Motorola wins ruling to stop the sales of Xbox 360 consoles

April 24, 2012

Motorola wins ruling to stop the sales of Xbox 360 consolesThe big news yesterday was around a court ruling in favor of Motorola Mobility, in a case to block Microsoft from selling the Xbox 360 in the US. The dispute is around Microsoft violating Motorola’s patents that are used in the game console.

As reported by Bloomberg, US International Trade Commission judge ruled that Microsoft was violating four of the five Motorola Mobility patents. Motorola filed the patent suits in retaliation to Microsoft’s suit claiming Motorola violated patents via its Android phones.

Microsoft has been able to strong arm other mobile manufactures such as HTC and Samsung into coughing up royalties to use the disputed patented technology. Even though Microsoft’s patents have been deemed worthless by patent experts, many manufactures would rather pay a small royalty fee than having to duke it out in court for years.

However, Motorola Mobility not only refused to pay Microsoft royalties, the company sued right back and won a court ruling. The main reason Microsoft has been going after Android manufactures is to get to Google, and in a way have figured out a way to make money off Google’s Android platform with royalties.

However, with Motorola Mobility in Google’s hands it looks like things are starting to pay off for the company. According to Microsoft, if Motorola’s demands were to be met, the company would have to pay $4 billion a year in royalties.

There is one more step in the proceedings where the claim will go to a six-member commission, which has the final say on banning the Xbox 360 in the US. Not all is gloom and doom as Microsoft will most likely settle with Motorola Mobility before it even gets to that, for an undisclosed sum of money bags.

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