GDC 2012: Sony shows off new Magnet AR tech and cool 4am DJ app

March 11, 2012

GDC 2012: Sony shows off new Magnet AR tech and cool 4am DJ appAt GDC this year Sony unveiled some cool new toys for developers and consumers. One tech allows developers to transformer real-life objects and surfaces on the fly. The possibilities are endless with what can be done with this technology not only with gaming but also from a practical application standpoint.

The tool Sony demoed at GDC is called Magnet, which allows the PS Vita to create virtual anchor points onto a real world object without the need for AR cards. The tech has the capability to transform the surface of the object allowing the virtual textures to warp and bend seamlessly.

For example, if you are looking at an actual table in front of you using Magnet, you can poke the back of the Vita and the table will bend visually on the screen.

Check out the video for a demonstration of the tech via The Verge:

Another neat toy unveiled at GDC is PixelJunk’s 4am music app. The app isn’t a game but was developed to provide PS3 owners with a powerful DJ program that is very Minority Report-like.

You can take the Move controller and “grab” beats, sound effects and music from the “air” as you feel the vibration of its location. You can then orchestrate the overall track by weaving the Move controller through the air. 4am was developed in collaboration with the famed DJ, Baiyon.

You will be able to create custom tracks and upload them onto the network and share them with others even if they don’t have the 4am app.

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