Sony introduces One Piece and Dragon’s Crown exclusively for the PS3

April 20, 2012

Sony introduces One Piece and Dragon’s Crown exclusively to the PS3Sony has been throwing game announcements left and right lately on its official PlayStation Blog. The company revealed that One Piece: Pirate Warriors will be coming exclusively to the PS3 later this year in November followed by the highly anticipated Dragon’s Crown early 2013.

I am a big fan of Vanillaware and their previous titles, Odin Sphere and Demon Blade. The art style for those two games were beautifully hand drawn and utilized a unique 2.5D plane to craft a unique action RPG. The studio is at it again with its very first PS3 and PS Vita title Dragon’s Crown.

The game was originally teased back in 2011 at E3 as the studio’s first outing on a HD console. It has now been revealed that the game will be launching across two platforms with the PS Vita, and will be co-developed with Atlus, who will also be publishing the game.


According to the PlayStation Blog, the same producers from Atlus that work on the Persona series will be co-developing Dragon’s Crown. The levels will having branching paths leading to different outcomes. In addition, players will also be able to take on side quests in search of loot. Gamers will also be able to level up and customize the character’s magic and special attacks.

The game is also said to support up to four player online co-op via PlayStation Network.

Sony also announced One Piece: Pirate Warriors exclusively for the PS3. Fans of the anime and manga will be in for a treat as this game’s story will follow closely to the series. One Piece is quickly growing in popularity in the States, among other anime titles such as Naruto and Bleach.


If you have been interested in getting into One Piece, but have been intimidated by its 500 plus episodes, Pirate Warriors may be a good gateway into the series.

The game is influenced by Dynasty Warrior’s brawler-gameplay style and is co-developed by TECMO KOEI and NAMCO BANDAI.

In addition to the story mode, the game features an online battlemode where you can play with friends. One Piece: Pirate Warrior is set to release November later this year.

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