Quantic Dream unveils jaw-dropping PS3 tech demo – Kara

March 7, 2012

Quantic Dream unveils jaw-dropping tech demo - KaraDuring GDC, Quantic Dream’s David Cage unveiled a chilling tech demo that has everyone buzzing. The tech demo called Kara is about an android that becomes “self-aware" while being built.

David Cage, CEO of Qunatic Dream is credited with bringing the immersive title, Heavy Rain to the PS3. This game remains as one of my favorite titles of this gen, mixing emotion and tension artfully in a dramatic tale.

Cage is looking to raise the bar once again in interactive story telling by bridging the gap between Heavy Rain and the uncanny valley. Before Heavy Rain, Cage set out to prove that an emotional experience can be achieved on the PS3 with the tech demo, The Casting. Cage has done the same thing with Kara, showing off the latest tech for his next game.

As you can see in the demo, the shift in quality from The Casting to Kara is significant.


In an interview with Eurogamer, Cage revealed that the engine has been rebuilt completely from scratch.

We really wanted to move forward and push the envelope on the new game… There were many things that we couldn’t do on the old engine, so we decided to build a new one from scratch. Kara’s the very first thing we’ve done with this brand new engine, so it’s not optimized – it’s got 50% of the features that we have right now, as Kara was done a year ago.

In other words, the tech demo is over a year old and whatever Quantic Dream is cooking up for the PS3 is 50 percent improved over what’s in the demo.

56 Responses to “Quantic Dream unveils jaw-dropping PS3 tech demo – Kara”

  1. dans303:

    “As you can see in the demo, the shift in quality from The Casting to Kara is significant.”

    When I originally watched ‘The Casting’ I thought that the lip syncing was pretty awesome, but it doesn’t compare to the Kara tech demo at all. And that’s a year old! Can’t wait to see what they come up with here.

  2. oldschool1987:


    Another exclusive lol.

    In all seriousness the graphics are gorgeous, look forward to playing this game, Heavy Rain was brilliant.

  3. Godless:

    Graphics do look fantastic.

    I’ve kind of stalled on heavy rain, partly because I have so many other games I want to play and partly because I’m just not sure if I can be arsed with it.

  4. CarlB:

    Anyone here with a PSN ID of R_ascko?
    I got Godless… but don’t know who this is…

  5. CarlB:

    Didn’t care too much for Heavy Rain… or L.A. Noire. I’m just not that much into the “mystery” genre/style I guess.

  6. ncaissie:

    Come on let’s see this play on the 360!
    Anyone think it could be done and as well?

  7. Barnabe Jones:

    I remember being pretty blown away by the Heavy Rain tech demo when I first saw it. Comparing it now to Kara, it’s amazing to see the leap in graphical presentation and facial animations.

    Again, I love the premise. Some sort of story driven game, with moral decisions, with an IRobot setting…. Sounds like GOTY type material to me.

    It’s funny to see how M$ neutered Lion Head by shoe horning them into shovel ware games. On the other hand, Sony gives Quantic Dream the freedom to create, and we end up with some ground breaking material. On the biggest reason I will never own a 360.

  8. Roca.:

    “Anyone here with a PSN ID of R_ascko?”

    Nearby Vita owners can see your ID and your activity…that’s probably how they have you as a friend.

  9. Roca.:

    “On the other hand, Sony gives Quantic Dream the freedom to create, and we end up with some ground breaking material”

    Sony encourages its developers to bring new and innnovative IP. They are willing take the risk on niche titles. This is why PS3 is the only place where you could find titles such as LBP, Heavy Rain, MAG, Journey, Flower, ModNation, Last Guardian, etc.

    As for Microsoft, if it doesn’t sell as well as Halo, they’ll probably drop the IP, turn it into shovelware, shuts down the studio/let them go or forced the developer to go after the Wii audience (Fable, Alan Wake, Crackdown, Kameo, Rare, Bungie, Lionhead, etc)

  10. Barnabe Jones:

    Seeing these two articles in a row, I think really proves that.

  11. phranctoast:

    Yeah. It makes it look like Molyneux would have faired better in Sony’s camp this gen.

  12. dans303:

    “partly because I’m just not sure if I can be arsed with it.”


    Stick with it. I thought the same thing as you as far as a few hours into the gane, then the story sucks you in. I completed it in two sittings after that.

  13. oldschool1987:

    Well I just bought the day one DLC of Mass Effect 3 grudgingly. I kind of had to after seeing how important it is to the mythology of the series. They cut a Prothean team member from the main game!! Are they mad!? That’s a huge deal! So in the end EA have won in forcing us to buy day one DLC, I couldn’t play the game with the knowledge I’ll be missing out on some key story twists.

  14. ncaissie:

    I may skip me 3. I played 1/2 hour in action mode. I’m going to try 1/2 hour in story mode to see if it’s better. Action mode was ok but I spent most of the 1/2 running behind some dude.

  15. oldschool1987:

    Play the normal mode lol. The RPG one. I never got the choice because I imported my ME2 save.

  16. Godless:


    Just noticed you got EDF. .Would be good to get in some MP for this game, still got a shit load of trophies to get, and still need to complete on inferno

    let me know if your up for some bug killin :D

  17. phranctoast:

    I’m game. The game seems repetitive but the co op should help a bit.

    I just got to get my mic working so I don’t have to use the pseye. Weird that I can’t connect to the console anymore.

  18. Barnabe Jones:

    “They cut a Prothean team member from the main game!!”

    Huh… I didn’t know that. A Prothean you say?

    I might just cave too. Damn it!

    I noticed that you couldn’t find the N7 edition anywhere online prior to release. Now that the game released they’re in stock everywhere. I think they made more of them and stocked them after release. Kind of pissed about that.

  19. ncaissie:

    Sell your copy then buy the other.

  20. CarlB:


    OH NOES!

    No disc drive on 720? How will it ever survive without BD? (*millions of pbots can’t be wrong*)


  21. ncaissie:

    I won’t get one.

  22. ncaissie:

    They can shove it up their ass. Also just because it’s repotered to be dd how the hell does anyone know if they will sell? I know it won’t be sold to me or anyone in my family.

  23. ncaissie:

    Also this is just a rumor and some idiot looking for his 15minutes. If you followed the iPad rumors you would know most turn out to be BS.

  24. ncaissie:

    @carlb did you bother to read the article?

    “While the console will not contain a disc drive, according to the source, the report suggests it will contain “some sort of interchangeable solid-state card storage, although it is not known whether this will be proprietary or a more standard format such as SD.” “

  25. Roca.:

    “How will it ever survive without BD?”

    that only applies if they chose to go with DVD again instead of 25GB BD-like format.

    Anyways, I’d rather have a console that can play my BD movies.

  26. ncaissie:

    Also they can make 32gb micro SD cards cheap enough or any other flash format. So DVD and BR is not needed and doesn’t mean it’s dd only.

  27. CarlB:

    yes nc, I read it, and I called flash memory cards in a next gen console over a year ago. The argument was that BD was inevitable next gen and nothing could replace it.

  28. ncaissie:

    Not by me. I don’t care what it is as long as its not DD only. I don’t care if cheap games like stardust is dd. I would never spend more than $15 on a dd game or app.

  29. CarlB:

    “Anyways, I’d rather have a console that can play my BD movies.”

    ~$50 attachment for those who desire it.

    The march of video format dominance:


    Of course that doesn’t mean the extinction of optical disc:


  30. Roca.:

    Bluray beating every other format in growth


    -78% of home video budgets spent on Blu-ray & DVD versus 22% on streaming/subscription services
    The NPD Group

    -77% of consumers watched a movie on DVD/BD (in the past 3 months)

    -68% of consumers watched a movie on TV/cable (in the past 3 months)

    -49% of consumers watched a movie in the theater (in the past 3 months)

    -21% of consumers watched a movie on VOD through their TV (in the past 3 months)

  31. CarlB:


    Watching a movie isn’t buying it. They probably rented them. I streamed six movies and seven tv shows this month, and it’s not even half over. I use my BD player for Netflix more than I do Blu-rays, and apparently so do the majority of PS3 owners.

  32. Liquid:

    wow what a tech demo……so eh xbots when is milo coming out again for kinect? LMFAO

  33. Roca.:


    Look at the numbers. DD is always at the bottom.

  34. CarlB:


    Look at the the numbers. They don’t identify the percentage of consumers who watched television shows over streaming, which represents a great percentage of the content available and actual viewer time. They also don’t specify the percentage of consumers who watch streaming video. They are over a year old, based on only 9,636 U.S. consumers (U.S. pop is around 313,000,000), and reflect that year-over-year physical disc purchases and rentals fell 9%.

    Considering 68% of U.S. households now have broadband according, up 54 percentage points from the year prior, and 31% of that figure are now regularly watching streaming video, I’d say the growth rate is just as fast, if not faster.

    “Value of Video: Shifting Consumer Dollars, a recently conducted consumer survey, reports
    31% of U.S. broadband households regularly watch TV programs or movies accessed from the Internet on their TVs.”

    And that’s just TV’s, not smartphones, tablets, and pc’s.


  35. Roca.:

    DD is always at the bottom of the pile when you compare it against BD & physical media..in all categories – growth, revenue, units sold, recent release market share, budget, quality, content, etc

  36. CarlB:


    Do you have a link comparing the growth rates of BD vs. streaming (digital distribution) for each year since 2007? Because if you do I would be interested in seeing it.

    The other categories you mentioned are are givens considering revenue is inherently higher (streaming is exponentially less expensive for the consumer), “units sold” doesn’t apply unless you are talking about subscriptions, “recent releases” are purposely restricted to disc, etc.

  37. Roca.:

    Units sold does apply. I can purchase digital distributed movies on Amazon, PSN, YouTube, Android, iTunes, Vudu, etc.

    Bluray shits all over dd in units sold

  38. ncaissie:

    You can’t include streaming in your argument Carl. It is a totally different thing and should be considered a third option. I think there will always be the three options.

  39. CarlB:

    I’m talking solely about streaming because it is the primary form of digital distribution. Instant access anywhere for exponentially less cost totally shits all over BD restrictions.

  40. Roca.:

    You can stream movies bought from Amazon, Zune, Vudu, CinemaNow, Flixter (Warner Bros) and many other movie services.

    BD still shits all over all those “streaming” services

  41. CarlB:

    How about Ultraviolet?
    Yes, that’s a “streaming” service.

  42. Roca.:

    ^ as usual.

    whenever you have nothing else to say you start posting nonsense.

    Carl – “I’m talking solely about streaming”

    Me too, in fact I was including both downloads and streaming services such as Amazon, Zune, Vudu, etc

  43. CarlB:


    Are you saying Ultraviolet isn’t a streaming service?

  44. Roca.:

    I don’t know or care if Ultraviolet is a streaming service or not…what I want to know is what was the point of brining it up?

    I guess you had nothing else to add to the topic other than “what about Ultraviolet?” – yes, what about it?

    “Yes, that’s a “streaming” service” – uhmm, okay and your point is?

  45. ncaissie:

    Streaming is not dd. dd means buying movies and downloading.

  46. CarlB:

    “I don’t know or care if Ultraviolet is a streaming service or not…what I want to know is what was the point of brining it up?”

    The point is it is a streaming service, it is digital distribution, and it offers the advantages of blu-ray you cry about missing with digital distribution.

    “Streaming is not dd”

    Streaming is digital distribution.

  47. Roca.:

    so what was your point again?

    is Ultraviolet beating bluray in market share, growth, quality, units sold & revenue?

    as far as I know it’s an added bonus for a few Bluray movies….and it’s a pain in the ass to get it working and requires you to register on many other websites

  48. Roca.:

    But you wouldn’t know because you don’t buy movies…

  49. CarlB:

    The point is digital distribution has now started to match Blu-ray in quality, or come close enough that less people care to buy movies on discs than they did before. I know because I used to buy movies on disc, and I don’t need to any longer.

  50. Roca.:

    “I know because I used to buy movies on disc, and I don’t need to any longer”

    you’re full of it if you think they are close in overall picture and sound quality…you don’t buy stuff because you’re cheap and you hate everything that cost money.

    It’s totally fine you’re trying to save as much money as you can…I get that, I save money too..but life is short and you only get to live once – If you like, want and enjoy something money should not be a concern.

    do you have kids? wife?

  51. CarlB:

    You’re full of it if you think they are not close enough in overall picture and sound quality. You buy this stuff because you’re frivolous with your money and buy into almost all advertising hype.

    But that’s fine, I get it, you believe buying all this crap somehow adds enjoyment to your life… you’re a classic victim of advertising… but life is too short to place such importance on material goods.

    And no, I don’t currently have or want kids or a wife. If I did I would put the money towards the kids college, paying off the mortgage, maxing out the IRA every year ($10000), then $500,000 in savings and investments first before buying stupid shit like movies on plastic discs which I could rent or stream for a fraction of the price.

  52. Roca.:

    “You buy this stuff because you’re frivolous with your money and buy into almost all advertising hype”

    LMAO…believe what you want, if that helps you sleep better at night. I block all forms of advertisements and advertisements does not affect me in any way…if it did I would be an Xbot, an Apple fanboy, I would have every single iPad, iPhone or popular gadget in the market. The lastest and faster PC.

    quote me saying my life is based on material goods. I was talking about not being cheap with yourself. You spend more time than I do playing games. Last time I completed was Uncharted 3 (haven’t even tried to plat it), how many games have you gone through since then? You don’t even know how much money I have saved…If you think I waste 100% of my check buying all kinds of shit then you’re wrong.

    I save a lot more money than the amount I spend on games & movies. I bought the Vita with money & gift cards I’ve saved since it was announced.

    I invested in my education already and I plan to keep investing in it in the near future (MBA, second degree, masters, doctors..who knows).

    So you’re a loner, no kids, no wife, no friends and you’re still cheap with yourself…sorry to hear that.

    once you die all that money stays here, don’t be cheap with yourself…I hope you weren’t planning to take with you ;)

  53. CarlB:

    Yeah. I’m a loner, I’m cheap, and I’m fine with that, so don’t be sorry. Trust me, marriage is no picnic.

    Once you die all that stuff stays here, so why bother spending all that money and collecting it all if you can’t take it with you?

    But, I understand. You gather some enjoyment out of owning plastic discs with content you can already stream and take pride in it. That’s fine. Enjoy.


  54. Roca.:

    I guess you’re afraid of marriagem, kids and friends because you’ll to spend money on them. Having a girl and kids is expensive and we all know you don’t even like to spend money on yourself, so these “non-material” things are not as important to you as “money” <- "life is too short to place such importance on material goods" (such as "dollar bills")

    You're twisting shit up too. I ain't no collector and I don't gather enjoyment out of owning plastic discs. I simply don't mind buying the things I enjoy.

  55. CarlB:

    No, I’m divorced (even though I did spend plenty of money on her without minding). Divorce is common in the Marine Corps, especially when you spend more time away from your wife than with her, and we have one of the highest rates of any profession. I have a few friends, but right now I’m just enjoying a quiet, simple life after 20 years of deployments and moving around.

  56. CarlB:

    You enjoy buying movies on blu-ray discs, I enjoy renting or streaming them and can see no need to own them. To me it’s just unnecessary clutter (that will be more unnecessary as time goes on), as the transition has already begun to digital. That’s fine, it’s your choice, enjoy.

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