Study: PS3 used more than Xbox 360 and Wii, users have higher income

May 1, 2012

Study: PS3 used more than Xbox 360 and Wii, users have higher incomeAn interesting study was released recently around video game console utilization. The study indicates that the PS3 is apparently the most utilized console out on the market currently beating out the competition.

According to a report put out by Strategy Analytics, surveys show that at least 44-percent of Sony’s PS3 owners use their console on a weekly basis. This is in comparison to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 which 40-percent of the user population actively use the system on a weekly basis. The Nintendo’s Wii console is apparently the least utilized with 30-percent.

This report comes weeks after Microsoft’s announcement that more people watch videos than play games on the Xbox 360 as the company gears the console as a home media center.

The firm does predict that the gaming industry will further fall into a slump this year, predicting a 19 percent drop by end of 2012. We have been seeing a steady decline in sales already this year and if the trend continues than the firm may be right.

Strategy Analytics also predicts that global Xbox 360 and PS3 sales will fall to 13.8 and 13 million by the end of this year, with Nintendo preparing its next gen console.

The firm also performed another study profiling the Sony brand by correlating households with Sony TVs with income levels. According to the firm’s ConsumerMetrix service report, nearly 20-percent of Sony TV owners in the US have an annual household income above $100,000, compared to 15.6-percent of all of the other TV owners.

The study also reveals that approximately 74-percent of Sony TV owners also own a digital set-top box, 24-percent own a PS3 and 20-percent own at least one Apple iPhone, all higher than other TV owning households. The firm concludes, that while the company may be facing some financial woes with its TV sector, its brand perception and user base remains healthy.

The full study can be purchased from the research firm for only $7,000.

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