PAYDAY: The Heist – the game that stole E3

July 22, 2011

PAYDAY: The Heist – the game that stole E3 PAYDAY: The Heist is a game that garnered a lot of buzz at E3. The game came out of nowhere and grabbed a lot of attention. PC Gamer called this the game that “stole the show.”

The game is described as “an action-filled first person shooter for the PlayStation Network that lets you take on the role of a hardened career criminal executing intense, dynamic heists.”

As pointed out by the PlayStation Blog, many sites called PAYDAY “Left 4 Dead with Banks,” as it supports four player co-op. The developers of the game, OVERKILL answered some questions on the blog recently.

According to creative director, Simon Viklund, gamers will have to take a strategic approach to the game if they want to make it out alive. He stated:

The more information you can gather before letting the cat out of the bag, the better. In order to actually start the bank robbery you need to put your mask on and draw your weapon – and within a certain time from that point, the police will show up. So you’ll be “ahead of the game,” so to speak, if you have already scouted the place and know where the guards and cameras are, and where the bank manager – who you need to find – is located.

According to Viklund, PAYDAY has endless replayability as gamers can take various routes to achieve their objectives. The NPCs and their tactics will change accordingly.

Certain people you need to locate are always found in different places, a bag of C4 dropped from a helicopter sometimes lands on the roof, sometimes in the back alley, etc. There’s a heist we call “Slaughterhouse” in which you shoot at an armored car to make it stop. Depending on when you manage to stop the armored car, its final position will differ – and that greatly effects how the rest of the scenario plays out! Another element that adds to the replayability is the statistics that measure your success during a heist: How many civilians did you kill? How fast did you complete the heist? You can decide to try to do a “clean hit” and complete the level without killing any civilians, or simply polish your completion time.

The game offers three main classes: Assault, sharpshooter and support. However, according to Viklund you aren’t limited to any one class because as you level up the upgrade tree there are various branches that become unlocked. You will have the ability to mix and match what you have unlocked creating custom classes.


Check out the full interview on the official PlayStation Blog. PAYDAY: The Heist will release on the PS3 PSN/PC and will be published by Sony Online Entertainment.



102 Responses to “PAYDAY: The Heist – the game that stole E3”

  1. Andrew_DS:

    This is exactly what the games buying public need. A fresh idea of a game.

    I love the way your in a first person environment and you can see the gun your holding….WAIT A MINUTE. This is just like 9 out of every 10 games released these days.

    Do people not get bored of playing the same friccin game over and over??? Another bloody shooter!

  2. dans303:

    This looks pretty cool. Nice destructible(ish) environments too with the stair banister. This game looks like it could get a purchase from me.

    As Andrew_DS would say:

    “This is exactly what the games buying public need. A fresh idea of a game.”

  3. Godless:

    Could be interesting if they have it with some kind of career mode, where you start of with limited equipment, say just a hand gun and have to take on small easy targets, then work your way up to high security banks where you need grenades smoke bombs and machine guns to stand a chance.

    Would be good too if you had to make the getaway, too. .a little bit of Need for speed type gaming thrown in
    again an opportunity for progression through get-away cars is possible, start with a ford escort end up with a Ferrari or Lamborghini ;)

    If they make it more than just pick a mission then I could be really keen on this.

  4. Rimmer:

    actually a Ferrari makes a really crap get-away car. Stands out too much for one and has bugger-all boot space for your swag. I’d go with an audi RS6 or a BMW M1 :D

  5. phranctoast:

    Looks like L4D with banks.

    Like andrew DS said.

    “This is exactly what the games buying public need. A fresh idea of a game.”

  6. Roca.:

    This game is part of Sony’s 20M dollar investment. Looks fresh and fun.

    Like andrew DS said.

    “This is exactly what the games buying public need. A fresh idea of a game.”

  7. CON:

    Anything is better than Kane and Lynch

  8. Roca.:

    I don’t see the similarities other than in the first K&L you rob a bank during a single mission.

  9. phranctoast:

    Godless’s description reminds me of that terrible GTA4 mission. That had a good getaway sequence but the bank robbery portion sucked.

    I guess it’s one way or the other.

    Developers have to keep the game focused.

  10. dans303:

    LOL @ roca & phranc

    Copycats!! :D

  11. MAK:


    As Andrew_DS would say:

    “This is exactly what the games buying public need. A fresh idea of a game.”

  12. ncaissie:

    It’s only fresh and innovate if it’s on the shitbox.

  13. ncaissie:

    Yet another game the shitbox doesn’t get. LOL you idiots probably cry yourselves to sleep at night. ;)

  14. ncaissie:

    Oh, and as Andrew_DS would say:
    “This is exactly what the games buying public need. A fresh idea of a game.”

  15. Barnabe Jones:

    Looks like a really high quality downloadable title. Great game play, graphics, and online modes, for a low price….

    As Andrew_DS would say:

    “This is exactly what the games buying public need. A fresh idea of a game.”

  16. jojo29:

    “I love the way your in a first person environment and you can see the gun your holding….WAIT A MINUTE. This is just like 9 out of every 10 games released these days.”

    You mean like:

    Halo remasteres…damn another halo
    Halo 4….hmmm another halo?

    Your right andrew….it is like 9/10 games releasing this year…oh wait….out of 10 for ms, 2 are even more halo….1 is gears 3..not a new ip…forza and fable..dang….what new original ips does ms have releasing that isnt kinect crap…..half,the ms lineup are sequels…half of which are from the same ip franchise (halo)……

  17. Godless:

    Last person I saw quoted this badly out of context was Richard Dawkins. ;)

  18. oldschool1987:

    I strongly agree with Andrew_DS!

    *fights urge to copy and paste*


    “This is exactly what the games buying public need. A fresh idea of a game.”

    Andrew it’s not to say you get off the hater train.

  19. oldschool1987:

    Andrew it’s nice* to see* you get off the hater train.

    Worst typo sentance ever.

  20. Godless:


    LMAO. .I hate when that happens

  21. Barnabe Jones:

    Should I buy LA Noire for $38?

    Also anyone going to see Captain America this weekend?

  22. ncaissie:

    I am!

    LA looks good but I heard a lot of bad things.

  23. Roca.:

    “Should I buy LA Noire for $38?”

    no, the game is boring as hell.
    buy something else instead.

  24. Barnabe Jones:

    Is it anything like GTA meets Heavy Rain?

  25. Barnabe Jones:

    I beat Alice last night. Pretty good game.

    Basically just an old school platformer, with item collection, and secret areas. The combat, and weapons are actually pretty good.

    The story and levels, both start off a little slow, but get better. Pretty rough around the edges though.

    All in all, I’d say B-, or C+. If you can rent or pick up cheap, I’d recommend if you like platformers.

  26. FahKinSuPah:

    “no, the game is boring as hell.
    buy something else instead.”

    And yet ive seen Roca online several times as of late playing LA Noire for hours at a time lol.

    I can understand that it is slow paced and can be quite boring for some.

    IN other news… Damn its hot as fuck out today.

    Right now its 104F where im at and the news is saying it feels like 119F

  27. Barnabe Jones:

    Yeah tell me about it ;)

    God I hate the summer.

  28. twilight:

    I like La Noire because its a bit different. I don’t really find the game to be boring.

  29. phranctoast:

    It’s retarded hot out here on long island.

  30. Roca.:

    Yeah you’re right I leave the game on pause for hours.. It’s not even funny anymore. I’m forcing (literally) myself to finish the game before the next batch of games come out….

    Oldschool and dans303 agreed with me

  31. oldschool1987:

    When I first started LA Noire I was obsessed with it, I used to spend hours on a single case just to try and perfect it. Once I got into Arson the game just turned dull, the murders were the highlight of the game. It was all downhill after that.

  32. FahKinSuPah:

    Like i’ve said since the first day I played LA Noire. It’s not for everyone lol. I can easily see why some people will get bored with it and even I did a little but myself, but its still a good game even if the pace is kinda slow.

    Some of the twists in the game were interesting, but I really disliked the twist ending. I’m waiting for Roca to finish it up so I can get his impression of the ending lol

  33. FahKinSuPah:

    btw it’s supposed to be another hot day today guys :(

  34. dans303:

    Scotland is hitting the high heights of 55F today! :(

  35. FahKinSuPah:

    55F? I wouldn’t mind that at all! lmao

    Where i’m at yesterday was 104 and today is supposed to be around 100 again. I wouldn’t mind the heat so much if my AC was working right lmao.

  36. dans303:

    55F is actually good weather for us lol. I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt right now.

    Scotlands AC is opening a window. ;)

  37. FahKinSuPah:

    I think I need to move to Scotland :D

    Actually i’ve always wanted to go there. I had a chance to when I was younger, as a foreign exchange student, but my mother said no. That is something that I have always held against her to this day.

  38. dans303:

    And I think I need to move to America! lol

    I’ve been 3 times on holiday. Albeit to Disneyland (ftw!) which I know isn’t the true USA but it seems to be a much more interesting place than Scotland IMO.

    Once you’ve seen one hill you’ve seen them all. ;)

  39. FahKinSuPah:

    I’ve never been to disneyland, now do I really ever want to go there. I’m more into the past and history than anything you would see at disney. I want to see a real castle, not some “magic” castle at disney lmao

  40. FahKinSuPah:

    btw adding to the history thing, I am into the paranormal and ghosts/spirits, and you often see strong ties with that and history.

    I’m sure there are loads of “haunted” places over in europe and all, but I know there are boat loads here in the US, especially when you st art following the trail of the Civil War and stuff like that. Gettysburg is one of my fav places to go. Though your probably not familiar with that.

  41. Ivan_PSP:

    buying first day

  42. ncaissie:

    I’m more into medieval times myself fahk.
    I love the Merlin type shows and movies.

  43. FahKinSuPah:


    I love medieval and renaissance too. PA has an awsome Ren faire every year.

    There is also a theme restaurant called Medieval times. I’ve never been there but I’ve always wanted too.

  44. Ivan_PSP:

    Awesome you added the Google+ +1 Button sweet.

    And yeah this game is gonna kill Left4Dead looks a trillion times better.

  45. Godless:

    @ Twilight “I like La Noire because its a bit different. I don’t really find the game to be boring.”

    Twilight, You haven’t played this game, Well..yes you’ve played it, but you don’t have any trophies for it, so you haven’t played it for long enough to be bored.

    0 trophies = not played for very long at all.

  46. twilight:

    You are right. I don’t don’t have any Ps3 trophies on this game. I have achievements on this game. I actually own the Xbox360 copy of this game so you may want to fire up your Xbox360 and check. You probably don’t know this because you are usually on Ps3 more then you are Xbox360.

  47. Godless:

    Hmmm .for last while I have been on the PS3 more, mainly because I don’t have Gold account. so I can’t play online.

    Why would you bother to get this game on both consoles, and then Why would you choose to play it on the 360, when the PS3 has the better version of this game?

    And you being a born again PS3ist too ;)

  48. Roca.:

    The game gets boring half way through the second ‘desk’ where you youself doing the same shit all over in every single mission and everything seems very limited and scripted.

    Also boring part of the game is the action scene and the “side missions” they are the same – you keep doing the same 3 type of missions:
    1. Shoot some bad games…
    2. chase (on foot) a bad guy…
    3. chase a vehicle…

    To make it worse, the mission are also scripted, for example if you’re chasing a bad guy you won’t be able to catch him or shoot him until the game lets you do so. The same goes for all 3 types of mission.

  49. Roca.:

    My experience with LA Noire:

    1. first I was talking small breaks after every couple of missions
    2. then I found myself taking long breaks after each missions
    3. Then I was talking long breaks (pause) half way through a mission
    4. Now I’m taking multiple long breaks during a mission..leaving the game on pause for hours.

  50. Godless:

    Think I may pass on LA Noire. .sounds like Heavy rain is the better option. . .Even if I do know how the killer is. .

    Roca, NFS. .cool game BUT. . the rubber banding is a pain in the arse. .the better you drive the better the Ai gets. .to the point of ignoring the game physics to catch up and pass you on corners @ > 200MPH. .


    I have beaten some of your times and still not got in the top 3 for the medals, really struggling to get some of the golds, the nitro is all but useless some of the time, as it would appear to operate every car in the game when it’s used.

    Best fun I’ve had online since Grid

  51. twilight:

    I have never owned this game on Ps3. I borrowed my friend’s copy of this game and played it a litle bit on the Ps3. I was seeing what the differences were in this game. Xbox360 users got the short end of the straw. I just assumed at the time that it would be better on the Xbox360 because it is a multi-platform game.
    Why don’t you have a Gold account? Is it because you are tired of paying for Xbox live?

  52. Roca.:

    “I have beaten some of your times and still not got in the top 3 for the medals, really struggling to get some of the golds”

    how is that posssible since I have gold on every single track?

    the rubber banding is needed for this type of game, how fun will the game be if you are leaving the cops in the dust? This game is all about intense chases and destroying your opponents.

  53. Godless:

    “how is that posssible since I have gold on every single track?”

    Exactly. . It’s because of the rubber banding thing, you drive like a maniac, only to have them keep up with you and 3 of them pass you on the last couple of bends. .very annoying, I’m going to try easing off a bit and then stepping it up on the home straight see if I can dupe the AI

    Yeah, you’re right, the game wouldn’t work if it didn’t have something to keep it all tight, it can still be a pain though.

    Twilight. Yeah, I stopped paying for gold a few months back. .though I admit I am missing some of the online stuff.

    truth is it’s a tiny amount of money, it’s more out of principle that I stopped paying.
    For the price of live I could get BF3 on PS3 and be able to play it . . add to that I’m Scottish, so it’s hard to part with money for anything really ;)

    if some of the new multiplats are better on the 360 then I may sign up again so I can play online

  54. MAK:

    NFS is bull.
    I love how its a 4/10 trophy difficulty. 4/10?!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    That game makes me throw shit. There have been many times in that game were my mouth dropped and became speechless.
    Plus, i love how when you have a faster car, the AI has shitty cars, but yet they are 1.5 times faster. Poppycock.
    AND THEN, the stupid Previews and Rapid response FORCE you to drive like a computer. It requires perfection. It forces you to use shortcuts, which is so fucking stupid. A REAL police officer would stay on the road so he wouldnt risk crashing. And they wouldnt rely on ONLY you to stop the racer. The traffic is also retarded. Havent they heard of moving out of the way when they hear sirens? WOW
    I love the game though.
    NFSHP2 was one of my favorite games on PS2. I had so much fun running from the cops with my sister on 2 player.

  55. ncaissie:

    “There is also a theme restaurant called Medieval times. I’ve never been there but I’ve always wanted too.”
    I have and it’s awesome. My daughter who was 4 at the time made the decision to be a yellow and red horse rider when she grows up. The food is good and they make you eat with your hands. So if you have kids bring forks for them.

    I recommend it for sure.

  56. Godless:

    @ MAK

    Yeah, I don’t like the rapid response missions, only done a couple of them, I hate the fact you get time penalty for even just clipping a fence or something.

    and yeah, the sirens & lights are a waste of time, all the do is make it difficult to see what the hell you’re doing, so I just switch them of now, unless I’m online then it help you team to see where you are.

    Great game, but it has its flaws.

    We should play online sometime. .so I can kick your arse ;)

  57. Godless:


    What the hell are you talking about dude?

  58. Roca.:

    NFSPH is awesome…

  59. Roca.:

    MAK – “It requires perfection”

    Godless – “I hate the fact you get time penalty for even just clipping a fence or something”

    Seems like you guys are not up to the challange…I enjoyed all the rapid response missions.. drifting around those circular curve at 300mph without even touching the fences gives an awesome feeling of accomplishment

  60. twilight:

    I agree with you about Xbox live. In the long run, I don’t think it is really worth it. I have a problem paying for Xbox live as well. All of the services like Facebook, Twitter, and so on you get to use for free on all of the other systems. You have to pay to use these services on Xbox live.
    As far as graphics go, you know I am extremely picky on graphics. The truth is these days there is not a big difference in multi-platform graphics like it used to be. Multi-platform games look pretty much the same these days. The excuse that multi-platform games look better on Xbox360 has worn out. In fact, there are games like LA Noire that look better on Ps3. Unfortunetely, I will be taking a loss in the games that I own on Xbox360 like LA Noire and Mortal Kombat. I will be trading them in when I get off work. I just don’t want to play anything on Xbox360 anymore.

  61. ncaissie:

    What the hell are you talking about dude?”
    Umm look at my quote from Fahk. I’m talking about the restaurant called Medieval times.

  62. Godless:

    I’m not giving up on 360 just yet Twilight

    still have a few games I haven’t even opened yet

    want to get
    F1 2011

    also will get
    Forza 4
    gears 3

    still have a lot of games I have not played as much as I want to, I’ve just had way too little gaming time and way too many games

    Kids were playing Kinect at my mates house most of yesterday, and I have to admit some of the games looked like good fun and the kids had a great time, so I may end up buying one pretty soon.

  63. ncaissie:

    At the restaurant called Medieval times they divide the customers into coloured groups and we were in the yellow and red group. They give you coloured hats and you cheer for your coloured horse/rider to win the chick on the throne.

  64. Godless:

    Aaah. . .I missed that. .Sorry

  65. Godless:

    ^^^^ @ caissie

  66. ncaissie:

    Lol it’s ok.

  67. dans303:


    I went to one of those when I was in Florida. Pretty cool tbh. Eating chicken in gravy with your bare hands is an experience. lol

  68. ncaissie:

    Lol yeah. And hot!

  69. FahKinSuPah:

    Anyone ever see Cable Guy? I love that movie and the Medievel times scene in that movie is fucking hilarious.

  70. FahKinSuPah:

    Closest MT place near me is in New Jersey, a couple hours drive away. I know there was one in Pennsylvania years ago but that one closed down.

  71. Roca.:

    closest thing to MT for me is my 360..yeah it really feels that outdated ;)

  72. FahKinSuPah:


    Thats not funny at all. Woulda been funny if you said Atari :D

  73. Roca.:

    Atari is more like the prehistoric times for me.

  74. ncaissie:

    “Closest MT place near me is in New Jersey, a couple hours drive away. I know there was one in Pennsylvania years ago but that one closed down.”
    For me it’s 4-41/2. In Toronto.
    We stayed there for a week and got the city pass. MT was not in the pass but something we wanted to try.

  75. FahKinSuPah:

    It really is something I have wanted to do for a long long time now. Unfortunately money has been extrememly tight the last few years. Maybe next year lol.

  76. FahKinSuPah:

    lol i got 49,991 gamerscore. I guess next achievement I get should put me over 50K, as long as its not like a 5 pointer lol.

    I haven’t played much in the last few days, been way too hot to focus on it, otherwise I would have hit 50K several days ago

  77. Roca.:

    has anyone seen the new Amazin Spider-Man trailer?
    can’t wait to see that movie. The Avengers trailers was awesome as well.

  78. FahKinSuPah:

    I haven’t seen either trailer yet. I plan on going to see the Captain America movie later this week so I imagine that I will see one or both trailers when I go see that movie.

  79. ncaissie:

    Go when you can Fahk.
    I’m going to try to see C A this week also.
    I’ll check you those trailers. I think I seen the spiderman one on tv.

  80. FahKinSuPah:

    I’ve missed a lot of movies this year, and Captain America is one I don’t plan on missing. Well, I said the same thing about Pirates of the carribean and I missed that one.

    I’m taking a small vacation from work this weekend though, so I have 4 days to do whatever I want, so thats when Im planning on going to see the movie.

  81. Roca.:

    You’ll probably see both trailers there lol. These are the movies I’m most excited about so far:

    -Amazing Spider-Man
    -The Dark Knight Rises
    -The Avengers
    -Sherlock Holmes 2
    -Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
    -Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    -Underworld: Awakening
    -Men in Black III
    -Immortals (have some similarities to God of War)

    anyways here is the trailer for Amazing Spider-Man

  82. FahKinSuPah:

    I’m not sure about amazing spider man… I am not too big on the new actor and the new suit.

    Dark Knight, hell yeah! Gonna be awsome.

    Sherlock Holmes 2 will be great. RDJ is a great actor and he is on FIRE! Every movie he is in now is worth seeing.

    Mission Impossible… Can I just say I hate Tom Cruise?

  83. Roca.:

    Amazing Spider-Man takes place in a difference universe where Peter Parker is younger.

    We’ll get use to the new actor in no time…I’m pretty sure we all thought Tobey Maguire was not going to do Spider-Man justice.

    Yeah RDJ rocks..

    Many ppl hate Tom Cruise for no reason but the fact is that he is a good actor and he makes alot of blockbuster movies (not lately though).

  84. FahKinSuPah:


    Actually I thought Tobey Maquire was a pretty good spiderman. I just didn’t like how they made him a whiney emo bitch in 3.

    RDJ has become such an amazing actor. “I’m a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude” I think he had the best role in Tropic Thunder. I also think he fits Tony Stark to a T, and he does a very good Sherlock Holmes.

    Tom Cruise…. Honestly the main thing I can’t stand about him is that he is a scientologist (Lost some serious respect for John Travolta too). He just totally bought into some BS religion invented by a Sci-fi author (who was even quoted as saying “the best way to make money is to start your own religion”) and just the way he handles the scrutiny he has recieved since doing so is an epic fail.

    I saw the Last Samurai in 2003 and that is a fucking great movie.

    I saw all the MI movies so far, and they were ok…

    I was really surprised when I found out the sleezeball producer in Tropic Thunder was him.

    I can’t knock him for his role as Lestat in Interview with a vampire either.

    Good actor, but I just can’t stand him offscreen, as a person.

  85. Roca.:

    Actors are human being (regular ppl) and we’re free to have different opinions. I don’t think it’s fair to judge an actor based on their personal life.

    It didn’t bother me at all his believe as I think ppl should stand for what they believe in instead of trying to blend in…but anywyas that’s another story.

    I think Mel Gibson is one of the best actor/director/producer ever even after all his personal life issues.

    My fav Tom Cruise movie are:
    -M:I series
    -Last Samurai
    -Top Gun
    -A Few Good Man
    -Tropic Thunder :)

    LOL he impressed me in TT as well…Last time I heard he was going to be doing more movies as the character (Les Grossman) he played in TT

    check this out LMAO

  86. FahKinSuPah:

    “I don’t think it’s fair to judge an actor based on their personal life. ”

    People judge others every day. Since actors are people just like us they aren’t above being judged as well. Heck we all know that people are obsessed with the private lives of actors.

  87. FahKinSuPah:

    btw my favorite line from Tropic Thunder is during the scene were RDJ is playing the vietnamese guy and he says “I’m a lead farmer mother fucker!”

  88. Roca.:


    what level are you in borderlands man?

    let me know when you’re at around level 28. I need a buddy to help beat this game.

  89. FahKinSuPah:


    I’m like a level 7 Siren right now. I haven’t gotten to play much but it wont take me long to get around 28 if I play over the next few days. And I’d gladly help you finish up Borderlands :D

  90. ncaissie:

    That spiderman story looks like a clone of the first spiderman movie.

  91. ncaissie:

    “Actually I thought Tobey Maquire was a pretty good spiderman. I just didn’t like how they made him a whiney emo bitch in 3.”

    Lmao same here. I was like WTF?

  92. FahKinSuPah:

    lmao, yeah that emo shit totally pissed me off.

    2 was the best, 3 was the weakest.

    They tried to cram way too much shit into 3. Venom easily deserved his own movie and it was just all over too fast.

  93. Roca.:

    He thought he was in the movie Twilight instead of Spider Man lol. I have yet to get over the fact that Sony fucked up the last Spider Man movie…to make it worse, they fucked it up with Venon in it.

    Like FahKin said, too much shit going on and none of they were there long enough for you to care.

    - geeky & lover Peter Parker became an emo and a player
    -sand man
    -green goblin
    -dark suit
    -issues with best friends

    I’m pretty sure there were more but damn Venon should’ve had his own movie….to make it worse he was killed in like 3 seconds

  94. FahKinSuPah:

    Here is how I think 3 should have gone.

    Peter should have gotten the black suit. Now obviously with that comes the attitude and Peter becomming a total dick and the friend problems. But they should have never turned him into a whiney emo. They just took the “edginess” in a totally different direction and it didn’t pay off.

    The enemies should have been Green Goblin and Sandman. Now of course Peter would be busy being a total douche and alienating himself, and there would be a bit of fighting between Green Goblin. Naturally that fight would play out on both the “Super” level and the “normal” civilian level given the friendship between Peter and Harry.

    Then introduce Sandman… For the most part I thought that most of the Sandman material was pretty well done. Really all I would do is flesh out the fighting between Spidey and Sandman a lil more. Sandman always gave Spidey a good fight in the comics.

    Now this whole time Peter would still be having his own personal fight against the symbiote and his raging teen hormones lol. The end of the movie should conclude with him casting off the symbiote and the rise of Venom. Why not end the movie with a dark and somewhat forboding ending that hints at an even more powerful villian for the next movie? :D

  95. FahKinSuPah:


    ending the movie with a weakened and vulnerable Peter, and the “birth” of Venom as the symbiote bonds with Brock would have gone a long way to keep people psyched up for the next movie.

  96. twilight:

    I don’t have a problem with Tom Cruise or John Travolta. They are both great actors especially John Travolta. I think John Travolta owns every role he plays.

  97. Roca.:

    I will def pay 2x to see your movie instead of the piece of shit we got.

    looking forward to see in Borderlands

  98. FahKinSuPah:

    “I think John Travolta owns every role he plays.”

    I just recently saw From Paris With Love and he rocked in that movie.


    Too bad i’m not a movie director lol

  99. Roca.:

    “I just recently saw From Paris With Love and he rocked in that movie”

    He did…the was awesome in that movie.
    He acted just as good in Pelpham 123

  100. FahKinSuPah:

    John Travolta does make a good nutjob lol

  101. phranctoast:

    I hate John travolta. He’s good in some roles.

    Face off and pulp fiction.

    Didn’t see Paris but Pelham he was his usual douche.

  102. phranctoast:

    “John Travolta does make a good nutjob lol

    My favorite nut job.

    Gary oldman

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