Dark Souls is for masochists – when games are so hard they’re no fun any more

October 2, 2011

If you like a little torture from time to time, in a purely recreational setting, then Dark Souls may just be the game for you.

I don’t know about you but I play games for fun, to relax, to forget about the harshness of life and the hard slog of working. Therefore I don’t particularly appreciate games which are so difficult that playing them becomes a chore, another hill to climb, another source of frustration and resentment. In other words Dark Souls isn’t for me.

There are obviously different levels of difficulty. I don’t mind a challenge, but when a game is intentionally made as hard as nails, and when the player is given virtually no help, advice, or leeway, then I’m out. I just cannot be bothered, and it has been that way for as long as I have been playing games.

Over the past 20 years games have become increasingly easy, or at least had options simplifying the gameplay to ensure as many people as possible can finish and get to watch the ending. In the old days when arcades ruled the roost the difficulty level was pitched just this side of demanding to ensure you’d keep paying for more, and would have to do so to get anywhere. Now that we pay all our money up front, this isn’t an issue.

There is, however, still the occasional anomaly, and Dark Souls is just that. Having read the reviews and watched the videos it’s clear Dark Souls is a game purely for the masochists among us. Hardcore doesn’t even begin to describe this game. It’s punishing, unrelenting, and has a difficulty level set so high that most people will realize it’s not for them after just a few minutes of playing.

Dark Souls is released this week on PS3 and Xbox 360. Just make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for before purchasing the game. Oh, and have a couple of spare controllers on hand for when you throw your current one through the window. And a spare television for when you put your foot through your present one. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. Barnabe Jones:

    Demon Souls is easily in the top games I’ve played.

    There’s no game that I’ve played that’s set the mood so perfectly. Knowing that death can/will come at every turn. Also knowing that you’d be penalized for dying, really ratcheted up the intensity.

    I still remember being shaky from the adrenalin flowing through my body during the boss fights, and the euphoria of beating a level for the first time.

    First game I’ve pre-ordered for 2011. Cancelling my Gamefly subscription, becasue I know I’m not going to be needing it for a few months. :D

    First Review:


  2. The Future of Sega:

    “don’t know about you but I play games for fun, to relax, to forget about the harshness of life and the hard slog of working. Therefore I don’t particularly appreciate games which are so difficult that playing them becomes a chore, another hill to climb, another source of frustration and resentment.”

    I totally agree with you Dave. That’s why I HATED Gears of War and various other 360 games…They added more stress to life instead of taking away stress. Given the lack of originality and creativeness with today’s generation I only play games that…suit my “mood.”

    I remember the days of when I was 13…falling in love with Halo: Combat Evolved…aaah those were the days. :-D

  3. Godless:

    100% with you on this, if a game ain’t fun, them I don’t bother too much, I have such little time to game, I don’t wan’t to spend it cursing at the TV and breaking controllers.

    couple of bits on God of war, had me at the point of quitting, and the pillar out of hell, did indeed, cause me to smack the controller of my knee breaking it open on one side (the controller that is, not my knee, though I did get a bruise) :)

    Like you said, life generally has enough frustration, why the hell would anyone want to subject themselves to further frustration during the recreational time.

    Good article, and I won’t be getting this game, not even if it were the only game released this year.

  4. oldschool1987:

    “couple of bits on God of war, had me at the point of quitting”

    Such an easy game if you have any skill. Next you’ll say LBP is hard.

  5. CON:

    I don’t mind difficult games as long as they’re fair.

  6. CaptBirdman:

    So when I said this crap game (Demon’s Souls) was frustrating and had poor mechanics, I got ripped for it. But there are people that agree with me on Blorge??

    No. Way.

    But seriously, that is exactly it. These games are just tedious. You want a real challenge, do what I and Dans done, and complete ONE X1 race in GT5.

    Go on. I’ll wait.


    Demon’s Souls is just cheap. It artificially lengthens the game by being as cheap as possible. I can understand a boss being smart, and using tactics to defeat you. But something being as cheap as it possibly can is not difficulty, it’s tedium, and unfairness. I recently replayed DS to TRY and give the bloody thing another chance because my mate is beyond stupidly excited for Dark Souls so he’s been rerunning through DS. Anyway, I want anyone to simply explain to me how the dragon bit was fair. He appeared from nowhere. I do not know how you can justify that– at that point it becomes trial and error, and that does not make a good game.

    Sorry fanboys, I stand by what a said months ago. DS is still weaksauce, and I don’t expect Dark Souls to break that mold. No buy.

  7. CaptBirdman:

    Oldy, give Gods some slack there m8, God of War isn’t the easiest game to pick up. You have to be honest that you’ve played all the other GoWs so you’re better at the mechanics than he is.

    GoW can (yes CAN) be a bit frustrating, but the good thing is, it’s not a cheap ass experience like Demon’s Souls.

  8. phranctoast:

    The spiked pillar in hades was indeed frustrating. It was however a lot easier on the ps3 than the ps2. Maybe it was the adjustments in framerate and detail, but I did it on my first shot on the collection.

  9. CaptBirdman:

    @Phranc and Godless

    It’s one of those “take your time” bits.

  10. FahKinSuPah:

    Yeah Demons Souls is frustrating and its not for everyone but you guys bitch too much about it. Pussies.

    Cheap deaths my ass… Get some fucking skills. seriously. DS requires skill and patience and if you don’t have enough of either your not going to make it through the game.

  11. Godless:

    Oldie, are you now incapable of admitting that a PS3 game can be frustrating.

    Or maybe just God of war that above any form of criticism

    You fanboyism, knows no limits.

  12. Godless:

    LOL @ my bad “Engrish” :D. .Dropping letters everywhere

  13. CaptBirdman:

    You don’t think the name calling was a bit much there Fahkin?

    Anyway, this is exactly the kind of attitude that sparks my competitive nature, and the reason I tell folks that I would kick there arse in online competitive multiplayer (which, 9 times out of ten happens to be true). “Skills” in a single player campaign usually equates to time spent and persistence.

    For example, I can easily say I’m more skilled than Fahkin in Assassin’s Creed 2 because I don’t back jump off of walls anymore, and he still does, but that doesn’t really equate to being me more skilled. It just means I found a way around a broken game mechanic, and you haven’t.

    I guess I am the “pussy” for not being able to accept mediocrity. Sorry if my standards are too high for games, but hey they are my standards, and those declining to acquiesce to my opinion are welcome to do so. But I will be playing better RPGs with better stories and game mechanics, and I don’t know, actually having fun, instead of deluding myself into thinking I’m actually having fun with a game that was designed to be the opposite of fun.

    That’s $60 dollars that will remain in my pocket and later used on better games like Mass Effect 3 or a blowjob from a Japanese hooker. Hell, at least I know I’d have fun with either ;)

  14. FahKinSuPah:


    You must really suck at Demon’s Souls then.

  15. CaptBirdman:

    I wouldn’t say I suck, although I do/did die a lot. It was more from the cheapness of the badly implemented trial and error aspect of the game.

    Hell, I’ve beaten the Impossible game: Fire Auto, Original, Heaven, and Phazed. It’s a trial and error game, but it isn’t cheap. Demon’s Souls is cheap.

    You can keep your boring, tedious game, and I’ll stick with fun games like Mass Effect, Pokemon White, and Resident Evil Code Veronica, all of which are technically harder, but not CHEAP.

  16. phranctoast:

    “I guess I am the “pussy” for not being able to accept mediocrity. ”

    Nonsense. You own a 360 don’t you?

  17. CaptBirdman:

    Touche, Bats.


  18. phranctoast:


  19. Roca.:

    Demon’s Souls is not cheap in anyway. the one thing that makes the game frustrating is that you have much to lose when you die…all other games you die and you just load the game at the last checkpoint and you can continue without much to worry.

    Demon’s Souls you die and you lose all your Souls plus all the enemies respawn and you have to try to get to where you died without dying in order to regain your lost Souls…That’s a fair challenge, if you die again, it’s on you, the game won’t just magically kill you.

    COD5 was a CHEAP game.

  20. CaptBirdman:

    ” the game won’t just magically kill you.”

    Come on now, aren’t we forgetting the dragon section that I brought up? ;)

    CoD 5… you mean World at War? Fuck yeah, you’re right. Veteran Heart of the Reich can kiss my arse. I still beat it in 13 tries though.

    Doesn’t exclude DS from being cheap. It is a cheap game Roca, whether you agree or not. Hell the developers know that. I’m not saying it’s unbeatable: You’ve done that already. I’m just saying it’s a cheap, not fun experience, that’s all.

  21. Roca.:

    The Dragon kills you the same way any other boss will kill you any game…the Dragon part is all about timing, you didn’t time it right and you pay for it.

    The Dragon only killed me twice.

  22. FahKinSuPah:

    Its a FUCKING dragon. Of course it’s going to kill you ;)

  23. FahKinSuPah:

    You want a difficult game go play Rings of Power on Sega Genesis, which coincidentally was one of Naughty Dogs first games.

  24. CaptBirdman:

    I have no qualms with difficulty.

    Most difficult accomplishments of mine in gaming include:

    Obtained “Little Rocketman” achievement in Half Life 2
    Obtained “With extreme prejudice” trophy in Black ops
    Obtained “Down and dirty” trophy in Black Ops
    Obtained “Cold Warrior” trophy in Black ops
    Obtained “Battle Master” trophy in RE Code Veronica
    Obtained “Champion” trophy in Force Unleashed 2
    Obtained “Speed Freak” trophy in Super Street fight 4 WITHOUT USING ZANGIEF (used Ken. Wish I’d had known about fucking Zangief!!!)
    Obtained “The awakening”, “Birth of the Oni”, “Long time no see”, and “Hard Times” trophies in Super Street Fighter 4
    Obtained “What A Nightmare” trophy in Tekken 6
    Obtained “G Dominance” trophy in NBA 2K11
    Obtained “Top Gear Test Track”, and “Jeff Gordon NASCAR school” trophies in Gran Turismo 5
    Obtained “Well it’s Something to do” trophy in Blazblue Continuum Shift
    Obtained “The Better Part of Valor” in Blazblue
    Obtained “Up to the Challenge” in God of War 3
    Obtained “Night Terrors” on Resident Evil 5 Gold

    And various other trophies and things like BEATING THE IMPOSSIBLE GAME. No trophies to prove it, but they give you “medals”. Got all the medals…

    I’m no stranger to difficulty. I just don’t dig cheapness in a game.

  25. twilight:

    I pre-ordered this game. I wanted to give this game a try but I think I may end up skipping this game. I don’t want to play anything this brutally unforgiving.
    What’s the deal with Rage? This game is due out tomorrow and I have yet to see a single review on this game.

  26. Godless:


    DS will beat the sit out of you just falling through your letter box.

    Looking at you game trophies, and judging from what I’ve heard about the DS games, this game is way beyond you having any fun with it, I wouldn’t waist you money.

    Didn’t think Rage was that close to launch?, I’ve heard almost nothing about this game, other than Super textures for PS3, which I think will turn out to be a crock of shit, making F all difference to the games appearance, but I wouldn’t mind being wrong on this at all.

  27. Godless:

    sit = shit
    waist = waste

    Need to slow down when typing. .;)

  28. Roca.:


    “Only on PSN” program starts this month:

    -”Every week starting tomorrow, October 4, you will find new titles, unique to PSN that are part of this program”

    -”we’ll be offering PlayStation Plus subscribers a 20% discount on each game during the first week of its availability”

    -”Be sure to keep an eye on the PlayStation Twitter feed, as we’ll be giving away download codes for each game in the line-up every week. Don’t miss your chance to get this week’s Only On PSN games for free”

    -”Also starting tomorrow as part of Only On PSN, we’ll also be offering a selection of rare classic PS2 games in the PlayStation Store:
    *God Hand
    *Maximo: Ghosts to Glory
    *Odin Sphere and Ring of Red

    “Only on PSN” games releasing in October:
    •inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood
    •PixelJunk Sidescroller
    •Sideway: New York
    •Sodium Collection
    •RocketBirds: Hardboiled Chicken

  29. twilight:

    I will take your advice and not buy this game. It will be a rental at best.
    As far as the game Rage goes, it is a multi-platform game. You have to always give the edge graphics wise to Xbox360 until proven otherwise. Unfortunetely, it is always the Ps3 users who are in the position of hoping that the Ps3 version of a multi-platform game will be at least equal to the Xbox360 version of the same game. Xbox360 users never have to worry about any of this. Even if a game is ported from the Ps3 port, the Xbox360 version of the game is still usually equal.

  30. CarlB:

    Cap, seriously, stop with the bitching about how Demon’s Souls is so “unfair”. You really expect a warning sign from a dragon that wants to kill you?

    Well then fine, how about having some situational awareness and seeing them nearby before you hit that area, or noticing this big huge wide deserted space all of a sudden, or walking forward cautiously and noticing it roar, or flap it’s wings, or all the dead and or ruined things nearby, or hello, if your having trouble, go online with it, noticing the fucking shitload of warning signs on the deck right in front of your fucking face just before you hit that area?

    Seriously man, you either have the fucking gonads to suck it up and beat this 40-60 hour fine RPG and live the experience (which incidentally is much more rewarding than the fraction of the game you have played so far) or you simply don’t.

    Those of us that have beat it have all played other hard games, but we realized this one challenged and taught us to master it in a way that few ever have, and recognized in fact that it wasn’t “unfair”, as we were learning more every time we played.


  31. CaptBirdman:

    Carl, seriously stop with the bitch ass whining because most/some people don’t like what you consider a “fine game”. You really expect me to do as you say on an internet website?

    Well fine then, how about we all follow CarlB’s model and just do as he does, like what he likes, and be as bitchy as he is?

    Seriously man, you either have the fucking gonads to accept that I don’t like this GARBAGE 40-60 hour game (which incidentally isn’t as rewarding to those of us who didn’t give a shit about the game enough to frustrate ourselves to finish it) or you simply don’t.

    Those of us who didn’t like the game have played other hard games, and we realized that this one wasn’t worth the frustration enough to master it because it is cheap, and therefore we have categorized it as “unfair”, as we were getting more frustrated every time we played.


  32. CaptBirdman:

    Burned, CarlBitch.

  33. FahKinSuPah:

    like I said before, Demon’s Souls requires ALOT of skill and patience. It has a very steep learning curve, and easily pushes most gamers to their limits.

  34. CarlB:

    @roca, I’m glad they’re bringing Odin Sphere and Grim Grimoire, it’s just too bad they won’t have trophy support or enhanced visuals.

    Though I would definitely rather have them available then not, this is one of the reasons I was upset when they got rid of BC. They are charging for the same games we already own.

  35. CaptBirdman:

    As an aside:

    People are allowed to have differing opinions; do you see anyone calling you out because there’s a certain game you don’t like?

    I mean there’s no reasoning.

    Why should you care if I like a game or not? All that should matter to you, is that you like it. Play your crap game, and I’ll play the ones I like, however this is a forum, and I will continue to share my opinion of this GARBAGE game.

  36. Roca.:

    “because most/some people don’t like what you consider a “fine game””

    Actually, the game is universally considered one of the best games/RPGs of this generation. The only ones who thinks DS is hard are the ones who’ve barely played it.

    I remember when CarlB go the game on release day but he stopped playing it soon after…I never saw him complaining or whining about how “unfair” or “cheap” the game was….about a year later CarlB went back to it and finished the game with no issues.

    those 5 reasons about “why DS sucks” are more like “5 reasons why I sucked at DS” – he’s just whining about the whole game.

    Number 5: The Lock on System
    He just didn’t get it, the lock system is pretty bad ass and it’s returning in Dark Souls

    Number 4: No Pause Button
    All I hear was: waaaaaaah

    Number 3: Ridiculous Auto Save Function
    more “waaaaaah” and it shows how stupid he is for not understanding how the save system works in DS. It’s built like that for a reason and it works.

    Number 2: The Merchants
    “Did I mention that if you kill one of these assholes on account of their lackluster selection, they won’t ever come back? Yay!!! Realism in a fucking glorified AD&D game”

    why did he kill them in the first place. idiot.

    Number 1: This Game Doesn’t Really Require any Skill. It’s just Tedious

    it does require alot skills…I beat the Armor Spider without the Thief Ring and without a bow and arrows…pure magic was how I did…yet he’s complaining because there are easy ways to be some bosses. isn’t this what Zelda’s been doing for years. Obtain a boomerang to defeat the next boss. Obtion a bow to defeat the other boss. Obtain bombs to defeat other creatures and bosses. more waaaaaah if you ask me.

  37. CaptBirdman:

    It was a tongue in cheek response to CarlB’s overzealous post, nothing more. The link I posted, I thought was amusing, and it fit with my overall theme of mocking Carl.

    Don’t think I took the guy’s complaints seriously.

    That said, he had a hell of a lot of valid complaints though.

    Also– it is NOT universally considered one of the best RPGs. Only fans of the game think that, and there aren’t that many, which most fans are not privy to.

  38. CarlB:

    Cap, nobody minds if you don’t like it as everyone has their own personal tastes, just don’t call it “GARBAGE” when you haven’t even bothered to experience beyond a fraction of the game or master it’s basic principles, because “WAAHH”, it’s too hard for you.

    “Yes it can be frustrating to die, especially when you have a lot of souls collected, but the penalty for death is not that bad and you eventually learn how to play carefully. It’s a game that rewards you for taking your time, planning, making sure you have the right equipment for the right situation. It’s a game that basically breaks all of the rules that so many games have set over the years, but it doesn’t break them in a way that seems unfair.”


  39. FahKinSuPah:


    “those 5 reasons about “why DS sucks” are more like “5 reasons why I sucked at DS” – he’s just whining about the whole game.”

    I thought the same thing lmao :D

    I think I got DS like the week it launched, but I only played it for the first 2 weeks. I don’t think I fully appreciated the difficulty then. Since i’ve been playing alot of games on higher difficulty levels since I think I just might enjoy/appreciate DS more now.

  40. CaptBirdman:

    “Cap, nobody minds if you don’t like it as everyone has their own personal tastes,”

    “Cap, seriously, stop with the bitching about how Demon’s Souls is so “unfair”.”

    Where’d your intelligence go Sgt?

    What is a game’s ultimate objective? Let me answer for you:

    To get you to play it.

    As Dave said, it’s only for those that do not mind breaking controllers or being frustrated. I like to have fun. Not being ass raped by something I spent my money on.

    So, let me complain. You look down on me for it, that’s fine. I don’t care. I play games for personal enjoyment.

    I would personally enjoy kicking your ass in any multiplayer game of your choice, but no. I remember you go ““WAAHH” I don’t play competitive games!! They’re too hard for me!”

    Stop trolling bro.

  41. Roca.:

    The game is universally considered one of the best game and RPGs of this generation, maybe of all times. People who have actaully play the game are the ones who loved DS…all other who have just tried it and while not giving it a real change are the ones whining.

    “Upon release in North America, critical response was very favorable with an average critic score of 90% at GameRankings, [42] 89 out of 100 at Metacritic,[43] and 9.0 out of 10 at GameStats.[44] Despite the game’s high difficulty, many reviewers found it to be a positive aspect, making the game more rewarding to play. GameSpot called the high difficulty “fair”, saying players will “undoubtedly take a lot of damage until you learn the subtleties of fighting each enemy, but combat feels just right.”[8] IGN echoed this view, encouraging players who “can remember the good ol’ days when games taught through the highly effective use of negative reinforcement and a heavy price for not playing it carefully should scoop this up instantly.”[56] Game Informer called it “one of the first truly great Japanese RPGs of this generation, and certainly the most remarkable”

    -GameSpot awarded Demon’s Souls with Overall Game of the Year, Best PS3 game, Best Role-Playing game and Best Original Game Mechanic for the online integration.

    -Game Trailers awarded it Best RPG and Best New intellectual property.

    -IGN also awarded the game Best RPG for the PS3.

    -X-Play awarded the multiplayer Best Gameplay Innovation.

    -PC World awarded it Game of the Year.

    -RPGamer awarded Demon’s Souls RPG of the Year 2009, including Best Graphics and Best PS3 RPG.

    -In 2011 IGN ranked Demon’s Souls 100th in their “top 100 modern games” saying that only real players need apply.

  42. Roca.:


    check that out – it has everything you need to know about DS – NPCs, weapons, bosses, etc

    Here’s my advice, start with the “Royaly” class – it gives long rage ability (Soul Arrow), MP regen and when you’re in Soul form you only lose 25% of your health instead of 50%

    starting with a Knight or Archer will not get you far in the game…surprisingly, the writer of the “why DS sucks” article started with an Archer LMAO

  43. Godless:


    As someone who has never played this game, can I ask a 1 simple questions that will clear up whether it uses cheap kills as a “steep learning curve”

    1. when you encounter a boss/baddie that it turns out you don’t have the right kit to kill: Can you retreat? and get kitted up to return later, or are you just dead meat from the outset?

    if you’re dead meat, then it’s a cheap kill, with a trial & error learning curve. . =(shit game)

    It’s a bit like a racing game asking you to choose between a rally car & a F1 before letting you know what type of race you were taking part in, I detest trial & error games, they piss me right off.

  44. CaptBirdman:


    It’s all opinion.

    We had this argument before.

    Not trying to derail this discussion at all, but you yourself said you believed that Demon’s Souls is better than Mass Effect 2.

    Mass Effect is better, and has many more awards and achievements, and the general populace actually likes it more.

    This being said, doesn’t that kind of make the list of “awards” you posted invalid? Just asking…

  45. CarlB:

    “You look down on me for it, that’s fine”

    I don’t look down on you for it, I just disagree with you calling a game you don’t understand and haven’t played through “garbage” and “unfair”.

    “I remember you go ‘WAAHH’ I don’t play competitive games!! They’re too hard for me!”

    The difference is I don’t call all competitive games “garbage” or “unfair”, and I openly admit that I do not wish to invest time in multiplayer online when I could be moving on to the next new single player game instead, Lt.

    Stop whining broheem.

  46. CarlB:

    “only real players need apply”


  47. Roca.:

    While in my “opinion” I believe Demon’s Souls is better than Mass Effect 2, I don’t think ME2 garbage or anything like it. I liked ME2 alot. I just happen to like DS alot more. ME2 deserves all the awards it got.

    Uncharted 2 is a much better game since it gots about 20x as much awards and achivements ;) just saying

  48. phranctoast:

    You complaining about Demons Souls is akin to me complaining about Borderlands. I barely scratched the surface but what I could tell is it’s a terrible game.

  49. CaptBirdman:


    That is exactly the kind of game it is. These blokes like to think I haven’t “mastered” the controls or whatever, but what they aren’t saying is that the game doesn’t explain almost anything. It expects you to learn from your deaths (which are exceedingly cheap. More on that in a moment), and THEN proceeds to bring you back without all the things you’ve earned AND with less health to redo the entire mission from the beginning.

    The cheap deaths I’m referring to are like in the Dragon God fight. There is a certain path you have to take to get to the giant harpoon that hurts it, but whilst traversing the damn path the dragon’s fist RANDOMLY punches you, and the punch is STUPIDLY fast. How can you prepare for this if you’ve never done it before? Not to mention it’s a fucking one hit kill, then you have to get back to this stupid fucker with LESS health, ALL your souls and weapons gone, and redo the entire mission just to get back there.

    It’s bad trial and error man, and it’s not fun at all. Hell I would give it some slack if there were checkpoints, or I don’t know, A FUCKING STORY… it’s an RPG for fuck’s sake.

  50. CarlB:

    “Can you retreat? and get kitted up to return later, or are you just dead meat from the outset?”

    “you can return to the hub and power up your character before trying the area again. So, the game requires a lot of patience, especially when you lose thousands of souls, but the difficulty is manageable.

    HIGH Incredibly immersive sense of true role-playing.
    LOW Might be intimidating to newer, less experienced players.

    Forget everything you may have heard about the game being incredibly difficult or unforgiving. Categorizing Demon’s Souls with such a narrow view and leaving it at that does the title an incredible injustice. What it actually does is submerge players deeply in its world and asks them to understand its reality. Every aspect of its identity is tied to a clear central vision. By crafting an absolutely logical, holistic world and going to great lengths to make it cohere in every way, the result is an experience unlike any other.”


  51. Godless:

    WOW. .You guys are good at lists :D

  52. CaptBirdman:

    Doesn’t matter what you call em…”broheem”, you don’t want to play them because you “suck” at them (generalizations are fun!). Difference is I voice my displeasure.

    I do that with every game I dislike. Where the fuck were you when I listed off over 50 things wrong with Gran Turismo 5? How about the time I ripped Resistance 2?

    Oh, so you only think it’s OK to say a game is “too hard” for me or I’m whining when YOU like the game so much, eh? Carl B, shut up man.

  53. CarlB:

    It does make a difference if you have little to no idea of what you are really talking about because you haven’t taken the time to learn, dudelet.

    There are several preferences gamers have in general, and if hardcore RPG’s don’t fall under yours, then that’s fine, just admit it instead of calling the games which epitomize that category “garbage” without fully experiencing them.

    Where was I? Right here. I just really don’t care that much about racing games or shooters in general. Neither do I really care about Pokemon. I understand why you love Pokemon, and why I don’t, but just because I don’t enjoy it as an adult doesn’t give me license to call the game “garbage”.

    Chill out cap.

  54. FahKinSuPah:

    Man, the bullshit is really piling up in here this morning lol

  55. twilight:

    The problem with this site is people can’t accept negative criticisms about their favorite games or give respect to other styles of gaming even though it may not be what they are into. Demon’s Soul is not a game for everyone. The game is extremely masochistic for most gamers but the game is an excellent representation for the genre of game it represents.

  56. CaptBirdman:

    Hardcore RPGs?


    Bad game design, flawed controls and camera, no story whatsoever, cheap mechanics make it hardcore?

    Well keep that shit in your pants there Sgt, cause you can have it.

    I’ll stick to BETTER games.

    Like Pokemon.

    When you decide to face us “weak”, not hardcore gamers in anything competitive, then


  57. Godless:

    Well said Twilight. . You nailed it

  58. Roca.:

    “Not to mention it’s a fucking one hit kill”

    not it’s not, you probably had low defense or something. I beat the Dragon God yesterday (check my trophy for proof) and hit only hit me once.

    I’m pretty sure you read or watched that from a random site since you stated lastime that you didn’t get further than the Armor Spider.

    You didn’t even played it on your account (if you played it at all) so you weren’t really taking the game seriously since you were not going to be able to continue the progress.

    Just stop complaining and whining just because you could not keep up with Demon’s Souls – the game is one of the best RPG of this gen and its sequel, Dark Souls, is getting early reviews of 9/10s from many website and it’s suppose to be even harder..

  59. CarlB:

    If the game design, controls, and camera were that bad then it would never have received any GotY awards or come anywhere close to the near universal acclaim score it has on Metacritic.

    Stick with Pokemon Lt, because it’s what you love and right up your alley.

    Truly hardcore gamers in anything competitive are in the WGC, and I’ll leave them to it, as I don’t care to invest the time to get to their level.

    Nice pic though.

  60. CarlB:

    And for the record, “garbage” isn’t a criticism, it’s an idiotic statement.

  61. Roca.:

    “Bad game design, flawed controls and camera, no story whatsoever, cheap mechanics make it hardcore?”


    bad game design? well the game has been praise for its game design and has won many awards (including best RPG) for it.

    flawed controls & Camera? controls and Camera are similar to ME2 (much better IMO) and def much better than all other action RPG such as Dragon Age.

    no story? you didn’t play the game long enough to tell if it has a story or not….Hint: it does.

    cheap mechanics? more WAAAAH from you.

  62. CaptBirdman:

    “check my trophy for proof”

    We’re not friends anymore remember? :( Lol

    And If you read the first post I said I replayed the game recently, specifically because I got a buddy who loves the series. He’s an aspiring game designer, and he wants to create games that are in his words “100 times harder” than Demon’s Souls. I cannot make this up if I tried unfortunately :/

    Why do you immediately go to “you never done this” or “you’re lying” Roca? Is that your defense for everything? Come on man, play with some new cards cause these are old already.

    Demon’s Souls will NEVER grace my PS3. It’s a bad game. So why would it be on my account? To take up hard drive space with a trophy space that reads 0%? Fuck that, LOL. I don’t respect From Software that much ;)

  63. Roca.:

    “I’ll stick to BETTER games.

    Like Pokemon”

    which ALL have lower review scores than Demon’s Souls

  64. CaptBirdman:

    “controls and Camera are similar to ME2 ”

    No. Just no.

    “no story? you didn’t play the game long enough to tell if it has a story or not….Hint: it does.”

    Lmao I gotta finish the game or put more than 5 hours in a game in order to tell if it has a story? Damn you always seem to make my case for me old chap…. ;)

    “And for the record, “garbage” isn’t a criticism, it’s an idiotic statement.”

    Hahaha! This sure is an “idiotic statement.”

    Need the definition of criticism and the urban dictionary definition of “garbage”?

    They say to never argue with idiots because from far away you cannot tell the difference. With that said, I bid this thread farewell.

  65. Roca.:

    “Why do you immediately go to “you never done this” or “you’re lying” Roca? Is that your defense for everything?”

    nope but I clearly recall you saying you didn’t get past the Armor Spider last time…the fact that you went back to it just show how much you really enjoyed the game ;)

    If you did beat get to the Dragon God you would already have 3 trophies…that’s more than 0%

  66. CarlB:

    Yes roca, but you’re forgetting, “the general populace” (i.e. the herd) like it more, so those aggregate reviews in favor of Demon’s Souls don’t really mean anything at all. Also, Resident Evil Code Veronica (mentioned here earlier) controls and camera are AWESOME-O compared to Demon’s Souls AND it’s even “harder” LOL.

  67. CarlB:

    Ftr Lt, “garbage” HERE is not a criticism, it is an idiotic statement, because it is leveled due to ignorance of the subject matter.

  68. Roca.:

    “Also, Resident Evil Code Veronica (mentioned here earlier) controls and camera are AWESOME-O compared to Demon’s Souls AND it’s even “harder” LOL.”


  69. CaptBirdman:



    Happy Trolling ;)

  70. CaptBirdman:



    Enjoy guys ;)

  71. Roca.:

    Thanks for pointing out what I already said – Pokemon games are rated lower than Demon’s Souls

    Demon’s Souls – 89
    Pokemon: Heart Gold – 87

  72. CaptBirdman:

    User rating ;)

    Much more reliable there.

  73. Barnabe Jones:

    I guess either you get it, or you don’t.

    The games difficulty helps set the mood. You’re supposed to feel overwhelmed, dread, fear, etc. It wouldn’t be as effective if you just ran though the game kicking the crap out of anything that moves.

    Some of the traps were maybe a little cheap, but you learn from your mistakes. Also the combat was great. I can’t think of another game that’s done sword fighting as well.

  74. Roca.:

    aggregate critics rating.

    much more reliable than your own opinion…whihc was more whining than anything else.

  75. CarlB:

    Even the user ratings say it is of high quality, not “garbage”.

  76. CaptBirdman:

    “whihc was more whining than anything else.”

    Just like D-Roca in SSF4 ;)

  77. FahKinSuPah:

    “Also, Resident Evil Code Veronica (mentioned here earlier) controls and camera are AWESOME-O compared to Demon’s Souls AND it’s even “harder” LOL.”

    Yeah I know thats BS cause I have beaten Code Veronica but yet I haven’t been able to finish DS.

    Capt obviously got demasculated while playing DS. His balls shrunk 2 sizes that day.

  78. Roca.:

    “Just like D-Roca in SSF4″

    nice try to avoid the fact tha DS is rated higher than all Pokemon “garbage”

    as for SSF4, jojo can back me up that you were the one saying stuff like “my lil brother drop the controller”, “urrgh concentration lapses” and another stuff.

    either way, why are you still bringing that up…you still feel the need to prove yourself?? have fun with that.

  79. Roca.:

    “balls shrunk 2 sizes that day”

    I don’t think he can afford it.

  80. SW:

    Woot, my PS3 got turned on and updated just for Dark Souls \o/

    Can’t wait :D

    And you bet it’s going to be harder :( they took away my magic crutch!

    WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  81. SW:

    *turned on and updated for the first time in about 3-6 months.

  82. FahKinSuPah:

    lol SW’s balls grew 2 sizes today :D

  83. Roca.:

    you havent been gaming much huh..are you still messing with fire arms?

  84. SW:

    I just received 1300 rounds of ammo (500×7.62 & 800×5.56, so yes. :)

    Still waiting for my rifles to turn up tho…

    Man, I cannot wait to fuck some stuff up in Dark Souls :D

    Tomorrow afternoon can’t come soon enuff >:(

  85. Roca.:

    hahaha, I’m a little scared about loading my cope of Dark Souls.. I know it will take away 3 months of my life and there so many games coming out!!

  86. jojo29:

    Heres the thing guys…
    First, the problem with this gen, is games are way too easy now…the only game that had any sort of challenge was GT5.and thats cuz they put you is pos volkswagen vans..

    Anywhoo, on to the flamebaits :

    I honestly,dont care what games you, roca, or anyone on,here likes or dont like….if you dont like a game, eitther just say,you,dont like,ut because it was too hard, or I just didnt like it, but at least try and give a reasonable reason for not liking it, so far, your coming off as a cry baby and this is why:

    Demons Soul I guess is hard…its on my to buy list…..but, the problem and flak you are receiving is from what now call “the godless effect” more often he tries to pass opinion as fact, which is what is going on here..

    You stated that you dont like the game because it,has:
    Cheap mechanics
    Bad controls
    And you summed up by saying its garbage…

    The problem here is, this is only an opinion…and one that is wrong…
    Cheap mechanics, it has none, lest the review scores would reflect that along with if it had bad xontrols or if it was garbage…

    So, therefore your opinion of the gameplay is dead wrong…period…

    Now, of course you will get shit for not liking a game for being too hard, we are gamers and one thing we like to do is talk shit…

    To sum up, captain, accept the truth that the game was much too hard for gaming skills, and that you didnt like it….and that is,all she,wrote, but,by being a sissy and crying foul about mechanics, controls and cheap, well, now your lying and whining about a crirically axclaimed game that is praised on those very things you dont like about it and therefore open yourself to ridicule….and from the last wins I had,on you in ssf4, im not surprised you,quit…i had to go there ;p

  87. CaptBirdman:

    I been waiting on you Jojo, your excuse about the internet is no longer valid baby, let’s fucking go 8)

    (yes, I ignored your post. Sorry.)

  88. Roca.:

    “the godless effect”


  89. CarlB:

    “Capt obviously got demasculated while playing DS. His balls shrunk 2 sizes that day.”

    That’s why he’s been demoted from Capt to 2nd Lt.
    Butterbars, or “butters” for short ;)

  90. FahKinSuPah:

    MOving on…

    Anyone here play any of the Dunegon Siege games?

    I have the first one on PC and I just got the 3rd one in today.

  91. Roca.:

    Dunegon Siege? sounds like a bad game

  92. CaptBirdman:

    I’m still 4 ranks ahead of you Sgt B. Will be a Captain until I’m demoted, and I don’t see that happening any time soon. Especially not from you, Sergeant.

  93. Roca.:

    hey CON/CAD

    XBL is down – $60 can’t guarantee a reliable service. XBL has been going down alot lately.

    hopefully both of you will be as vocal as you were during the PSN fiasco

    “Both the site and Major Nelson note that MS is aware of the issue, and is working on the unspecified cause of the interruption.”

  94. Roca.:

    “I’m still 4 ranks ahead of you Sgt B”

    You know CarlB is a Master Gunnery Sergeant in real life…you on the other hand, are the Argy Bird Captain.

  95. Roca.:

    Angry Bird*

  96. FahKinSuPah:


    I meant Dungeon Siege. Dunegon Siege sounds like a cheap russian counterfit.

  97. FahKinSuPah:

    “you on the other hand, are the Argy Bird Captain.”

    When I read that I got the Google Chrome/ Angry Birds commerical in my head. With Cap as the yellow one and he is complaining about Demons Souls.

  98. Roca.:

    LMAO @ FahKin

  99. jojo29:

    Im game for it, ill try and be on today, havent touched the ps3 intil recently with bf3 around the corner, ill get some ssf4 matches in, been riding a grip lately, especially down in the pasadena/burbank areas ;) loving my gsrx750, just broke in so,e new tires this weekend too ;)

    Did you get the latest ssf4 arcade edition? If so imma have,to pick,it,up then, waiting on mvc3 for my strider action lol

  100. The Future of Sega:

    The hardest game of all time….Crash Bandicoot: Warped :-D I cannot even begin to count all of the times I cussed my tv and playstation out due to that game…

  101. jojo29:

    Hardest game ever: Fester’s Quest on the NES….only game I never was able to beat to this day….

  102. CarlB:

    “you on the other hand, are the Angry Bird Captain.”

    Yes, but he obviously takes that rank VERY seriously.

  103. CarlB:

    I forget, he is probably also captain of his Pokemon team, which in his mind is probably superior to a Master Sergeant of Marines. Not a Master Guns roca, but thanks for the compliment.

  104. Barnabe Jones:

    I have release date delivery, but have class until 10PM :(

    We should hijack every blorge thread and talk about DS again.

  105. SW:

    The most frustrating game for me in recent memory is Super Meat Boy.

  106. CaptBirdman:


    Yeah, I’ve had Arcade Edition downloaded since it first came out.

    I honestly can’t believe you got third strike before you got arcade edition… 3rd strike was pointless already, but for 15 dollars? Hell no. They could have at least given a discount to us plus members, then I would have considered picking it up, a la re4 and re code veronica. Got both for 20 instead of $40… fuck was Crapcom thinking???


    Meat boy is a bit frustrating, but it’s always fun once you figure out the puzzle and watch 16 meatboys on the screen and only one lives. Love meat boy. And the Impossible game. Some of the best music ever in videogames, and that’s why I beat it. I had to hear the awesome soundtrack.

  107. CaptBirdman:

    And for everyone’s information, Captain of Pokemon Team: B.I.R.D. is a prestigious rank, far superior to MSgt.

    Especially MSgt of Critter Crunch ;)

  108. jojo29:

    3rd Strike >ssf4 birdy, in terms of gameplay :)
    Look at t hawks and zangiefs throw range in ssf4…ridiculouly cheesy…ryus fast fireball recovery…..

  109. Barnabe Jones:

    So what classes are you guys choosing?

    I did well with the knight last time, but warrior sounds good also.

  110. dans303:


    Is The Impossible Game this thing:


    If so, I died literally 112 times on the first level before I gave up. I then went to check the stats and found that i had only gotten through 48% of the level. lol

    But yeah, the music does rule. (What I heard of it anyways ;) )

  111. CaptBirdman:

    Jojo you and I both know grapplers are ALWAYS bullshit, just like turtle characters (Guile, Bison [boxer], etc). I’m surprised you didn’t mention Hakan. He’s the worst grappler to fight against in capable hands.

    Ryu’s fireball recovery has been the same since turbo. You think Ryu is bad, how about Sagat and Guile fireball recovery… They shit on Ryu all day, and the buffs Sagat received in AE– prepare to be pissed off my friend. He’s pretty much Vanilla Sagat, but without all the uber ridiculous juggles.

    @Dans, yup, that’s the impossible game. I’ve raped that game, and yet they call me non hardcore. Isn’t that a laugh??

  112. CaptBirdman:

    @Dans, wait until you hear Heaven’s music. It’s the hardest level, but the music was worth it. Level 4 (Phazd) is supposed to be harder, but everyone knows Heaven is way harder.

    Here’s video of it


  113. ncaissie:

    ““don’t know about you but I play games for fun, to relax, to forget about the harshness of life and the hard slog of working. Therefore I don’t particularly appreciate games which are so difficult that playing them becomes a chore, another hill to climb, another source of frustration and resentment.”
    I totally agree with you Dave. That’s why I HATED Gears of War and various other 360 games…They added more stress to life instead of taking away stress. Given the lack of originality and creativeness with today’s generation I only play games that…suit my “mood.””

    I’m the same way. I just play on easy and fly trough games. If I enjoy them like GOW I play through more than once, on easy most times.

  114. jojo29:

    Ryu has the fastest fireball recovery, Sagat has the Tiger Knee into x move recovery cheapness…

    I guess chalk it up to learnem and beat em, its what I do in mvc 3 with spider and wolvie,i can pretty much kill off a character once I get one hit on people, I lack a 3rdcharacter but,with umvc3 thats fixed as I have strider!!!

    Trust me, to have all melee characters and,still pull off,what,i,can is very impressive for a mvc game ;)

  115. CarlB:

    No worries cap, you’ll always be an angry bird ;)

  116. CarlB:

    Damn roca, you’re going through Demon’s Souls quick… it’s almost like you’ve mastered the skills required for it… 8)

  117. Roca.:

    “Damn roca, you’re going through Demon’s Souls quick… it’s almost like you’ve mastered the skills required for it… 8)”

    All these talk about Demon’s Souls made wanted to play the game again – I have already beaten 11 bosses in the game…11 more to go :p

    As easy as playing Angry Bird ;)

  118. CaptBirdman:

    Gotta admit, the Angry Bird bit was a flawless victory.

    Jojo, Sagat has a faster fireball recovery than Ryu. Ryu’s is slightly faster than Ken’s, and Ken’s hadoken is considered mediocre. I can still use it, but I’m telling you, frame recovery on Sagat’t Tiger Shots is faster than Ryu’s fireball. To test it out if you don’t believe me, let’s have a fireball match, and I’ll run Sagat. I think you’re getting 3rd strike mixed up with Super 4…

  119. FahKinSuPah:


    “Hardest game ever: Fester’s Quest on the NES….only game I never was able to beat to this day….”

    LMAO I remember Fester Quest. I put so many hours into that game lol. I actually managed to beat it at one point. What a pain in the ass that was.

  120. Godless:

    Early games used to be much harder, bit like arcade games, the difficulty was set so that most players never saw a huge percentage of the game.

    I remember me and a mate cheating to complete manic miner. we had infinite lives and it took 8 hours to complete the game.

    We must have used 1000 lives, The game only gives you 3, to start, with maybe 2 extras as you play I’d be willing to bet good money that nobody ever completed that game without cheating.

    As for the “the godless effect” . . made me lol

    The problem is that you guys can’t accept an opinion as an opinion, It’s not that my opinions are facts, it’s that you treat them as facts.

    If someone says they think a game is shit.
    It’s not a lie. .it’s an opinion.

    You guys then start with the you’re a liar your a fanboy BS, and then pull up the metacritic stats and 1000 reviewers comments on how great the game is.

    How cares what others think. opinions are never wrong, only different.

    most of my comment are subjective, and I don’t lie ..if I say a game looks better, it’s because I think it looks better, not because it is technically superior in any way, because then I would be wrong.
    A perfect example, Roca brought up, Vanquished Vs Killzone2,
    For me Killzone2 plays too slow, has too narrow a field of view, dull grey with more dull grey, boring baddies, boring levels, just a very sub par game “for me”

    Vanquished, faster, smoother, wide field of view, colourful, with great FX motion blur ect, eye candy with a shit load of action.
    to me it’s a better game, not just better looking, more exciting, more fun

    Not a lie. . an opinion. .and I couldn’t give a rats ass what the reviewers think, or how many polygons or what advanced rendering techniques are used, if the end result looks & plays dull then it’s dull.

    I’ve been playing games long enough to have my own opinions on them, I don’t need Google to find them for me.

  121. CaptBirdman:


    How dare we have a differing opinion than them???

    Shame on us…

  122. Roca.:

    This are some pretty classic opinions from Godless ;)

    Godless: “I was watching my daughter playing Kameo yesterday, and was thinking that it looked better than 99% of games on PS3 & 360 even new releases”

    Godless: “I would rate Kameo graphicaly & gameplay above any of the R&C games. and the use of textures above just about all games excluding UC2 and GodOW3?

  123. CaptBirdman:

    It’s still just an opinion though Roca. I get shit for my opinion all the time from you guys, but hey it’s all just subjective man, no need to take personal offense. Perhaps the way we express our distaste for a game may be different, but in the end our opinions cancel each other out.

    I don’t blast you for liking a game like Demon’s Souls. I can see the appeal of that game for those that like it. I really can. I just personally don’t like it. That’s just me. I don’t see why me not liking it is such a big deal, that personal shots and name calling have to be flung. OK, yall all like it,that’s dandy. I don’t, but so what? Who cares, you know? What Gods and I are saying is that it just goes too far, over simple differences in opinion. We’re all different people, so of course we’ll not agree on everything.

    Let’s just leave it at that. Why not?

  124. phranctoast:

    Crysis 2 doesn’t look nearly as good as the original Doom.

    I also haven’t seen any digital foundry comparisons of the two games so good luck tying to prove otherwise.


  125. Roca.:

    Well, in his head Kameo looks better than 99% ( all R&C games even though R&C is considered to be the closest thing to a pixar movie experience.

  126. phranctoast:

    The problem with a games graphics more than someones straight up opinion of a game, is it’s usually more of an objective opinion than a subjective one.

    Graphics tend to be valued in a technical point of view rather than an aesthetical.

    If you feel like sharing your opinion of graphics be prepared for your opinion to get called out. Someones always going to have a different one.

  127. Roca.:

    I have a policy for myself when posting online. I would always stick to facts when debating about a topic rather than put my own personal opinion against the facts.

    Opinions can be driving by fanboysm (Godless is a pretty good example of this behavior) but facts will always be facts no matter what your opinion is..

    I didn’t like RDR, Fallout and Oblivion but I don’t go around saying these games suck or talking crap about them because I know they are really good games based on the reviews, awards and achievements but I was just not into them. I will never put my opinion against facts

  128. phranctoast:

    you didn’t like RDR?
    I thought it was pretty solid. Maybe not GOTY but a pretty good effort none the less.

  129. Roca.:

    didn’t like the controls…felt too outdated

  130. CarlB:

    There is a huge difference between simply offering an opinion of “I just personally don’t like it” and stating (as one would a fact) that “the game is bad”, “mediocre”, and “garbage” because one simply can’t handle the difficulty, and in fact hasn’t played the game enough to form an educated opinion about it or even get above 0% of the trophies within it.

    If you don’t like it because of it’s difficulty, simply admit it’s too difficult for you. Hell, even Dave could do that here. Don’t make up crap about it having bad controls and the game being “cheap” or “unfair” when everyone who has played through it here knows otherwise.

    Trust me, your “opinion” would have held more weight if you actually played more than a fraction of the game, but since you haven’t, it is being brought into question as an uneducated one.

  131. CaptBirdman:

    Don’t care what you say Carl, my opinion is that the game is not worth investing time into. My opinion holds weight to me, and by that token, I couldn’t care less what you feel about it.

  132. jojo29:

    Carlb and Roca nailed it as well as phranc and I did as well but remember you ignored my post lol

    Its fine if you say, in this example:
    I dont like demons souls, I found it too difficult and I,didnt like,the controls

    This leaves it very clear it,is,your,opinion, but, being the,shit talkers we are, wed prob let ya have it in,regards to it being too tough for you….but, itd be known its yout opinion…

    When you start describing the game is garbage, the mechanics are broken, and its cheap,well, now your giving us an objective opinion, a very wrong one at that, and we will call,you out on it, with links and facts…now, if you choose to ignore the reviews, critics, awards because your opinion i opinion, there isno point,in you,ever commenting because then we lose all sense of a standard measurement…..reviews, critics from official resources are all we have,to,set our standard of measurement… Ignore those and again, theres no point in debating in any form…

    Godless did the same shjt with Kameo

    All he had to say is, hey I just like Kameo better, to me it looks and plays better….

    ut what did he do? He then,started to trash RC…one of the most highly rated and awarded game in its genre…awards it garnered for,the,very things he was trashimg,it on…

    Hey, trust me, I totally understand you guys,tho, my,best example is WoW…..im a HUGE fan of blizzards art style, and while technically, WARs graphics are better than WoWs, I think WoW looks and plays better….but id be wrong to say graphics on WAR are crap….

  133. jojo29:

    Yeah man FQ was tough as shit…especially having to remember to run through the” 3D ” corridor sections…..im about to look for,a nes controller to throw it again lol

  134. FahKinSuPah:


    I don’t know what it was about Festers Quest but for some reason it became one of my fav NES games.

  135. jojo29:

    Same here fahkin, I just couldnt beat it lol

  136. CarlB:

    “my opinion is that the game is not worth investing time into”

    much better.

  137. CaptBirdman:

    Jojo, you’re still not understanding: you CANNOT call someone’s opinion invalid. You can only disagree with it. I give fuck all about what critics thought the game was– it is in essence: THEIR OPINION. I only disagreed with it. The game is garbage TO ME, therefore long winded posts are unnecessary. The only way for my position to change is that if I have a change of heart, which, will not happen, as I do not own the game, and will not be ponying up the cabbage to purchase it. Hell, I won’t even borrow it at this point; you couldn’t even pay me to play it. I don’t like it, suck it up, live with it.

    It’s weaksauce, and that’s my valid to me opinion. Disagree? Cool, that’s your opinion. Review scores, awards, la la la la la. Doesn’t mean anything to me, and shouldn’t mean anything to you. You should ALWAYS make up your own mind, and yours is that, hey, the game is good/decent/great/whatever. I despise the game, but am I blasting you for liking what I consider to be an overrated POS? I could do that, but then I’d be ignorant (hint hint). You cannot say an opinion is invalid: it’s a fucking OPINION. Get the fuck over it guys, for fuck’s sake.

    Also, you never signed in Jojo, what happened?

  138. CaptBirdman:

    First part of that post was not directed at Jojo, so I didn’t mean to type it like that.

    The last sentence was towards jojo

  139. CarlB:

    You can say an opinion is uneducated, and yours is. Dave’s opinion is not only educated, he was also able to honestly admit that it was too difficult for him personally. Get over it.

    Besides, why are you getting so upset over our opinion of your opinion?

  140. CarlB:

    And really, I don’t have a problem with you not liking it. I even understand why you don’t like it: It doesn’t hold your hand and tell you what to do, you can’t make a lot of mistakes or you’ll die, you have to plan carefully with little or no guidance but experience or you’ll die (unless you use a guide), you have to get your timing and skills down with whatever weapon set and class you use or you’ll die, even non-boss characters can kill you almost instantly, and you have to pay close attention to your environment and be cautious or you will die. All these things are not factors in the majority of games today, and even less have them all combined. The majority of gamers can’t handle that level of gaming, and it’s fine if you are part of that majority.

  141. CaptBirdman:

    You sure can say an opinion is uneducated, but it would be “uneducated” to say mine is, particularly because you keep insinuating that I haven’t played the game “long enough”.

    There are a couple things wrong with this though.

    1. As Roca stated earlier, the first time I complained about Demon’s Souls, I stated I was stuck on the Armoured Spider, and that I had played 5 hours up to, and including that part of the game.
    2. In this article, I stated I got to the God Dragon. Obviously, I got past the Spider.

    If 5 hours plus however long it took me to get to the Dragon isn’t long enough to know if I don’t like a game’s mechanics, that there is a less than paper thin story, that the camera is one of the most hindering adventure game cameras, and that the controls need tweaking, then I guess I obviously needed that 6th hour ;)

    Your accusation is uneducated. Simply because you do not know what you’re talking about. I played it, PLAYED IT FOR SOME HOURS, and in the end, thought it was crap, and that’s that. If I need to finish a game in order to formulate an opinion, or play it for 6 hours in order to notice that there is an overarching plot/story, then fuck me.

    But in the real world of gaming, you play a game for a bit, and if you don’t like it, your opinion is valid. You’d have a point if I never played it.

  142. CaptBirdman:

    “The majority of gamers can’t handle that level of gaming, and it’s fine if you are part of that majority.”

    The majority of gamers can’t handle that level of competition, and it’s fine if you are part of that majority.

  143. The Future of Sega:

    “I’m the same way. I just play on easy and fly trough games. If I enjoy them like GOW I play through more than once, on easy most times.”

    Heeeey Ncaissie! Whatsup Dude? :-D Lol yeah I just don’t have the time or patience to deal with frustrating’challenging games. I play games to relax…chill out…take it eeeeeeasy while eating some Taco Bell on a Friday afternoon. :-) I pity people who torture themselves with “un-fun” games lol.

    Now tell me something people…if your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband were challenging, always pissing you off, causing you to say things that you regret, and forcing your blood pressurre to rise due to frustration….would you stay with them (Excluding their monetary worth and sexual advantages)?

    Hell, I sure wouldn’t! I would be LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG gone before tormenting myself with displeasure. :-D So in contrary…why would anyone subject themselves to a video game in similar conduct (Rhetoric question)? Why ruin your life and precious brain cells trying to beat a video game not worth beating?? There are other options out there people…erm erm ever heard of Sega Dreamcast? :-D XD LMAO.

  144. The Future of Sega:

    CaptBirdman & CarlB,

    God Christ! Would you two SHUT THE HELL UP! Verbally you two have shitted all over this chatroom…blog board, or whatever the fuck you want to call it. Enough already….

  145. CarlB:

    “If 5 hours plus however long it took me to get to the Dragon isn’t long enough to know if I don’t like a game’s mechanics, that there is a less than paper thin story, that the camera is one of the most hindering adventure game cameras, and that the controls need tweaking, then I guess I obviously needed that 6th hour”

    5 hours plus is usually more than enough to let you know if a game is too difficult for you. But I can tell you from experience that I was once in the same spot as you, and judged the game as too difficult too early (even after hours of play). I took a breather and came back to it, taking my time, then finally realized it’s actually quite brilliantly designed.

    Difficulty is purposely built into the game so that you can fall off of cliffs and die, you do need a certain skill/weapon set to defeat enemies, you can be killed instantly by regular enemies, etc. This isn’t “bad” mechanics, as the design works flawlessly if you can learn from your own (or even others) mistakes.

    And while there is a much deeper story revealed as you play through the game, the real star of this title is it’s environments, bosses, and sense of discovery and mastery as you move deeper into it. Trust me, you just scratched the surface at 5 hours.

    And camera? What is wrong with the camera? It moves where you move, with your body. Just because you can’t zoom in and zoom out doesn’t mean it is flawed.

    The controls are fine. You swing a sword, it swings. You cast a spell, it is casted. Different weapons and spells have different nuances.

    RE Code Veronica was much worse at almost all of these things.

    Again, I’m not saying your opinion (that you don’t think the title is personally worth investing your time into) is invalid, just that stating as a matter of fact that it is “GARBAGE” is going beyond just stating you personally dislike it, and probably more than just a bit harsh when you have only experienced a fraction of the game simply because it is too difficult for you.

    “The majority of gamers can’t handle that level of competition, and it’s fine if you are part of that majority.”

    As I’ve already stated, I openly admit I do not wish or have a need to “compete” in video games and, as every gamer, happen to have personal genre/style preferences.

    This doesn’t give me license to trash award winning games I haven’t played through because of my personal preferences alone. Though I have no doubts the majority/herd you are part of has no qualms about it, don’t be surprised when other gamers who have played through the game you are trashing disagree with your opinion.

  146. FahKinSuPah:

    Bottom line, Demon’s Souls is difficult. Most gamers simply CANNOT handle the level of difficulty. Only whiny bitches sit there and bitch about it saying how horrible the game is because they get their asses handed to them.

    This is pretty much what happened to Cap and why he bitches so much about Demon’s Souls.

    Demon’s Souls is so hard that if there was a fluffy teddy bear in the game it would anally rape you until you died from blood loss.

    A game that recieved pretty much nothing but positive reviews and awards is not garbage.

  147. Roca.:

    “A game that recieved pretty much nothing but positive reviews and awards is not garbage.”

    common sense…

  148. FahKinSuPah:

    “common sense…”

    Which some people here are sorely lacking… :(

  149. jojo29:

    Sorry birdman, but opinions can definitely be wrong:

    I think the color of the sky is navy purple…

    Hitler was a good man

    There was no holocaust

    Einstein didnt prove anything

    All of examoles of opinions being dead wrong…try harder birdy

    Also, you are doing the equivalent of closing your ears and yelling la la la la, if thats,the case…wow, cant believe a game that,is too difficult for has made you resort to such 8yr old tactics..

    If you choose to ignore the only means of measuring the standards of,games, then, really birdman y ou r just being a bitch about things…a bitch cant admit when their wrong, in this case, you simply cannot admit the,game was just too hard for you…..where you keep fucking up is,you,then, like a lil girl, start to blame the followimg:
    Game mechanics

    All of which the game is actually praised for…..

    Your opinion of,the difficulty, and,its game mechanics and camera system are simply, dead WRONG….ill repeat it so it sinks in…..YOUR OPINION of the camera system, game mechanics and difficulty IS WRONG…that is,what I am pointing out you, your opinion of the game? I dont care, my opinion is,that its too hard for you and your just being,a baby about it…a sniveling one at that, going so far as trashing the very mechanics its praised for, and then closing your ears to gaming standard of,measurement and trying to,hide behind it,under,opinion lmao

    I womt be logged in till next weekend, staying at a couple friends house as we ride around Cali state ;) fucking love my bike

  150. phranctoast:

    Birdman’s biggest issue isn’t stating his opinion. It’s trying to convince other people who don’t share his opinion, that his opinion is somehow more valid than theirs.

    With Borderlands, I understand I haven’t scratched the surface enough to really enjoy the game. Even though I’m level 10, have fought two bosses and I’m in a design flaw standoff where I respawn into an area that I can’t get out of while my inventory and loot is depleted at each turn……This is somehow considered to be a “good” game by some.

    I also don’t go on a crusade bitching it out to people that know better than me in this instance.

  151. jojo29:

    Its funny, I havenever evem played the game, but can understand and apply common,sense…but,heres my real question.. Ive been aching for a hard rpg, and this game seems it….my,qyestionis, to those who have played,it,and,now dark souls…should I just buy Dark Souls or buy Demons Souls?

  152. Roca.:

    give me a week or two and I’ll you know. but you can’t go wrong either way and since I know you like hard RPG (diablo) and grinding (WOW) Im pretty sure DS will be one of your favorite game of all times – maybe more then BF lol

  153. Kushy:

    “Yeah Demons Souls is frustrating and its not for everyone but you guys bitch too much about it. Pussies.”

    Amen FahKinSuPah!

    “You don’t think the name calling was a bit much there Fahkin?”

    Well Wahguhggaaaa CaptBirdman! Go play your Pokeman you emo little bitch! Demon Souls & Dark Souls are too fucking sick for your mind and gaming skills! Haughty little emo you are, think you know everything but make little sense! Pikachu have bigger balls then you! Scared of little challange are you!

    Hahahahaha online Pokemon is Epic, all other games that are not easy enough for me fail! :P

  154. FahKinSuPah:


    IMHO I would say to check out Demon’s Souls first. You can get it cheap enough so that if you PUSS out like Cap you won’t waste as much money :D

  155. FahKinSuPah:

    “Amen FahKinSuPah! ”

    +1 InterNets for me! :D

  156. jojo29:

    Rocas right though

    5 level 85 toons in WoW with at least season 9pvp gear, and avg ilvl of 360
    2 RR 60 toons in WAR
    ensures I dont mind a grind….as for the difficulty…..ive played WoW since vanilla, beat all fighting games on,hardest difficulty, had 98% completuon in GT3…GT5 I just havent had the time, or…fuck it I admit…skill yet to move that along lol its more the patience to save the moneys for the right car for the right,races lol and honestly, ive just been out riding my bike out in canyon runs or should say canyon cruises ;)

  157. ncaissie:

    “Heeeey Ncaissie! Whatsup Dude? Lol yeah I just don’t have the time or patience to deal with frustrating’challenging games. ”
    Lol not much. My doctor has me off work for a bit so I can rest up. :) stupid dental apt today though.

  158. Roca.:

    I stopped playing WOW after I obtained my second Legendary Weapon

  159. The Future of Sega:


    Speaking of dental apts I need to call my dentist soon…I haven’t had my teeth checked in almost a year! But thankfully I brush, floss, and rinse everyday. :D Crest toothpaste and Crest mouthwash are the ways to go people!!!

    Listerine stings the crap out of my tongue…

  160. CarlB:

    If you truly want a hard rpg, you can’t go wrong with Demon’s Souls jojo. You can get it for as little as $10 used, and by the time you get through with it you should be able to get Dark Souls used for a reduced enough price that you are essentially getting two games for the price of one new one.

  161. Barnabe Jones:

    It’s a very hard game, but I still think Monster Hunter is like 10 times harder, and 50 times less enjoyable. It’s like DS without lock-on, crap controls, crap camera, plus tedious monster farming to make weapons. Imagine having to kill Flame Lurker 20+ times just to make a helmet.

  162. Barnabe Jones:

    So far in Dark Souls, I made it through the Undead Burg. Killed the Tarus demon on the bridge, and am right outside the undead parish. The Iron Boar flattened me like a pancake.

    I’ve only put in less than 5 playtime hours. I died a lot, and explored a few areas, but I feel like I made some progress. I haven’t even started to grind yet. I might do that for a little bit soon.

  163. jojo29:

    Carlb ill be picking it up next week, when im home ;)

  164. Roca.:

    Start with Demon’s Souls first.

    Dark Souls is actually harder lol. I have spend about 11 hours total just in the tutorial and 50% of the first level. I have restarted my game about 5 times trying oout different classes and also starting over because I either fucked up, got owned or missed an item lol

  165. Barnabe Jones:

    Really!?! So, are you up to the Tarus battle?

    i’m only a little farther. you’ll be able to summon soon. After you beat Tarus, you’ll fins a knight who talks about how he loves the sun. talk to him 3 times, and he’ll give you the white stone.

    There’s a pretty cheap way to beat him if you’re stuck. Kick his ass, and then we can co-op.

    I’m doing pretty well with the knight. The boss in the first area only took me about 3 tries before I got him.

    So far it feels just like Demon’s Souls. The boss battles feel a little harder co far. Still early on though.

  166. Barnabe Jones:

    and the key to the first two bosses is stay close to them, and try rolling around thier backs and sides. They have huge swing arcs, keeping your distance is a bad idea.

  167. Roca.:

    I’ll try that today with a new character. I’m goign to try the class with fire magic spells.

    Tarus boss murded me twice – there’s not much room to run or roll and one hit from him takes like 98% of your health. I’m going to try the aerial stab today ;)

  168. Barnabe Jones:

    yeah, I beat him first try :D

    Just turn around, run up the ladder, jump off, and repeat. I did it twice, and hit him with my sword a handful of times. I think 3-4 aerial stabs will do the trick.

    You’ll be really close to the wall, but just don’t get stuck.

  169. Roca.:

    don’t level up too fast because we won’t be able to play together if you’re 10 soul levels higher then me.

  170. Barnabe Jones:

    I’m, 13 now. I’ll be at the GF’s friday, and saturday. I might try and bring a USB with my save with me.

    Plus I have class until late on Mon-Tuesday.

    You’ll probably fly by me soon.

  171. SW:

    It’s just a shame the coop system is a joke…


  172. Barnabe Jones:

    I still haven’t tried/figured it out yet.

  173. The Future of Sega:

    I need a hamburger…

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