David Jaffe talks about why Twisted Metal is fun

April 20, 2011

David Jaffe talks about Twisted Metal is fun In a recent interview David Jaffe, the man behind Eat Sleep Play studio revealed some very interesting details about Twisted Metal. Jaffe talks about the type of game he envisions Twisted Metal to be and what makes the game so fun.

In an interview with Gametrailers, Jaffe made it clear that Twisted Metal is not a racing game. He stated that Twisted Metal is “a shooter on wheels meets a fighting game.” The game is very unique in that while driving in a vehicle, players can also switch to a third person shooter view.


He also revealed a vehicle new to the series called the Juggernaut. According Jaffe the Juggernaut is a massive truck with a front and rear cab. Players can open up the back of the truck to let two teammates drive their cars into the rear cab.

This allows the two teammates to take control of the mounted guns on top of the truck. The rear gun can rotate 360 degrees, while the front gun has a limited range of 230 degrees. According to Jaffe the front gun is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and has limited movement.

According to Jaffe, players must communicate with the driver of the Juggernaut via headset to coordinate attacks to play strategically. For those trying to take the Juggernaut down, players must time their attacks to focus on the rear cab when the door opens up to let other cars in. Attaching the exposed rear cab can cause two to three times the normal damage.


Jaffe stated that he wanted to make a fun game with epic battles unlike a game where you step out of the bunker to get shot and spawn again to die.  He wanted to create a game where the battles felt epic like a fighting game where the fights can last longer than three shots before you’re dead.

36 Responses to “David Jaffe talks about why Twisted Metal is fun”

  1. phranctoast:

    Twisted metal games are the epitome of fun. I don’t see much changing in that respect.

  2. Roca.:

    Twisted Metal was for me the GoldenEye, Perfect Dark & Mario Kart of the N64 era for the Playstation. Fun to play split-screen with a buch of friends.

    The game has great characters models, insane vehicles, a twisted and crazy story and epic bosses…anyone who has not played TM (not counting 3 & 4) before is missing out big time.

  3. phranctoast:

    “Respected mag PSM3 points to Sony sequel

    God of War 4 is in development and will be released in September 2012, according to respected unofficial PlayStation mag, PSM3.

    Last month a CV appeared online referencing a “God of War 4 cinematic test” and although the animator in question has since claimed this has nothing to do with Sony’s flagship series, in its latest issue, PSM3 says it’s learnt more…

    “PSM3 has heard from another source that God of War 4 is coming, and will hit in September 2012,” the mag reports in its latest issue, which is out next week and with subscribers now.

    “Our source works closely with the God of War universe, and let slip he’d be working on a related project at the same time.”

    While last year’s God of War 3 concluded a trilogy, Santa Monica Studio has said it’s “not the end” for the hugely popular PlayStation franchise.

    The next game in the series has previous been rumoured to feature online co-op gameplay.”


  4. Roca.:

    awesome..nice find.

  5. ncaissie:

    “God of War 4 is in development and will be released in September 2012, according to respected unofficial PlayStation mag, PSM3″
    You better not be playing with me dude!

  6. phranctoast:

    LOL. It’s obviously still in Rumorville.

  7. Roca.:

    I heard (from HHGS) that there’s a GOW-style Sweet Tooth game coing out as well, developed by Jaffe’s team.

  8. SW:

    Interstate 76 FOREVER!

    But nah, TM was awesome on PS2.

  9. phranctoast:

    Black stand proud on top of my PS2 lineup.
    Online out of the box will be sweet.

  10. Ivan_PSP:

    I used to tell Roca. that this game was gonna be lame but after seen the awesome kick ass jaw dropping mind blowing trailer I had a change of heart now is on my must have PS3 paid list.

  11. Ivan_PSP:


    A must read last page the best

  12. phranctoast:


    Awesome footage from developer in debug mode showing the new arena.

    Damn arena is dynamic. Looks like one of the most well thought out mp map I’ve seen in a long time.”


    Then you should love this. Not all if it is gameplay, but you get to see the Arena level and how it dynamically adjusts while you play.

    I like how you can tassle spectators and then run them down for powerups and health.

  13. Roca.:

    wow, the new arena looks insame.

  14. Ivan_PSP:

    Yeah I’m buying it lol i buy almost all scea publish titles. this game does look real nice. a awesome online game.

  15. jojo29:

    God of War 4 rumor is fake, all god of war “core” releases have released in march, and sony even stated that god of war 3 could have releaesed a lil earlier but wanted to keep the gow march release…who knows though, gow releasing in march is not a must..

  16. Roca.:

    The lasted God of War, Ghost of Sparta was released in November… it’s the only GOW game that was not released in March. so they already broke that “March release” trend.

  17. phranctoast:

    So…..March of 2013.

  18. jojo29:

    I said core games, I.e, main series, like gow 1,2 and 3 were all released March

  19. Roca.:

    You have a point but I think holding back to because of a release date is no longer relevant. I would prefer a Sept over March mainly because the by the time the critics are given out awards those games release early in the year would be already forgotten.
    It happens to ME2, KZ3, all GoW games, BC2, etc.

  20. Roca.:

    btw my brother said you’re good at BC2…just not as good as me ;)

  21. jojo29:

    I jumped in with him and didn’t realize it was hardcore mode….over half my points were taken away due to friendly fire….

    Also, our team was tearinf shit up, so much so it became a small race a lot of kills turnes kill assist, but I digress, he was pretty good :)

    If he’s on again ill get on with him and ill ask my roomie to hop on, we could tear some serious ass..

    What’s funny is I “trained” both my roomis ilusing my psn id…meaning my kdr would be much higher, I bring it up cuz they’ve used that against me forgeting they are the cause of my shittu kdr lol anywhoo we need to hop on that game together sometime

  22. Roca.:

    He said you played really good, even his friends were saying it.

    I know what you’re saying…they only play hardcore for some reason. I personally don’t like hardcode mode.

  23. jojo29:

    And cool tell em thanks and he was good too, I think I shot him under friendly fire too >< and if you want to be really good at bf, hardcore mode is the way to go, a week of that and go back to regular mode and it will be like shooting fish in a barrel…or navy seals in a sub lol

    I'm actually gonna start playing hardcore mode to prep myself for bf3 which I'm buying oj both pc and ps3 :)is how far my bf dedicatoon is

  24. Roca.:

    yeah but on hardcore most ppl camp lol

    how far are you in MK story mode?
    I’m still loving but I’ve can’t until I see what Kratos is going to bring to the MK universe (hopefully he’s in the story mode).. I’m about 50% into the it.

    Sub-Zero and liu Kang are garbage in this game.

  25. jojo29:

    Hmmm I’d say past mk1, after jak I think during the sektor ane cyrax parts I think is where I left off before hitting up team matches with my bro and friends and some online play I waw never a fan of lieu or sub…I’m a, quai, scorpion jade,kitana fan but this iteration I love how nightwolf uss his shank, I can literally hear him say “toma” when hold back ( or forward) with triangle…its a spanish thing I guess lol

  26. Roca.:

    idk they both just seem to slow in this game… Sub-Zero only has for special moves and they are all slow (besides the slide) and he takes too much time to do it.

    LMAO @ “toma”
    You don’t speak spanish but you PSN name is a puerto rican insult

  27. jojo29:

    I do speak spanish lol I’m “hispanic” mexican heritage :)
    Not just a puerto rican insult lol
    so I decided on kabroncito :)

  28. jojo29:

    If that was taken I would have gone with
    Putasos :)

  29. Roca.:

    “Putasos” LOL

    I thought you didn’t speak spanish because my brother asked me if you had a mic and I know you do so I told him you probably werent talking because my bro was playing with his spanish speaking crew.

    some ppl what some weird ass name on PSN, like MyDik-inYourMouth lol. my friend had a stupid name like that because when he bought the PS3 he didn’t wanted to waste any time think about his online ID, he wanted to play COD and MGS4 right away. about 6 months later he wanted to change his name and was asking me how to transfer all his progress and trophies to the new profile lol, he lost everything for not doing a lil thinking when he originally created his online name.

    what did name jojo came from?

  30. jojo29:

    My real name is joel ( “ho-el) friends call me jo, girls tend to call me joey or jojo, and jojo stuck ;)
    I do have a mic and I heard them and wanted to chat but I couldn’t find the damn thing…found it wedges in between my couches barely last night…
    Oh and roca didn’t know y’all speak spanish, check your email in a bit for some funny ass links, chances are you seen some of them but they always good for a laugh

  31. Roca.:

    cool, send those links…

    yeah I’m hispanic as well, I’m surprised you couldn’t tell just by looking at my name (Roca).

  32. ncaissie:

    I’ll call you hoe.

  33. jojo29:

    I could tell now lol rocamar!

  34. kev:

    when games are truly fun, you don’t need anyone to tell you they are.

    Jaffe is full of crap.

    The Twisted Metal franchise is soooo old and outclassed by so many other games, they are relying on branding. Much like Metal Gear games. Much hype, bleh gameplay.

    It will be more of the same as Jaffe hasn’t had an original idea in…well…never…

    There’s a reason sony developers hype how “fun our game will be”… they have to tell you how fun it is to convince you it’s so…. sad, really..

  35. phranctoast:

    All third party previews rave about how fun the game is.

    “when games are truly fun, you don’t need anyone to tell you they are.”

    Jaffe on the other hand never even mentioned the word ‘fun’.

    He’s simply describing the game as any developer should do.

    Nice try kev. All you did was prove that you didn’t even bother watching the interview.

  36. phranctoast:


    “All I could think about was how batcrap insane this was and how much fun I was having.”


    I dare you to find something negative. good luck troll.

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