David Jaffe departs Twisted Metal developer due to creative differences

February 8, 2012

David Jaffe departs Twisted Metal developer due to creative differencesDuring the DICE summit in progress, David Jaffe, the creative mind behind Twisted Metal and God of War announced that he would be departing Eat Sleep Play to open up a brand new studio in San Diego California. The news was a surprise considering Twisted Metal’s imminent release next Tuesday on Valentine’s Day.

In an interview with Gameinformer, Jaffe spilled the beans of why he has decided to move on after Twisted Metal. According to Jaffe initial reports stating that he was leaving Eat Sleep Play to pursue casual games was completely incorrect. In fact as it turns out it was the other way around.

Jaffe and Scott Campbell are both co-founders of Eat Sleep Play, but over the years have developed creative differences in the direction they want to take the company. According to Jaffe, about a year ago they realized they wanted to make different types of games.

Scott has been itching to get into iPhone and Android games for a while. I love those kinds of games, but the article that ran in Salt Lake misrepresented me by saying I wanted to do casual games. I love those games, and one day I may want to make them, but I’m very interested in the browser space as well as the next-gen space. But I will be on Twisted Metal until the end of March at the moment and probably later. We’re working on patches and playing the game all the time and tuning things.


Jaffe already has an idea in his head for a new big IP in the next-gen and browser-based action game space. He is currently building a team, but for now will be focusing on getting Twisted Metal out next week. He also indicated that he will continue to support the game after launch to fix bugs and to work on patches.

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