GDC 2011: PS3 development paradise – Move.Me and PhyreEngine 3.0

March 4, 2011

GDC 2011: PS3 development paradise – Move.Me and PhyreEngine 3.0 As much as the media outlets want to turn the GDC into a three ring circus, the reality is that the event is a Game Developers Conference. In the spirit of development, Sony has announced some new tools that should get developers excited.

Previously Sony released the first set of PS3 tools called the PhyreEngine to help new comers with development. The tool has been quite popular leading to the continued development and support of the tool. As reported by Develop, Sony unveiled PhyreEngine 3.0 recently at GDC.

The new engine comes with the development tools, as well as a new asset pipeline and processing tool, new level editor, updated API and physics components. PhyreEngine 3.0 can now be seamlessly integrated with other middleware platforms such as Havok, Nvidia and Scaleform.

This is great news as smaller studios can now spend more time on developing the game and less time on building the framework to integrate third party tools with PhyreEngine.

In other news, Sony has just unveiled Move.Me, which is a tool that allows developers to capture data from the PS3 Move to their PC for development use. This will allow indie developers to create their own applications using the Move.

As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, Sony hopes that academic researchers will use the tool to create healthcare applications or something innovative.

Move.Me Screen_2.28.11

Sony’s McCutchan stated, “We see Move.Me as an opportunity to satisfy the need for new, innovative interactive technology in fields like academia, healthcare, and more, as well as to support new developers and inspire applications that we could never have imagined.”

He then added:

We hope it will be used to discover new ways of connecting individuals with information, and maybe even discovering a new healthcare application or two. We know that some of you out there are aspiring software developers yourselves and we’re eager to see what kinds of applications Move.Move inspires. Maybe an aspiring developer like you will create the next big thing with PlayStation Move.

This is similar to what Microsoft recently announced as well regarding the Kinect. The company plans on releasing a Kinect SDK to developers for similar reasons.

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