Killzone 3: brutal melee and impressive voice acting

January 30, 2011

Killzone 3: brutal melee and impressive voice acting The folks at Guerrilla Games recently dropped two videos about Killzone 3, revealing the stellar cast of voice actors along with some violent brutal melee finishers.

The dev diaries reveal a great deal of information from the minds of Guerrilla Games as the developers try to fine tune the controls in Killzone 3. The developers also talk about implementing new gameplay mechanics such as the ground slide.

The video also shows off various brutal melees that can be performed.

*Warning: some of the brutal melees performed are extremely violent and involve poking eyes out.

The second video below shows off the voice cast that include the famous Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone.

The single player campaign looks to outdo the second game with more cinematic moments with a compelling story. Stay tuned for more information around Killzone 3, which is set to launch Feb. 22.

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