Microsoft replaces lead designer of the next Xbox console

December 17, 2011

Microsoft replaces lead designer of the next Xbox consoleThere is more news about the next Xbox console as some interesting information about its lead designer may have been revealed. For several months, there have been reports of studios working on next gen Xbox games floating around the Web.

There is even a rumor indicating that the console will be unveiled at CES early next year, and will launch in 2013. Cnet is now reporting that Don Coyner, GM of entertainment design at Microsoft and the man responsible for designing the Xbox 360, will not be heading up the next gen console.

Coyner has been credited for designing both the original Xbox and Xbox 360. He has been also credited for designing much of Xbox Live. Apparently, sources have revealed that Coyner will be replaced by Emma Williams, the lead designer of the new metro-style Xbox interface update that was released recently.


The new metro-style interface is Microsoft’s new design that originated from the Windows Phone 7. With Windows 8 and Xbox Live heavily influenced by this new metro look, it appears that this will be Microsoft’s new unified design going forward.

Williams joined Microsoft in 2003 and will be leading the design strategy for the next generation Xbox console. Apparently, Conyer will still remain at Microsoft, but it is not clear what role he will be taking on.

8 Responses to “Microsoft replaces lead designer of the next Xbox console”

  1. twilight:

    I certainly hope Sony is working on their next gaming system. Sony needs to launch their next system earlier or around the same time as Microsoft.

  2. MAK:

    I wish Sony would create XMB 2.0
    Just imagine……

  3. oldschool1987:

    “I certainly hope Sony is working on their next gaming system.”

    Why? Lately all you do is hate on Sony so you may as well skip it. Unless a family member has another spare for you?

    I’ll get both consoles regardless. I look forward to a next gen Halo.

  4. Barnabe Jones:

    Great another console that will have a 50% failure ratio, focus on casual Kinect games, have no exclusives, hold online capabilities hostage for a fee, etc, etc.

    Maybe if the NextShitBox™ has Bluray it will finally catch up to the PS3. For now though, Sony can take it’s time.

  5. ncaissie:

    2012 is too late for the next box. The360 has been maxed out for years already. I think Sony is maxed out now also.

  6. Roca.:

    well I borrowed Skyrim for the 360.

    I’m going to give it a try and if I like it I’ll get it for the PS3 after Christmas

  7. jojo29:

    I dont see how you wont like it, i actuallybam not a fan of the elder scrolls game but after skyrim, consider me hooked! Oh btw, im at the stick for the niner game tonight woooo wooooo!!

  8. CarlB:

    Skyrim rocks. It even kicks the shit out of Mass Effect 2… unless of course you have some sort of “sci-fi bias”, like to categorize Star Wars as fantasy instead of sci-fi, and think Pokemon kicks the shit out of Demon’s Souls ;)

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