PS3 outsells Xbox 360 by 2.3 million in 2010 – closes gap

February 4, 2011

PS3 outsells Xbox 360 by 2.3 million in 2010 - closes gapEarlier today, Sony released its earnings report for the holiday quarter and the numbers are stunning. The company highlighted some very interesting figures about hardware and software sales.

Sony revealed that total PS3 lifetime sales have reach 47.9 million units ending in December 2010. This puts the total units sold approximately three million units behind the Xbox 360, which Microsoft recently revealed that lifetime sales were 50.9 million units ending in December 2010.

It appears that Sony has further closed the gap between the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the PS3 this past year. In 2010, the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 by a whopping 2.3 million units, further corroding Microsoft’s 8 million plus one year lead.


*All manufacturers report sold to retail in earnings report

Microsoft’s earnings report puts the Xbox 360 at 12.1 million units from January to December 2010. Sony’s earnings report puts the PS3 at 14.4 million units from January to December 2010.

The sales figures for the holiday season 2010 was a surprise for everyone considering the success of the Kinect which sold eight million units. Both companies ended up selling exactly 6.3 million consoles during the holiday quarter.

It appears that the division housing the PlayStation business saw record operating profits up to $564 million from October to December, which is a 135 percent increase from 2009.

The PS3 is clearly on a sales streak outselling the Xbox 360 on an annual basis consecutively. It’s amazing how close the console race has become just this past year. 2011 is starting to look like a very interesting year.

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