All about Xbox: Inside Xbox canned, Xbox 360 banned in Germany and new Xbox contract plan rumor

May 2, 2012

All about Xbox: Inside Xbox canned, Xbox 360 banned in Germany and new Xbox contract plan rumorIt seems like its all about Microsoft’s Xbox 360 today, with news popping up regarding the console. A new ruling apparently may force Microsoft to stop selling the Xbox 360 console in Germany. Also, there is talk of a new subscription model for the Xbox as well.

According to The Verge, sources have revealed that Microsoft is prepping to launch a new Xbox bundle with the Kinect for $100 with a two year contract. If true, Microsoft would be taking a page from Verizon and AT&T.

Apparently, users who purchase the Xbox 360 bundle will have to pay $15 per month for two years to subsidize for the low price point of the bundle, which will also offer the Gold Subscription and possibly some additional digital “streaming content.” The total price after two years would be $460.

If true, this would mean that Microsoft would also have to get into the business of acting as a debt collector for those defaulting on their contract and possibly issue a termination fee that will probably cost $200 or start ruining some credits.


In other news, Microsoft’s Major Nelson has revealed that Inside Xbox will cease production permanently in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This will include shows such as Major’s Minute, Insider Moves and Featured Videos with the Inside Xbox moniker. Larry Hryb alluded to something about investing resources and talents wisely as the reason for the cancellation.

Possibly a wise move as I doubt anyone really watched those shows as its insanely buried within the grips of the new dashboard.

Incidentally, this news comes shortly after PS3’s Qore digital magazine’s last run last month. Although, Sony did not own Qore as its published by Future Publishing, the guys that own OPM and OXM magazine.


Lastly, the legal battle between Motorola vs. Microsoft continues with the courts in Germany granting an injunction against the distribution of the Xbox 360, Windows 7 software, IE and Windows Media Player in the country. This comes shortly after US International Trade Commission judge also issued an injunction against the selling of the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in the US.

Microsoft has appealed in the US, which will be reviewed next week by a commission. The company also plans to appeal to the European Commission regarding Germany’s injunction. According to the BBC, Microsoft hauled out of Germany to setup shop in the Netherlands last month to avoid disruption.

The most likely outcome will be Microsoft quietly sliding a few briefcases over to Motorola or Google containing billions to settle the matter.

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