own it or haven’t played it a substantial amount of time, your opinion is pretty much bollocks.” Agreed.

    CAD – “It’s good to know that you agree that Sony is unsure about it’s ability to compete against it’s competitors when they decide to be dismissive and talk bad against their direct competition.

    The whole point of this article is to report the exact opposite – Shift 2 producer is bad-mouthing GT5. Therefore the producer of Shift 2 thinks he can’t compete with GT5.

  23. twilight:

    A week was long enough for me to know that this game is under par. I have a right to an opinion and my opinion means no less then your opinion CaptBirdman just because I happen to disagree with you regarding this game. If you like Gran Turismo, then fine. I am glad that you are really enjoying this game. However, do not try to put other people down just because they have a different opinion then you.

  24. Roca.:

    “Anyone watching Pro Bowl tonight?”

    The Pro Bowl is boring as shit.. I love football but the pro bowl is not the same. Football is all about big hits and a extremely physical sport. you don’t see none of that in the pro bowl.

    It’s just an exhibition game for popular players to have fun..they don’t play as hard as they do in the regular season/playoff.

  25. oldschool1987:

    CONvict, I see your acting tough on the internet again? Go back to making bombs, although you’re not the best suicide bomber ever. I mean you done the bomb in the Russian airport but you never died, what a shit terrorist. You just seem sore that me and Roca threw 2 of your ‘AAA’ exclusives at you with lower scores than GT5 …oh nooooss hahaha.

    @Birdman: Yeah it’s a world sport but the Brits invented it, it’s just easier saying English football, instead of worldwide football is all.

    @ Dans: Yeah Ashley Cole is a total mongoloid, how can you cheat on a goddess lol. But I was referring to Ronaldo …remember the winking incident? And Rooney during the last World Cup was an embarrassment, he didn’t deserve to wear the England shirt.

  26. oldschool1987:

    CONvict when the fuck did I say I denied the holocaust? And how am I racist? Lets look at the facts shall we:

    -I’m in the Army and racism is untolerated 100%
    -I have a half cast niece or I adore and love more than anything
    -You called Ivan a Spik (you’re the racist)
    -I have never once denied the Holocaust, that’s one of the most retarded things some one can ever say, seriously.

    The Holocaust is one of the most disgusting things to ever happen in human history and it’s very well documented, so how can anyone deny it? We both know you support the Holocaust.

    Try again with your insults CONvict, they fail epically every single time, lying does not make you look good.

    And remember you called Ivan a spik, I have never once said anything racist to anyone.

    Happy trails, racist.

  27. CON:

    Is calling Ivan a spik all you got? He can’t fucking spell in english and types jiberish. If there’s a better definition then I’m all ears.

    “The Holocaust is one of the most disgusting things to ever happen in human history and it’s very well documented, so how can anyone deny it? We both know you support the Holocaust.”

    Yet your’re a fucking scumbag BNP supporter. Here’s a video of your leader denying it. FUCKING OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your fooling nobody.

    And what’s with the russia jokes?? That’s not even funny. If anything you make yourself look like a fucking childish retard.

    Don’t forget I called you out to come over to Ireland and you shit yourself. Just for your information you can travel from Liverpool to Belfast on the ferry without the use of a passport just before your start bullshiting that you ain’t allowed to travel within the UK cus you were in the army…….lol

  28. Rhino:

    Birdman…you want boring, try sitting through a 5 day cricket match…only for it to end in a draw.

    Now that’s fucking boring.

    Speaking of fucking boring….Hiya CON & CAD!!!!!!

  29. oldschool1987:

    LMFAO if you remember your the one who said he was flying to England in November but guess what? You disapeared from Blorge then didn’t you lmfao! I ain’t flying there just to kick a terrorists ass, but if you were coming here like you said you were then I wouldn’t miss the opportunity, but guess what? You disapeared off here lmfao! Shock haha.

    And I support some of the BNPs ideas, like English people get jobs 1st and less immigration but if you think that’s wrong then you’re a retard. Just because I support some of the BNPs ideas don’t mean I support everything the party leader agrees with. Put it this way, you support Bin Laden, you agree with blowing people up like he does but he also likes dressing in a dress, don’t mean you have to agree with him just because you supoort some if his ideas But you are obviously to stupid that you think supporting some parties ideas means you have to support every single thing they do. He might be a Holocause denier, don’t mean every one who agrees with some of the BNPs ideas agree with that one. But you keep being a retard and think everyone shares the same thoughts …retard. Now who got fucking OWNED like a total terrorist supporting retard?

    And calling someone a spik is totally racist and disgusting, you should take a good long look at yourself terrorist, you’re scum.

    And when did I shit myself? I’m the one who told you to come here in the 1st place LMFAO! And then you said you were and disapeareed from Blorge the monthyou told me you would let me know you were coming here for work. Stop digging yourself in a whole CONvict. Plus we all know you’re a fat fuck anyway, we seen your facebook haha.

  30. CaptBirdman:


    As I said, your opinion is bollocks. Not “putting you down,” just calling a spade a spade. Anyone who has GT5 wil tell you, if you don’t put in the time, you will not get into the good stuff. You say you had it less than a week? LMFAO– that means you were still riding in little honda civics and clio renaults. You tasted the wine the first day it was made, and then complain that it doesn’t compare to 1957 merlot? We’ve already explained GT5 gets better with age. I guess it’s true–Americans have attention spans of a goldfish. So Sad.

    @Dans– NO. FUCKING. WAY. Basketball is the most exciting sport there is. Footie is 3 hours of running up and down the field only to have 18 fucking 1-1 or nil-nil games in the World Cup!

    @Rhino– Bloddy agreed. I don’t know why mum likes that rubbish…

  31. oldschool1987:

    My personal opinion is that Boxing is the most exciting sport. Love it ;)

  32. Rhino:

    Only foxy boxing.

  33. CaptBirdman:

    LOL Boxing is boring unless it’s PPV, and those only happen 2 times a year :-/

  34. oldschool1987:

    Lol each to their own, I mean I think Basketball is the most pointless sport ever, the only one I think is more pointless is Golf.

  35. Godless:

    Hmm. why didn’t they just say, “It’s an entirely different kind of racing game”. .
    Like grid is arcade and fun, GT5 is more a simulator.

    If you don’t like a race game where a split second lapse in concentration will either have you crash, leave the track or at the least loses the race line and therefore time, then GT5 is not for you. .

    I had a shot of it for about a week, when my mate bought it and hated it. I didn’t think it was as good as the hype suggested, but I have found myself wanting to play it again, but sadly my mate traded it in. He got more for it than I was willing to pay. .
    When it drops to £20 I’ll buy it.

  36. The Future of Sega:

    LMFAO wow you guys have no sense of “cool”. Obviously I can tell that some of you guys played Hide N Seek underneath the bleachers. ;) LMSAO just kidding. Well I for one LIKE American basketball AND football….unfortunately I no longer play the sports due to injuries. But hey it was fun while it lasted. :D

    I mean come on you don’t enjoy “legally” kicking someone’s ass for 4 quarters? (talking about football). That was best way to vent anger, if the opposing team talks about my mom I kicked their ass! If I saw a guy speaking to my ex high school girlfriend I kicked their ass, and then kicked his ass after the game. :D

    If I received a bad grade on a test I would slam my helmet and cleats on and kick some ass! Football by far was the most fun! Sometimes I got roughed up (rarely) but came back and fucked those fucks up. :D At least in football you can play dirty and get away with it.

    Basketball was fun until my team mates all tried to be Kobe Bryant by HOGGING the damn ball. Basketball no longer became fun anymore because of that crap…

    Moving right along Con whats your Xbox id? Cad yours? As soon as I get my 360 repaired I want to add you guys.


    Lol watch out Captbirdman is a hard one to refute. We’re still buddies though but persuasion with undeniable evidence is the way to win. :D I haven’t played Gran Turismo 5 yet so I will hold my peace. I’m getting ready to trade in 17 of my PS3 games…

  37. The Future of Sega:

    The UFC is the most exciting sport ever!!! Brock Lesnar is dinosaur out there! :D I would shit my own spleen if I ever had to confront him. :(

  38. The Future of Sega:

    I played the GT5 Prologue demo…the disc start music was awesome! It had a nice mellow jazz feel to it which put me to sleep. But when I played the game I immediately deleted it from my harddrive. I didn’t find one thing entertaining about it except for the PS3 crossbar music.

    From what I since it’s a 2004 game trapped in 2010 concepts. That’s a major problem for games that take too long to develop. Even MGS4 suffered some the same fate but fortunately it’s a fun game…..if you have allotted time to play it.

    Overall I’m disappointed with the current generation of games. I thought graphics, sound, and gameplay would have reached a new milestone instead of the “next” step.

    If I had the knowledge and expertise I would make my own video gaming console.

  39. Roca.:

    “Is calling Ivan a spik all you got? He can’t fucking spell in english ”

    then he has the guts to say he’s not racist…lmao
    how about the fact that you have americans and supports the killing of military troops.

  40. twilight:

    My favorite sports are tennis and soccer. I also like basketball as well. I hate American football and golf.

  41. dans303:

    I’m sad for Andy Murray. . . . *sniff, sniff*

    Bird – “Footie is 3 hours of running up and down the field”
    It’s only 1 hour 30 minutes. ;)

    “to have 18 fucking 1-1 or nil-nil games in the World Cup!”
    Touche, you got me on that one. The world cup last year was not the showcase it should have been and usually is. Especially Rooney – truly awful! Being Scottish, I was truly gutted England played so poor. ;)

  42. CaptBirdman:

    “It’s only 1 hour 30 minutes. ”

    hahaha lies!!

    And mum was (of fucking course) supporting England. It was so embarrassing the way they played. I was pulling for America. I’m kind of an underdog man. And the good old Red White & Blue had a hell of a tourny, considering it’s not really America’s forte. Or the fact that no one really cares about football.

    Remember the bloody vuvuzelas?? bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  43. oldschool1987:

    Lies? A Football match is 90 minutes long, what game you on about?

    And I don’t like Football but the way you described it just to sound dumb was kind of poor:

    ‘Footie is 3 hours of running up and down the field’

    You could easily do the same about anything to make it sound rubbish, like Basketball is only a game of bouncing a ball around, but I know that’s not true, I know there’s a lot more to it.

    I don’t like Football because the players have no passion but to say the game is rubbish for the reasons you suggested is a bit naive, it is the most played sport in the entire world. Try watching a match, you might enjoy it. I know you’ve never seen one because you think it’s 3 hours long, you just got told the scores right? lol

  44. dans303:

    “Remember the bloody vuvuzelas?? bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

    You of course mean: bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz????

  45. CaptBirdman:

    Olds– I apologise that my sarcasm was lost upon you mate… But I’m fucking English. My mum is fucking English, and I am from fucking England. I have no choice but to watch football sometimes, especially World Cup time. It’s the only sport we English are decent in (except the aforementioned World Cup, buh-zing!).

    However, an entire production of a football match is technically 105 minutes, usually. And as I said, I was being sarcastic. Football is boring lately, and 90 minutes feels like 3 hours– now do you understand?

    FYI– basketball is the 2nd most played sport, but the rest of the world can’t compete against America (ESPECIALLY England), so that’s why most hate it so much but

  46. oldschool1987:

    Oh it was sarcasm? D’oh, I feel stupid lmfao. My bad, sarcasm loses it’s touch when it’s in text, I normally put a (!) when being sarcastic …I got that from DVD subtitles lmao.

    I don’t watch football, ever. I think it’s a great sport, just lacking in great, honest players.

    btw there was no need to act so arsy Birdman, you seem to have got offended by my comment lol. And most don’t hate Basketball because we can’t compete with America, that’s a stupid reason. England can’t compete with Brazil in Football but still the entire English nation adores Football (minus me lol). Just Saying.

  47. CaptBirdman:

    Nah just don’t take what I say personal. I’m always cursing and such, so most think I’m serious, but I’m quite the opposite mate, really. I’m just a vulgar bloke hahaha

    But seriously, English hate most “American sports” (technically bball is Canadian). Like American Football, Baseball, etc. I know this for a fact.

    And I like football, just not the fucking ponce clubs like Man Untd and the L.A. Galaxy (even though I support the Galaxy– I’m a Los Angeleno & they gotz Mr Posh Spice!!)

  48. dans303:

    I’m an Arsenal fan myself. :)

  49. oldschool1987:

    Mr Posh Spice lmao. God, she’s a dog haha. Biggest nostrils EVER. I was a United supported back in my ‘I-like-football’ days. But I joined the Army, lost interest and when I did see a match after a while, I couldn’t get over how fucking gay the players are, the slightest tackle and they cry forever lol.

  50. CON:

    @holocaust denier

    think you’ll find i was in multiple threads over november. so who exactly disappeared???????? prove me wrong ;)

    you wanted to ‘hunt me down’ bla bla and i called you out. then when i did you claimed you couldn’t travel here even though you don’t need a passport.



  51. oldschool1987:

    @ Racist, terrorist supporting slug:

    You didn’t own me with that link though did you, because I just explained I don’t agree with some of the leaders views but I agree with 2 things, English jobs for English people 1st and less immigration. So you’re just owning yourself yet again.

    And what I said what, when were on leave from the Army we have to sign forms saying what part of the country we will be in incase we get called out on deployments, you’d know this if you knew anything about how the military works, but obviously you talk out your traitorous arse.

    Also not once did I say I would fly out the country just to kick your arse, you ain’t worth that hassle but you said you were coming here in November for work and would tell me nearer the date when, but you didn’t. Prove me wrong terrorist. Give up you fat retarded fuck, you keep owning yourself, I’m embarrased for you lol.

    Now if you think I’m scared of a fat fuck like you then you’re more delusional than I thought. I’ve been on operation tours 3 times and box as a hobby. But you go ahead and think your keyboard warriorness is terrifying lmfao!

    I’ve come to realize how unimportan you are anyway, you’re just an internet troll who just likes to piss people off online because it’s the only way you can feel big. You ain’t worth any ones time or effort. But keep acting the big man, so the rest of us can laugh at you (like we normally do). So go back into your shell slug before I pour salt on you.

  52. The Future of Sega:


  53. CON:

    I was here in NOV so you’re full of shit!

    You were always the one talking about coming over here.

    “if I was coming to Belfast how much we betting you wouldn’t give me your address?”

    Then when I actually gave you my address you backed the fuck down.


    I see you have no come back to that video proving your party leader is a halocaust denier.

    “English jobs for English” Typical racist comment


  54. oldschool1987:

    LMFAO!!!! Find me where I backed out PMFSL!!! Stop making shit up!!!! Wow, you really are a deformed face retard lol.

    And I gave you my response, but you just can’t read, bless.

    Racist? hmm… Who called Ivan a spik? Thought so: OWNED hahaha, Fuck off back to Al Queuda.

    If you were on here in Nov, then why didn’t you comment to me when you’re coming here then? You just proved yourself as a flapper then for not bringing it up when you said you would. Hmm… Point proven.

  55. oldschool1987:

    Anyway bored of you now CONvict the Terrorist wannabe. You carry on acting the big man, thinking you can have me lmfao, but you and I both know it’s a pathetic attempt at making yourself look big …I don’t buy it and no one else does either haha. We all know you’re just a sad, fat fuck who got bullied in school. But you keep thinking I’m scared of you, even though I’ve been on operational tour 3 times. Can’t believe you actually believe that a soldier who has been to war is scared of an internet troll like you, it really is painfully funny lmfao! Go back to your mummies basement CONvict and read up on Adjem Choudary’s latest blog, I know he’s your favourite, haha laterz pussy.

  56. jojo29:

    ““if I was coming to Belfast how much we betting you wouldn’t give me your address?”

    I see the word “if”….”if I was coming to Belfast…”

    Logic, common sense and basic fucking literary skills, would indicate that he’s NOT coming to belfast….but IF he was…..

    CON…you owned no one but yourself….

    “He can’t fucking spell in english and types jiberish. If there’s a better definition then I’m all ears.”

    So, just because he can’t speak english or spell and speaks jibberish…that makes him a spik….he can’t be any other nationality…only spiks can’t speak english, spell or sound like jibberish….

    A better definition would be he’s just stupid….but in CON’s racist view, he has to out an entire race… least I know what he thinks of “spiks”…and to that I say fuck you CON, you racist pos…

  57. The Future of Sega:

    I bet CON was over there in Egypt riding in town on a camel and got his ass beat by the crowd. ;-) Ivan probably did the same thing too….haven’t heard from him since I’ve returned. :D

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