Resident Evil 6: everything you wanted and more

January 20, 2012

Resident Evil 6: everything you wanted and moreThe big news out today is around the official reveal of Resident Evil 6, the next iteration in the cannon. Capcom dropped an action packed trailer that reveals much about this “dramatic horror” game.

Capcom is billing this RE6 as a “dramatic horror” meaning it mixes the traditional suspense horror atmosphere with the action packed style of RE5. One of the biggest criticisms of RE5 was its action orientated nature that almost made you forget that you were playing a Resident Evil game.

The folks at Capcom have been working hard on this project with a staff of hundreds of developers over the past several years. RE6 may in fact be Capcom’s most ambitious RE title yet.

The new game will feature Leon and Chris as playable characters. Co-op mode will also make a comeback in RE6. The story takes place 10 years after the devastating incident at Racoon City.


As seen in the trailer, China will be one of the locations the story will take place in. It appears that the gameplay mechanics have been overhauled so you can walk and shoot at the same time. The cover system that was in RE5 is back, but more tightly honed so that you can sprint and dive into just about any cover.

The enemies are greatly varied from your regular zombie fodder to mega beast sized creatures.  The game looks very promising as it teases some of that brilliance that was in RE4, while showing off some modern gameplay mechanics.

 Resident Evil 6 is slated for a November 20th release date across the PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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