DUST 514 dev Q&A session coming exclusively to PS Home

March 19, 2012

DUST 514 dev Q&A session coming exclusively to PS HomeSony has revealed that this Thursday will be a big day for PlayStation Home, as CCP Games will be hosting this year’s EVE Fanfest live into the virtual space. The keynote speech will be streamed live into Home followed by an interactive Q&A session exclusively with the folks in the Home space.

The PlayStation Home is an odd little social project that has garnered attention from various circles across the Web. According to Sony there are currently 23 million active users out of the 77 million total within Home. Fan sites such as Homestation Magazine dedicated to the PS Home have popped up discussing topics from the latest virtual items to social game space.

The event held in Home will be special as it will be CCP Game’s first public unveiling of DUST 514, showing off gameplay footage followed by a live Q&A session directly with the developers. Its like going to the EVE Fanfest conference from the convenience of your “home.” The event will begin March 22nd at 9:00am PT (12:00pm ET).

In addition to the DUST 514 event, Sony will be dropping a new mini-game called MiniBots: Battlebox this Wednesday. This game was developed by Juggernaut Games and will be available as an active item, but will be unlike anything seen in Home as its actually a third person shooter that unfolds in your Home space.

Check out the PlayStation Blog for the rest of the details.

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