The Last Guardian creator leaving Sony not surprising

November 30, 2011

The Last Guardian creator leaving Sony not surprising The big news today is around a rumor reported by Eurogamer, alleging that the creator of The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda has left the employment of Sony.

Eurogamer reported that a source has revealed that 41-year-old, development head of Team Ico has left Sony’s employment and is currently working as a freelancer for the company. Apparently, Ueda has been working for Sony in freelance capacity on The Last Guardian already.

The source indicated Ueda’s shift from Sony employee to freelance as the cause for delay in development of the highly anticipated title. The project was probably put on hold until Sony could work out a deal with Ueda on freelance rate and conditions.

Apparently, after the completion of The Last Guardian, Ueda will pursue personal projects. Ueda has been credited for crafting masterful titles such as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

I can’t say that I am all that surprised by this news as many talented Sony developers have already spawned off third party studios working exclusively with the publisher.

Famed God of War creator, David Jaffe spawned off Sony to create Eat Sleep Play studio and is developing Twisted Metal for the PS3. Dylan Jobe also spawned off Sony to create LightBox Interactive and is now working on the highly anticipated StarHawk for the PS3. 

Ueda may have his own ambitions of starting up a company.

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