PS3 Assassin’s Creed: Revelations comes with exclusive free copy of first game

September 20, 2011

PS3 version of Assassin's Creed: Revelations comes with free copy of first game Ubisoft sent out a press release today detailing a special partnership with Sony for the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. According to Ubisoft, the PS3 version of the game will come with the first Assassin’s Creed title on the same Blu-ray disc.

Assassin’s Creed is the first experimental title that started it all as you take control of Altair, preceding Ezio by nearly 300 years during the third crusade. Incidentally, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is about Ezio following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Altair, by traveling to Jerusalem to uncover the secrets of the assassin legend.

Hypnotic trailer:


These two games actually complement each other nicely as Ezio’s final journey can be paralleled to Altair’s discovery of the secret war between the Templars and Assassins drawing full circle to where it all started.

It seems like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is following in the foot steps of the previous game as Ubisoft also offered exclusive DLC level, Copernicus Conspiracy for the PS3 only. I can just imagine the flack Ubisoft is getting from Microsoft in light of the recent reveal of the company’s tight fisted policies regarding content parity between the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The free copy of the Assassin’s Creed will be on the first production copies of Revelations, so you may want to pre-order now or pick it up day one when the game launches November 15h.

136 Responses to “PS3 Assassin’s Creed: Revelations comes with exclusive free copy of first game”

  1. oldschool1987:

    “But… but… but sales!”

  2. Godless:

    Have they confirmed that xbox owners will not just get a free copy of the first game thrown in too.
    can’t think it would be too difficult to just stick the other disk in the box, or even offer it as a download?

    good deal though if you’re new to the franchise and haven’t picked this up already, even if it has kinda twitch handling when compared with the newer games.

    If 360 is not going to get the additional game, I can’t help feeling this might add pressure to MS to get a shift on to the next gen.

  3. phranctoast:

    It would be nice if they added trophy support for the first game. I’d replay it.

  4. phranctoast:


    Sounds like an under the table move between Sony and Ubisoft. Especially given light that they’re getting an exclusive DLC level.

    While I’d prefer third parties to keep it even across the board, MS has always made third party deals, so Sony needs to as well. That makes it even more humorous that MS now has a problem with this practice.

  5. Godless:

    I’d agree Phrac, I don’t think MS should have any say in what happens on other platforms, it’s up to each to get the best for there own.

  6. FahKinSuPah:

    IMHO what does it matter?

    Its not like AC1 wasn’t already on PS3 to begin with. Honestly, how hard is it to find a copy now anyway?

    Probably not hard, and im sure its pretty friggin cheap.

    I imagine that the only thing that would really make a difference is if Ubi went back and included trophy support.

  7. phranctoast:

    It means nothing to me. I’m waiting on this game anyway. The Assassins Creed games dropped in price quicker than all other third party games and almost as quick as MS first party titles.

  8. FahKinSuPah:

    Speaking of games that are being released with other games…

    I recieved an email from Sony yesterday about the release of White Knite Chronicles 2.

    I read it over and it mentioned that it also comes with the original game remastered.

    I never got to get the first game so I might just get #2 at some point. Its certainly an incentive to buy the second game.

  9. phranctoast:

    THQ has been giving stuff away lately. Red Faction and Darksiders were given away at some point. I heard a good interview. They use the old titles that aren’t selling at all as advertisement for the new titles.

  10. Roca.:

    “I can’t help feeling this might add pressure to MS to get a shift on to the next gen”

    But they won’t because they can’t even support this gen as it is ;). Microsoft will have to waste alot of cash for exclusive and innovative content next gen if they want to remain relevant in the gaming industry. Nintendo didn’t bring a real next gen console so both Sony and MS are not feeling any presure to jump into next gen just yet.

  11. FahKinSuPah:

    “THQ has been giving stuff away lately”

    Well if they feel like giving me a free copy of Saints Row 3 I will graciously accept :D

  12. phranctoast:

    They may give away saints row 2 in anticipation of your continued support of their franchise.

  13. FahKinSuPah:

    I will be getting Gears 3 today. Hopefully UPS delivers quickly :D Can’t wait to play it.

    I spent the last couple days playing horde mode in Gears 2, plus I saw a video about Horde 2.0 and I liked the improvements that I saw. I’m psyched up.

    Of course the online servers are going to be SWAMPED today.

  14. Roca.:

    I don’t know publisher don’t give out all these freebies to the 360 instead, they desperately need them..PS3 users can’t keep with with all the content we are getting this year:

    -more than 15 exclusives
    -12 betas
    -PSN+ freebies
    -Exclusive content on 3rd party games

    If I was an Xbot I would be a millionaire with all the money I’d save

  15. phranctoast:

    “Of course the online servers are going to be SWAMPED today.”

    Play SP.

  16. FahKinSuPah:


    I might try horde online and see just how bad it is. If its too bad then I am definately just going to do SP till things settle down.

    It happens everytime a big game gets released. Server overcrowding sucks lmao

  17. phranctoast:

    Yeah. I usually wait until a few weeks or if I have to have the game I just go with SP until they iron out these issues.

    I’m sure by the time I finally get around to playing R3 it wont have lag too.

  18. Roca.:

    Homefront 2 will be developed by Crytek.

    Hopefully the game will look much better now…the game def has potential to compete against COD, but the experience was not smooth enough.

  19. FahKinSuPah:

    Well I just got my copy of Gears 3 in. Can’t wait to play it. Gotta have lunch first though :D

  20. twilight:

    Another great bonus for Ps3 users. What do Xbox 360 users get? Nothing again. Lol.

  21. Roca.:

    “Another great bonus for Ps3 users. What do Xbox 360 users get?”

    They nothing extra and will paid full price to only be able to play half of the game…unless they spend another $60 on XBL gold to access the other half.

  22. oldschool1987:

    “Probably not hard, and im sure its pretty friggin cheap.”

    But not frigging free …there’s a difference. Everything is better when it’s free. Especially food.

  23. twilight:

    I hate Sony. Why? Sony is just an unrelenting monster. They keep releasing quality game after quality game and now they are giving away games for free as well. Oh, my……

  24. Roca.:

    Just when I’m struggling trying to find time for gaming and trying to keep up with all the new releases Sony just decided to drop the bomb and make DCUO, an MMO – free to play and free to download.

  25. FahKinSuPah:


    Gears 3 gives current network stats.

    Public Campaign games
    61,869 playing in your region
    154,407 playing worldwide

    Thats pretty impresive

  26. Roca.:

    It’s been 10 long months since the last decent exclusive for 360…You know all the money I could’ve save being a Xbot. No wonder they love Microsoft (and think XBL Gold is worth it)

  27. FahKinSuPah:


    All i’m going to say is Gears 3 starts kinda similar to Gears 1.

  28. phranctoast:

    “All i’m going to say is Gears 3 starts kinda similar to Gears 1.”

    That’s cool. I liked Gears 1.

  29. FahKinSuPah:

    Gears 1 and 2 are both awsome games. I’m enjoying 3 so far. Decided to go straight for the SP campaign. Will check out Horde tonight

    Still have to check out the new Beast mode too.

    Gears 2 already had alot to it, and this one just ups the ante.

  30. FahKinSuPah:

    Dom looks like he hasn’t shaved in forever lmao.

  31. FahKinSuPah:

    Amazing… looks like the co-op campaign supports up to 4 players online.

  32. oldschool1987:

    Oh no, Fahk is gonna give a commentary on the game lol.

    Just lay off spoilers for us, please

  33. FahKinSuPah:

    Don’t worry Oldschool, I am specifically avoiding spoilers lol. :D

    I’m just very pleased. Gears 3 is fucking amazing so far. I have a bunch of friends on XBL who own the game so when im done playing solo i definately have plenty of people to go co-op with.

    Last time I played a 4P co-op game was Gauntlet Legends lmao

  34. oldschool1987:

    Gauntlet Legends is old school lmao! What about LBP, L4D, Resi 5, Portal 2 or Dead Island, surely you must have played one or some of them co-op?

  35. phranctoast:

    “Last time I played a 4P co-op game was Gauntlet Legends lmao”

    I’m reminded a bit of Gauntlet with the upcoming Ratchet and Clank game for 4 player Co op. The more I see about that game the more I want it.

  36. FahKinSuPah:

    I said 4P co-op lol

    I did forget about L4D though. That one is 4P co-op.I did play that one like 2 years ago lol. I would say I didn’t spend as much time on it as I did playing Gauntlet legends.

    You don’t see as many 4P co-op games anymore.

    Marvel Ultimate alliance 2 was another one that I played and was fairly recent.

  37. Roca.:

    Did you beat it yet?

  38. oldschool1987:

    LBP is 4p as is Dead Island.

    @ Phranc: The demo to All 4 One is brilliant. Looks like a great co-op game.

  39. FahKinSuPah:

    I didn’t know LBP and Dead Island were both 4P.

    Dead Island came out like what, 2 weeks ago? I definately want to get it, but it was either that or Gears 3 and Gears 3 was more important to me. I will get Dead Island soon enough.

  40. FahKinSuPah:


    “Did you beat it yet?”

    Its Gears of War 3 not God of War 3 :D

  41. Roca.:

    I know, that’s why I asked 8)

  42. FahKinSuPah:

    Yeah, we all know how people were complaining that God of War 3 was too short.

  43. Roca.:

    I know Gears is always a short game.

  44. oldschool1987:

    Not as short as Halo. Especially Halo 3.

  45. oldschool1987:

    “It’s Gears of War 3 not God of War 3″

    *Sprays Fahk*

  46. FahKinSuPah:

    Gears 1&2 aren’t that short. Not as short as what people were saying about god of war 3.

    As for Gears 3, well i played for 3 hours earlier and I was still on act 1, so it looks like its going to take me some time to beat it.

  47. oldschool1987:

    Fuck knows what the random dig at God of War is for.

    *Sprays again*

  48. MAK:

    “WhatOh no, Fahk is gonna give a commentary on the game lol.”

    Thats how they all act when their big exclusive sequels comes out. Its sickening to see them act like this in person, as i have a fond memory when Halo 3 came out….. *shivers*

    I guess they act this way because of lack of exposure to good games.
    Because i havent acted that way since christmas morning when i was 7.
    Theres a word for “having too many treasures that you dont get excited anymore when you get more”
    Thats a good description for the people who love the playstation brand.
    I couldnt use the word “prefer” bc theres lots of people who “prefer” playstation over 360, but all they do is play CoD. Therefore they havent been exposed to good games.

  49. Ivan_PSP:

    Well the reasons that Sony is doing this with a lot of games like Battlefield Bioshock and Stranglehold includes the film. First PS3 disc has 50GB other reason to sale more copies and show off Blu-ray Disc capacity.

  50. Ivan_PSP:

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    Dual Boot 3.7OFW and 3.55CFW on same PS3
    Downgrade 3.7 to 3.55 in 5min
    16M NOR FLASH ON board
    3 save MODE, can save data in TF, NOR FLASH on board and PC HD
    1 KEY operation, simple is best
    Upgradable from TF card or PC USB
    Compatiable all device like PS3/WII/XBOX360/MP3/DVD/BD/MP4/Table PC which has NAND or NOR flash memory.
    Integrated lots of interface, perfectly extension, will have more function with future new E3 accessory.
    E3 flasher Limited version includes 8 accessory, suggested retail price $88 USD, total production run only 3000 units!

  51. ncaissie:

    So I just got my new Yukon back. They had to fix the stereo and I had them take out the overhead DVD and put one in with a ps2. When I bought the truck I had them put in a nav unit and DVD but they didn’t tell me I could get the ps2 one so I had them switch it while they were fixing it.
    It came with two wireless controllers, hotshots golf 2 and a R&C game. We also have a bunch of ps2 games already.

    Also I can’t freaking wait for this to arrive.

    I think my girls got me the new GOW collection for my b-day tomorrow. To go with the tv and sly collection I got last week. :)

  52. FahKinSuPah:


    Your just upset that Gears isn’t on PS3. Boo Hoo! Poor fucking Sony fagboy.

    Maybe you should have the Sony tattoo removed, via laser, from your ass cheek, then become an all around gamer like the big boys. Then you won’t miss amazing games like Gear of War 3.

    Its always a good thing when a great game is released, regardless of what system it was released for. The sooner you figured that out the better.

  53. oldschool1987:

    @ Fahk: No offense but you call him a rag oh and yet you started the flamebait by criticising God of War for no reason.

  54. oldschool1987:

    call him a fagboy*

    iPhone grr lol

  55. FahKinSuPah:


    That was cause Roca said “did you beat it yet?”

    So I said it was Gears of war, not God of war, since people were complaining before that God of war was short :D

  56. oldschool1987:

    Yeah, a dig at God of War. Come on, you knew you were going to bait people with that. I should spray the rest of this can at you lol.

  57. oldschool1987:

    Anyway Halo 3 is A LOT shorter than God of War.

    *Hits self with can*

  58. FahKinSuPah:

    Take shots at Halo all you want lmao I might just join you in that one. You know im not really a big fan of Halo. I played through 1&2 awhile ago, and they were just ok IMO, not great. I liked Halo Wars a bit, but thats just cause im a fan of RTS games. Can blame Blizzard for that one lmao.

    At any rate the God of War series is great, I won’t deny that. I’ve only played through 1 on PS2, but I did buy the GoW collection, and I will definately get 3, and the PSP collection at some point.

  59. oldschool1987:

    Lol I only jest when I take piss out of Halo. Thought it would have been obvious with the spray can remark. I, myself love all the Halo games. I’ve bought everyone on day 1.

    But if I’m honest, I’m not happy about a 2nd trilogy. Microsoft are flogging a dead horse with a dead horse now lol. They need a new IP and not a new trilogy. They can’t just concentrate on Halo and Kinect. They should leave Halo alone until next gen.

    Halo remake is ok though, I look forward to that.

  60. oldschool1987:

    Also, you were digging at God of War, yet you’ve only played the 1st? Tut, tut lol.

  61. FahKinSuPah:

    That’s ok, cause everyone else takes pot shots at games they never played all the time, so I get a free pass :D

    I will defend a good game on any system, but of course people like MAK,Ivan, Kev are narrow-minded, inbred, mouth breathers who will talk shit about games just because they are sony/MS fagboys.

  62. Godless:

    I have to agree that God of war 3 is pretty short.

    I played what I thought was the first bit just to get me into it a bit before going back to complete GOW 1, and on returning to it, it looks like I’, had almost finished it in one evening. Great game, but it is very short. though, I think I have missed bits, because sometimes it won’t let you back track after taking a certain path, and sods law I keep wandering down the wrong corridors, so the odds are, I’ll need to replay it to get all the chests and power ups.

  63. phranctoast:

    Took me 12 hours to finish according to my save file. I’m sure on easy also knowing everything I could cut two hours off.

  64. phranctoast:

    Chains of Olympus however is pretty short.

  65. FahKinSuPah:

    Gears 3, End of Act 3.

    OMG… That was pretty fucked up.

  66. phranctoast:

    Gears 1 took me 10 hours, which I don’t really consider “too short”. I heard gears 2 is longer.

  67. Roca.:

    Took me 10-12 hours to beat all 3 GOW games..

  68. Godless:

    Roca, you got the trophy for beating the first in under 5 hours?

  69. phranctoast:

    Only 4 hours each. Damn you’re fast.

  70. phranctoast:

    “Roca, you got the trophy for beating the first in under 5 hours?”

    Me too. In fact I beat the first one in 3:45 for that trophy.

    Of course in order to do that you need the Cod of War costume so you can just spam Poseidon’s Rage.

  71. Roca.:

    “Roca, you got the trophy for beating the first in under 5 hours?”

    that’s after I beat the game on hard. in order to get that trophy (beat the game under 5 hours) you’ll have to:

    -have completed the game before so know where to go and how to complete the puzzles
    -play the game on the easiest level
    -fly/rush through the game (no exploraion)
    -Costume for unlimited magic (obtained after beating the game)
    -not waste time on chests, feathers or gordon’s eye
    -in some cases you can just run a way from fights and keep going.

  72. phranctoast:

    What Roca

  73. Roca.:

    MGS4 gives an emblem for doing something similar

    Beat the game under 5 hours without dying, without killing anyone, without being spotted, with no alerts…. and without using a controller ;) – LOL I didn’t even try

  74. phranctoast:

    MGS4 needs trophies.

  75. Roca.:

    It does..I’ll def replay MGS4, Heavenly Sword and R1 if they get trophies.

  76. ncaissie:

    @ fahk
    WKC 2 is already out and uncludes the first. There are lots of games that unclude full games. Res evil has a few with it by the looks of it.

  77. CarlB:


  78. phranctoast:

    I can’t believe they didn’t go back and trophy patch those games.

  79. FahKinSuPah:


    Yeah, I did mention that earlier about WKC2. I’ve been wanting to play 1 for ages now but never bought it, so this one just really makes a nice bonus. Definately gonna buy it.

  80. FahKinSuPah:

    Of course I still have ALOT to play right now, so I might not get it right away.

    Taking a short break from GT5.

    Currently playing Gears of War 3, Fallout New Vegas (Still have to buy the DLCs), and I should be getting another game in the mail in the next couple days, Ninety Nine Nights 2.

    Games on my immediate want list. WKC2, Dead Island.

    Games I am definately buying as of this post.

    October – Batman AC
    November – Saints Row 3

  81. phranctoast:

    I downloaded some videos about WK1. What I saw was really good. The Town you can create and have other people visit sounded cool.

    I don’t really care for RPG’s so take that opinion with a grain of salt.

  82. FahKinSuPah:

    I like being able to create stuff in games, so WKC sounds pretty cool..

    Plus it was remastered as well.

  83. phranctoast:

    “I like being able to create stuff in games”

    Me too. Lately though User Generated Content has been getting overlooked by critics while same game different skin is lauded.

  84. Roca.:

    Talking about creative content – LBP Move Pack is getting reviews in the 90s

    Seems like the killer app for the PS Move controller. Apparently it allows more creativity in LBP – simiar to how LBP is on the Vita with touch controls.

  85. FahKinSuPah:


    Well I can’t imagine why… *sarcasm*

    Honestly we all know that when it comes to creating some things in-game a controller isn’t as useful as some other methods of control, like a mouse. I could see where the Move would more closely replicate the precision of a mouse.

  86. phranctoast:

    “I could see where the Move would more closely replicate the precision of a mouse.”

    Waiting for some RTS’s that I’m interested in…

  87. Roca.:

    Yeah but the LBP2 Move Pack is a legit DLC with a new story and many level built for the Move.

  88. Roca.:

    it’s not just a tool for creating content…

  89. FahKinSuPah:


    “Waiting for some RTS’s that I’m interested in…”

    Yeah Move would be awsome for RTS. Are there any announced?

    What ever happened to that sorcery game for move that looked pretty cool?

  90. Roca.:

    Sorcery became vaporware lol

    There is a cool RTS game on PSN for the move, it’s called Under Siege. I’ve been meaning to pick it up but this year has been pretty busy for me.

  91. phranctoast:

    “Yeah Move would be awsome for RTS. Are there any announced? ”
    None that I know of.

    “What ever happened to that sorcery game for move that looked pretty cool?”
    Early 2012 from what I hear. I use Move as a different gun. I have Dead Space extraction and plan on getting the House of the Dead Overkill HD remaster soon too

  92. MAK:


    umm. I really dont care if PS3 doesnt get the game, as i own a 360. Your point? Thought so.

    As for “pointing out a good game on any system”, I never said Gears 3 was bad.
    I was talking about how you were acting ridiculously childish and was over excited all because of a game.

    If theres a fagboy, its you. You got all choked up and quickly defended your precious game when I didnt say shit. Go to school. Learn to speak proper words instead of spamming slang vulgar phrases that a hick/greasy, anorexic xbot nerd with curly hair and acne would say.

    Sit down. Or were you already because you were no-life-ing your game?

  93. FahKinSuPah:


    What are you, 90 years old or something?
    If its wrong to get excited about a game then you might as well stop playing cause your too old and too cranky to enjoy games.

    You should stop being a cranky old fuddy duddy and live a little.

    Then take some viagra and go fuck yourself :D but only if your doctor says its ok for your heart first.

  94. oldschool1987:

    Fahk you used to be the least fanboyish Xbox owner on here by a long mile but ever since GoW3 came out your attitude has changed.

    @Roca: I got every emblem on MGS4 along with the Big Boss mask ;) evey MGS game I make a point to do everything. I even got every dog tag on every difficulty on MGS2.

  95. FahKinSuPah:


    I’m just a gamer lol. Sure my preference might be Xbox 360 this gen, but I will play any game regardless of what console it is on.

    As for the Gears thing, it is easily one of the best games that has come out this year. For any system. Of course PS fanboys are going to bash it, and you know I don’t like fanboys being stupid. And no one can say that its because its an Xbox game. If you recall I didn’t hesitate to put Kev in his place when he was talking shit about GT5.

  96. oldschool1987:

    That’s not my point. I dont mind you have a preference. You used to be very impartial but ever since Gears came out you have started bashing God of War for no reason(which scored higher).

    You’re allowed to think Gears is one of the best games this year, I still think Halo Reach will be better because I prefer Halo. If I’m honest I think the best games this year is Dead Island and LBP2.

    Tbh no game can toch lbp2 for innovation and fun.

  97. FahKinSuPah:


    I was teasing Roca by repeating what alot of people, and critics/reviewers were saying about God of war 3.

  98. oldschool1987:

    Still God of War is rated higher and has better graphics.

    You know, if were playing that game…

  99. FahKinSuPah:

    I will play it eventually lol

    Sooner or later I will buy 3, and the PSP collection and play them in order.

    As I mentioned earlier, I just have way too many games to play right now, and others that rank much higher on my must play scale.

  100. FahKinSuPah:

    Not to mention ratings aren’t everything.

    Just look at the ratings for GT5. Sometimes the ratings don’t truly reflect the quality of the game do they?

  101. oldschool1987:

    So GoW didn’t deserve it’s ratings then? Yeah, I heard the same about Gears 3.

    Can’t speak for GT5, don’t play those sort of games. The thing with GT5 though is that the game was far too big that it wasn’t reviewed fairly. The makers of the game even caught out reviewers by hiding car damage to a certain level to see if a reviewer played it fully, which a small percentage did.

    Either way, that’s the score it got, all added together from every review for the game so that’s the rating it deserves in the end. Who are we to say a game doesn’t deserve it’s rating when it was the rating of all professional reviews?

  102. MAK:


    Exactly. You cant say anything but garbage because you owned yourself.
    No one bashing Gears 3, jackass. Youre acting so paranoid. Maybe even a little…..obsessed. Kinda like how…a fanboy acts, no?

    Mad bro?

    For the record, im living much more than you. One factor that contributes is my personal preference of the PlayStation brand ;)

  103. FahKinSuPah:


    “Who are we to say a game doesn’t deserve it’s rating when it was the rating of all professional reviews?”

    And how many of those reviewers do you dislike, or don’t trust?

    We all know people aren’t perfect and hate on things for one stupid reason or another (Like MAK hating on Xbox cause he is a PS-fagboy).

    We’ve discussed this one many times here. Its like that one person who gave Assassins Creed 2 an extrememly low review, yet we all know the game was not deserving of that at all. Whatever it was, he had his own spiteful reason for it, but i’m sure he just made himself look like an idiot.


    The only person I owned was your momma. :D

    If I was a fanboy I would be a Gears of War fanboy then, cause Gears of War is one of the BEST series ever.

    Me mad? Yeah, i’m as mad as a hatter :D In other words i’m a bit crazy. Crazy, and an asshole :D Which means your never going to top me MAK, you sMAKedass :D

  104. oldschool1987:

    “And how many of those reviewers do you dislike, or don’t trust?”

    Just one. IGNorant.

  105. FahKinSuPah:

    i dont like ign either

  106. ncaissie:

    I’m going to become a pro reviewer and give all xbox games the score they deserve. 1 or 2!

  107. FahKinSuPah:

    It’s nice to have dreams ncaissie. :D

    I’m going to become a bajillionaire, and when I do I’m going to buy Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo just so I can personally shit on every fanboy in the world when I merge all 3 companies VG branches together and for SONTENDSOFT!


  108. MAK:

    Well. Now we all know that Fahk is a liitle 13 year old. I wonder how many times his mom smacks him because of his potty mouth.

  109. FahKinSuPah:

    Not as much as your mom spanks me ;)

  110. CarlB:

    “Just one. IGNorant.”

    You didn’t like this review?

  111. oldschool1987:

    I can’t change my opinion just because they got one thing right. Not every reviewer at IGN is biased, but the majority are. They just seem highly unprofessional imo

  112. ncaissie:

    Lmao sorry Mak but you got burned!

  113. CarlB:

    “just because they got one thing right.”

    ummm… 8 games in the last month alone on PS3 as editor’s choice, 6 of which are PS3 exclusives, I have a hard time seeing that as the “majority” of reviewers being “biased” against PS3.

  114. oldschool1987:

    @ Carl: I suppose you’re right, I think my beef(can’t believe I just wrote that) with them is how IGN used to be and just little snide comments they make, like the one about Crysis 2:

    “The best looking console game is on the Xbox360″

    A lot of their review was saying how great the 360 version looked and how it looked better than any Ps3/360 game previous which is utter bull. The two games are both on par graphically, with minor differences.

    That’s the last biased thing I read them do tbh, there definitely was a lot more a few years ago, but it’s died down now.

  115. dans303:


    You got beef bro?? ;)

  116. oldschool1987:

    Lmao. Yeah, pure beef!

  117. CarlB:


    Playstation Universe stated in their review of Crysis 2, “We like: The fact it is the best looking shooter on PlayStation 3″

    Digital Foundry’s Face Off confirmed IGN’s findings with 360 having the better version. IGN referred specifically to it’s lighting, reflections, ripple effect, and debris.

    If PSU (no 360 bias there) claims it is the best looking shooter on PS3, and it is the inferior version, then this just adds weight for the 360 version being the best looking console game to date.

    GamesRadar also states:”Crysis 2 does run on consoles, and it does so beautifully. We’re calling it now: Crysis 2 is possibly the best-looking console game ever.”

    joystiq: “Though about the millionth FPS built around a plot of an alien invasion, give or take a few, it’s also the most beautiful.”

    I would have to play the PS3 version and the 360 version to confirm, but I have no reason to doubt these sites.

  118. oldschool1987:

    Yeah, thanks for blowing me out. Appreciate it…

  119. CarlB:

    It’s all good, because I usually agree with you more often than not. Personally I think every reviewer has bias, and none can be totally objective. Some are definitely better than others though.

  120. ncaissie:

    “If PSU (no 360 bias there) claims it is the best looking shooter on PS3,”
    Then that idiot should be canned because he/she has no clue. No way in hell. Kz3 kicks its ass.
    Admit that cry 2 is nice looking but best shooter on the ps3? No fuckin way.

  121. ncaissie:

    IGN sucks ass. They are a bunch of retards that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

  122. CarlB:

    Because they are giving higher scores to PS3 exclusives?

  123. ncaissie:

    Because they score ps3 titles lower than everyone else and score 3shitty titles higher than they deserve. It has nothing to do with the ps3 games scoring higher than the 3shitty titles. If the kinect title scores 80 an deserves 60 and the PS3 title scores 86 but deserves 95 then it looks to favor the PS3 yet they are bias.
    Face it the 3shitty isn’t putting anything but crap out so they have no choice. If they gave it al the 99-100 they want then they would be laughed out of the industry.

  124. CarlB:

    “Because they score ps3 titles lower than everyone else”

    They scored Resistance 3, Infamous 2, God of War Origins, Disgaea 4, Uncharted 2, LBP, MGS4, God of War III (also called it the best looking game ever released at the time), God of War Collection, Demon’s Souls, Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Resistance 2, Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Valkyria Chronicles, and Killzone 2 all higher than the majority of reviewers. With other games like Killzone 3 they fall right around the middle of all reviewers scores.

  125. oldschool1987:

    @ Carl: Sure they ain’t as bad as I make them out to be. But giving Halo Reach a 10 is very, very fishy. The game was very good, but perfection? I meant plays exactly the same as every Halo game does.

  126. ncaissie:

    Lol exactly OS. That is bs. They are halo fanboys.

  127. CarlB:

    They also gave Metal Gear Solid 4 a 10.

  128. oldschool1987:

    They gave MGS4 9. Something and plus MGS4 easily deserves it’s 10. It’s a much more epic game than anything that came before it. The gameplay changes multiple times, there is more hidden Easter eggs within this game than most RPGs. The graphics are still unreal by today’s standards. Halo Reach is not in the same league as MGS4 at all, it won nowhere near as many awards …if any. Halo Reach plays and feels like the other Halo games.

  129. CarlB:

    Personally I think MGS4 doesn’t deserve anything over 8.5 (loading times and drawn out cutscenes alone killed it for me, but I agree the graphics and easter eggs were very nice) and that MGS 1 is still the best of the entire series.

    “They gave MGS4 9.”

    They gave MGS4 10.

  130. CarlB:

    “Is it possible to give a game an 11? If so, this would be the game that would merit that score.”

    51 critics (the majority of recognized critics) disagreed and gave it lower scores.

  131. oldschool1987:

    The awards disagree.

  132. CarlB:

    They agree with IGN’s review though.
    Besides, awards, even GotYs, don’t always correlate with critical scores of 10 on the same site awarding the game.

  133. FahKinSuPah:

    MGS4 easily deserves a 10. Its just one of the most epic games out there. Sure I HATE the fact that its the end of Snake, but its an amazing end. The one act, where you find snake back at Shadow Moses really stirred up alot of memories for me. I was expecting Snake to find his end there and felt that would have been perfect, but then its not quite finished there lol

  134. oldschool1987:

    Amen to Fahk!

  135. CarlB:

    Fans would think so.

  136. oldschool1987:

    You have a point being the fans who would say that but you forget it’s the 4th title so it’s a game aimed mainly at the fans. The whole Shadow Moses section is the biggest nod to fans I have ever seen in a video game.

    I have always been a Metal Gear fan and MGS4 in my opinion is THE greatest game ever made. It’s at the top of many people’s “best games of all time” list for a good reason, it’s the most epic ending the fans could ask for to Solid Snakes story.

    I dont even want MGS Rising because MGS4 can not be topped anytime soon. And they need to change the name to Metal Gear Rising, take away the Solid. This is Raidens story.

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