Microsoft to support Skype on Sony’s PSP and other devices

May 11, 2011

Microsoft to support Skype on Sony’s PSP and other devices The big news today is around Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype for a cool $8.5 billion. However, Microsoft also outlined plans to bring the service across several of its products including the Xbox 360.

As reported earlier, the acquisition of Skype is the largest purchase ever made by Microsoft. The only other acquisition that comes remotely close was when Microsoft picked up aQuantative for $6 billion back in 2007.

The current CEO of Skype will now be reporting directly to Steve Ballmer himself. As questioned by Technorati, Microsoft may have its work cut out with Skype considering that the company lost $7 million just last year.

Microsoft currently has some VOIP offerings via Office Communicator Messenger and Hotmail. However, Microsoft is most likely looking to increase its market share in the VOIP market significantly with the purchase of Skype. Purchasing market share is nothing new for Microsoft, as the company struck a deal with Yahoo to power its search in return for gaining a sizable percentage of the pie.

As reported by VG247, Microsoft made it clear that Skype will become available across the Xbox 360 and Kinect via Xbox Live. In addition to these devices, the VOIP service will also become available across its messenger program.

Microsoft also stated that the company will continue to “invest in and support” Skype across “non-Microsoft platforms.” Incidentally Skype is also a big service on Sony’s PSP.

However, for Microsoft to branch out to provide support across direct competitors, even in the same business sector, is nothing new for the company. As I reported recently, Microsoft is even building new toolsets into Azure to support the iPhone and Android platforms. This may fall inline with what Microsoft’s spokesperson revealed about Azure, that the company is now focusing on getting its products on as many non-Microsoft platforms as possible.

79 Responses to “Microsoft to support Skype on Sony’s PSP and other devices”

  1. PS3 RULEZ890:

    Yeah yeah and as soon as Microsoft get the chance they will order Sony to remove the service from the PSP and bar them from getting the service on PS3 and Microsoft will charge for the service and we all know this could happen because we’re talking about Microsoft here they charge for just about everything they own or the services they provide/support for 3rd parties.

  2. PS3 RULEZ890:

    Anyway Microsoft spent $5.8 Billion dollers not $8 Billion dollers.

    To anyone whos intreasted please watch the video below

  3. dans303:


    I’m guessing the £5.8 Billion is in Great British Pounds and the $8.5 Billion is in U.S Dollars. So they’re both right.

  4. PS3 RULEZ890:

    No dans303 last night the BBC the figure was $5.8 billion buck not pounds. It seems someone got their facts wrong or Microsoft don’t know how much was spent on Skype.

  5. PS3 RULEZ890:

    Here’s a leaked trailer for the new God of War game guys and it bound to be a super hard one just watch the trailer below

  6. Godless:


    you got to hand it to M$, they get everywhere. .

    Maybe there angling to strike a Blu ray deal with Sony and wanted something to barter with ;)

  7. Godless:

    I saw God of warIII at for £15. .might get it if I finnish Dantes Inferno soon.

  8. PS3 RULEZ890:

    Hey Godless how would Blu-Ray improve the 360 when M$ are attempting to beat Sony when they focusing on DLC?

    Leaked God of War 4 Trailer below

  9. dans303:


    I seen it too. It said £ not $. Why would a British News company do the amount in dollars?

  10. PS3 RULEZ890:

    It looked like dollars to me the reporters did dollars not pounds so I guess someone got they facts wrong again.

  11. phranctoast:

    I don’t think they’d need to barter a deal for Blu Ray. The BDA would be glad to have MS, and they wanted them before the format war. MS would only get behind BRD if VC-1 (video format) and HDi

    BDA already made deals with Java. BRD does use VC-1 though too.

  12. phranctoast:

    How are you enjoying Dantes Inferno?

    If you do decide on getting into GOW, I highly recommend the GOW collection prior to GOW3.

  13. Roca.:

    Why are ppl going crazy about MS aquiring Skype?
    After all these years Skype has not figure out how to make profit. Last year Skype lost $7 million and Microsoft’s online division has been operating at a loss for years now – in the past six years, Microsoft’s online division has lost more than $7.2 billion.

    Maybe xbots are raving about this becaue MS has not make any big move in a while now and their latest effor are failing badly (WP7, Zune, Kin, search, etc)

  14. ncaissie:

    I think with the big Sony Google friendship that we will see Sony drop Skype and go with Google Talk.

  15. ncaissie:

    Skype likes to be on every device possible. It was not on the 3shitty because MS has to have full control and wants it in Live Gold. Now they will and ruin the service by adding restrictions and lining their pockets.

  16. Godless:

    “@ Godless
    How are you enjoying Dantes Inferno?”

    I’m liking it, more than I normally do with this genera, but I will confess I had to lower the difficulty, as I could not get passed the Lust level (the bit on the rising platform with the giant woman)

    I think maybe her breasts were distracting me too much ;)

    I’m glad I did though, because it gets even harder, and I’m still finding it a challenge on certain bits, Dammed worm!

    When I complete this, I will go back to Darksiders, and then look at God of war III, I didn’t think much of the demo, but for £15 I’m prepared to take a gamble on the rest of the game being better.

  17. Roca.:

    You can tell your a Xbot if you rather play
    Dante’s Infero/Darksiders than God of War. Any GoW is better than both of those games

    This explain why you chose to play Alan Wake rather than Heavy Rain even though you have shown interest in Heavy Rain before.

  18. Godless:

    Yeah, even if you have them both on PS3.

    I got alan wake & vanquished for £15 or £16 can’t remember now, but it was cheap.
    Heavy rain is still over £20 on it’s own, and I know the F*’#ing ending now, so I may never bother with it.

    Also, i have played the demo, for GOW3 and didn’t really like it, Like I said, i hope the rest of the game is better.

  19. Roca.:

    “I know the F*’#ing ending now, so I may never bother with it”

    so you know ALL 16 endings?

  20. Roca.:

    “Also, i have played the demo, for GOW3 and didn’t really like it, Like I said, i hope the rest of the game is better”

    what did you like about Dante’s Inferno that you didn’t like about God of War 3 Demo? I guess you’re just used to shitty graphics and subpar gameplay like most 360 users

  21. Godless:

    @ Roca
    Christ, you’re a pedantic git.

    Ok what I should have said, was “Now I know who the killer is”, unless that can change too, it would spoil the game.

    Both Dante & Darksiders, have more of a 3rd person type feel to them, where you feel a little closer to the action.

    The demo of GOW3 feels almost like an isometric type game with fixed camera viewed from way up in the sky, with your tiny character in the middle.

    Maybe it is pretty much the same as Dante in other parts, but not on the demo

    As for graphics, again, The demo only made me think, “what the hell is all the fuss about”. .maybe other parts are better.

    Roca, have you even played these other games? I can’t tell cause I can’t get online ;)

    and have you even played Alan wake?

  22. CAD:


    I’ve played both and Dante in my opinion is a better game. More posish in my opinion. Roca won’t know a good game if he see it because if Sony didn’t produce it, it basically sucks. That’s the kind of logic your wasting your time with.

  23. Roca.:

    @CAD and Godless
    You guys are the ones looking stupid and acting like fanboys.

    Dante’s Inferno > God of War 3 ??? are you guys freaking serious?

    God of War 3 won the graphics awards in 2010 and it’s a 90+ reviewed games – It’s Story, character, environment design, bosses and gameplay mechanics are all much better than Dantes. Dante’s Inferno, while it’s a good game, it’s nowhere near as good as any of the God of War games.

    I have been playing Mortal Kombat, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Portal 2, Socom 4, and LBP2

    I bet that’s alot more “2011 titles” than what you’d ever get to play

  24. CAD:


    I don’t care about what Awards anyone has. My opinion is my opinion and that’s the way I see it. I could care less about awards that Sony pays money to win. The whole PS3 Graphics BS is a joke in itself.

  25. Roca.:

    You are pathetic CAD.

  26. navysteve:

    Roca, you defend PSN being down, you attack godless because he’s playing dante and not GOW3 which even though he admits he didn’t like the demo for, is still considering getting.

    Any negative news about Sony and all you do is go on about what MS has done wrong in the past. You even hate on other Sony fans who are upset that Sony may have lost there personal details. Any news about MS and all you do is write fan boy rubbish. You need to learn your opinion is only that, yours not anyone elses,honestly you just need to get out once in awhile.

  27. Roca.:

    what a surprise, Xbots supporting each other.

    I based my claims on facts while CAD is trolling based on his own biased opinion.

    God of War 3 won the graphics awards, was rated 90+ and it would have been GOTY if it wasn’t for RDR.

    I’m not attacking Godless, just showing how hypocrite and blinded fanboy he is after stating GOW was crap a few months ago and here he is enjoying Dante’s Inferno which just happens to be a bad knock off of GOW.

    Being a sailor man (US Navy wanna be), you shouldn’t be talking about “going out” lmao

  28. ncaissie:

    “I’ve played both and Dante in my opinion is a better game. More posish in my opinion.”
    LMFAO You are such a lying POS. You never played GOW 3 or you wouldn’t say that. Not even a xbot as big as you would even say it. Go ahead and post some reputable reviewers who like DI even better than GOW 1 and 2. You can’t because even GOW 1 blows DI away.

  29. navysteve:

    You may have noticed I never mentioned cads post I’m talking about you and your fanboy posts.

    He simply stated he preferred dantes to the GOW demo, also using your logic your a hypocrit fanboy for loving KZ as it’s a bad knock off of Halo 3. That’s your logic not mine.

    I serve in the best navy in the world, probably why we train the US submarine captains for them.

  30. gunstar:

    M$ gluttony is getting pathetic buying Skype just for the sake that Google can’t buy it is too ridiculously greedy!
    Strategic move for nothing?
    Many Xbots wish that M$ just gave the dollers to them.

  31. oldschool1987:

    “I’ve played both and Dante in my opinion is a better game. More posish in my opinion.”

    LMFAO! You’re such a fanboy Godless, you don’t even have any God of War trophies on your PSN, comparing a full game to a demo is just fucking retarded. Dantes Inferno sucked, the game was seriously lacking. If you think I have not played it then check my trophies(if the PSN is ever back up) and you’ll see I platted it, very easy game. Sold it soon after.

    God of War is in it’s own league and has more puzzles and platforming than Dantes. Dante’s is mainly a hack and slash only, GOW is so much more.

    Now until you get some GOW3 trophies then I’ll just assume you are full of shit, again. Like that time you played both Crysis 2 demos and said the PS3 version was lacking …even though it wasn’t released.

    Stop being such a stealth fanboy Godless, it’s sad.

  32. oldschool1987:

    @ Navysteve: What Navy you in?

  33. twilight:

    I like Dante’s Inferno and I think Darksiders is okay but Kratos wins hands down. God Of War 3 is an epic masterpiece.
    Smooth Operator,
    It is a losing battle. There’s no accounting for some people’s tastes. All I can say is that thank goodness for gamers like you and I that buy new games at full price. The gaming industry would really be in terrible shape waiting on some people to buy new games. I believe in supporting the game makers when I can.

  34. oldschool1987:

    As for Darksiders, I really loved that game, it was like a cross between Zelda and GOW. I look forward to the sequel.

  35. Roca.:

    “All I can say is that thank goodness for gamers like you and I that buy new games at full price. The gaming industry would really be in terrible shape waiting on some people to buy new games. I believe in supporting the game makers when I can”

    If you are a “gamer” you have to support what you love doing. That’s why I don’t mind paying $60 for quality games because that’s money in developers/publishers pocket to fund and awesome games.

  36. navysteve:

    @ oldschool The royal navy

    @ roca I agree I normally buy most games at full retail price but some games normally FiFa and other annual releases I wait awhile for the price to drop

  37. Godless:

    Totally unbelievable.

    Roca & Oldschool,

    you’re such rabid fanboys, it’s almost not worth bothering to reply, because you really can’t see past the word Sony.

    Oldshcool, I have made it 100% clear that I was judging GOW3 on the demo only, So why the fuck would I have any Trophies?
    You’re full of shit on the crysis thing, I made no judgement , All I said was that I had down loaded the demos on both machines, that weekend I downloaded demos For bulletstorm, crysis and something else which slips my mind. I thought I had got all three demos on both platforms, I never made any comparison.

    What part of the GOW3 demo, makes it anything more than an average Hack N slash. .tell me..cause I can’t wait for the answer to this.

    Dante =£10 GOW = £30. .why the fuck would I pay 3 times as much for a game with a demo that was below average in my opinion.
    I got Darksiders well over a year ago, before GOW3 was even out.

    Thank Steve for the support. As you said, I am still considering getting GOW3 on the strength of the reviews, even against my opinion on the demo, because I’m willing to accept that other part of the game are probably better.

    Roca, Ncaissie, are not worth trying to argue with because they never accept any other opinion, unless it’s sucking up Sony ass in some way, Oldschool, you are usually above this, but lately have joined the racks of blind P$£ fanboys, which is disappointing.

    As Steve pointed out even when I’m playing PS3 games, you attack me of for not falling into line with you blind fanboy opinions, and for playing 360 games alongside.

    Because I have said that there are a few P$£ games I don’t really like:
    KZ2, just plays bad. many better shooters
    LBP. .gets too frustrating later on
    GOW demo, didn’t look that good

    Errrmm. now I can think of any others where I might have hurt your precious P$3 fanboy feelings.

    Oh and the joypad. .like about a million others I think it’s not a good shape and is uncomfortable after a bit of gaming.

    now look at your opinion, where every 360 game is shit except maybe Gears, which is still not as good as KZ2

    You all have a hard neck calling me on being the blind fanboy. Step back and take a look at yourselves. . Who would you say was the blind fanboys?

  38. phranctoast:


    Just remember. You can apply relics to yourself for additional powers. I didn’t realize that until later in the game. Made the game a lot more difficult without them.

  39. Barnabe Jones:

    Also kind of funny that the day of Google’s I/O conference, MS buys skyed.

    Perfect example of why MS has been declining for ages now. Google announces new interesting advances: Chromebook, Google Home, Ice Cream Sandwich… and MS lazily buys Skyed – a company that has been loosing money for years.

    I’m sure M$ will copy of the cool tech from I/O a few years down the road, like they typically do.

  40. Roca.:

    Godless is such a sensitive fanboy in a closet.
    You have been shitting on PS3 exclusives since the day you started posting and making up lies about graphics, Cell, BD drive, BD necessity, PS3 advantages so on and so forth.

    like oldschool said, stop trying so hard because your fanboyism still shows.

  41. phranctoast:

    If you enjoy Dantes Inferno, you’ll enjoy the God of War franchise.

    Dantes Inferno is essentially a carbon copy of GOW. The Level designer in DI is even the same level designer from GOW.

    My interest in your opinion of whether or not you liked DI stemmed from you not liking GOW3 demo and me honestly believing you didn’t give it a proper test run.

    Dantes a good test. If you like it, there’s no reason you wouldn’t like the GOW franchise.

  42. Roca.:


    MS stopped being a major player in technological innovation and build “new” quality products ever since Bill Gates stopped being the head of the company.

    While MS still is a multimillion company under Ballmer, it’s mainly because of the products and services created during Bill Gates’ era – Windows, Office & Exchange are still MS’ cash cows… Ballmer has failed in the search market, mobile OS, maps, Tablet market, Cloud services, browser, portable media player (Zune), etc

    While Windows & office will not face any serious competition in the short term, new and improved alternatives are coming from major player like Google (Chrome OS & Google Apps) & HP (WebOS)

  43. oldschool1987:

    LOL Godless gets so upset, bless her. Call me a fanboy if it makes you feel better, doesn’t make it true though. I always have something good to say about the 360s games, but as of late Microsoft is seriously lacking in the exclusives department and have decided to cater to the casual audience now, which is a bad move.

    ‘What part of the GOW3 demo, makes it anything more than an average Hack N slash’

    My fucking point exactly! You’re comparing a full game(Dantes) to a fucking demo! A 5 minute demo at that! I’m sorry they couldnt fit platforming and puzzles all in a 5 minute demo.That demo was to show off the combat and the scale of the background action. In fact I remember playing the Dantes demo and that was a 5 minute demo just showing hack and slash gameplay only. You know for a fact that if GOW3 was a 360 exclusive you would buy it day 1 and sing it’s praises, don’t even try to deny it.

    Stop being such a cry baby fangirl.

  44. Godless:

    Like I said, Just take a look at yourselves

  45. phranctoast:

    I’ve been turned off by demos and the game turned out to great anyway. Bayonetta turned out to be incredible while the demo was mediocre at best. IMO, godless had high expectations from hearing about the greatness that is GOW and tried to satisfy that with a quick demo. That doesn’t always work. As far as GOW demos are concerned GOW3′s was the worst out of them.

    He’s at least willing to suck that up and give GOW3 a shot.

    I don’t see any reason to try and make that not happen. The GOW franchise is a franchise a lot of people should play. I personally find them to be some of the best games ever made and the reason I love playing video games.

    If GOW and Dantes comparisons need to be made, simply follow the review scores of each. If that’s not enough, follow sales numbers. I believe Dantes got beat up in reviews simply because it was too much like GOW, lacking identity. I love GOW and games like it are a great thing. In a time where every other game is a FPS, I think it’s awesome that the GOW gametype can live on, even though the media tries to crush that at every opportunity.

  46. Godless:


    Yeah, I got the relics sussed.

    I’ve, just reached Anger, and have almost 3/4 of my Dark side powered up, gives some pretty cool combos and finishing moves, will play through again on the light side, may go for a harder difficulty with that play through.

  47. oldschool1987:

    ‘Like I said, Just take a look at yourselves’

    Is that it!? Come on Godless, do better. Nothing to say regarding you comparing a full game that has lower scores to a very short, unfinished demo of a game that is one of the highest rated games of that year?

  48. oldschool1987:

    Fair play navysteve, how many years have you been in for now pal?

  49. phranctoast:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I needed to drop the difficulty during the Lucifer fight. Nothing I did seemed to take anything off from him. I’d be fighting him for such a long stretch of time it almost felt like I was doing something wrong. Once I dropped the difficulty he seemed too easy.

    I concentrated on my Holy side more so, but balanced it out enough where I didn’t max out either one.

    While the pure fury of the dark powered side is tempting, the healing protection abilities of Holy were to my liking on my first play through.

    LOL. I guess I’d be a better Jedi than Sith ;)

  50. dans303:

    “LOL. I guess I’d be a better Jedi than Sith”

    Yeah, because you’re personality is the biggest barrier holding you back from becoming a Jedi? ;)

  51. dans303:


    Oooops! Did a Birdman. :(

  52. phranctoast:

    If given a choice my first play through is always “the good guy”.

    Looking forward to the new Infamous game so much. It looks better in every possible way as a sequel should.

    CAD won’t like it though. He likes games where the sequel is in the same location with barely anything added.

  53. dans303:

    Same here phranc. Every game where there is a good/bad guy mechanic I always go for the good option. Then afterwards I do a bad playthrough.

  54. phranctoast:

    For Infamous I played my second/hard play through as Infamous.

    With the added difficulty it made it slightly easier not having to worry about karma dropping because you’re killing innocents.

  55. dans303:

    That’s what I did. I’m pretty close to the plat for Infamous: all I need is to complete it on hard, the blast shards and a few miscellaneous trophies and I’m done. I can’t really be bothered though.

    I platted POP: Sands of Time the other day. God, I love that game!

  56. navysteve:

    @ Oldschool been 7 years I’m a submariner on one of the hunter killers

  57. phranctoast:

    The Blast Shards were more of a pain in the ass than I would have liked.

    Some of the stunts were trying too.

  58. Roca.:

    I took me about a month to find the final blast shards. I literally printed out the maps with the shard location and went through them one by one while marking them off on the map.

  59. Roca.:

    same with Assassin’s creed feathers.

  60. phranctoast:

    I tried acting as the Cole metal detector. I think I wore out one of my controllers L3 buttons.

    I printed up a map, but not one with the shard locations. Just a map so I could mark off where I’ve been so I wouldn’t repeat an area.

    I think that was slightly easier method because you are forced to collect at least some of them during the game.

    I used your method for the feather in AC2. You never had to grab them during the game so I left it to the end of the game, so if a feather was on the map it would really be there.

  61. dans303:

    “I tried acting as the Cole metal detector.”

    I started doing this when I finished the game ages ago. I did get quite far with it before I gave up/got bored.

    In AC2 I found 91/2/3 of the feathers (can’t remember exactly) before I got the locations off the internet.

    Sands of Time has two collectibles in the game: Secret of Argabath and Sand Clouds. I missed one out of each so I had to do another playthrough (using a video guide this time!).

  62. Roca.:

    Some shards were in places you wouldn’t normally to look for them…like in the ocean.

    Also, I think if they were high enough they would not show on the radar.

  63. phranctoast:

    Yeah. The one in the ocean annoyed me. You couldn’t use Coles radar to find them as it was too far from the edge of the street. You had to visually locate them.

  64. ncaissie:

    “He simply stated he preferred dantes to the GOW demo,”

    “I’ve played both and Dante in my opinion is a better game. More posish in my opinion. ”

    Learn to read moron. No fucking way DI is more polished than GOW 1,2 or 3.
    I have played DI also and it is ok but nothing compared to GOW.

  65. phranctoast:


    Look at the source of that quote and tell me, do you really think he played GOW3 or is he simply just taken a shit on a PS3 exclusive like usual?

  66. ncaissie:

    “All I can say is that thank goodness for gamers like you and I that buy new games at full price. The gaming industry would really be in terrible shape waiting on some people to buy new games. ”
    Not really. If the prices were lower then they would sell more. I have close to 50 games or more and I would have a lot more if they dropped the prices.
    There are some games i want to get right away and don’t because of the prices. Then by the time it gets down I have long moved on or waiting for another game to come down first. They are only shooting themselves in the foot. There is no way it cost $60+ to make a disc. Probably less than $1. If they lowered the prices they would sell more and in the long run sell more. Look at the iphone. There are plenty of ok games that sell for $1-$5 and I have purchased many due to that fact. There have only been a few I have paid $10 for. I guessing many do since they sell billions.

  67. phranctoast:

    $60 isn’t just the price of making/pressing the disc. It’s the costs of developing the game. Artists, programmers etc, need to be paid. If they aren’t the industry plummets and all you’ll have is cheap $1 games on iOS like devices.

  68. Roca.:

    It cost millions (I think 30M is the average) to make a game, developers & publisher need to get paid, advertisement cost money, building their own engines cost money and time (like GOW, Uncharted, Infamous and Killzone), online components and servers cost money as well.

    $60 is not a bad price is the game is good enough, $30-$40 seems like the right price for games that are in your list of priorities and have mixed reviews

  69. Roca.:

    It’s like movies, Most big budget blockbuster movies are wroth the entry price while most low budget ones are not even worth my time, even if they are free.

  70. SW:

    I dunno man, stack em high, sell em cheap.

    Look at Notch and Minecraft. Guy sold the game for 5-10$ a pop, and now he has something in the range of $30 million.

    Steam also sold some games at a heavy discount that one time, and they revealed that the sales rocketed and the profits went up too.

    $60 USD can be a big hump to get over to purchase a game IMO.

  71. ncaissie:

    “$60 isn’t just the price of making/pressing the disc. It’s the costs of developing the game”
    The game cost millions. (That can be debated though.)
    They can’t put the development cost in the price they can on hope to sell enough to recoup the dev cost. The disc cost > $1 so lest say it cost $1. If they sold 5M at $40 they would make $195,000,000 minus Dev cost. If they sold 1M at $60 they would make $59,000,000 minus dev cost. So tell me which is better? I know that isn’t the exact amount but even if they sold twice as much they would make $78,000,000.
    It’s just common sense. They are banking on the hype and high prices and they are wrong because I am living proof. There are many games that I just haven’t purchased because of that. If there is a game I know will be great I will buy it. Like GOW 3.

  72. ncaissie:

    The devs get paid Phranc. Don’t kid yourself. They would get paid better if they sold more. I’m guessing they get bonuses based on sales. Therefore if they sell high and less quantity then it is less money the devs get paid. If they sell lower and sold more they would get better bonuses.

  73. ncaissie:

    “$60 is not a bad price is the game is good enough”
    The problem is those games are one in 1000. I’m not willing to gamble on those odds.

  74. ncaissie:

    “$30-$40 seems like the right price for games that are in your list of priorities and have mixed reviews”
    Every dev thinks theor game is the shit. LOL Most turn out to just be shit.

  75. ncaissie:

    Same here SW.

  76. oldschool1987:

    Surprisingly Godless hasn’t replied since Roca made him look stupid.

  77. ncaissie:


  78. me_:


    Godless did say

    “you’re such rabid fanboys, it’s almost not worth bothering to reply, because you really can’t see past the word Sony.”

    Maybe he just gave up. It can be a bit of a time wasting exercise arguing with you fanboys. Who can blame him.

    And is you argument that you have to get the platinum trophy on a PS3 game before you are “allowed” to play other games of the same type??? Even if you’ve played the demo and you don’t like it???

  79. oldschool1987:

    Lol bore off ‘me’

    No idea who you are calling a fanboy, we all know you up M$ arse.

    Who said anything about a platinum trophy? Didn’t you learn to read in school, my point was he hasn’t even played God of War 3, but he played an unfinished 5 minute demo of the game and said it sucks, but somehow Dantes Inferno is better! It makes no sense, he’s just a blind fanboy who got caught out.

    Crawl on back you your cave.

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