PS3 outsells Xbox 360 by 2.3 million in 2010 – closes gap

February 4, 2011

PS3 outsells Xbox 360 by 2.3 million in 2010 - closes gapEarlier today, Sony released its earnings report for the holiday quarter and the numbers are stunning. The company highlighted some very interesting figures about hardware and software sales.

Sony revealed that total PS3 lifetime sales have reach 47.9 million units ending in December 2010. This puts the total units sold approximately three million units behind the Xbox 360, which Microsoft recently revealed that lifetime sales were 50.9 million units ending in December 2010.

It appears that Sony has further closed the gap between the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the PS3 this past year. In 2010, the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 by a whopping 2.3 million units, further corroding Microsoft’s 8 million plus one year lead.


*All manufacturers report sold to retail in earnings report

Microsoft’s earnings report puts the Xbox 360 at 12.1 million units from January to December 2010. Sony’s earnings report puts the PS3 at 14.4 million units from January to December 2010.

The sales figures for the holiday season 2010 was a surprise for everyone considering the success of the Kinect which sold eight million units. Both companies ended up selling exactly 6.3 million consoles during the holiday quarter.

It appears that the division housing the PlayStation business saw record operating profits up to $564 million from October to December, which is a 135 percent increase from 2009.

The PS3 is clearly on a sales streak outselling the Xbox 360 on an annual basis consecutively. It’s amazing how close the console race has become just this past year. 2011 is starting to look like a very interesting year.

109 Responses to “PS3 outsells Xbox 360 by 2.3 million in 2010 – closes gap”

  1. Kushy:

    Just goes to show you that North America and NDP is not the whole world! Kev is going to have a meltdown over this! lol

    Another price cut on the PS3 should be the final nail in the coffin! PS3 is taking over the 360 this year no doubt. I can’t wait to hear Kev and CAD cry once it’s announced PS3 has passed the 360 in sales! lol :)

  2. oldschool1987:

    THIS IS BULLSHIT! Americas sales are the only ones that count! Any dip shit knows this, too say any other country is important is just stupid!!!

    …Just predicting Kevs comment to come.

  3. Rhino:

    LOL Mike, in Kev’s eyes your were a biased fanboy, this is just going to send him right over the edge.


  4. gunstar:

    360 vs PS3 2008 gap is 7.1 million units
    360 vs PS3 2009 gap is 5.2 million units
    360 vs PS3 2010 gap is 3.0 million units
    360 vs PS3 2011 gap is 1.0 million units?

    hmn chipping off 2 million units a year, eh

    I strongly doubt it!!!
    Not that the PS3 will not sell more than the 360 in 2011 but because Greenberg can easily do PR damage control & slap another million or so units sold any how he pleases! So it could be more or the gap has been closed already.
    Furtheremore, this is why this hardware numbers games is ridiculous & by no means the only standard by which one can measure the “success” of any console.

    How about the amount of negativity & oppression a console platform had to put up with?
    How about the amount of high quality games one can play on it? etc etc

    Mike Ferro, they say its not the hardware but its the games that makes a gaming console successful,
    … can you also report on software sales & attatch rates on an annual basis?

    This is equally important will sure tell which console ids doing really well. Thanks.

  5. oldschool1987:

    The amount of high quality games easily goes to the PS3. Any one can see that. Maybe not in sales, but definitely in quality and amount of exclusives.

  6. CarlB:

    Too bad, they deserve to have surpassed 360 by now in total sales. Four years for a company that once dominated the industry to only come close to outstripping total sales of a console that was released five years ago… at least they are making progress. Maybe this year.

    This year?
    -$149.99 4GB 360
    -$249.99 250GB 360
    -$249.99 160GB PS3
    -$349.99 320GB PS3
    -$299.99-$349.99 500GB 360
    -$399.99 500GB PS3
    -$49.99 Move Starter Bundle
    -$99.99 Kinect Starter Bundle

    -NextBox announced near release of NGP.
    -PS Three model between this holiday season and next (like PS One)
    -XB Three60 one year after PS Three

  7. Godless:

    Hmm I think a couple of months back I guessed that it would be Christmas 2012 before the PS3 had outsold the 360..
    I’m now more leaning toward Christmas 2011,
    It’s a really hard one to call, because the PS3 has the blu-ray, and blu-ray is finally starting to catch on, it all depend on whether people who want to get a blu-ray player will consider a gaming machine as an option. Some will say it’s the only sane option for an extra £150, you get all the extras that a standard blu-ray player can’t do, though some of the newer player can do just about everything but play games, Some will simply prefer a higher quality player, and have no interest in games so the competition is stiff PS3 sales may rely almost entirely on gamers alone.

    Then there is Kinect for the 360, will this pull in the casuals, or will the Wii hang on in there, or maybe the Wii2 will render the Kinect worthless as a selling point, my feeling is that the Wii will still be around next Christmas, and I think the Wii2 may also be available alongside it, so the 360 could find itself in crowded casual market and will need to rely on the hardcore gamers to keep it selling.

    I’m happy both machines have sold as well, and that both companies are now making money back on there investments. The 360, definitely has a shorter life span , but I think this was always the plan, it could be that just when Sony take the lead, MS launch there new machine, and you can bet it will make the current gen look as old as they are. And with the rumours that the new Xbox is fully backward compatible, with older games being enhanced by the hardware, it will hit the ground running, and I think could jeopardise sonys long term plans for the PS3.

  8. Kushy:

    I don’t think you will see a new console from Microsoft until at least 2013, most likely 2014. Also pretty sure Sony has PS4 in the works and is not going to let Microsoft have another big lead with a new system. Pretty sure Sony will hold it’s cards until it hears what Microsoft is planning this time and release very close to if not before Microsoft.

  9. Roca.:

    “I don’t think you will see a new console from Microsoft until at least 2013, most likely 2011″

    specially since they want to capitalized on their new cash cow… Kinect lol

    I see that Kinect was the reason why the PS3 didn’t outsell the 360, but not even Kinect was enough to boost 360 sales past PS3′s

  10. phranctoast:

    It is nuts that kinect shipped 2.7 milion more units than ps3 and 360 in less time.

    Well done Sony and PS3.
    I guess me and kev have to talk. ;)

    surprised at how much the ps2 still sells anually.

  11. CarlB:

    I don’t think Kinect will have enough legs to capitalize beyond this year… M$ needs something new to counter NGP (esp. if it’s equivalent in power to a 360, what an embarrassment), and I doubt it’s going to be a new handheld, Windows 8 phone, Zune 2, etc. A new game announcement won’t cut it either. 360 is going to be looking looking even more aged compared to the PS3 by the end of this year than it already does.

    I’m not getting a 3DS either, because of Ninty’s snobby little stance towards trophies and their weak launch lineup. NGP is looking better and better.

  12. Roca.:

    “I don’t think Kinect will have enough legs to capitalize beyond this year”

    that’s what you and me think but Microsoft, in the other hand, is pretty much basing the future of 360 on Kinect.

    Why will Microsoft needs something to counter NGP? MS and the Xbox brand is not part of market (portable gaming)….

    “360 is going to be looking looking even more aged compared to the PS3 by the end of this year than it already does.”

    But MS doesn’t care, I think they will be happy as long as Kinect keeps selling well, PPL keep paying for XBL and 360 keeps outselling PS3 in NA.

    500 Million investment (on advertisement alone) shows that MS will be supporting Kinect for a while.

  13. phranctoast:

    Those are some pretty optimistic predictions carlb.

    I think a $50 price cut on both systems will occur. I can’t see move and kinect starter kits dropping $50 though, or the introduction of another smaller SKU for either (if I’m understanding you correctly. )

  14. CarlB:

    “that’s what you and me think but Microsoft, in the other hand, is pretty much basing the future of 360 on Kinect.”

    No, they’ll do well enough with Kinect this year, as they did last, but Kinect is just a experiment/runner up to Kinect 2 for the NextBox.

    “Why will Microsoft needs something to counter NGP? MS and the Xbox brand is not part of market (portable gaming)….”

    Exactly. Because it has nothing in the market, and what Sony will have in the market will be close enough to a 360, and PS3 will be even more graphics driven by the end of the year, whereas 360 will really be maxed out and aging even more than it already is by the end of the year, M$ will need to direct attention to it’s NextBox.

    “But MS doesn’t care, I think they will be happy as long as Kinect keeps selling well, PPL keep paying for XBL and 360 keeps outselling PS3 in NA.”

    Of course they care, because they won’t be happy as Kinect sales drop off towards the end of the year, more people will migrate towards PSN, and 360 sales will drop off in comparison to PS3 by the end of the year in NA.

    “500 Million investment (on advertisement alone) shows that MS will be supporting Kinect for a while.”

    8 Million in Kinect sales last year grossed 1.2B. Even this same number spread across the entirety of this year would more than make up for the initial investment, and that’s being conservative and only counting Kinect starter packs @$150, not console bundles. Not to mention Kinect sales (consequently support) don’t automatically end with just the announcement (or even release) of a next gen console.

  15. CarlB:

    “I can’t see move and kinect starter kits dropping $50 though”

    I see this happening because the fervor and “gee whiz” factor of both will continue to die down throughout the rest of this year, the game included will be that much older (much of the price drop), and more people come to realize the best way to control the best games is still with the traditional controller.

    Most of the initial sales of both were built off of hype. Hype only goes so far for so long. I can still see some starter bundles maintaining the price, but they will have to include new games, not old ones.

    “or the introduction of another smaller SKU for either (if I’m understanding you correctly. )”

    Yes, you are. I see this happening as a continued way to save on manufacturing/shipping/handling costs. Each version being released at least a couple of years (or three years) after the last iteration means a considerable size/cost reduction could be made due to more recent advances in technology.

    It’s not like the hard drives are getting any larger in physical dimensions as they increase in capacity, but motherboards, heat, power, casing, etc. can more easily be reduced as time goes on. It worked for Sony and PS One, it can work for PS Three and Three60 as well.

  16. phranctoast:

    …..But by $50? I could see Move dropping to $79 and Kinect $129, but a 50% and 33% reduction?

    Has the two smaller SKU’s ever happened before in one gen?

  17. Roca.:

    Wii Play (bundle with a Wii remote) is still $50 and it’s like 2 or 3 years old.

    I don’t think they are going to waste money and time on R&D for a smaller SKU, not to mention that having more different SKU (with different chipset, mobo, etc) will make it harder for them produce produce patches (3x as much work and time)

    Either way I can see a $50 price drop but a new slimmer sku is not going to happen.

  18. Godless:

    Commodore Amiga A500 and A1200 both underwent several changes. with the A500 eventually ending up as an A600 which was a kind of like the 48K spectrum against the 16k version. the same but different

    These machines were on the market for a span of almost 10 years, that factor alone leads to changes for the reasons CarlB pointed out

    even the C64 had at least 5 motherboard revisions in it’s time, externally it only changed once when the Amiga was launched it got restyled to match the new Amiga looks

    And before someone points out that these were home computers. I know that but, they were sold exclusively as gaming platforms. .you could count the number of people who bought a C64, A500 or A1200 for personal computer use on the fingers of one hand.

  19. Roca.:

    we are talking about completely new specs and slimmer design.

    the 360 has had like 5 different chipset and many changes to some its internal parts but they only have one Slim Sku

    Same for PS3… but only one Slim version.

  20. phranctoast:

    Since it’s never happened before with previous ‘real’ consoles ; I don’t see it happening…buy hey…This gen will likely be longer than any gen previously so who the hell knows!

  21. phranctoast:

    There’s a mistake of about 100k units on the 350 side somewhere.

    Last quarter (July-Sept) they were 2.9M units between the two. This quarter (Oct-Dec) they sold the same. They shouldn’t be 3M apart, but still 2.9M.

  22. jojo29:

    Where’s kev??? I wanna see what he has to say lmao..

    “Kinect outselling 5 to 1″
    “Ps3 in last place”

    Less than 3million units seperate the two consoles….with gears months and months away, uc3/kz3/lbp2/twisted metal/motorstorm3…, the multiplat games that sell better on PS3 like fighting games…like MvC3/SFvT/TvSf

    Another great year for the ps3….well mayber exclusives such as michael phelps swimming will help curb the gap loss…..LMAO!!!!!

  23. phranctoast:

    Since there’s sometimes difficulty reading and understand those fiscal reports, Here’s the links to the presentation slides for both Sony and Microsoft.


  24. Roca.:

    PS3 have outsold the 360 by almost 6M the last two years.

  25. FahKinSuPah:

    “Same for PS3… but only one Slim version.”

    We know thats not true, just take a look at the fact that PS3 used to have BC with PS2 and that was different hardware compared to the non-ps2 BC version.

  26. phranctoast:

    I think what he means to convey is, both have had major SKU internal revisions. Both only had 1 Slim SKU revision though

    There’s never been two Slim SKU revisions in one gen.

  27. Roca.:

    Phranc understood what I tried to say.

  28. FahKinSuPah:

    Alright, I get it now.

    Given that both PS3 and Xbox 36o0 are probably somewhere in the middle or second half of their lifespan I woudl not be surprised if they do get further revisions

    Only Sega Genesis has done something like that, and that was several gens ago

  29. phranctoast:

    There were three different looking Genesis SKU’s? I remember two.

  30. FahKinSuPah:

    Oh yeah, they changed the design on the Genesis 3 times

  31. FahKinSuPah:

    Compared to the other SG models #3 is SMALL

  32. Roca.:

    So one revision and one slim version..

  33. phranctoast:

    IDK… I think you might be getting the Megadrive mixed in there. Sometimes Japan SKU’s look different. Super Famicom and SNES are good examples, like Megadrive and Genesis.

  34. phranctoast:

    Nope. he’s right. There were actually three.

  35. phranctoast:

    woops… Four

  36. FahKinSuPah:

    Yeah, Sega really worked on that Genesis lol. Most of their consoles were identical between regions as well.

  37. CAD:

    Well the world if full of idiots. Oh Well!! I still think the the PS3 is shit compared to the 360 when it comes to gaming. I truly believe that the Bluray player is paying off for Sony because it the only thing of valu in the console. I truly don’t think PS3 will pass the 360 this year because of Kinect. It only launched in November and is still selling very well. Plenty of Kinect games will prove their worth this year and if stupid companies like EA would make games like Fight Night or 2K Top Spin Kinect enabled they would sell more of those titles. Stupid’s move of 2011 so far. That why Virtual Tennis is getting my money. Anyways Kinct will put the nail in the coffin this year I’m sure of it and More games will use the Cross Platform with Windows Phone 7 expanding the games beyond the console. I just love how I can play Multiplayer games on the go because of 3G and I’m not bound by Wi-Fi. Well 2011 looks promising with all these titles coming.

    The Secret World
    Nuclear Dawn
    Codename: Kingdoms
    Project Draco
    Steel Battalion Heavy Armor
    Rise Of Nightmares
    Codename D
    Star Wars Kinect
    Forza 4
    Gears Of War 3
    Project Gotham 5, Perfect Dark sequel
    Mech Warrior
    Halo 4 / Halo Combat Evolved reboot.
    Body and Brain Connection
    Dance Paradise
    Brunswick Pro Bowling
    Fantastic Pets
    Winter Sports 3: The Great Tournament
    Child of Eden
    Get Fit With Mel B
    YooStar 2
    Michael Jackson: The Experience
    Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do
    Virtua Tennis 4
    Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

  38. Roca.:

    I like how CAD just comes up with his own games. PGR5 and PD’s sequel lmao

    Besides Gears 3, there is nothing on 360 to match what the PS3 is offering this year.

  39. FahKinSuPah:

    It’s really ashame that the new Steel Battalion game is going to be a Kinect title.

    Too bad I can’t hook up the old SB controller and use that lol

  40. phranctoast:

    Sorry CAD.
    Some games on there are multiplatform. Other haven’t been announced or even hinted at being announced.

    -Halo 4? Really CAD..really
    -PGR4? Who’s making it?
    -Perfect Dark Sequel? When is Rare going to do that? They’ve already stated they’re making Kinect titles only.

    -MechWarrior-not announced
    -Brunswick Pro Bowling-exclusive to 2011. PS3 version came out last year
    -Child of Eden-multiplatform
    -Get Fit With Mel B-multiplatform
    -Michael jackson-multiplatform

    Nuclear Dawn and Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do are the only games that are real, that I don’t have on my list.

  41. zman901:

    wait so when ps3 outsells shitbox games and exclusives actually count for something, but when 3rd60 outsells ps3 exclusives become irrelevant. i find it kind of funny that you fagbots have the balls to even mention exclusives as a strong point for that excuse of a console when everybody knows that ps3 is the king of QUALITY exclusives

  42. CAD:

    Guys come on so what if it’s multiplatform. The experiences are completely different because it’s Kinect. It won’t be like before where it was the same experience with better graphics on the 360 version. Kinect is a whold new ball game.

    Oh and Fahkin, Steel Battalion is using the Controller and Kinect with On Screen controls.

  43. CAD:


    When did I mention Exclusives?

  44. ncaissie:

    “I just love how I can play Multiplayer games on the go because of 3G and I’m not bound by Wi-Fi.”
    LMFAO Wasn’t it you bashing 3G on the NGP? HAHAHA you fuckin retard.

  45. phranctoast:

    “Guys come on so what if it’s multiplatform. The experiences are completely different because it’s Kinect.”

    And not always for the better. Bowling, and VT are better played with Move. Michael Jackson will likely be better on Kinect.

  46. Roca.:

    “LMFAO Wasn’t it you bashing 3G on the NGP? HAHAHA you fuckin retard”

    He keeps contracdicting himself lmao..

  47. FahKinSuPah:


    Doesn’t matter if the new Steel Battalion uses my balls to steer the giant fucking robot!

    Kinect and a controller is not going to equal up to the big fucking 40 button controller that came with Steel Battalion.

    Kinect is just not going to give me that immersive experience that made the orignal SB so awsome.

    The only time kinect will EVER give you a truly immersive experience is is someone makes a game called Mime Time with Marcel Marseu that has you learning how to become a mime.

  48. CAD:


    Well all I have to say it you have not idea and hanging around these idiots will keep your imagiantion from realising how engaging Kinect games really are. I think that Immersive experience you say it will lack is bullshit. Imagine on screen controls where you just reach out and see your hand controlling the on screen buttons or whatever. Can’t wait to play it.

  49. CAD:

    Yeah I contridicting again!! When the NGP come with a Phone built in let me know. See you at Starbucks while I walk out the door playing my games on the go LOL.

  50. twilight:

    Xbox360 still leads Ps3 in worldwide sales. Sony still has some work to do. Xbox360 is still a force to be reckoned with. Both consoles will probably have a price drop again this year and the war will be on again.

  51. FahKinSuPah:


    Your a 360 fanboy. I’m not

    The “idiots” you are refering to are PS3 fanboys. I’m not.

    That’s the difference between us.

    If you really think that the Kinect SB experience will compare to the original SB then you are sadly mistaken.

    Have you ever even played the original Steel Battalion? It is quite possibly the most immersive game experience, except for maybe virtual reality or army simulators which of course aren’t commercially available.

    The Wii can be immersive and engaging, but that doesn’t mean that any given developer can really make use of that. And we all know how true this is cause the Wii barely had anygood games.

    So what makes you think that Steel Battalion for Kinect will be any different?

  52. Roca.:

    “how engaging Kinect games really are”

    You will support anything that comes from MS huh? damn you are the biggest fanboy here.

  53. CAD:


    I was just going to ay that. A price drop will definately put more pressure on Sony. We all know Microsfot is in a better positon to drop the price.

  54. FahKinSuPah:

    One thing I can say for certain is that the price wont be much different.

    Steel Battalion cost $200 when it was released.

    The kinect version will be $60 and require you to pay $150 for the kinect sensor.

  55. Roca.:

    “See you at Starbucks while I walk out the door playing my games on the go LOL”

    Here is CAD contradicting himself again, I can do the same with a 3G NGP. The only difference is I’ll b playing real games with 360 graphics and true online gaming.

  56. phranctoast:

    Yeah. No change at all this quarter. Still 2.9M behind.
    It will be interesting to see if Kinect Momentum continues to next quarter…

  57. zman901:

    so what are gears, forza, xcom… doing on that list? and like the guys already pointed out most of those games are multiplats and no kinect doesn’t make all of them better, i mean virtua tennis will be 10 time better on move for exampel. don’t believe me just go do a comparison between sports champions and any kinect sport game than come here and tell us which is more accurate

  58. ncaissie:

    “See you at Starbucks while I walk out the door playing my games on the go LOL.”
    LOL hey fool, the NGP WILL HAVE 3G GAMING ON THE GO! we wont need starbucks and we don’t need to play shit phone games.

  59. CAD:

    No Roca

    I just don’t laugh at cool tech just because it’s from Microsoft. If this was Sony doing this you would be singing it’s praises. You pretend to hate the Move but yet you own one and you hate that Microsfot has the better Motion Control. No bigger Fanboy in here then you. I can at least play PS3 game and not lie through my teeth saying a good game is shit the way you do with every 360 game. Your are the biggest Fanboy and the Biggest Liar all at the same time. What a waste of a human being.

  60. CAD:


    You fail to realize that Kinect Sports titles are very on point. You also fail to realized that Blizzard and Rare said that they got the lag down to basically 1 on 1 and you will see this in future games. So if Kinect sports is that colse and is very playable and fun which it is, I’m not worried.

  61. CAD:


    Yeah but Kinect will be used for much more then just one game and cost less then buying Move controllers. Hey your bought the first one so what are you really complaining about.

  62. CAD:


    LOL oh now you like 360 graphics. Hypocrit!!

  63. Roca.:

    “If this was Sony doing this you would be singing it’s praises”

    I didn’t get into the EyeToy and I have Move and I barely play it… I don’t even talk about the move but you praise Kinect just because the 360 doesn’t have anything else going for it.

  64. phranctoast:

    I can accept that some games can be better on Kinect. I can’t see how you can’t accept that some games would be better with Move.

    As Star Wars lightsaber dueling game would be much better for Move. Using force powers with gestures would be better on Kinect.

    Before spewing all the fanboy this and fanboy that CAD, try looking in the mirror.

  65. Roca.:

    “LOL oh now you like 360 graphics”

    on a portable is understandable. I can deal with going from original PSP graphics to 360 graphics, its a step forward. But on console, from PS3 graphis to 360 graphics is a step backwards.

  66. Roca.:

    last quarterly report made HH disappear..
    the current one has kept Kev away all day long..

    just like Kev says: The numbers don’t lie

  67. CAD:


    Hey it’s not Microsft’s fault Japan is full if Idiots who love bad games LOL. Take out Japan and things look a little differnet.

  68. FahKinSuPah:


    “You also fail to realized that Blizzard and Rare said that they got the lag down to basically 1 on 1 and you will see this in future games.”

    Since when did Blizzard start making Kinect games? Last I checked they just made PC games, so I think your statement might be wrong

    Also You didn’t answer my question as to wether or not you played Steel Battalion on Xbox.

  69. Roca.:

    talk about liars lol. Blizzard making games on Xbox.
    Yeah only in your head.

  70. phranctoast:

    “Take out Japan and things look a little differnet.”

    360 LTD Japan Sales.

    PS3 LTD Japan Sales.

    It’s about half the difference of NA numbers ratio from 360 to PS3.

  71. FahKinSuPah:


    Blizzard just doesn’t do console games lol. At all. regardless of what system it is.

  72. twilight:

    I did not know you were into tennis games. I will be buying both Virtua Tennis as well as the new Topspin. I pre-ordered Topspin for the Agassi character.

  73. Roca.:

    I know, but he’s talking specifically about the 360.
    Next time he will say that Naughty Dog managed to get no lag out of Kinect ;)

  74. gunstar:

    The PlayStation 3 is now on its own league & the 360 can’t touch it no more.

    For this matter … it does not matter whether or not PS3 surpass or not 360 number statistics… what matter is as long as Sony meet their PS3 numbers installed base projections every year… THAT in itself is success already … without no reference for 360 numbers or Wii numbers for that matter.

  75. FahKinSuPah:

    Blorge would be a better place if all the fanboys left.

    Unfortunately that would leave just me here lol

  76. dans303:

    And me . . . .

  77. dans303:

    . . . . or maybe not.

  78. Roca.:

    here is my list of unbiased ppl:
    SW, jojo, FahKin, Kushy & Surv1vor.

    everyone else is a fanboy but no one can’t come close to CAD, Godless & Kev’s level of fanboysm

  79. zman901:

    i’m sorry fahkin but i don’t think that there is someone on blorge that isn’t a fanboy including me

  80. dans303:

    I think Godless is more unbiased than he comes across. He just manages to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

  81. twilight:

    Lol @Smooth Operator.

  82. oldschool1987:

    Roca why I on your unbaised list? You know I ain’t a fanboy, sure I love to wind KEv and CAD up but you know I’m unbaised.

  83. twilight:

    You got put on the Ps3 fanboy side because you said you preferred playing games and collecting trophies on the Ps3 even though you own a Xbox360 as well. It is cool that you do not care though.

  84. oldschool1987:

    Everyone has a preference, the only people who are fanboys are the ones who have only 1 console by choice and defend that console blindly, no matter what. If anyone says they don’t have a preference, then they are lying big time. I ain’t no ones fanboy, of course I prefer PS3, it has more games and in my opinion, better ones as well but I still play my 360 when they release good titles. You’re wrong in assuming I’m a fanboy Twilight, just saying.

  85. oldschool1987:

    Anyway I’m pretty sure Roca just forgot to mention my name, I know he don’t think I’m a fanboy.

  86. twilight:

    Fanboy? I guess it depends on a person ‘s definition of what a fanboy is. A fanboy is just not a person that prefers one system over another. In order to be a fanboy, you can not be
    objective about the system you dislike. System fanboys can not accept negative things being said about their systems and generally fly off the handle when their system is spoken of in a negative way. They will do anything ( including lying about competition games and their preferred system games) to make sure their system and games are always seen in a positive light. Fanboys

  87. twilight:

    I was not implying that you are a fanboy Oldschool. I have never considered you to be a fanboy. You misinterpreted my post. I was just letting that you that some people perceive you as a Ps3 fanboy automatically just because you said that you preferred the Ps3.

  88. oldschool1987:

    @ Twilight: My bad, sorry :S I get what you meant now.

    *runs away embarassed*

  89. Roca.:

    Add oldschool to that list..
    he just like to piss on the xbots but he has defended the 360 and its game before (Halo, ME2, Gears, etc)

  90. CaptBirdman:

    LOL I made the “biased list”

    That is bollocks

  91. twilight:

    Don’t worry about it Oldschool.

  92. oldschool1987:

    Thanks Roca :D I was feeling left out…

    *Wipes away tears*

  93. CarlB:

    It’s true. I’m definitely more biased towards PS3 now because of the reasons both Sony and Microsoft produced last year in order for me to make the segue. If Microsoft ever corrects their mistake with Live and happens to make it a better option than Plus (highly doubtful) before the end of this gen, I might make the switch back to having it being my preferred console.

    “Since it’s never happened before with previous ‘real’ consoles ; ”

    As stated, it happened with Genesis. But also we are looking at the longest console generation in history combined with a faster accelerating rate of technological advancements.

    Some other factors:

    -PS3 Slim was introduced 3 years after launch of PS3, reducing costs, size, power consumption, etc. PSThree can be introduced 3 years after launch of the Slim in or around 2012, with many, if not all, of the benefits the Slim provided.
    -NGP is said to have “near PS3″ like power. Look at it’s form factor and size. Double that size to actually get exact PS3 power, and you will still have something that is under half the size of the present Slim model.

  94. CarlB:

    Think something along the size of a current model PS2. The disc drive and ports would take up the most room.

  95. Rhino:

    So I’m a fanboy Roca???

    Fuck it, so be it.

    So CAD, you want to take out the sales figures for Japan, big fucking deal It doesn’t help MS sales numbers at all, but if that helps you sleep at night, beside your inflatable doll of Aaron Greenberg, so be it.

  96. FahKinSuPah:

    Kev gets the fanboy of the year award. lol

  97. FahKinSuPah:

    Also its absolutely fucking amazing how CAD never answered my question about wether or not he played the original Steel Battalion.

    I’m guessing the answer is no, he hasn’t.

    Instead he was too busy making some shit up.

    Blizzard and kinect my ass!

  98. ncaissie:

    Kushy is an xbot all the way Roca.
    And i’m no gambit.

  99. ncaissie:

    “including lying about competition games and their preferred system games”
    I have never lied about the ps3 or 3shitty lol

  100. ncaissie:

    Just because the xbox 360 is a big pos and I don’t like it doesn’t make me a fanboy.

  101. phranctoast:

    Lol. Yeah. We’re fanboys.

  102. CAD:


    You get all pissey everytime I don’t answer you. Ever consider that I did not read your message because I did not come back to see it until now. Same shit you did last time lol. I got work to do and I don’t camp out here like you. Anyways if you had any sense you would have looked up what I was saying instead of talking shit like u usually do. So what I messed up the developer but the facts are still True. It wasn’t blizzard it was blitz that said that and so did Rare that lag is not an issue with kinect and that in future titles you will see this. And no I did not play the original. I personally never heard about the game before until they were making a kinect game.

  103. twilight:

    Exactly Ncaissie. That’s why I am not referring to you. Even though you may prefer a certain system, you don’t ever cross this line.

  104. Roca.:

    @Kev, CAD and Godless

  105. jojo29:

    Blitz and Blizzard ks a HUGE mixup….blitz= who the hell is that..
    Blizzard = developer of GENRE DEFINING and REcORD SALES breaking developer…Blizzard is the ONLY reason Activision is any “good”…
    Blizzard track record:
    Warcraft RTS franchise = best RTS and most sold
    Diablo…huge following and sales…wait till D3 drops..
    Starcraft 2….broke pc/console sales in less than 24 hours…
    World of Warcraft…12million people play this…daily…that’s more than Xbox 360 Gold Subbers…rofl.

    But you wouldn’t know this because as I recall you stated that PC Gaming is dead and not as good as LIVE Gold…<—- your ignorance and stupidity and biased trolling opinion clearly shows here and renders w/e respnose you come up with..pointless….you talk about being biased….I game on ps3/wii/ and pc…you game purely on 360….sorry but the only fanboy around here is you…

  106. phranctoast:

    Hey kev…? kev….?


  107. Roca.:

    next quarter is CAD’s turn ;)

  108. dans303:

    ^ They’re dropping like flies . . . .

  109. CarlB:

    “Just goes to show you that North America and NDP is not the whole world!”

    Just goes to show that North America is stills the majority of the world’s market for present gen retail home console video games and 360 is still on top.

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