DC Universe Online truly goes free-to-play on the PS3 and PC

September 19, 2011

DC Universe goes truly free-to-play on the PS3 and PC Earlier today Sony Online Entertainment dropped a bombshell on DC Universe Online gamers as the publisher revealed that the game would be going to a free-to-play model.

SOE announced the end of monthly subscription fees today as DC Universe Online will go truly free-to-play in every sense of the phrase. Unlike many of the so called free-to-play games gamers can level up to the max without restrictions, and have access to all available locations and quests outside of the DLCs.

First time entrants can download the game for free for the PS3 and PC as well.

On the official PlayStation blog Lori Jameson, executive director of development at SOE wrote:

So what’s the catch? There is none. The entire game will be open for you to play for free. We have gotten a lot of feedback from gamers asking for an opportunity to play without a subscription requirement. So, that got us thinking about how to offer access to the game in a way that allows gamers to play their way. We wanted something that would give players options.

This is fantastic news as gamers can now download and play the entire experience without spending a dime.

Jameson detailed three levels of access that will cater to medium to hardcore fans that fall in love with the game.

    • Free Access – Just like it sounds. Download and play the game for free. You also get all ongoing game updates (except DLC packs).
    • Premium Access – This next level of access opens up to you if you spend at least $5 in the in-game store. Premium Access grants you additional benefits that improve your experience in the game, such as more inventory slots, more character slots, bank slots and more free Vault tickets. So all you have to do is pick up some cool items in the store or buy a DLC pack and you unlock Premium Access. The best part? Once you unlock Premium Access you keep it for the life of your account.
    • Legendary Access – With Legendary Access you can unlock the maximum level of features and benefits. To unlock Legendary Access you can pay for a $14.99 per month game pass, or save big with a discounted multi-month pass. Lifetime members are automatically granted Legendary access. Legendary Access also includes all DLC packs at no extra charge.


Players that are already paying a subscription fee will be automatically converted to the Legendary Access, meaning all DLC expansions will be free to them. Gamers who may have stopped playing but own a copy of the game can start back up at Premium Access level for life.

I am really liking this new model as it really caters to the different play styles of many gamers. Those that want to casually play DC Universe Online without worrying about a subscription fee can now play for free. Hardcore players that would have purchased all of the DLC expansions anyway can now get them all for the same price of a subscription fee.


You can head on over to the DC Universe site for more information and a FAQ of the new free-to-play model.

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