3DS: intense eye strain – glasses-free 3D gaming is impractical

February 27, 2011

Nintendo 3DS: intense eye strain - glasses-free 3D is impractical The Nintendo 3DS recently launched over in Japan and gamers are clamoring for the glasses-free handheld device. However, there are reports that the 3DS may cause intense eye strain for some players.

According to Sankaku Complex, consumers are reporting that the 3DS is causing eye strain with some in less than five minutes of play time. It is not clear as to what percent of the population is experiencing this issue.

Several months back, Nintendo issued a warning against prolonged playing on the 3DS without a 10 to 15 minute break in-between 30 minute sessions.

Many retailers over in Japan are already reporting that they are sold out of the 3DS. The device is the first of its kind to sport a small screen capable of creating a 3D image without the use of glasses. This effect is achieved by a technique similar to a lenticular or hologram effect, where the screen has slits where two images are pointed in different directions.

As I analyzed in my in-depth write-up as to why glasses-free 3D is not practical, the parallax barrier screen requires users’ eyes to be at a certain distance from the screen to be in the “sweet spot” for 3D to work perfectly. Moving your head in and out of this “sweet spot” causes image blurring and eye strain, which is why 3D tech that requires glasses are far more practical.

However, I did point out in my analysis that handheld devices may be the exception as gamers will position the device in-front of them using their arms unlike TVs.

14 Responses to “3DS: intense eye strain – glasses-free 3D gaming is impractical”

  1. Ivan_PSP:

    This upgraded DS is going to suck even more the PSP2 is going to wipe the floor with this shit

  2. Barnabe Jones:

    I called it! After what happened with the Virtual Boy, you think they would have learned their lesson.

    This is great news for the PSP2 though. Hopefully this will help to turn the tide of the hand held market.

  3. PS3 RULEZ890:

    BJ Nintendo have been working on 3-D tech for over 20 bloody starting on the NES then the Virtual Boy followed up by the GameCube and the GBAsp and now their research is finished with the 3DS.

  4. Andrew_DS:

    Thats right Barnabe & Ivan. The (brings nothing new to the table) psp2 will wipe the floor with it. Just like the original (brought nothing new to the table) psp did with the original DS.

    Oh wait, my mistake. Its bringing 2 analogue sticks. Oh yes thats gonna swing it. Better give up now Ninty. Ha ha, fools.

  5. Roca.:

    3DS says on the boxt “recomended for ages 7+”
    That doesn’t sound good.

    Either way, PSP2 target audience are hardcore gamers and geeks who loves the lastest and most advance tech.

  6. PS3 RULEZ890:

    You can switch the 3-D effect off you know.

  7. dans303:


    What would be the point in buying it then?

  8. Roca.:

    LOL @ dans303

  9. Barnabe Jones:

    Ha! Good point indeed. After switching off the 3D, you’re left with a DS.

  10. ncaissie:

    “Oh wait, my mistake. Its bringing 2 analogue sticks. Oh yes thats gonna swing it. Better give up now Ninty. Ha ha, fools.”

    LMAO you are a fuckin tool aren’t you?
    2 analogue sticks is what I have been waiting for on a handheld.

  11. Andrew_DS:

    ncaissie : Great. sony have a sale. And have you really been waiting for 2 analogue sticks? Really. Well better get yer cock out…

    Because like Roca pointed out, the psp2 has the most advanced tech.

    2 analogue sticks = Advanced technology
    Glasses-less 3D = ancient technology that has been done soooooo many time before on so many handhelds. Jeez Nintendo why bother tying something new when its only going to appeal to 2/3 of the people who buy handhelds. Durrh!

  12. phranctoast:

    The 3DS looks great. Who wouldn’t want to play reboots of old N64 games..lol

  13. ncaissie:

    2 analogue sticks = Great FPS control dipshit. Not NES level games that require a d-pad and two buttons.
    The touch screen is the stupidest thing for handheld gaming. The DS sucks ass when it make you fumble between the stick and the buttons.
    Fucking retarded like you are Andrew.

  14. Roca.:

    2 analoge sticks = first time that’s ever done on a portable gaming device.

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