PSN Store now up and Sony E3 conference to be streamed from Home

June 2, 2011

PSN Store now up and Sony E3 conference to be streamed from Home Good news for PS3 owners as the PSN Store is finally up now. Sony revealed that the store would go live in most countries earlier tonight. It appears that the store is up with tons of new content.

The store is jam packed with new content currently to make up for lost time. I won’t put up the full list here but here is a quick overview of the PlayStation Plus goodies, which is now available to everyone:

PlayStation Plus

Full Game Trial

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2
  • Dante’s Inferno Full Game Trial

Featured Games & DLC

  • SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs SU90-S Shotgun (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
  • SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs: Abandoned Map (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
  • MAG Interdiction DLC (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $4.99)
  • Comet Crash (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $9.99) (Prior offer, still live)
  • Vector TD minis (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $3.99) (Prior offer, still live)
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus (PS one) (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $9.99) (Prior offer, still live)
  • Babel the King of Blocks (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $2.99)
  • The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $3.99)
  • Duael Invaders (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $3.99) (Prior offer, still live)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $4.99) (Prior offer, still live)
  • Killzone 3 Steel Rain Map Pack (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $4.99) (Prior offer, still live)


You can also pick up the demo for Motorstorm: Apocalypse single player demo, Bonk’s Adventure, Alien Crush, Wizardry: The Labyrinth of Lost Souls and the Red Faction: Armageddon demo.

According to Sony, more content will be on the way with frequent updates throughout the week.

With E3 right around the corner, Sony has also announced that the company will be streaming its press conference on the PlayStation Home as well as the official blog.

148 Responses to “PSN Store now up and Sony E3 conference to be streamed from Home”

  1. CaptBirdman:


    “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2″

    You sure? I had that game on 360…

  2. oldschool1987:

    @ Bird: it came on on the PS3 as well.

    I wonder if hackers will bring it down again? Lol

  3. Ivan_PSP:

    i actually vegas 1 for xbox 4 3.99 from gamestop 4 xbox 360

  4. CaptBirdman:

    No I meant they’re just offering it now, but I had that game on 360 a few years ago.

  5. dans303:

    Infamous 2 demo is there as well.

  6. dans303:

    Anyone else getting error 80710D36 when they try PS Store? I think that’s the same error code as when PSN went down in the first place.

  7. dans303:

    Nope, it’s working now . . . .

  8. CaptBirdman:

    Infamous 2 demo– Pretty damn good.

    Red Faction demo– Good, but not great. The enemies are fucking annoying!!!!

  9. CarlB:

    “Anyone else getting error 80710D36 when they try PS Store?”

    I am dans… but I don’t think it is the same error I was getting from before… and I already changed my password, everything else is working fine…

  10. dans303:


    It should work in a few minutes. It did for me anyway.

  11. CarlB:

    well, I spoke too soon, the only thing I usually check which is friends is up, the browser is up… Home is down… looks like we’ll have to wait until “the end of the week” like they said earlier dans… don’t worry though, it’s just “one or two more days”! That and they’ve never said it would be up by the end of the week before ;)

  12. CarlB:

    Which country are you in and which country account are you using dans?

  13. CarlB:

    No big deal, I’m sure it’s a lengthy process to get everything running again worldwide, which is why they said the end of the week. I’m just happy it’s coming back eventually.

  14. dans303:


    Scotland and UK

  15. CarlB:

    back up!

  16. CarlB:

    Japan and US

  17. CarlB:

    Still getting the same error while checking out the content, I think their servers are just swamped right now… I can’t download anything.

  18. dans303:

    I just managed to squeeze in the Dirt 3 code and the Infamous 2 demo between ‘server timing out’ and error codes.

    I’ll try properly later when it isn’t as busy.

  19. Roca.:

    I downloaded a whole bunch of free shit and left it on all night.

    Today I’ll be looking at some of the new games, Outland, Under Siege (which is half off for PSN+), etc.

    I’ve been working on platting Motorstorm Apocalyspe before Infamous 2 is out but I don’t think thats going to happen :|

  20. FahKinSuPah:

    I just tried to get on the PS Store but it loads up pretty slow.

    Anyone have any ideas when the Welcome Back program starts up?

  21. FahKinSuPah:

    I’m getting Daggerdale on PS3 btw.

    I know phranc is thinking of getting the game. Anyone else here interested in it?

  22. Roca.:

    I might be getting it. Does it has online co-op?

    as for the WB program – Sony said “It is currently in the final stages of testing and will be available to download soon”

    one you get the 1-month PSN+ trial you should enjoy all the free stuff they have right now (and many full game trial).

    We should all gather in Home and watch the live stream of E3 together.. It’ll take place this Monday at 8pm EST – who’s down?

  23. FahKinSuPah:


    Yeah, Daggerdale does have online co-op. i think up to 4 people. Not sure though.

    I hope the WB program gets rolled out soon lol. ONly drawback is PS Store is gonna get swamped and I imagine its going to be even slower than it is now.

  24. twilight:

    Psn store is back up. I am very pleased.
    I returned the passive 3D tv and got an active panasonic 3D tv. You are right are so right about 3D. I love 3D gaming and 3D films. It is awesome.

  25. CON:

    So how long was PSN down for? LOL

  26. Roca.:

    nowhere near as long as the quality exclusive drought on 360 – its been 6 months already.

  27. FahKinSuPah:

    In other news…

    I beat LA Noire last night. I would have sooner but I stopped playing my 360 for a week.

    Ending = Twist

    Anyone else finish it yet?

  28. oldschool1987:

    @ Fahk: I did last week, just got a few trophies to get until the platinum. Won’t be able to try it until next week now, gonna be stuck at work.

    ‘nowhere near as long as the quality exclusive drought on 360 – its been 6 months already’

    LMFAO @ Roca! What a come back.

  29. CAD:

    “I downloaded a whole bunch of free shit and left it on all night.”


    If you had a 360 you would have been up and playing in 5 Mins. You wouldn’t have had to go to sleep just so you could finally play them in the morning. Fast Downloads, another great convience that you will experience with Xobx Live.

  30. twilight:

    That’s why I call him Smooth Operator Oldschool. He’s the man. I just like messin’ with him sometimes and he knows it.

  31. Roca.:

    LOL @ Twilight

    they like to act like we’ve had nothing to play while forgetting they haven’t gotten any quality exclusive since Halo Reach last year – it’ll be almost a year by the time Gears 3 comes out.

    The funny thing is that hackers had nothing to do with the quality exclusive drought on 360 lol.

  32. FahKinSuPah:

    I’m looking forward to EA’s new game Crack Baby Basketball. It’s gonna be awsome :D

  33. oldschool1987:

    Erm CAD you mongoloid, my PS3 downloads games very quickly. It depends on the internet connection, not the console you fucking idiot lol.

  34. CAD:


    Stop lying to yourself.

  35. CAD:

    No exclusives ha?

    Moon Diver
    The First Templar
    Gatling Gears
    Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury
    Divinity II: The Dragon
    Knight Saga
    The Dishwasher: Vampire Smiles
    Dynasty Warriors 7
    Full House Poker
    Fable 3: Traitors Keep
    Beyond Good and Evil
    Zeit 2
    Dead Rising 2: Case West
    Quake Arean Arcade
    Gears of war 3 Beta

    Only Roca could talk such crap. That’s on top of all the 3rd party games. Let me know when PS3 games start to dominate monthly sales becasue in the mind of a PS3 Fanboy the 360 has no games LOL yet it dominates games sales month after month. Oh and don’t go dismissing these becasue they are XBLA games because they count.

  36. Barnabe Jones:

    List wars fail!

    Those games are either multiplat, DLC, or have metacritic scores of 30-ish.

  37. Barnabe Jones:

    Great exmaple:

    “Moon Diver (??????? M?ndaib?, MOON DIVER?), formerly known as Necromachina, is a side-scrolling platforming video game developed by feelplus[3] and published by Square Enix. It was released for the PSN on March 29, 2011, and the Xbox Live Arcade on May 4, 2011.”

    lol it came out on PSN first.

  38. Roca.:

    Thanks CAD for backing up my statement.

    Your list is full on Multiplatform titles, DLCs and meaningless downloadable games. Only xbots bother to list DL games – PS3 owners stick with true quality games.

    CAD, the few true exclusives you listed have horrible reviews – The First Templar, Divinity II: The Dragon & others…what part of “quality” exclusive didn’t you get (or did you ignore it on purpose?)

  39. oldschool1987:

    Another great example BJ is Beyond Good and Evil, PS2! Lmfaoo!

    That list failed so hard! Lol

    Nice try CAD, but as you say: ‘stop lying to yourself’

    Another thing, since when do sales equal high scores?

    …Gears Beta is not a game, its e Beta of a game. Fuck me your dumb.

  40. oldschool1987:

    @ Roca: He must think we’ll just see it’s a long list and not bother to look at the contents of the list.

    Don’t worry, he’ll fuck off again after E3 embarrasses the 3rd60 again.

  41. Roca.:

    LMAO @ oldschool

    It looks like the 360 will get knocked back to 4th place in the graphics department after E3 (see link)

    It will look like this:
    2-Wii 2
    3-PS Vita (NGP)
    5-Xperia Play

  42. jojo29:

    Is that all you have to list CAD….that’s pretty sad as at least 3-4 of those titles you mentioned, like the idiot fanboy you are, are also or will be available on the the ps3…on top of that, just this months dlc on psn, trumps that list of what the past 6 months….even if you take into account the psn back log of what a total of 2 months worth of content trumps the 360s 6 months….L M A O…

    As a psn+ member, I get abes exodus, sonic 2 plus 2 other games free ( my psn+ sub paid for itself off, the very first month lmao) and that’s before the 2-4 free games plus anything else offered free of charge via the welcome back program….

    Wow, 6 free games….

  43. oldschool1987:

    @ Roca: I’m at work pal and only have my (shitty)phone to browse online, what’s the link show mate?

  44. Roca.:

    graphics of Uncharted on NGP..

  45. CAD:

    Hey they are not all perfect. Most are rated high but I made sue they are games not available on PS3 and that’s the bottom line. I might have missed one or two but overall it shows that Roca talks shit and that’s good enough for me. As for Divenity II it has a bad rating but a very high user rating. I take a user rating more serious then 1 mans opinion.

  46. oldschool1987:

    So CAD basically you’re admitting your list was a fail? Lol

    Its about exclusives. Exclusives! A lot of those on your list are multiplat. If some one here was to list every single upcoming DLC, bad rated game, good rated game, multiplat game that isn’t on the PS3 then it would probably take up most of this page lol.

    Again I say: Nice try CAD, but fail.

  47. Roca.:

    no matter what you say, that list supports my previous statement.

  48. SW:

    “I take a user rating more serious then 1 mans opinion.”

    Never has a truer word been spoken.

    He takes a collection of opinions from people more serious then a, erm.., collection of opinions from people…

    Wait, what?

  49. twilight:

    What 3D tv do you game on Roca? What’s your favorite 3D Ps3 game?

  50. FahKinSuPah:


    Dynasty Warriors 7 is NOT an Xbox exclusive.

    Warriors of Troy was cancled for the 360 but still released for PS3, so that one is a PS3 exclusive for now.

  51. oldschool1987:


    Btw Fahk, you have my psn?

  52. FahKinSuPah:


    Nope, I don’t have it. Only persons PSN I have is Roca’s.

    BTW. Who the heck is Elementalor? Is that anyone here?

  53. oldschool1987:

    Well its oldschool1987 add me pal. I won’t be on til tomorrow so just add me when you get a chance.

  54. RomasantaMC:

    >Looks at list
    >Reads everyones comment, read your rebuttal….
    “Most are rated high but I made sue they are games not available on PS3 and that’s the bottom line.”

    I usually don’t post because its a bitch to do over the phone but You are a fucking retard all you did was google xbox games and mashed a list together of games you havn’t played and had no clue about to try and prove xbox has exclusives.

  55. Barnabe Jones:

    Cad, that seriously made my day.

    Thank you :D

  56. oldschool1987:

    He won’t reply back now lol

  57. FahKinSuPah:

    I think he went crying to his momma that we aren’t playing fair.

  58. FahKinSuPah:

    BTW The First Templar might be a 360 exclusive but I played it and it SUCKED!

    Its like an Assassin’s Creed ripoff but someone left out the good parts.

  59. Ivan_PSP:

    what the fuck it wanst we suppose to get one month free
    fuck this store ima go to xbox live

  60. Barnabe Jones:


    it’s still coming. Their still doing testing. Their rolling out one thing at a time.

  61. Ivan_PSP:

    For now on ima make my primary online gaming console Xbox 360 wow Sony u let the planet earth down. as for offline is all ps3. switching mw3 to xbox

  62. dans303:

    Do you have ADHD?

  63. twilight:

    I understand your frustration with Sony right now.

  64. MAK:

    “Psn store is back up. I am very pleased.”

    …..uh huh. i bet you are.

  65. oldschool1987:

    Lmfao @ Ivan! I swear you’re bipolar! You’ve stayed loyal all the way through this fuck up but now its just all over you decide to switch allegiances, you’re a strange one Ivmong.

  66. Ivan_PSP:

    LoL Cuzz i didn’t get well no got PlayStation plus. Sony is just a teaser.

    PSN Hack done
    Sony Music Hack Done
    Sony PlayStation site done
    Sony Pictures Done
    Sony i forgot this one but done

    This is just pathetic. I’m buying a PSV this fall even if it has a crappy hideous name worse then Wii.

    My bipolar is curable.

  67. Barnabe Jones:


  68. Ivan_PSP:

    Microsoft is now going to make a handheld video game console being reveal at E3 finally. Plus Internet Explorer is coming to Xbox Live. all first party title from microsoft will be playable pc to xbox 360. also they r copying sony by making digital savedata but now u can also save ur settings n this feature is available for silver members also. gears of war 1 is coming to ps3 updated with a subtitle finally. ps3 is getting a new cross game chat n cross video chat free this sweet. also the ps3 browser is flash player is being update to flash 10.2. also Symantec norton joins trend micro 4 ps3 web security. AOL AIM App is coming to ps3.

    all secrets r out this company cant keep it together.

  69. oldschool1987:

    Good news for the Xbox for once, looks like the MGS HD collections is going to PS3 and Xbox.

    It has MGS2, 3 and Peace Walker. Xbox has the 1st two on the original Xbox I think but they get PW as well now, great game. I would have like to see it built from the ground up though.

    I wonder if MGS4 will hit the 360, starting to look more likely. If it does then how much we bet the Xbots gloat, even though when we got ME2 they said ‘The games a year old now so its old news’ lol.

    Silent Hill collections announced for PS3, day 1 for me.

    Microsoft has underperformed massively at E3 for 3 years now, but I reckon they could surprise us if they get a few more PS2 HD remakes.

    Hmm, I remember when the Xbots slated the PS3 for releasing old games just in HD, wonder if they’ll buy MGS? I know I will lol. Shame they never added MGS Twin Snakes.

  70. oldschool1987:

    My keypad on my phone keeps missing out randome letters. It makes me look like Ivan lmao

  71. oldschool1987:

    The Witcher 2 confirmed for 360, might be exclusive to the Xbox. Another day 1 for me :D

  72. oldschool1987:


    Looks like it added random* letters as well lol.

  73. Godless:


    Stop trolling with the Graphics performance crap

    Lets just wait and see what the Wii 2 can do. It may very well beat the 360 but there is also the possibility that it will better PS3 too, we’ll just need to wait for that.

    As for the NGP, Now while I’m looking forward to this little gadgie, and will very likely get one if it lives up to the hype, and isn’t just another high end phone/low end ipad type device.

    There is now way in hell it can even come close to the 360 for graphics, not even close

    add to that the fact that there is no portable CPU on the planet that can’t even begin to scratch the arse of the 360s CPU

    lower everything, how the hell do you put this above the 360?

  74. phranctoast:


    LOL. If that list represents the XBOX 360 for the first 6 months of this year there’s no reason for you to not own a PS3.

  75. Roca.:

    “The Witcher 2 confirmed for 360, might be exclusive to the Xbox”

    meanwhile, XCOM is coming to PS3 ;). I bet xbots won’t be raving about it anymore

  76. Roca.:

    “As for the NGP, Now while I’m looking forward to this little gadgie, and will very likely get one if it lives up to the hype, and isn’t just another high end phone/low end ipad type device”

    This is way ahread of any smartphone and tablet – the tech packed in the PSP2 is at least a year away (maybe longer) from being the meanstreaming in other portable devices – NGP has a quad-core CPU and GPU with a 5″ OMLED screen, touch screen and touch rear panel.

    Phones and tablets are “just” starting to move to dual-core CPUs but the majority of them are still using single core CPUs…by no means this will be a low end tablet or anything similar to a smartphone (in terms of processing power).

    The 360, graphics wise hit the sealing long time ago and has not been able to produce PS3 quality graphics since ’08. Those Uncharted screen look as good as the PS3 version and that’s much better graphics than anything on 360.

    another thing I like about the NGP is that it will be backwards compatible with current PSP games and its features a advance emulator that will let you increase the resolution and will also give you the ability to use the dual analog stick for old PSP games.

  77. phranctoast:

    The PS Vita won’t be up to par with current gen consoles. That’s already been confirmed. Doesn’t mean it wont look fantastic on that small screen.

    The PS Vita has to be more advanced and as future proof as an electronics device can be so it could last a couple of years. Tablets on the other hand have new iterations coming out on a more frequent basis. Tablets in this respect are more like PC’s.

  78. Godless:

    I would wait and see what Sony finally delivers before making all the wild claims roca

    this console will look great on the 5″ screen, but on a 720P display, it won’t look anything like the 360

    less memory
    lower resolution
    less powerful GPU
    less powerful CPU

    what part of all this adds up to makes you think it will be better than a 360 Roca

    while it may well be as powerful as a PS2 it certainly won’t match the 360 on any front

  79. Roca.:

    “on a 720P display, it won’t look anything like the 360″

    You act like the 360 runs games at a better res (it doesn’t). Most 360 games are either 720p or lower – some upscaled but that doesn’t meant it looks better than native res

    You also have to remember the NGP has to deal with about 50% less textured pixel per frame due to the smaller screen, meaning games can look as good as console games with less processing power.

    This is common sense for portable devices, but you’re too dumb to accept it – if you take a 1080p HD video from a smartphone or a iPad and transfer the file to a 1080p TV screen or connect it via HDMI the video will look stretched out because the original file was designed for a “smaller scree”…but watching it on a portable devices still gives that same HD quality image.

  80. Godless:


    Roca, that’s not what you said

    I’m perfectly capable of working out that more pixels in a smaller area provides higher definition per inch ” but that would put the DS as having the best graphics at the moment, using your logic.

    does that mean also that if I play on a 22″ instead of a 32 or 40 that the graphics are better . .LMAO

    You claimed the NGP was graphically superior to the 360. .Wrong. .face it.

  81. CAD:


    It’s a stupid argument really about exclusives. Last year Sony was suppose to have all these exclusive launches that never happened. All you got was like 4 exclusives all year. I have not even been paying attention to the PS3 so I don’t even know what games have launced since GT5. Really I’m never going to buy a PS3 and it’s not because I’m blind it because I don’t have time or money for two systems, especially time. One system is good enough for me and I’m sticking with the 360 because it has the best Online features. A few exclusives are no big deal to me and to make matters worse the Hack on the PS3 is a big flaw against it. No hack like that has ever happened on the 360. I prefer the 360 exclusives becasue they are built on the backbone of XBL and provide hours of playability for month as opposed to a single player experience that comes and goes like most PS3 exclusives. There is no shortage of games exclusive or not and Kinect is just super cool device that make people go wow when your talking to the 360 or using gesture to contol it. You can’t get that kind of experience from the PS3. The 360 is the best entertainment systme all around.

  82. phranctoast:

    “It’s a stupid argument really about exclusives. ”
    -Especially for 360 users due to the lack of.

    “have not even been paying attention to the PS3 so I don’t even know what games have launced since GT5.”

    -DC Universe
    -Little Big Planet 2
    -MLB The Show
    -SOCOM 4
    -Tomb Raider Trilogy HD
    to name a few

    “Really I’m never going to buy a PS3 and it’s not because I’m blind it because I don’t have time or money for two systems, especially time. ”

    -Good enough reason. I wouldn’t pick up a 360 for similar reasons. That, and most 360 games are also available on the PS3.

    “Hack on the PS3 is a big flaw against it. ”

    -Agreed. It sucks to get hacked by a third party. I’m sure if the same concentration hackers gave MS as Sony is receiving now, everyone would realize that nothing is secure.

    “as opposed to a single player experience that comes and goes like most PS3 exclusives.”

    -Well…that’s just BS. Just look at the small sample list I provided. Only TR:T is SP.

    “You can’t get that kind of experience from the PS3. ”

    -I personally don’t believe gesture control will ever take off. Voice control likely will. The PSeye has 4 mic’s in it. If MS proves that people want VC I’m sure Sony will implement it like Microsoft is implementing stereoscopic 3D a year after Sony did.

  83. phranctoast:

    Outland-PSN title (PSN store downtime affected)
    Moon Diver-PSN title (March 29th)
    The First Templar-Exclusive (54% MC)
    Gatling Gears-(PSN store downtime affected)
    Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury-XBLA exclusive
    Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga -Exclusive (72% MC)
    The Dishwasher: Vampire Smiles-XBLA exclusive
    Dynasty Warriors 7-PS3 title too.
    Full House Poker-XBLA exclusive
    Torchlight-XBLA exclusive
    Fable 3: Traitors Keep-DLC
    Beyond Good and Evil-PSN release in Summer
    Zeit 2-XBLA Exclusive
    Dead Rising 2: Case West-DLC
    Quake Arean Arcade-XBLA exclusive
    Gears of war 3 Beta-LOL

  84. Roca.:

    “does that mean also that if I play on a 22? instead of a 32 or 40 that the graphics are better . .LMAO”

    That’s not what I siad, idk why you keep putting words in my mouth. If you don’t know what you’re talking about then stfu.

    The fact that most smartphone’s screen have a “native” res of 800 x 480 and 1080p or 720p videos are scaled down that that screen since which is why the when viewing the same file on a bigger “screen” that supports higher res than 800×480 (all HDTVs) you image will be stretched out or smaller than your TV screen (not matter what size your TV is).

    This does not apply to TVs which makes your retarded logic a pretty dumb statement.

    gosh you’re so dumb that sometimes it’s a waste of time arguing technical stuff with you.

  85. phranctoast:


    I’m all for throwing out random flame bait to see who bites for shits and giggles but to actually argue this point seems foolhardy.

    The PS Vita Specs were revealed. It’s not as powerful as either the PS3 or the 360.

    In fact a good comparison would be, it’s equivalent to the PS2-PSP graphical disparity.

    Of course this doesn’t mean anything negative. The smaller screen will make graphical flaws harder to decipher making up for the difference.

  86. phranctoast:

    Since you like to post ‘exclusive’ XBLA content as well as DLC I figured I’d post some PSN and DLC for comparison.

    PSN Titles. Excludes “Minis”
    -Modern Combat-Domination
    -Tales from Space-About a Blob
    -Back to the Future-episodic
    -Space Ace
    -Pixel Junk Shooter 2
    -Slam Bolt Scrappers
    -Sonic the Hedgehog HD
    -Dungeon Hunter Alliance
    -Puzzle Agent

    DLC and additional exclusive items:
    -Dead Space Extraction
    -LA Noire: special case file
    -Portal- Steam compatibility. cross platform play. free PC version with PS3 version purchase.
    -Mortal Kombat-Kratos.

  87. Roca.:

    Getaway coming to PS3

  88. phranctoast:

    Twisted Metal Revenge Trailer.

  89. Roca.:

    I never said it was more powerful…I was talking about how impressive games on PS Vita.

    I’ll look at the Twisted Metal trailer from phone.

  90. Roca.:

    Sweet Tooth’s new vehicle is fucking insane.
    Jaffe definitely knows how do some epic shit in a video game

  91. phranctoast:

    Check out these screen shots. Impressive for a handheld. Definitely not up to the current gen standards of graphical fidelity.

    That Twisted Metal trailer f’in owns.

  92. phranctoast:

    I hope the PS Vita price is decent. I’m really impressed with what I see so far.

  93. phranctoast:

    The Nerdgasm on Neogaf is hilarious.

  94. Roca.:

    LOL @ the neogaf thread.

    E3 is around the courner at the beginning of the year when MS had pretty no exclusives for 2011 the Xbots kept saying – “MS will announce more exclusive through the year”…well MS didn’t have anything for PAX East, GDC ’11, and CES.

    Now it looks MS will end the year with Gears 3, Forza 4 and Maybe a Halo remake. The two other quality exclusive xbots were raving about were XCOM and Codename Kingdoms – one is a multiplatform and the other is a Kinect game.

    On the other hand Sony will finish the year with Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance 3.

  95. phranctoast:

    I have a feeling MS E3 2011 will once again be all about Kinect.

    The Rumor neogaf title is filled with Kinect titles.

  96. Roca.:

    “The Rumor neogaf title is filled with Kinect titles”

    Yeah, kind of sad..
    Here are what we might see at E3 from Sony and what will become PS3′s 2012 lineup:
    -Last Guardian [confirmed]
    -Ico Collection [confirmed]
    -Starhawk [confirmed]
    -Horizon [rumored]
    -Agent [rumored]
    -Syphon Filter [rumored]
    -Heavenly Sword 2 [rumored]
    -Planetside [rumored]
    -Sly 4 [leaked]
    -Getaway 3 [leaked]

  97. CAD:


    I never said I played all those games. I only researched them. I have been playing for the last 6 months.

    Xbox 360

    Gears of war 3 Beta
    Skate 3
    Test Drive Unlimited 2
    Crysis 2
    Halo Reach
    Dance Central
    Kinect Sports

    Windows Phone 7

    Fable coin Golf
    Assassin’s creed
    The Harvest
    Glow Artisan
    Packman CE DX
    PES 2011
    Crackdown Project Sunburst
    Rocket Riot
    Alpha Jax
    Broiled Earth
    Chicks ‘N’ Vixens
    Rise of Glory
    iBlast Moki
    Hydro Thunder Go
    Fruit Ninja
    Flight Control
    Harbour Master
    3D Brick Breaker
    Hexic Rush
    Bejeweled Live

  98. dans303:

    ‘Welcome Back’ package is now online. Get downloading people.

  99. phranctoast:

    Damnit. Last Guardian is confirmed for 2012?

  100. dans303:


    Yeah it was delayed until 2012 way back in April. :(

  101. Roca.:

    I believe so – Team Ico said both of their game are getting delayed – if we don’t have a date for ICO Collection yet I don’t think Last Guardian will be coming out this year. Sony pretty much have every single month covered

    Jun – Infamous
    Sep – Resistance 3
    Oct – Twisted Metal, follow by R&C
    Nov – Uncharted 2

  102. phranctoast:

    ICO collection is slated for Sept 22nd in Japan. I imagine the NA/rest of world should be the same.

    The game has been localized for years now..

  103. FahKinSuPah:

    Its awsome that the Welcome Back program is up but damn am I getting a lot of errors while trying to download stuff lol.

  104. FahKinSuPah:

    Great… serious issues with the Welcome Back program.

    Heads up to everyone here, you might want to wait.

    I went to download my first game and it kept erroring on me and now the option to DL Free game #1 is missing from my store.

    So…. Looks like Sony might have to give out another game to some people :D

  105. FahKinSuPah:

    Wow.. thank goodness for Google.

    There is a way around that

    Q: I no longer have the option to choose my free Welcome Back games. What can I do?
    A: If you navigate away from the Welcome Back section of the store without choosing your free games or exit the store completely you may need to follow the below in order to choose and download your free games.

    On your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable navigate to the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB
    Log into your PlayStation Network account and choose Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List
    Choose “PlayStation Network Promotions” from the list of services displayed
    Select either “PS3 Free Games” or “PSP Free Games” and then choose “Select Content”

  106. dans303:

    Fahkin is like a walking FAQ . . . ;)

  107. twilight:

    I am glad Psn is fully functional.
    You didn’t answer my quesion.

  108. phranctoast:

    good look fahkin.

  109. FahKinSuPah:


    Man I was about to freak out and then I found that lmoa.

    Figured I would share it cause if im having that problem now, someone else here is bound to have it too… At least until things die down on Sony’s Servers. I can imagine that the Store servers are under immense load right now.

  110. Roca.:

    I don’t have a 3D TV.

  111. Ivan_PSP:

    Diablo 3 will look awesome in 3D

    Go buy a Sony Bravia 3D LED TV.

  112. FahKinSuPah:


    Doesn’t matter if it will be in 3D or not, as long as your system can run it, Diablo 3 will look amazing. Its definately one of the games I look forward to buying. I’m a big Blizz fan

  113. twilight:

    Ps3 and a 3D tv make such sweet love together. You need to get a 3D tv. There are some great sales going on right now.

  114. twilight:

    3D makes it so much sweeter though. I wasn’t sold on 3D until I actually got 3D.

  115. Ivan_PSP:

    lol i never say diablo 3 was coming in 3d for ps3 i just told roca to buy a one since he said he doesnt own one yet.

    the only game i want to play in 3d is uncharted 3: drake’s deception after i beat uncharted: golden abyss

  116. Ivan_PSP:

    E3 2011: AT&T Partnering with Sony for NGP 3G

  117. FahKinSuPah:

    I’m still not sold on 3D sorry. Not until its Glassless and affordable.

  118. Ivan_PSP:

    I agree.

    TV makers need to use Autostereoscopy which is 3d without glasses the 3DS uses that soon everyone. But is more difficult to make for tv.

  119. Ivan_PSP:

    Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception | OFFICIAL Syria coop gameplay trailer (2011) Sony PS3

  120. Roca.:

    did you see the Getaway trailer ?

  121. Ivan_PSP:

    There’s a new one?

  122. Roca.:


    idk but the voice sounds like Jason Statham

  123. CaptBirdman:

    CAD you actually play Kinect Sports? The hell????

    Go outside and dribble a real basketball for crying out loud! The hell is the point of playing a sports game on a console if there’s no controller? Get some real exercise

  124. CarlB:

    Thanks Fahkin, I had actually downloaded 3 of the four games, but lost the option to download the 2nd free PS3 game. I googled it and just found reports, but the solution you linked worked like a charm.,2817,2386375,00.asp#

  125. ncaissie:

    Sony can suck my ass. They send me a fuckin email saying how to download the wb games. The only game I was interested in isn’t even in the PSN store. I wanted to give infamous another shot. Now they can fuck off and I won’t buy Infamous 2.

  126. CaptBirdman:

    Calm down NC.

    Especially because, from what I’ve seen in the demo, Infamous 2 is bloody awesome.

    If you’re having problems with getting the game, try what Fahkin said… It worked for me, and Carl.

  127. FahKinSuPah:

    Wait a second…

    The NGP is actually going to be called the PS Vita?


    Its going to suck. How do I know? Because Vita is just one letter away from Vista.

  128. CAD:


    So it’s OK to play sports games with a controller but to play sports games with Kinect which makes it almost as real as doing the actual sport which makes you sweat and have pretty much the same workout is a bad thing. Your an idiot.

  129. dans303:

    “from what I’ve seen in the demo, Infamous 2 is bloody awesome.”

    I just played it. What. A. Game.

    It’s so beautiful and the montage of new powers that you see at the end of the demo look awesomely cool.

  130. ncaissie:

    @bird man
    What the fuck good is that? I never downloaded it because it was NEVER AN OPTION TO DOWNLOAD!
    Jesus, Canadians get fucked again.
    I’m done buying any new games and maybe games period.
    I think it’s time to dust off that pos Wii. Or get a 360.

  131. ncaissie:

    I’m getting a ton of errors everywhere in the XMB. It looks like they fucked everything up. All my purchase history says “product Purchase” so I can’t redownload the stuff I want that was on my dead ps3 to one of the others. I’m soooooo pissed off right now.

  132. ncaissie:

    Does anyone else from Canada have infamous on their list?

  133. Ivan_PSP:

    LoL inFAMOUS 2 is now availavble to hack free too bad my hack is dead ima get fix soon anyways I get my infamous hero edition the 7th at midnight from gamestop

  134. ncaissie:

    Oh, fuck off you cheap pos Ivan. Get a fuckin job.

  135. ncaissie:

    “from what I’ve seen in the demo, Infamous 2 is bloody awesome.”
    People say that about the first one also.
    I didn’t think so. I just want more then 60 trial to find out myself.

  136. CaptBirdman:


    ” Your an idiot.”

    Well, considering you can’t even spell “you’re”….

    And yeah, go play a real sport. I think people that play Kinect sports are ridiculous. And I’m a REAL athlete– nothing compares to actually swimming, actually playing basketball for 4 hours, or getting in a real boxing ring. If you think Kinect has ” pretty much the same workout”:

    ” Your an idiot.”

  137. ncaissie:

    It turns out that if you have downloaded the infamous game trial with your plus membership then you don’t get it as an option.
    Fucking stupid. I had to use my wifes account to get the game.
    PSN is pretty fucked up.

  138. ncaissie:

    Oh and CAD

    ” Your an idiot.”

  139. ncaissie:

    Lol oh, and bird that is you’re

  140. CaptBirdman:

    I know I know haha

  141. Roca.:

    don’t tell Godless you wife knows how to use the PS3 interface ;)

  142. dans303:


  143. Godless:

    don’t tell Godless you wife knows how to use the PS3 interface

    He said “he had to use”

    Look at the problems you lot have been having with the system, I had to go round in circles a bit, with my console crashing twice in the process, before I final got the games I wanted downloading.

    I did think to myself, “this is going to screw a few people up I bet”.

    And I was right. LOL

    PS3 is just not that user friendly to those not accustomed to using a console, I know you’re all to far in the fanboy camp to see that, even after the difficulties some of you have had with the downloads.

    anyone know if we get to keep the stuff we download while plus members i.e. burnout paradise, even after the plus membership expires ?

  144. Roca.:

    The difficulties were becuase the servers were floated – nothing to do with the XMB “being hard to navigate” – that’s just stupid and its kind of sad that you throw your wife and kids under the bus and tell us all how difficult its for them to understand the simpliest navigation system. Award winning at it btw

  145. Godless:


    You’re a dick if you can’t admit that the 360 is easier to navigate external devices on, than the PS3.

    My wife is extremely smart, but is not a gamer at all, and only ever plays Lips or singstar

    when faced with a menu like the PS3 which won’t list contents of an external drive without first pressing triangle for options , selecting View all, from the view options.

    you’re a twat if you think that’s easy for someone to work out, who is not a gamer.

    Roca I’ll guarantee my wife is a dammed sight smarter than you’ll ever be. Just because you know how to use you’re PS3 inside & out doesn’t make it easy for people with no familiarity to the system, fucking grow up

  146. Roca.:

    “My wife is extremely smart”

    Can’t understand icons or how to manage/share external media lmao

    “Roca I’ll guarantee my wife is a dammed sight smarter than you’ll ever be”

    what you based that statement on? Pretty much everyone’s girl/wife on here can use and handle the PS3 UI pretty well except your wife – ncaissie’s, oldschool’s, and my girl can use it pretty easily.

    Most kids with a PSP knows how to use as well so your wife is in a class of its own.

    360 is not easier to navigate…tiles, huge icon, slides, ads, layers, etc, etc – its a huge mess. Whenever there is an 360 update most 360 owners always express their desire for a easier and cleaner UI.

  147. Godless:


    My wife has 2 degrees, One in psychology, the other in Social work, she’s in her late 30s and has never used a console. my kids are 7 & 9, why would any of them know how to access external media on a PS3

    Roca you to egocentric to even get the gist of this so I’m not going any further with it.

  148. Roca.:

    “My wife has 2 degrees, One in psychology”

    no wonder she can put up with you…

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