The PS3 outsells the Xbox 360 by a hair in 2011

May 10, 2012

The PS3 outsells the Xbox 360 by a hair in 2011The video gaming industry started its decline in 2011 and has steadily continued its slump into 2012 with sales dropping as low as 20 percent year-over-year. Sony recently put out its financial earnings showing that despite the slump not all was bad last year.

2011 is definitely a year to remember for Sony with after effects of the devastating tsunami which wreaked havoc to its factories and plants. The Yen also rose to an all-time high, devaluing all of Sony’s revenue earned over seas.

Despite all of Sony’s woes in 2011, the PlayStation division actually performed quite strongly with the company reporting in its annual fiscal report [via Examiner] that the PS3 was the best-selling home console with 13.9 million units sold. Microsoft’s previous financial report showed that the company sold 13.6 million units during the same timeframe in 2011. Nintendo’s Wii global sales last year dropped to a new low with 9.84 million units sold.

This brings Sony’s PS3 to a new total of about 63.9 million units, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 to 67.2, and Nintendo’s to 95.85 million worldwide. While the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 by a hair, this is a decline when compared to the previous two years where the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 by over 2.3 million each year in 2010 and 2009. Both consoles tied in 2008, and the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 in 2007 by 1.4 million units.

By the end of 2006, the Xbox 360 had already sold 10.4 million units with an early one year lead. The most interesting tidbit from Sony’s financial report is that the PS2 continues to sell strong with 4.1 million units globally in 2011, adding to its massive life time total of 155.1 million units.

Despite selling well globally, the PS3 continued to be outsold by the Xbox 360 in the US all throughout 2011, which has been attributed to strong Kinect demand at retail. This is in contrast to the PS3 outselling the Xbox 360 for most of 2010 in the US with the successful launch of the PS3 Slim. I believe all eyes will be on Sony at E3 this year to see if the company can turn the tide in its weakest territory, the US.

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