David Jaffe talks about why Twisted Metal is fun

April 20, 2011

David Jaffe talks about Twisted Metal is fun In a recent interview David Jaffe, the man behind Eat Sleep Play studio revealed some very interesting details about Twisted Metal. Jaffe talks about the type of game he envisions Twisted Metal to be and what makes the game so fun.

In an interview with Gametrailers, Jaffe made it clear that Twisted Metal is not a racing game. He stated that Twisted Metal is “a shooter on wheels meets a fighting game.” The game is very unique in that while driving in a vehicle, players can also switch to a third person shooter view.


He also revealed a vehicle new to the series called the Juggernaut. According Jaffe the Juggernaut is a massive truck with a front and rear cab. Players can open up the back of the truck to let two teammates drive their cars into the rear cab.

This allows the two teammates to take control of the mounted guns on top of the truck. The rear gun can rotate 360 degrees, while the front gun has a limited range of 230 degrees. According to Jaffe the front gun is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and has limited movement.

According to Jaffe, players must communicate with the driver of the Juggernaut via headset to coordinate attacks to play strategically. For those trying to take the Juggernaut down, players must time their attacks to focus on the rear cab when the door opens up to let other cars in. Attaching the exposed rear cab can cause two to three times the normal damage.


Jaffe stated that he wanted to make a fun game with epic battles unlike a game where you step out of the bunker to get shot and spawn again to die.  He wanted to create a game where the battles felt epic like a fighting game where the fights can last longer than three shots before you’re dead.

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