Nintendo E3 2011 recap – project cafe officially revealed as Wii U

June 10, 2011

Nintendo E3 2011 recap – project cafe officially revealed as Wii U Nintendo held its press conference last as usual and as anticipated, revealed its next console iteration. As rumored, the device heavily focuses on the controller and updated hardware.

Nintendo’s press conference was by far the most anticipated as everyone in the industry have been looking forward to the reveal of Nintendo’s new console. Images and scant details around Project Cafe circulated around the Web prior to E3.

As rumored the controller has a 6.2” touchscreen built-in along with accelerometers, gyroscopes, speakers, microphone and a camera. The controller also has two analog sticks and the usual buttons.

On the hardware side, the new Wii U system is the first Nintendo console to boast 1080p along with a powerful AMD Radeon GPU. The CPU is very similar to the Xbox 360’s and is IBM Power-based.

Apparently the console will not come with a hard drive, but will take various types of alternative mediums. Also, the Wii U will use an unannounced disc format which can store up to 25GB. The console manufacturer did not reveal the disc format, but considering the storage size its not inconceivable that its blu-ray.

Here is a full run down of Nintendo’s conference:

  • Nintendo to unveil 3DS lineup – Mario Kart (2011), Super Mario (2011), Kid Icarus (2011), Luigi’s Mansion, and Star Fox 3DS.
  • Kind Icarus for 3DS has 3v3 multiplayer battle mode
  • Virtual Console to be available on 3DS’s eshop
  • Wii U to work independetly of console for basic mini games
  • Wii U launching in 2012
  • All Wii controllers and games are backwards compatible
  • List of games for Wii U: Darksiders II, Batman Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Ghost Recon Online, Alien: Colonial Marine, Metro: Last Light, Tekken, and Ninja Gaiden 3.
  • 3DS eshop to have Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

With the press conference spanning several hours there is bound to be something missing. However, this should provide a summary of the highlights.

51 Responses to “Nintendo E3 2011 recap – project cafe officially revealed as Wii U”

  1. Godless:

    I’m not quite sure who Nintendo were pitching this console at.

    It’s only just as powerful as the existing 5 year old systems, which have a huge back catalogue of high quality games, So hardcore gamers are not likely to buy into it, not till it proves itself anyway.

    the controller looks . ..well . . .lets say “interesting”. I cant see it being all that comfortable for any length of time gaming, but at the same time the touch screen offers all sorts of potential which if used well, could add a lot to games.

    The big question I suppose is, Will the current Nintendo Wii owners support it after having bought a Wii? My guess on that, is that most will not.

    I don’t thing I know anyone who holds the Wii in high regards as a gaming machine, though most admit that the controller system was innovative, it just didn’t really help the games much, with only a handful of games being really worth having.

    I think the Wii U has its work cut out to make any kind of impact, it’s up against strong opposition with the 360 & PS3, and with the True next gen maybe only a short wait away with a huge leap in performance very likely, hardcore gamers will most likely wait and see what MS & Sony do before doing anything with Nintendo’s new offering.

    I think this machines future rests on how well the touch screen is utilised, it will need to do more than just match the current systems.

  2. Andrew_DS:

    I think this looks like it has a lot of potential. The first thing I thought of when I seen the new controller was how good it would be for racing games.

    If it has the capability of Wii Motion + built in it could obviously be the steering wheel but all your controls (pit radio, telemetry, etc…) and race data on the touch screen. This would leave the full TV screen for the actual in game action.

    Like wise it would be great for multi player strategy games of sports games where you want to keep in game decisions secret.

    As a Ninty fan, what I want to see them do for the next gen is to not only provide some innovation but to square up in the other areas they have been slagged off in. Namely graphics, storage and online.

    I am relieved to see 1080p. Thats a must. The graphics processor needs to be BETTER than ps3. Not necessarily significantly better but it needs to be more powerful that the ps3 when its released. Its a given that the ps4 and nextBox will be a step further on.

    They need to get the online right. Assuming that I get a broadband connection that pulls me out of the dark ages, it would be good to actually have a decent non friend code based online gaming system. Ninty need to put some of the responsibility of playing online with the user. I understand that they are trying to be the Disney of the gaming world and protect our kids from all the nasties out there, but really, friend codes are a bit no-no.

    And lastly it needs Blu Ray. The actual players are cheap enough now. It would be a selling point. It would mean people like me wouldn’t have to bit the bullet and get a separate Blu Ray player some day. If they are going to join the HD party, they may as well bring something that uses it.

    Other than that its a day 1 purchase for me.

  3. FahKinSuPah:

    If Nintendo can pull this off it doesn’t have to be about the system being more powerfull than 360 or PS3.

    Obviously with these new (and kinda weird looking) controllers Nintendo has the unique ability to pull off a measure of control in games that is not available anywhere else. Unfortunately I can imagine the price tag on one of these controllers is quite pricey.

    They certainly made the right move by making it BC with Wii, but the only other problem here is will Nintendo stop shunning the core gamer and start catering to us again? Can Nintendo reclaim some 3rd party support?

    Certainly one area where the new controller would be a welcome addition could be squad based shooters. Imagine the touch screen displaying an area map and you can issue commands or waypoints to your team. Would be friggin awsome

  4. Roca.:

    IGN – E3 2011: Why I Think PlayStation Won E3

  5. SW:

    Just get rid of the fucking friend codes and Ill end up buying it.

    Worst online system ever.

  6. ncaissie:

    You know MS really fucked up when IGN thinks Sony won.
    They have the CAD, CONvict and Kev mentality.

  7. CAD:

    I think the new Nintendo Wii U will be awesome as it will bring new ways of playing the same games just like Kinect. Only one big question for me is what’s the online capabilities and is the tablet protable?

  8. Roca.:

    I think its pretty obvious who won E3 2011. Shovelware aside, lets look at the exclusives shown on each conference.

    -Gears of War 3
    -Forza 4
    -Halo 4

    -Uncharted 3
    -Resistance 3
    -Infamous 2
    -Dust 514
    -Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

    [[[[PS Vita]]]]
    -Uncharted: Golden Abys
    -ModNation Racers
    -Super Stardust Delta
    -Wipeout 2048

    -Super Mario
    -Star Fox 64
    -Mario Kart
    -Luigi’s Mansion 2
    -Kid Icarus
    -Mario Party 9

    [[[[Wii U]]]]
    -Super Marios Bros. Mii
    -Shield Pose
    -Chase Mii
    -Battle Mii

  9. CAD:


    Oh I love the illusion that Sony gives. I read that article and overall I agree Sony probably has the best show if your a games stuck on controllers. Cuting throught the BS here what’s real. The reason Sony has so many exclusives listed is because most of them were suppose to come out last year but got pushed back. It’s a recurring theme every year with Sony. So no matter what they showed on stage in the end only a few will make it out this year. Just watch and see because I’ll be bringing this back up come year end.

  10. Roca.:

    None of the Sony exclusives shown at E3 were suppose to come out last year. Mean while Gears 3 was suppose to come out in March/April but IF Micosoft would’ve released Gears 3 back in March then they would have nothing to show at E3 and no big game for the Holiday season…That’s just sad, too bad you’re too blind too see what’s going on.

    What I listed for Sony was just based on what they showed “at their press conference” but they had alot more titles in the E3 show floor – like Twisted Metal, R&C, ICO Collection and more. Also I didn’t even list all the exclusive content Sony announced for all those 3rd party games.

    Microsoft’s theme was the same as the last two years: Kinect…but this year was worse and they went all out to try to make sure every 360-only owner buys Kinect.

  11. oldschool1987:

    LMFAO! I love it when CAD gets owned.

    ‘The reason Sony has so many exclusives listed is because most of them were suppose to come out last year but got pushed back’

    And then Roca bitch slapped him with this:

    ‘None of the Sony exclusives shown at E3 were suppose to come out last year. Mean while Gears 3 was suppose to come out in March/April but IF Micosoft would’ve released Gears 3 back in March then they would have nothing to show at E3 and no big game for the Holiday season…That’s just sad, too bad you’re too blind too see what’s going on’

    Lmao! Poor CAD, he always says that we’re the ones who are in denial :p fuck knows where he gets that idea from. He’s as blind a fanboy as you can get.

    In other news:

    This made me lol.

  12. oldschool1987:

    The Kincect kids made me laugh:

    ‘Oh no waterfall!!!’

    I bet CAD screamed ‘WATCH THE WATERFALL!’ along with them and screamed like a school girl when Captain Hook shown up lol.

  13. jojo29:

    Sorry CAD
    But if you want games, Sony is where its at….lets put it this way, I’m in the market either the Wii U or a 360…. I’m a gamer, nintendo can offer me tue following titles excluaively:
    Mario kart
    Super smash brothers

    All these are consideres “hardcore” games…iv already got 5 games….almost half a years worth of games..

    Please don’t list multiplatform games…the above list is missing only one genre, racing sim, so ill even give you Forza….now, go ahead and give me a gaming filled 360 exclusive list

  14. ncaissie:

    @Roca, what about the gow psp collection?

  15. ncaissie:

    Cad is not even a gamer so why bother with him? My wife is more of a gamer than that idiot is.

  16. Roca.:

    Here is a easy way to sum up E3

    Let me know if you agree guys

  17. oldschool1987:

    LMFAO!!! Sums it up perfectly.

    The Microsoft guy is CAD.

  18. ncaissie:

    A better one would be them shooting their foot.

  19. FahKinSuPah:


    Nintendo has to give me something more than 1 zelda and 1 metroid game to make me want the system.

    Wii still has a few interesting games but they are few and far in between.

  20. FahKinSuPah:

    Anyone see the new Mass Effect 3 trailer?

    I thought it lookedkinda cool lol

  21. FahKinSuPah:

    Sweet I just found out the next Rune Factory game ,Tides of Destiny, won’t just come out on Wii but also on PS3.

  22. SW:

    Woot for more Rune Factory \o/

  23. CON:

    -Gears of War 3
    -Forza 4
    -Halo 4
    -Uncharted 3
    -Resistance 3
    -Infamous 2
    -Dust 514
    -Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

    Halo 4 alone will outsell the ps3 list. Gears and Forza are also must buys

  24. Roca.:

    by the time Halo 4 comes out I will mostly be playing Uncharted 4, Infamous 3, Galaxyhawk, Getaway, Sly 5, and GT6.

    Also, I bet PS3 exclusive will win the most E3 awards and will have the most GOTY-caliber games.

    Sales doesn’t mean shit, if they did Wii Fit and Mario Kart would have been the best games this generation.

    one last thing, Gears and Forza are indeed must buy for 360 owners, hell its been like 10 months already since the last quality exclusive game. Anything is a MUST BUY on 360 at this point.

  25. jojo29:

    who gives a shit if halo outsells those games….guess what…your still just playing halo for the next x amount of months….

    [[[[PS3]]]] -
    Uncharted 3 -
    Resistance 3
    -Infamous 2
    -Dust 514
    -Sly Cooper: Thieves

    Lets say halo outsells all these games, and lets say these are the only games coming outnrhe next 6 months….congrats to ms but guess what? While your only playing halo forntue next 6 months, I get the option to pretty much play a different game each month, while you would be stuck playing the same fucking game….yeah CON, halo sales are so relevant when it comes to gaming….rolls eyes…pretty sad that in a GAMING industry, and being GAMERS, instead of being like us, and talking about games, you will be sounding like balmer in an investors meeting, talking about sales….

    Seems to me, if you want to talk sales, get a wii or a 360, if you want to talk about games…get a ps3…
    Halo forza fable and gears are not enough, even nintendo can offer more….mario, zelda, metroid, super smash, mario kart….already their list is bigger….sonys is bigger than both combined…

  26. ncaissie:

    LOL sales are all that matters. As long as MS makes lots of money on the one game who cares if they don’t make any more games. They prefer waving their arms around like wiitards and bouncing balls off their chins.

  27. jojo29:

    I agree, but what I’m getting at is, even at their bare minimum offerings…they already have more exclusives than microsoft….franchises that is…

  28. Roca.:

    You are so blind that you can’t even admit 360 had the shittiest lineup in all of E3. Here is how it went down:

    ****lineup for each publisher****
    Sony > EA > Ubisoft > Nintendo > Square Enix > Microsoft.

    ****Lineup for each console****
    PS3 > PS Vita > 3DS > Wii U > Xbox 360

    Even 360 dedicated sites are not as blind as you..MSXbox-world writes:

    “So to wrap up the show Halo 4 for 2012 is announced, a new trilogy featuring the same old characters. Nudge me when it’s all over please. So, perhaps they got really upset by Alan Wake, y’know a new franchise that bombed. Maybe it’s our fault that all they want to release are safe bet sequels and brain wash us with Kinect. There were no exclusives that made you feel like you were part of something big, just a whole lot of flapping and shouting”

  29. FahKinSuPah:


    And nintendo also has several game generations over MS.

    Mario, Metroid, and Zelda all originated on NES.

    To this day thats all Nintendo still really has, with maybe exceptions to Donkey Kong Country, but we all know that series pretty much went to the crapper. Everything else is all Mario spin offs.

  30. CON:

    I’m looking forward to all of those games in the above list but I don’t pick my games based on whether or not the are exclusive.

    Microsoft pretty much smashed Sonys monopoly of exclusives from the previous gen and it’s only in the last few years that Sony have upped their game and created some new decent titles.

    Multiplat games always sell more for xbox and get the better ports so its win win for company and us gamers.

  31. CON:


    Speaking of blind. You’re the blind ps3 fanboy who has no life and trolls this site every day……every article…spanning back years and years lol.

    You probably have a lot of relivant points but 80% of the time I scroll past your comments because of the biased troll that your are.

    I’m happy to point out when PS3 has decent games sales etc…it’s good for everyone. I don’t just say somethings shit because it’s not xbox. Get a life you troll lol

  32. Roca.:

    “it’s only in the last few years that Sony have upped their game and created some new decent titles”

    you mean since 2008 (4 years ago)… Sony has been producint the best lineup year after year and 360 only keeps rehashing the same 2/3 games.

  33. Roca.:

    I mostly post here during work hours…you barely see any post from me after work hours. but unlike you who used to spend most of your free time on here trolling, spreading terrorism and hating on US troops. How lame is that? I bet you do that on here because you’ll get beat up if you say all those nonsense in the streets.

    You’re such a troll, and a lame one while at it that since MS doesn’t anything impressive for you Xbots to talk about all you have posted in the past 10 months have GT5 reviews and “cross game chat” commenst… That’s just pathitic.

    CAD has been talking about the failure product that is Windows Phone and alot of Kinect BS. None of you talks games anymore because MS is not offering much.

  34. jojo29:

    good point, but, not being around in the nes days hasn’t stopped sony from having arguably ( imo, “now”, and only between ninty and sony) the absolute best exclusives and 1st party studios…
    Ms had the talent, they have rare….why not release killer instinct 3….. they have mgs…where’s mech assault 3…. that’s not even including hd money grab remakes of both those franchises…they dismantled ensemble, who produced one of the best rts franchise ever, age of empires/ mythology….

    Then they lost bungie….fahkin….I really like the 360, or I have tried to like it, but coupled with the above history and their pay to play online….its as if ms doesn’t want me to like them…all I want are games man….and sadly, gears is not enough for me to invest in it when sony is ass raping them in terms of both quality/quantity or exclusives and ensuring I get multiplatform games…

    Oh and on a side note…remember when all the xbox fagboys, aka cad/con/hh the dipshit were screaming that sony was shoving br down our throats…turnes out br is needed for gaming but now, ms trying to shove kinect down your guys throat….

  35. ncaissie:

    Xbitches are by far the most loyal idiots. I’ll give them that.

  36. FahKinSuPah:


    MS has made some very stupid desicions, I will agree with you there. But they aren’t alone.

    Nintendo is king with its poor choice to alienate hardcore gamers. If they would have supported us then it would easily meant more hardware and software sales.

    Sony screwed up too. In particular Sony had all the RPGs last gen on the PS2. Now they are few and far between on PS3. RPGs are my fav and this really pissed me off. All of the really promising looking ones are Jp only, or they get cast aside and put on PSP (like Valkyria Chronicles sequals did).

    There is one RPG for PS3 that I have my eye on, and it was mentioned here on Blorge before. Ninokuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou This is the one done by Level 5 with the artwork from Studio Ghibli. Of course this game will probably never be released outside of Jp.

  37. CON:

    Spreading terrorism lol let’s not go down the whole war over non existant WMDs resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

    The whole ‘i only post from work’ doesn’t wash lol cus you clearly post more than an 8 hour range….pretty sad that you’re trying to cover it up. Who you trying to kid???? What a loser.

  38. Barnabe Jones:


    There’s a new Halo game every year. It’s like getting excited about COD or Madden.

    We all know it’s coming every year. No one cares.

  39. jojo29:

    And yet here you are posting too CON…..lets not go that route….

    @ fahkin
    Oh by no means am I trying to say ms is the only one that’s made mistakes, see, I’m not sure if cad and them pay attention, but I have reamed sony for their past/current mistakes….it just so happens, mostnof their mistakes have been remedied:
    Launch price: ridiculous….its been competitive for some time..
    lack of games: been trying to keep up with them since ’08….almost too many exclusives to pick upno dare I say..
    Lack of advertising: I still feel they could do much better but kevin butler doing a decent job
    Horrible PR: they still need a lot of work here
    Psn download/update speed slower/ more cubersome than LIVE: this, unfortunately we have to just take…
    Jrpgs: totally agree with you here man..

    But ms, now, are the ones making the mistake…of alienating the hardcore gamers that got them where they are…

  40. CON:

    “lets not go that route….”

    No, by all means! Let’s!

    Go through the last month of articles and see who is the biggest troll on this site.

  41. jojo29:

    Okay CON, lets dance:
    troll or not, at least roca’s comments pertain to what this site is all about….games, and the games industry…

    Now, I’m not against discussing other topics of mutual interest amonst ourselves, I’m sure we all have overlapping areas of interst.

    But, for months, you were going on and on about some bnp political bullshit, going so far as imposing your own assumptions of what people think about the subject…

    Again, I’m no one to dictate what we should talk about, but I do draw lines when comments are made about dying soldiers, on whichever end, but naturally of course, I’m biased towards my American troops, particularly since 95% of my family have served in the navy, army, marines, navy seals, delta force, rangers…you name it my family has done it…

    Again, at least roca keeps within what this site is all about: games…and in that regards, if you want games and not gimmicks that may indeed one day be the future, Sony is where ALL the games are at…

    You guys said it yourselves:
    Gears 3

    Are all the ms core games you guys have to look forward too….

    Infamous 2
    Resistance 3
    Uncharted 3
    Okay now Sony makes its even….but wait….that still leaves starhawk, twisted metal, sly cooper, ratchet and clank, last guardian, that one new shooting game….that’s not even including the cash cow remakes of gow and ico collection…. I mean jeez, I know y’all love yer halo, but I know even you guys want more than 3 exclusives and “sales” bragging rights to be “proud” of your system….

  42. oldschool1987:


    So, Epic Games has now been hacked also. The company that is supplying the Xbox with it’s best exclusive, Gears of War.

    I wonder if the Xbots will criticize Epic for this?

    Doubt it.

  43. ncaissie:

    Not a chance OS

  44. MAK:

    Even the simple Wii has a bigger disc size thst 360. Wow
    360 just keeps looking like the biggest scam on the market more and more each year. So sad.

  45. Godless:

    LOL at PS3 fanboys now defending Nintendo is the better gaming plartform.

    how the F*ck can you say Nintendo is better than the 360 for gaming. Do any of you play the Wii? the new machine is 5 years newer than the 360 and is likely to have around the same performance.

    Nintendo have been around a long time, but since MS entered this market they have humped Nintendo at there own game, by providing gamers with the better hardware and better games.

    Nintendo Vs MS is not even a contest, come on guys get a grip. regardless of how many big name games you list for Nintendo, there all shit if you happen to be over 12. or just can’t stand cartoon graphics in every single F*cking game. .

    Plus add Fable to the 360 games list, So long as it’s not Kinect only, in which case scrub it.

  46. Roca.:

    “LOL at PS3 fanboys now defending Nintendo is the better gaming plartform.”

    first of all, “Nintendo” is not a “gaming platform”. The 3DS and the Wii U are.

    and yes, imo Nintendo had a better software lineup than the ancient 360.

    In terms of exclusive (which is what jojo was saying) Nintendo is right up there with Sony offering all type of games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Pokemon, Star Fox, DK, etc.

  47. jojo29:


    When it comes to online and multiplatform games, your absolutely right, ms Bitch slaps nintendo…hard!

    When it comes to exclusives, nintendo takes it ms, simply by having more quality exclusives that cover more varieties of genres than ms….

  48. Godless:

    jojo they are not quality exclusives!

    Are you telling me you’d rather have a Wii than an Xbox, because the games line up is better?

    the Wii U has yet to prove itself, but I’ll bet that it still won’t beet the 360 for most games, the controller alone would cause problems for most players after about 5 minutes of gaming. that aside, Nintendo has nothing like Forza, gears or halo never mind Fable and all the less popular exclusives which are a dammed site better than Mario cart and donkey kong or whatever.

    I undersand that you guys hate MS but to now say Nintendo offer better gaming is utter pish.

  49. Roca.:

    No one is talking about Wii as we all know the Wii sucks and Nintendo didn’t even show anything for the Wii at E3.

    All we said is that Nintendo had a better E3 and they showed a better lineup of exclusives.

    -Nintendo doesn’t have anything like Forza?
    Well Microsoft doesn’t have anything like Mario Kart or Smash Bros. Both with are more popular than Forza

    -Nintendo doesn’t have anything like Fable?
    LMAO Zelda shit on Fable in every way…and it’s not on rails ;)..and then there’s also that game called Pokemon (which most gamers love, idk why)

    -Nintendo doesn’t have anything like Halo?
    Does Xbox have anything like Metroid, Mario Galaxy..etc

    The point is that most of that the 360 has to offer you can get the a better, or same to similar experience on PS3 while PS3 and Nintendo will always offer gamers the most exclusive to make are invesment worth the money.

  50. jojo29:

    I am not a fan of halo at all, metroid would more than satisfy me there, fable is easily replaced zelda and mario, both of which I’m a fan of….forza…well it just stomps on nintendo as nintendo has nothing…

    Also, the wii u has piqued my interest more so than 1) more kinect shovelware 2) Live Gold is still not free…in fact a new Diamond sub is coming….. 3) you may be wrong about the controller, arstechnica did a hands on, on it, check it out

    Godless, I don’t hate the 360 man, it just doesn’t offer me enough games that I can’t get anywhere else, and aside from dance central and gears, it doesn’t have a single game worth ME…ill say it again…ME buying one for:
    Fable….played them on pc instead
    Forza…I get more than my fix with gt5
    halo….I just don’t dig it….killzone, metroid and bf cover my fps needs….also to help you understand further, I don’t dig crysis or portal…does that mean the games suck ? No, I just don’t dig em

    And godless….I did pick up a wii over a 360…for zelda, super smash, mario kart, galaxies( although I felt galaxies was only meh) but mostly because as clunky as it is, online gaming on the wii is FREE…yes, it is that big a deal to me…and the other 3/4s of the 360s own fanbase agree with me

  51. jojo29:

    One more thing:
    Fable vs Zelda….really? I mean really? You honestly believe with a straight face, fable can hold a candle to zelda?????

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