Crossplatform PS3 and PS Vita games only require one purchase

February 16, 2012

Crossplatform PS3 and PS Vita games only require one purchase The idea of being able to play a PS3 game and then be able to continue exactly where you left off on the PS Vita is a feature Sony and even Konami’s Hideo Kojima has been touting.

Many initially speculated that gamers would have to purchase a combo pack price of both versions of the game for the PS Vita and PS3, which may still be the case for some. According to the PlayStation Blog, gamers will only have to purchase one copy of the game for both versions for many of the launch titles.


  • When you buy MotorStorm RC you will be able to play it on PS3 and PS Vita at no additional cost.
  • When you buy Hustle Kings and/or Top Darts for PS Vita, you will get the PS3 versions for free. If you already own these games on PS3, you’ll be able to download the PS Vita version for free.
  • If you purchase WipEout 2048 and you already own WipEout HD and the HD Fury DLC on PS3, you will be able to download them for free when they launch on PS Vita later this spring.
  • DLC purchased for the PS3 version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can be used on the PS Vita version for free (and vice versa).

Additionally, games such as WipEout 2048 and Hustle Kings will allow gamers to compete against each other via Vita and PS3. This finally means that PS3 owners will now be able to play with someone that may not even own a console.

This is probably the first initiative of this kind, as this is something PSP and DS gamers have been asking for ages.

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