‘Wii U’ poll results prove nothing

February 29, 2012

Hands up who is going to buy a Wii U when Nintendo finally puts it on sale. I have to ask for a show of hands because the results of our most recent poll appear to prove absolutely nothing of consequence.

Nintendo’s immediate future isn’t looking all that rosy right now. And the Wii U is by no means guaranteed to repeat the success of the original Wii. Do people really want a slightly better Wii with tablets as controllers? I’m not convinced, but what do you lot think?

Surprisingly little by the looks of it. Last month we asked, ‘Will you buy a Wii U?’ to which you replied:

Never! 78
Yes, definitely. 76
Yes, eventually. 76
Possibly, though I doubt it. 76
Wii U, what’s that? 76
Probably, if it’s good. 75
No thanks. 72

Total Votes: 529

So, ‘Never’ has it with 78 votes. Unfortunately the next four results in order of popularity each had 76 votes.

This is the second month in a row that the number of votes for each answer have been suspiciously close. I smell a rat. An effort to fix the poll so that every answer has an almost-equal number of votes. Which would clearly make holding the poll a clearly pointless activity. So this month’s poll (now available to vote on over there on the left) could be the last.

This month we’re asking, ‘Will the PS Vita be the last ever handheld games console?’ This was inspired by the fact that many of you seem to have either already purchased a PS Vita or are planning on doing so. Which flies in the face of the assumption that we’re moving towards a one-device-rules-all future where a single smartphone or tablet will cater to all your needs.

Feel free to vote. Or don’t. Whatever. Stopping the poll means less work for yours truly.

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