New in-game screenshots of The Last of Us

February 5, 2012

New in-game screenshots of The Last of UsDuring the Spike VGA show, Naughty Dog unveiled its next big project, The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic story around two characters that are trying to survive. The game received a great deal of attention last year for its beautiful graphics and story potential.

There have been zombie games in the past, but none have delivered on an emotional experience that was evoked by the initial trailer for Dead Island, which showed a young girl biting her father after being infected, to be then thrown out the window of a building.

Despite having a trailer jam packed with emotion and raw potential, Dead Island failed to live up to this presumed premise as it turned out to be a hack-n-slash action game.

However, the reveal trailer that was shown Naughty Dog for The Last of Us, showed a glimmer of that raw emotion that have been missing in zombie games. The developers have revealed that the game will focus on a hardened and violent man, Joel finding redemption through a young girl named Ellie.

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The story is about the bond between the two main characters, and how it evolves throughout the game. The Last of Us has been touted as a title that could garner acclaim seen with critical films such as The Road and the comic or TV series, The Walking Dead.


Not much has been revealed about the game so far, but Game Informer was able to nab some new screenshots from within the game in the latest issue of the magazine. According to the magazine, The Last of Us will have a mix of gunplay and action, as players will have to scavenge for weapons. Objects such as wooden planks used as weapons will wear and break over repeated use, adding to the tension in the game.


The publication teased that the issue will have 20 screenshots from the game and posted three on its site.

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